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Found 11 results

  1. It's been awhile since I've posted here, and of course I haven't done much to change my physique or anything else for that matter. But, that is ok, I forgive myself that I have severely slacked in my training both physically and mentally. I suffer from depression and anxiety, and due to that I have hardly any motivation to do much of anything save what I barely have to do scrape by to live. So, daily I'll do a post about what I've accomplished for the day and I'll try to share my Cognitive Behavioral Therapy homeworks for the day with you all. Today, I've managed to get through half of the Nerd Fitness Body Weight Workout, and that's sad because I used to to the full workout almost double what I'm doing now. I will get back to that and surpass my old accomplishments! I've read in numerous places exercise and proper diet also help with my mental issues, so I'm definitely game to do whatever it is I can to make myself better not only for me, but for my family as well. Stay tuned to topic updates and quest adds! Edit: Redbeard's Quest for Viking Body, Druid Mind! Perform the Nerd Fitness Body Weight Workout at least 3-4 times per week. Do your daily CBT homework assigned by your therapist! Take time out to work on something spiritual for at least five minutes per day, ie meditation, studying Runes, Tarot etc or working on blót for Jul. Take time to read to Brann, my son :D, per day. I am very bad about overloading myself and then beating myself up about what I didn't accomplish. So, I'm going to take baby steps to start these four weeks off. Let's mosey.
  2. Hey there! I really like the concept of positive thinking or focusing on the positive aspects in situations. But I am just starting out with this and need to practice this. Any tips for starting out? And I was thinking about one aspect. I understood like this " Focus on the positive aspects, no matter how small they are". But if they are too small I can't understand how to remain positive? For example, this morning I got back pain because I am dumb and tried to lift something heavy. Now moving hurts and the only comfortable position is laying on my back on the floor. THe only positive thing I can think of that I can now lie on the ground, relax and start to meditate. But on the other hand I can't train Parkour, I can't do sports, well I can't do a lot of things that are important to me. Or is it more like " find the positive aspect and let it grow & change the situation so it is positive"? Well you can see I'm pretty confused, can you recommend me any blog articles/videos to understand the concept more?
  3. Hi Rebels! Ensi here I'm a 23-year-old Rebel from Finland. I've been around for a couple of years, done a few challenges and found a place among wonderful people. Right now I'm very busy with my studies, so instead of participating in the next NF challenge, I'm going to put up a battle log... Which you're reading right now! I like to keep things simple and short, so here's what I do: - The Sweetest Day of the Week I'm a bit of a chocolate addict. I've been working on it since last summer, and I've reached a level where I can deal with having a small portion of chocolate daily (2 pieces) and a little bigger portion once a week - so, deploy The Sweetest Day of the Week! I can have some extra chocolate on Saturdays. I used to eat about 50-150 g of chocolate daily, but currently I can go a whole day without it: even though I might want to buy some chocolate, I just don't. It's been a slow progress, but what's my rush? - Dairy, nuts, caffeine ... are something that I need to consume with moderation. I avoid buying these at home, but none of these foods are as problematic as chocolate. All in all, I'm trying to eat as paleo-ish as possible, but I don't sweat about it too much. Portion size control is much more important for me! - Exercise Three times a week until I sweat like a pig and feel like a fox. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aN7lt0CYwHg I love going to gym, doing kettlebell workouts and walking/jogging. Where am I now? Since last summer I've lost 6 kg/13 lbs. Doesn't maybe sound all that much, but I have PCOS and I'm studying hard. I'm currently at 83 kg/182 lbs, and I'm aiming for 75 kg/165 lbs. I'm 170cm/5 feet 7 inches tall. I had a massive break-down a couple of years ago, and I've made a very slow recovery. I gained 10 kg/22 lbs while the break-down, and it's been difficult to lose it again while recovering. I'm starting to be ok again, though, and I'm making small changes in my life in order to lose weight and get fit D8< Nevertheless, I'm doing my very best to maintain a positive, forgiving attitude towards myself, the lack of which led to my break-down. So, here you will find positive and happy stuff!! Unless I'm not feeling positive and happy... In which case you will find a lot of animal gifs! Enough talk for now. Let's fight!
