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Found 8 results

  1. For those of you who haven't seen my recent challenges, they have been a bit...scattered. Mostly they end up reverting to running and counting net carbs. The start of the year everything was more focused - beat the blood sugar monster and reverse Type II diabetes. While I'm still working on that one, the end of this last challenge had my blood sugar numbers averaging under 100 for the last couple of weeks. This despite the fact that my exercise goals have been ping-ponging all over the place and the ability to focus has been non-existent. So we're going to try to change that with more of a pla
  2. Overview / Motivation: I'm very excited for this challenge since I may need to do some temporary overhauls to my challenges for a while after this one. My wife and I are expecting baby #2 around April 20th, so I'm anticipating needing to go into maintenance mode for a while during our adjustment period to no sleep and increased craziness. To add to that fun, I am working to launch my blog before the baby comes as well, so likely during this challenge. So in the meantime, let's push some weights around and get after it! Main Quest: Hit the following benchmarks in st
  3. I have been working for days to come up with a good challenge theme and I just wasn't having any of it, so I figured my birthday coming up (tomorrow) would be a good way to reflect and set some new goals up for the year. Reflections/Plans: As some of you know I started work on opening a fitness apparel online shop with a friend (updates on this to come soon, we have our first official design created and I seriously can't wait to show you guys). This was in part due to the fact that I want to move home to MI, and need to find ways of making a decent income once I get th
  4. As per my usual in 2016, its the third day of the challenge and I'm getting my thread started. Meh, I've been busy. But, let's get to it. Last challenge I mastered my late night snacking tendencies after limiting them in my first challenge. I'm not going to make that a goal, but intend to keep it going. I've also been soda free since the start of the last challenge, but I'm going to continue that goal. Those 2 things plus the training has my weight down 5.5 pounds in 2016 and has my 5K time down by about 30 seconds per mile. So, let's kick that up a notch. Goal #1 While continuing to limi
  5. I guess I'm used to having a week between challenges and am behind on setting this challenge up. So, let's get to it. A cold derailed my last week of the last challenge, but I have found the path I plan on following back to fitness. Doing what I felt like doing helped me (re)discover what type of training fits me. That includes circuits with lots of volume for my lifts and sprint intervals. I like running, but for me its more of an enjoyment of being outside and communing with nature. Using it as a form of exercise doesn't work. I'll still go for some runs, but they are not going to count to
  6. Hi everyone! I have plateaued and I need help changing my workout routine. I currently do soccer once a week, cycling twice a week, and barre and yoga once a week. I want to substitute pilates for barre and add weight training into my routine but I have some questions. 1. Can I do pilates on Monday and weight training on Tuesday? I know your muscles need a rest between strength days but I thought that this might call for an exception as pilates works your muscles differently from traditional weight training. 2. [more specific] Can I do pilates on Monday and a metabolic conditioning class
  7. Disclaimer: I do not own this content. This post is taken from this website. I am posting it here because I think it is a very valuable approach to lifting. Over the past six months as a personal trainer, I’ve really stepped up my game. As a result, I’m seeing better progress than ever before, and my clients are thrilled. How did I do it? It’s all about the program design. Don’t get me wrong, there are many ways to be effective as a personal trainer. I have friends who plan all of their clients’ training sessions out for months on end, and other friends who wing every workout,
  8. Hello All, I have been following the nerd fitness site for 6 months now and love the concept of leveling up your life. I have been involved in sports and fitness all my life and now make my living as a Personal Trainer. I also love video games and quest driven books and think I would be just as happy making my living playing Skyrim. However, Skyrim can be a bit addictive so I have sold my xbox and have decided to level up my life, my fitness and the bad ass character I am going to make on Nerd Fitness. I've never been one to contribute to forms or websites but I am looking forward to b
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