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  1. Current status: still on Accutane, still low-key have a perma-cold, body is less achy, turns out that running in gross weather is my jam (wtf, self?) Keeping the same goals from last challenge. Accidental ASOIAF/Game of Throne theme #WinterIsHere Previous Challenge Stats STR - 31.75 | DEX - 53 | STA - 54.25 | CON - 89 | WIS - 56.5 | CHA - 50.5 Waist 30.25" Belly 34.5" Hips 37.5" Thigh 22" Weight 162lb Body Fat 26.52% Goals Goal 1: Cardio Run 2x per week. Run outside as much as possibl
  2. maegs

    maegs rangers up

    I'm carrying over similar goals from the last challenge. I don't have travel or anything planned that will disrupt my schedule in the way I did last challenge, so it makes it a lot simpler to plan out! So that means I have no excuses for not meeting my goals, right? Previous Challenge Stats STR - 31.75 | DEX - 51 | STA - 51.75 | CON - 83.5 | WIS - 55 | CHA - 50.5 Weight - 164lb Waist - 29 3/4" Belly - 33 3/4" Hips - 38 1/2" Thigh - 22 1/2" Body Fat - 26.6% Goals Goal 1: Sleep Sleep is the foundation of everythi
  3. I'm carrying over similar goals from the last challenge, and adding a couple, and rearranging things a bit Previous Challenge Stats STR - 31.75 | DEX - 49 | STA - 49.75 | CON - 82 | WIS - 55 | CHA - 50.5 Weight - 162lb Waist - 29.25" Belly - 33" Hips - 38.75" Thigh - 22.25" Body Fat - 26.45% Goals Goal 1: Sleep Sleep is the foundation of everything, and it’s time that I buckle down and just do it properly. I know it effects my abilities mentally and physically, because I’m always tired, so it’s time to see what I can
  4. Here I am, fashionably late. Goal 1) Strength Training Right now I'm going to aim for 2x per week. Gym if possible, body weight if not. Goal 2) Endurance Training I need to work on my endurance so I'm going to aim for running or other cardio type activity 3x per week. Goal 3) Foods When I try to be really stringent about food, I do really well for a maximum of 3 days, then I go off the rails again. So I'm just going to focus on a more intuitive eating style. I know what's good and what isn't so for this challenge I'm just going to try to have more good
  5. Previous Challenge Stats STR - 31.75 | DEX - 47.5 | STA - 49.75 | CON - 78 | WIS - 51 | CHA - 50.5 Weight 170lb Waist 30" Belly 33" Hips 38.5" Thigh 23" Body Fat 26.54% Goals Cardio I’ve got rugby practice a couple times a week right now, weather permitting, and 2 rugby games during the course of the challenge, so on weekends when I don’t have a game I’ll go for a run. And if practice is canceled due to rain I'll go for a run. Ideally I’ll be able to go over to the park that’s ~1.5km away (I think) and run the big hill the
  6. These are largely the same overarching goals as the last challenge, just adjusted for the month ahead. Previous Challenge Stats STR - 31.75 | DEX - 47.5 | STA - 47.75 | CON - 75 | WIS - 47 | CHA - 47.5 Weight 170lb Waist 30" Belly 33.25" Hips 38.75" Thigh 23" Body Fat 26.60% Goals Food Continue eating as per low-GI guidelines. Be stricter re: treats, things that are almost ok - this means better planning and sufficient snacks on hand. Allowed exceptions - but remember guidelines for socializing!:
  7. Hi gang. Going to give it another try here. I hurt my back so I'm on a healthy dose of steroids right now and no lifting. Honestly should probably be on light duty at work so the next week should be interesting. Goal 1) This was supposed to be following the nifty new lifting program my new rugby s&c coach gave me. Instead for now it's going to be mobility work to loosen up the problem muscles in my back and hip. 3x per week. Once my back is happy again it will go back to lifting 3x per week. Goal 2) Follow the eating plan that goes with the new lifting program reme
  8. Stats STR - 31.75 | DEX - 47.5 | STA - 41.75 | CON - 72 | WIS - 41.5 | CHA - 44.5 Weight 173lb Waist 31" Belly 35" Hips 40" Thigh 23 1/2" Body Fat 27.11% Previous Challenge Goals Sleep 10:30pm bedtime. Pay attention to the reminders on my phone re: getting ready for bed/getting to bed. Cardio Minimum 1 "long" (read 30 minutes/5kish) run per week + 1 intervals session. Extra is encouraged Reading Haven't been reading as much as I would like, so 210 minutes of reading per week (eq
  9. joedog

