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Found 9 results

  1. Superhero Challenge is here at last! I've had this one in the back of my mind for a minute, so this should be fun. It's also influenced by some things I've seen @Tanktimus the Encourager, @Sloth the Enduring and @Atrytone do over the summer, and credit for the title goes to @deftona So I wanted to do a very serious superhero challenge, and I spent a lot of time pondering who the right superhero to model on. Superman? Wonderwoman? The Flash? So many choices... I needed someone who hit all the points and inspired me and suited my personality.
  2. July 30, 2016. Wausau 24 Mountain Bike Race - 6 hour category. Goal: Top Ten. This is not me. This has never been me. I've done a lot of bike races in the last 27 years. Literally hundreds. I've never podiumed. Never won a prize. Last year at Wausau 24 I went out hard, but I never really pushed it. I was riding for fun, for the challenge. Had I pushed it a little harder, I could have ridden another lap and that would have put me in the top ten and the race podiumed and gave a nice prize bag to the top 10. This year I am going out hard. This year I'll be prepared. GPP: This time
  3. Hey everyone its Leviathan (AKA Miska23) and I am back for my 5th challenge This challenge I am using the viking awesomeness as my inspiration. (ps I have been to these viking swords in Norway, They are awesome!) I will be focusing on 3 aspects of Viking Noble Virtues: Industriousness: I need to build strength in order to fight and pillage to my hearts content! all of that loot can be heavy! Last challenge I noticed that I need a workout routine that I can scale as my body gets used to moving the weight. Also I need some variety in my routines to help with not burning out and getting bored
  4. I wasn't sure I was going to participate this time, but then an email inspired a theme and a purpose for the next 6 weeks ..... fixing a bunch of bad habits that have stalled my weight loss efforts!!!! As I skimmed this article from Fitocracy, I realized that I'm guilty on 5 of the 6 counts. If I want to succeed, I need to fix a bunch of mistakes and stop setting myself up for failure!!! Thankfully, I am usually a good shopper with only a weakness for the deli counter, but the others ..... I have my work cut out for me. So, this challenge will be a bit different for me. And newbies be
  5. The big goal this challenge is to decrease the amount of sugar that hubby and I consume. He is non-insulin-dependent diabetic but needs to improve his blood sugar levels STAT. So, this guy is public enemy number one at our house: I don't think that he is ready to go cold turkey; so I've devised a transition plan - based in part on the NF Academy nutrition guidelines. I've already dropped my sugar consumption about 25% - compared to last month. Gotta love data!!! I'm using LoseIt to track what I eat, and have the premium plan so that I can drill down on my macros to see what I'm actua
  6. I'm planning to continue sculpting my bodacious beach bod this challenge using sandbags, but I can't decide if I want to go for the buff "King of the Sea" look: Or a more streamlined surfer look: This is really just a placeholder. I'll get my goals typed up this weekend in time to kick off on Monday!
  7. My sandbag is pretty much my best workout friend (except after a workout when I'm tired and have to lug it to the car). I was just wondering if any of you fine nerds can share your sandbag workouts if you do them. Currently I use my sandbag (40lbs) to run bleachers, squats and presses, and some general work out on the football field. I'm kinda getting stalled out with it and was looking for some new stuff. Thanks in advance for sharing.
  8. Greetings, all! My name is Greg and this will be my 7th challenge. I'm 36 and a husband and father of two. The short version of my story is that I'm a lifelong skinny guy looking to build strength and bulk up. After finding Nerd Fitness, I have decided to make it my destiny to finally get in shape and stop looking like a skinny kid! For this specific leg of my epic journey to buff-ness, my goal is to get in shape for a trip to Jamaica that my wife and I are taking in exactly 6 weeks!!! So, here are the quests I will undertake in search of the LGN/Beach Body: Quest the first: Get Lean (
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