  4. ‘Agent Fox, it’s time for you to get back on the field’, Boss B says, and Fox can’t help letting out a small gasp. Finally! Action! Adventures! ‘What’s the mission about?’ Fox asks eagerly. ‘Pants.’ ‘Uh… Pants?’ ‘Yes, Fox, your mission is about collecting pants. The Bootylicious Museum of Great Butt-ain has recently been robbed. They lost their most valuable workout pants that were worn by the most victorious Squat Master of the nation, Emerald ‘Iron Glutes’ Jones.’ Fox looks at her boss suspiciously. She has trouble finding her own pants in the morning from the mess that’s her room – and now Boss B wants her to find pants? ‘Our intelligence believes that the pants are located in the town of Lilla Rumpa. The thief is a pants collector called Samantha Snakes. We believe she’s going to sell the pants, and is currently looking for a potential buyer. Your mission is to observe her, learn about her contacts, and find out where the pants are before she sells them. Once you learn the location, you are to report back to us.’ Fox is getting more and more nervous. This mission might require, oh no, socializing. ‘You will get details on your way. Any questions?’ ‘Yes, Boss. Is it true that the passports of Great Butt-ain have pictures of their buttocks instead of their faces?’ ‘Fox. This is your possibility to prove that you can handle a mission. Don’t make me regret this.’ Fox nods, and gets up. As she’s leaving the room, Boss B calls her name one more time. They share a moment of silence, and then Boss B talks for one last time. ‘Yes. The passports of Great Butt-ain have pictures of buttocks instead of faces. Now, go! The nation needs you!’ ** ~:Mission Grab the Pants:~ Main target: hit 72 kg (currently 74 kg) Reward: new workout pants! Goal #1: Move Like Them Samantha Snakes takes part in a yoga camp every day. Fox needs to take part in the same class to learn about Snakes’s contacts. Follow through yoga camp every day No missed days: 10 points 1 missed day: 8 points 2 missed days: 6 points 3–6 missed days: 3 points Goal #2: Eat Their Food Fox needs to eat in the same places as Snakes. Snakes avoids sugary, processed foods, and stays away from dairy. Fox needs to learn to prepare similar foods. Stay away from excess sugar, dairy, and processed foods 5 days a week (2 small treats allowed per week)Try a new recipe every week 5 days: 7 points 4 days: 5 points 3 days: 3 points 1–2 days: 1 point 1 new recipe: 3 points Goal #3: Talk Their Way Fox needs to learn to talk Swedish, the main language of Lilla Rumpa. Read 3 Swedish texts every week. Write down words that are hard, and translate.Have a chat with someone before or after every Swedish class. 3 texts a week: 5 points 2 texts a week: 3 points 1 text a week: 1 point 1 chat every week: 5 points ** Max score for each week is 30 (10 * 3). Here we go!
  5. Daily Do's for Mental Health (Oh snap! Girl just threw down some Comic Sans! REBEL!) Daily "I Am" Journal - Taking those affirmations from my last challenge and putting them to practice. Here's one from yesterday: (I have a shitty camera on my phone, but it is good enough!) Regular Journaling at least 3-4 times a week. Did some yesterday too!Taking meds routinely. I am BAD at skipping doses. I need to get back into my routine of taking my BP meds, vitamins, and Zoloft. Getting Sh** Done Walk the Dogs - Mon, Wed, Fri. Trigger time will be as soon as I get home from work.Thursday's grocery shopping days. Designating a new shopping day because I was doing it on the weekends and I hate it, so I stopped doing it.Continue with my morning Yoga "Practice" - trying out a new word! (Not going to count this into the challenge, but I want to at least make it somewhat important by officially stating that I will try to continue. It helps me stay on track .** Life Goal! ** Art shows and contests! There are 2 coming up. I will be submitting my Watercolored Forest to the Pioneer Days art show in a couple of weeks. Then there is our local Comic Con, hopefully I can get something fun drawn up and submitted in the contest. I'm excited!