    joedog is late

    I guess I'm doing 3/4 of a challenge this month. But that's okay because it's better than no challenge at all. I'll flesh out my goals a bit but I wanted to make a mark here while my mood was up and I had time. Gym) 3x per week, get back to my program Food) Eat reasonably. No calorie counting, no macros, nothing fancy. Just eat reasonably to promote my goals. Life) Plan things better. On Friday, plan the next week. Food, gym days, etc. Get myself organized and actually pack lunches and gym clothes and all my gear for rugby practice.
  10. Time for bed, deets tomorrow Mmk, technically bedtime now but I should do this to so... Last challenge: didn't take holidays into account, didn't end up tracking food at all due to not making my food for probably half the challenge cause I was home, continued sleeping not-enough, etc. etc. So, time to try and do the things that I've been trying to do for ages? Previous Challenge Stats STR - 31.75 | DEX - 47.5 | STA - 41.75 | CON - 72 | WIS - 41.5 | CHA - 44.5 Weight Waist Belly Hips Thigh Body Fat Goals
  11. December was a pretty good month for me. I think I've established the gym habit and I'm ready to increase on it this month. January is the calm before the storm. Rugby practice starts back up in February with matches happening March and April. I've got 2 airport jobs this spring. Airports are always more difficult than they really need to be. I'm also working on setting up a rugby tournament for the summer. I haven't fully committed to this happening but I have some more preliminary work to do so I can decide whether to jump into it or not. This month, I really have t
  12. Good morning all! I'm staring 2017 in the face with cup of reheated coffee, cello music on Pandora and the knowledge that today is a good day to do something. My name is Vaereyes. I am best described as a veteran on the rocks with a twist of LGBTQ+ and a dash of Leather. (Sarcasm available free of charge.) I want to start better habits, and being an absolute geek I found Nerd Fitness a few months ago. I toyed with the idea of joining, but ultimately decided I wasn't ready. I've come back once more, with some small goals in mind. I've been playing rugby for about 2
  13. Once upon a lifetime, I was a proper warrior. I worked out five days a week, was in the best shape of my life and was relatively healthy all things considered. Then fate saw to it that my path would change, and I took on a new life leaving behind my tools of warfare for ones better suited to education and cultural awareness. I want to get back to being that physically fit, so that I can once more meet my foes on the battlefield in combat. TL;DR: I used to be a soldier, was in smashing shape and then got out of the service. Now I play rugby and roller derby, and I want to get into g
  14. I'll write out my goals and then write a bit about me, where I've been and where I'm going. All you readers can follow along and enjoy but all you non-readers can skip the wall of text that's sure to follow. My main overarching goal used to be weight loss. I still weigh 300 pounds (down from a recent high of 315 on Oct 24) but I've changed my theme from weight loss to improved performance. Weight loss will be a happy side effect. I'm a rugby coach now and still playing some. Even if I never play another game, I need to improve my physical performance so I can demonstrate things to
  15. Welcome back for another episode of the exciting Adventures of JediNickD! It was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away that I joined this site and started my first challenge. Upon my return, I have decided to revisit some of my challenge themes to turn them into lessons as I had been doing more recently. I feel it is a good way to reflect on my own learning and progress to write about and share these lessons, but I also have another objective. I am cataloging these lessons in a document which is now up to 136 pages. The plan is to use this document as a reference for my personal Jedi trai
  16. Hello, I'm Némo, which American's can't pronounce so try "Nay-mo" and that's a girls name here (thanks Disney!) I signed up today, I was surfing around and got here as it seems to fit me a lot. I used to be a rugby player up to 3 years back, got VERY VERY ill lost +/- 17 kg of muscules ended up being +/- 55 kilo's with 168 cm. (that's 121,25 pounds on 5.5 feed) which is skinny but not bad. however I was weak and when I got better i gained a lot of weight. I'm now on 67.7 kilo's (+/- 150 pounds) I don't mind being 150 pounds.. but it's not muscles as before it's
  17. maegs

