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Found 6 results

  1. I am QRG! Or Mary. Either way. I'm currently deep in the throws of a Supernatural re-watch so my battle will be to train me for "saving people, hunting things". Really, I'm just a chick who loves horror, supernatural, superheroes, and knitting. I could just as well be a slayer in training, but Buffy is waiting for its re-watch turn. I've worked in various offices for most of my life, starting with folding pamphlets and babysitting for my dad's church as a kid, followed by market research, insurance, and trucking. Being an office monkey is good for me since I kind of enjoy getting lost in paperwork, forms and organization. But its bad for my body. Also, I'm no longer a weird little nerdy punk rocker grrrl. I sit to knit and watch tv. And I'm not running all over town visiting friends and going to shows. Adulting is hard all over. So, here is where I'm sort of starting (sort of because I've been an NF member for a year now, but I've only done 2 challenges counting the current): That was a couple weeks ago. I'll update after the next challenge or during it sometime. No pictures yet. I took some, I just really don't feel like sharing right now. So, I've been working on my food. I love baking, but I've been spreading out to making more salads (which I also love) and experimenting with other dishes more centered around veggies. I love veggies. But I still get asked to bake a lot, so I just make sure its clear the leftovers are not coming home with me. My boyfriend Mike is adjusting to there being more vegetables than chip in the house. He's doing ok so far. But he still brings in his own and eats out a lot. Which is cool.. This is my thing, he is only required to participate if he wants to keep eating the food I cook and keep around. Unless he's buying chocolate or pizza. Then I have to fight it. I've started running. I love it, even if I'm not very good yet. I did track in junior high, but I hadn't run since. I just love how I feel afterwards on a run day. Aside from the stiffness, I mean. I have more energy and I just am in a much better mood on run days. I feel like I have more patience. My best mile so far is 16:11 I'm trying to do yoga more and meditate, but those have not been my main focus. I do need to make yoga more primary, though. I miss my old flexibility and I am definitely stiff and in need of yoga after a run. I'm also starting to lift. This is quite recent. I had been doing bodyweight workouts and that was great, but I am in love with the bar. Right now I'm only lifting the bar, but I plan to get a schedule set up to start really strength training for the next challenge. A hunter has to be strong to fight. Those are the basics. With some side quests along the way. Here are links to my challenges: The Adventure Begins QRG vs the Army of Darkness QRG Apocalypse Preparation QRG Does Stuff. And Things. QRG - No Power in the 'Verse Can Stop Me QRG - Five by Five Now let's do this.
  2. Oh my gosh, that's a giant puppy. Screw it, Giant Sleepy Puppy stays. It's so cuuuuuuute. awwwwww. Let's find some other puppies.... Awwwww this one has wet paws and doesn't look like he's happy with that. WAIT WAIT WAIT....ONE MORE ONE MORE HE'S SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU!!! When I feel blue, sometimes I do an image search of puppies. I also look at puppies in waiting rooms when I'm really nervous. Looking at puppies makes me feel good. I like puppies. Is this challenge just about puppies? You know what? This challenge is ALL about puppies... Every day there is a list of things that accumulate in my head. Things that I'd like to do. Not things I have to do, just things I'd like to do. Play the piano, practice the ukulele, clean the kitchen, do some laundry, wash my hair. And each thing feels really overwhelming so I spend a lot of time sitting and looking out the window, wishing I could be doing something else, absently refreshing social media sites that do nothing to help my mood. I'm not completely lost, I mean, I count calories and cook meals. Yesterday was 50 degrees and sunny and I got a lot done. But then it got grey, and I could feel it settle over me. The greyness gets to me. The constant feeling of dusk that is only relieved by night. So I figured for this challenge, I need to just get things done and regain a feeling of efficacy. And look at puppies. Puppies are like sunshine. So back to goals and puppies: 1. Limit social media to Thursday evenings and news on Sundays. 2. When I feel overwhelmed, look at pictures of puppies. 3. When I think "I'd like to, or "I wish I could", DO it. Don't overthink it, don't let the greyness get in, just do it! 4. Celebrate with NF pals with listed accomplishments and pictures of puppies. PUPPY