  6. Hi everyone! Time for another NF challenge J I’ve been using my battle log recently, but now I got an urge to participate in a challenge! After a great summer, I’ve found it hard to adjust to going back to my studies. The past two years have been very busy and filled with studies, but this year… I’m having half the amount of courses. This is thanks to me working my bum off last semester, but I realized that this is hard for me. To study less. To have more time to myself. To help me cope with real life (le gasp!), I got an idea: to create my very own super spy identity! I’ve always wanted to be someone like Black Widow, and now’s the time to work towards that dream I study languages, computer science and information science, so I’m getting well prepared for managing super secret international information… Kinda. What I really want is to help people. Whatever profession I will have in the future, I want to help people - whether I’ll be a librarian, helping people find the information they need, or a super secret spy, uncovering all the delicious pancake recipies… Wait, what? My codename: SHEPHERD FOX. An international super spy, whose goal during this challenge is to help all the cows in the world to keep their milk. And look great while doing it. Committing more time to myself, my health, and the NF community should keep me grounded and focused (or make me create Excel spreadsheets on a Sunday morning… what the heck??). I have worked with a lot of emotional pain the past few years. During this time, I’ve got to know people, who have helped me get out of my head and look at my life with softer, loving eyes. Some of these people I’ve met here on NF, and I just want you to know that you’re all heroes. Every weird and funny conversation here, every terrible joke, the puns… They’ve all encouraged me to get out of my head and keep believing in people. You’ve got no idea just how far a bit of kindness can take a person.You’re gold <3 I finally think I’m ready to leave the past behind and keep living my life without the emotional baggage. Well, it’ll always be there, ready to emerge, but I know that I will be able to handle it. That’s enough. I’m enough. To kick my mindset in place, I wrote a list of things I’d wish to accomplish. I am someone who: 1. has energy to get through her days 2. has a healthy relationship with food 3. has time to have fun with her friends 4. manages her finances by planning ahead (what to buy, does meal prep, etc.) 5. manages her studies/work by being active. Well, that’s a start. To get this mission going, let’s check my goals! Goal #1: Meal Prep I started meal prepping this summer, and it’s made eating healthy a lot easier! I make a bigger bunch of food twice a week, and eat it during the next three or four days. So, when I come home hungry and tired, I just take healthy food from the fridge, heat it up, and boom: keeping it quick and healthy! Meal prepping is part of this challenge, because my daily routine has changed a lot and I want to make sure that I keep this habit going. To complete: - plan ahead meals for the next 3 days - make a grocery list - only buy what’s on the list - have a meal prep on Wednesdays and Sundays Goal #2: Don’t Drink Your Milk During the summer, I cut out yoghurt, cottage cheese and quark from my diet. This has made losing and maintaining my weight a lot easier, and it is also recommended for people with PCOS to drop dairy products (they produce testosterone among other things in your system, which is bad for PCOS). For the next 6 weeks… No dairy 5/7 days a week. Besides cream in my coffee. Because I'm not gonna live forever. To complete: - avoid dairy 5 days a week for 6 weeks. Keep the cows happy. Goal #3: Shake It Up This would be my exercise goal…! I’m already active, but to surprise my body every now and then, I’m going to complete a Darebee WO in addition to my regular training schedule (2 kettlebell WOs at home, yoga class on Wednesdays). To complete: - 2 kettlebell WOs a week - 1 Darebee WO a week - attend yoga class on Wednesdays The flu season is here (hurah!), so this goal might take some damage. But I can’t really help falling sick, so I’m taking the sickdays into account. Goal #4: Money Count Yeah, I’m too careless with my money. I do get along fine, but I’d like to really know what I’m doing. So, this challenge is for tracking where da riches go, and I’ll start working with this data during next challenge! To complete: - mark your spent money on a spreadsheet. Data will be used in the next challenge! ** That’s all, folks. Let’s have fun, shall we? I actually made a couple of spreadsheets (you Doodlies are bad influence!), which will definitely help me to stay on track. I'll modify them a bit, and post later
  7. Alright, everyone! Grab your flamethrowers and get ready for Alien Combat! D8< But first: Hi! I'm Ensi, a 24-year-old not-a-girl-not-yet-a-woman from Finland. I'm starting my fifth challenge as an Adventurer Goals #1: Chocolate Alien Combat So, I'm a bit of a chocolate addict. If I get access to unlimited amounts of chocolate, I will eat it. All of it. Living without chocolate seems too dull for me, so I made it a game: recently, I spent 25 days without chocolate (check my battle log for more details) just by pretending that eating chocolate means that I'm also getting attacked by aliens. It's a lot more motivating to stay away from Nutella by thinking about a face-eating alien than the phrase "it's not good for you". During those 25 days I lost 2 kg and felt a lot better. Now, Easter was a chocolate-fest, but I'm ready to get back to fighting aliens! I'm having a partner this time around: deftona is fighting the aliens, as well! Two flamethrowers lay more waste than one! And like deftona, I’m going to allow plain dark chocolate for PMS medicine (three allowed, marked with numbers). Anything else with chocolate is off-limits. Target: Avoid alien attacks for six weeks Week 1: X X X X X X X Week 2: 1 X X X X X X Week 3: X X X 2 X X X Week 4: X X X X X X 3 Week 5: X X X X X X X Week 6: X X X X X X X #2: Keep Moving This winter has been rough, health-wise. I’ve suffered from a lot of illnesses (from a mild stomach ache to pneumonia) and haven’t been able to keep up a regular exercise routine. Boo! My studies have also been a bit stressful, and the lack of exercise has made it even harder to handle. I have just recovered from my latest flu, and I hit the gym this morning It felt brilliant to be back, and this goal is meant to get me back in business. I have to work out three times a week: it doesn’t matter, what I do, as long as my heart rate goes up and I’m sweatting. Target: exercise 3 times a week Week 1: X X X Week 2: X X X Week 3: X X X Week 4: X X X Week 5: X X O Week 6: X O O #3: Get Blogging I recently put up a blog for my artwork. This goal is all about this goal: to get the blog running and getting content there. Target: update blog once a week Week 1: X Week 2: X Week 3: X Week 4: -- Week 5: -- Week 6: X ** Alright, we’re all set! Not sure how to distribute the attribute points, but I’ll get back to that later Let’s have ourselves a good challenge, everyone!