    maegs vs maegs

    “There is no one giant step that does it. It's a lot of little steps.” This time around I'm focusing on all those things that I'm terrible at doing... Previous Challenge Stats STR - 27.75 | DEX - 42.5 | STA - 33.75 | CON - 63 | WIS - 37 | CHA - 42.25 Weight 174lb Waist 30 1/2" Belly 34 1/2" Hips 39 3/4" Thigh 23 1/4" Body Fat 27.03% Goals You will go to sleep, or I will put you to sleep Bed by 10:30pm unless socializing +4 CON We must do the cardio. But we hates it
  18. joedog

    joedog returns

    Hello friends! I missed NF a lot but I think I needed a break since I had fallen in the habit of writing magnificent goals and not ever actually working on them. For those of you who are joining me for the first time, I have done some boxing but I'm currently an honorary monk since I'm not actively training a martial art. Right now I'm pretty active with my new rugby team. Last summer I realized that I was out of shape, about to turn 40 and would likely never play rugby again. Four days after my 40th, I got a message about a new team and would I be interested in helping get them started. I qui
  19. maegs

    maegs simplifes

    “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” My last challenge went pretty well, but petered out a bit at the end due to a lack of time/energy. So this time I'm simplifying things down to what I need to do to support my rugby/workout/work schedule and keep my body only-minorly-broken Weekly Schedule: Monday - Weights + Cardio Tuesday - Rugby practice Wednesday - Weights Thursday - Rugby practice Friday - Yoga? Saturday - Rugby game(s) Sunday - Rest Previous Challenge Stats Weight 166lb
  20. To not be afraid and to follow my heart If you’re going to survive on the ground you’ve gotta be in top shape! I’m doing a different points system this time around to see if that helps me stick to my goals. There’s 100 points up for grabs, and I can earn different amounts for each goal, weighted for difficulty. I'm counting stuff done from my to-do list in week 0, but all other points come into effect during the challenge itself, since they're tied to the number of days that I do everything. In addition to my goals, I want to start using Pomodoros again, as well as getting back to spendi
  21. hey guys, i was wondering if you could help me build up a plan to train 3 times a week (monday, wednesday,friday) i also do rugby specific team training on tuesdays and thursdays and a game on saturdays. i would like to build lean muscle and loose fat (im also intending on starting the paleo diet) i currently am abit wayward with my workouts i sorta just do whatever i want coz i have no real structure to follow. i love the deadlift and would love to increase my 1 rep max (227.5Kg) any advice welcome thanks
  22. A ship in port is safe, but that's not what ships are built for. I’ve finally managed to get down to only having one job! It’s very exciting to actually have free time! And my weekends to myself! I’ve got some of the same goals in this challenge as in the last couple, but I’ve taken away my mobility and work ones and added in grease-the-groove and will be adding a stricter food goal than just “don’t be a dickhead” Previous Challenge Stats Weight 164lb Waist 30" Belly 34.5" Hips 39" Thigh 23" Body Fat 26.93% Goals
  23. Okay, since week 1 is winding down, seems like I should post goals or something. I really hadn't planned for this one so my goals are probably not going to be all that SMART. I just had such a huge crash and burn at the end of last year. I just need to rebuild some habits and then really attack my long term goals once I get a plan going. The long term goal is to do the things I need to do to continue playing rugby into my 40s. The first 2 steps to that are to get my weight down and my cardiovascular endurance up. I also have a problem with glute activation so I need to work on tha
  24. “We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done.� It's been a busy month, and next month is going to be just as busy. I have some bad habits that are causing me trouble, and dealing with them will make everything a lot better. Mainly, I have to actually get enough sleep and get things done when I come home from work. I'm keeping the same goals as the last challenge, just reformatted/adjusted a bit based on what I did last challenge. 2 part post again, cause videos are fun. Previous Challenge Stats Weight 163l
  25. These challenges are just going to fly by. I didn't make enough progress on my goals last month to need to move on yet. The only difference will be no boxing since boxing abandoned me. Goal 1) 2 long walks/runs per week. I know there are lots of ways to work on cardiovascular endurance but my feet need to get used to pounding up and down the field so longer walks/runs it is. Might be inside on a treadmill or outside depending on weather. For me long is greater than 2 miles. Goal 2) Rugby 3 days/week. Practice is Monday, Thursday and Saturday. In the event that I can't attend a schedul
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