  3. I swear I have already lost these 10 pounds! (TEN pounds, not three...) But they keep coming back. So tired of losing them. Wish they'd stay gone. What do I want? Long term: Maintain my ideal weight/body fat %. 120 pounds/18-20% body fat. And that's me saying it's ideal because when I was in this range I had lots of energy and felt awesome, it's not some chart telling me what I should be. Short term goal: Get back to that weight/body fat percentage. LOSE 10 POUNDS. Probably can't do it in 4 weeks but I can get serious and move in that direction. How do I get there??? DIET GOALS 1. no alcohol at home we rarely go out but if we do I think it's okay to have a beer... 2. no bread I love breakfast sandwiches. but they lead to later day bad choices... 3. no soda I have ADHD and have self-medicated for years with coca cola BUT there are alternatives. I just need to be strong. The temptation is only there on the days I work because there is coke in the fridge at the office so I just need to be strong those days. I can do it!!!!!!! FITNESS GOALS 1. yoga - 1x weekly 2. xfit - 2x weekly 3. walking - daily LIFE GOAL With my ADHD I have learned that when I need to focus, I need to distract part of my brain (ie have music in the background). I think I need a distraction goal so I can focus on my diet/fitness goals... Each week I will have a distraction. I will post it at the beginning of the week. It might be something crafty. It might be something volunteery. It might be something else... Grading Diet Food Log: 2xp per daily journal/mfp all the meals to track what I am eating. - .5 xp per indulgance (bread/beer/soda) Fitness: 1xp per daily movement (1 yoga/2 xfit/4 PURPOSEFUL 2k+ walks) Life: 3xp identify distraction/1xp per distraction practice Starting stats 131 pounds 22.5% body fat percentage
  4. Brutal Bears Wears Majora's Mask Introduction: Forest Temple: Stay strong: Lift 3 times a week Monday-Barbells, Wednesday-Mace Training, Friday-Dumbells Fire Temple: Burn the Calories Run three times a week (T,Th,Sa) Water Temple: Stay Healthy-Stretch after every workout and do yoga at least once a week Temple of Time: Keep my time managed. Priorities need to be in this order 1. School, 2. Work, 3. The Dogs, 4. Workout I will keep my daily/weekly to do lists/bullet journal to stay organized. I will post an update everyday on NF as well. I will also do more thorough updates every Sunday/Monday. Starting Weight and Picture: 211
  5. This is Megara, he friends call her Meg (at least they would if she had any friends). (Bonus points to all who get that reference!) My life has been overtaken with puppy rearing, as we welcomed home an 8 week old puppy last week. She is adorable, but also a handful, with needing let out for potty breaks and teething and needing exercise. But that's okay, because the lack of time is just going to make me need to focus more on planning ahead and priorities and not letting the cold weather keep me indoors for the next 6 months. Goal #1: Paleo Meal Planning Each Monday, having a meal plan covering Tuesday to the following Monday. I never managed to do this on weekends, but I have a little time on Mondays at work, so I can make this happen. Focus on real foods, complex carbs, and keeping energy levels stable. Not going to be counting cals or macros unless I feel like something is not in a good range. I lost a couple pounds last challenge which was nice, but I'm really not that focused on that now, or have the time/energy to expend on a cut. Goal #2: Sleep Schedule Obviously, with the puppy waking us a few times a night (though, rapidly getting better!) perfect sleep is not possible. BUT, goal is to be in bed no later than 11pm, and to wake up at 6 am, no matter when I go to bed. And to get back into better night time rituals of little to no screen time an hour before bed, drinking my Natural Calm, and maybe some herbal tea. And during the day when I'm home, napping when the puppy naps, if needed. Goal #3: Work out, Despite the Cold I've been skipping the gym some mornings the past couple weeks because at 6am in Alaska, its cold and bleak and awful out. And there's not even snow yet! So, same goal as always, workout 2x week minimum, focused on working through NRoLfW Stage 1 (halfway done now). Goal #4: Keep Puppy Happy Puppies, and German Shepherd puppies in particular, need lots of physical and mental exercise. So hubby and I will be tag teaming with walks in the park, and sprints in our backyard. We've already done a good bit of research on training various things, so the goal here is to spend at least 30 minutes a day in dedicated training mode (sit, stay, leash, crate, etc), as well as an hour or more of active play with me. This will also help with getting me outdoors and enjoying Alaska, no matter the temperature.
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