  8. Greetings all ! I'm gonna see if I can get away with something different, here. As part of my personal goals, I want to read these two books. Psycho-Cybernetics was recommended by my son's Psychology teacher. He is a local therapist, and if he recommends this work to his students, I think it must be worth reading. ( en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psycho-Cybernetics ) The other is recommended by batman (per a meme, where baby batmen was reading Sun Tzu) www.overdrive.com/media/199900/the-art-of-war-for-women http://www.sonshi.com/chu.html This is the version I have, therefore the one I will be talking about. [This Chick is SO hardcore!!] Part of my challenge goals is to get out & meet people, here in Cyberspace. SO... here goes nuttin. I will read a chapter or so, then report back to you, what I learned from it. Basically it's just like the challenge threads where you do by being accountable. so - i figure if I announce to 200,000 people that I'm gonna do it, i may feel more inclined to actually keep doing it. yuh? okay, here goes.
  9. Hi and welcome at my 7th challenge While waiting for my elbow to heal (so I can start strength training and martial arts) I'm going to focus on establishing some habits. They should asured that I keep on going forward while healing instead of just sitting on my ass and eating bad stuff. 1. Philoshopy: Stay Positive, Stay Content - 10 min day planning and 'positive' thinking after morning meditation – 5 Work days/week 2. Nutrition: Healthy breakfast – not-bread– 5 work days/week 3. Fitness: Move my body 3x/week 4. Life Quest – Learning Math 240min per week – plan: 4x60min after work: M,T,Th,F btw. I'm little tmnt oriented other habits I've implemented in my earlier challenges: Nutrition Doing healthy salad in bulks for entire work-week – Fri/ Sat Doing grocery shopping 1x/week at weekends Eating 1-2 fruits at work Philosophy Morning meditation at workdays– I’m cool with 10mins for now Fitness Morning 1mile walk at workdays– right after waking up – I did that all winter and I am back since November. It wakes me up better than jug of coffee and it works magic for my health – like a vaccine Activity – 2h dance classess with my fiancé – Wed 8-10pm Life stuff writing my fantasy book – Wed – 1h after work – I treat it more as a time of uncensored creativity than a try of becoming a writer. I did it a while ago, then my life got too busy and few weeks back I re-started that habit.
  10. Hello :3 You can call me Jen, I'm 20, and I'm working toward a healthier body and soul through yoga and cardio! I'm short (5'2) and stocky and half my battle will be trying to love and accept my body. I did gymnastics for 10 years so I have quite the foundation. I'm now a full time student at a university. I'm editing my goals now because I have a different schedule. I'm 126 and I'd like to lose 5 pounds. Goals: Run 3 times a week. This is definitely attainable. 3 = A, 2= C, 1= D. Do Yoga 2 times a week at the gym. (Also, if you don't make it to the gym, do it at home) 3=A, 1= B, 0= D. Other goals Try to get under 9 minute mile pace. (I've been doing 10 consistently) Don't eat after 9 pm Cut out refined sugar, do my best to avoid anything processed. <-- This one is going to be REALLY hard for me I'll try and post every couple of days and hopefully some nicer looking pictures after 6 weeks !!! S Support, advice and kind works are all very helpful to me. Peace and love !
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