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Found 10 results

  1. This is a thread for people who either because of their job, or just their personality, always seem to be taking care of other people's problems. Think of this as a place to come and regroup. And remember: Anyone else find themselves expending a lot of energy to take care others? List your situation.
  2. Well 2017 has been a nice year, but also a struggle. I've done two challenges since getting back on NF and I'm ready to start the new year strong!! I wish to use these few days before January 1st to set a baseline for my goals this challenge. So here are my goals: #1 Intermittent fasting I don't know what my baseline is at the moment, hence my statement above. I also don't know for how many hours to aim. It's gonna be between 14-16 hours probably. I wish to focus on eating 3 meals and no snacks regardless. Some sweets here and there on occasion so I don't falter. If I go 14 hours it'll be like 9-19 feasting and that sounds really normal to me. Sooooooo I need to figure out my eating schedule as it is right now and then adjust. #2 Drink 2 bottles of water Different from my previous drinking goal, I wish to focus on drinking 2 bottles of water regardless of other intakes. So no more counting mugs of tea and glasses of water. I have a bottle and I need to empty it twice each day. #3 Walking This is still a 1 time a week goal. Other exercise goals are for later. #4 Therapy exercises I will keep this goal till I'm nailing it XD I will be happy if I get a 25% on this one #5 Take medication Most importantly laxatives. But also my supplements. Let's see how I do this time [emoji3] As always I'll be tracking things in more detail on my Google sheet. (Link in my signature) I made a handy progress sheet to see how I do over multiple challenges ^^
  3. I can't find my old log, so I'm starting a new one!
  4. I'M ALIVE Friends, I fell off the bandwagon preeeeeetty badly last challenge. The main issue is that I just couldn't get myself to log onto NF! No accountability = FAILURE. for me. So this challenge I'm working on maintaining the ground I've fought for in previous challenges, and pushing through some new ones. Sorry for being late late late. But I wanted to start on Nov 1st, and for all intents and purposes I did. Except for logging on here. MAINTAIN: Meal prep habit Spin class 2-3x weekly Lift / Gym 2-3x weekly Simplified food tracking (in BuJo) Scripture study and prayer in the mornings 7-8 hours of sleep nightly AT LEAST. I'm useless without sleep. NEW HABITS: Use bone stimulator daily. I have a broken bone in my foot that has been causing issues. I need to use a bone stimulator for ~3 hours a day to promote healing. BuJo daily. I have had a bullet journal set up for a few months, but am still sketchy about daily usage. Want to upkeep it and use it to its full potential. Don't know what a BuJo is? Check out this blog and here for great examples. Work on sugar addiction. I've made big strides in my diet, but my love of sweets is super holding me back. I need to tolerate the headaches and moodiness and limit my sweet intake to 1 sweet a day. 1 sweet = ~300 calories of dessert, or one serving. I know it's a lot, but I'm pathetic and that's a decrease in my current habit. Incorporate more cholesterol-friendly foods into my diet. Annually, I get health evaluations from work. Most recently, I was told my cholesterol has been climbing for the past couple of years. I wanna nip that in a the bud before it becomes an issue. Initially, I'm going to incorporate fish into dinners once a week and use more of my chicken and ground turkey recipes rather than red meats. LOG ONTO NERD FITNESS SILLY GOOSE. This is probably THE most important change I need to make. And it's the one that's most difficult for me. I don't know WHY, but I have the hardest time with it. Pointers and suggestions welcome! I know if I get on, I'll feel support and encouragement, and I'll feel accountable for what I'm doing. But I don't. SO I'm going to reinstate my battle log and have daily updates, even if they're super short. Tapatalk app will help. I'm looking forward to being back and seeing some of my peeps on here! I MISS YOU!! You'll hear from me soon. Like tomorrow, or I'm failing this challenge. k bye!
  5. Background: Now that that’s out of the way, New Challenge Time! So, as we know, I’ve (still) been struggling with some depression-related stuff lately. My last challenge was all about making sure I did at least something every day, whether it was solo capoeira practice or pull ups or reading a book or practicing some breathing exercises to get grounded and not succumb to a panic attack. This method was great at making sure I felt at least a little accomplished each day. On my rough days, I considered doing this again, but then I felt like it’s “not enough” - it’s very much reactive or just a method of not letting me slide backwards too much on my goals. On my good days, I considered switching back to a laser focus method and starting to hold myself accountable again… but then I cycle through the thoughts of how bad it will feel when I inevitably don’t do as well as I think I should. Depression is a liar and a bitch. So I’ve come up with a baby step up from my previous challenge: The Short List There are two lists: Mental/Emotional and Physical. Each day, I am to complete at least 1 category/item from each list. Each day, each list is pass/fail. Since I know that doing dailies is pretty darn hard to maintain (particularly on the Physical side), I will consider an 80% success rate pretty darn good. Since it’s entirely likely that all that is too easy (please let it be too easy, oh please let it be too easy!), I’m implementing a few bonuses. Stuff that I can feel extra good about accomplishing, but not beat myself up over if I don’t quite make it. I haven’t quite figured out what the bonus points will be for, but I will probably figure that out when we figure out how much our tax refund will be on Tuesday :3 it will probably have something to do with how much I get to spend on shinies now versus plugging away into savings or debts. WILL UPDATE WHEN I FIGURE OUT THIS DETAIL! To be clear: the only part that matters as far as completing the challenge is concerned is doing ONE item from each list each day at an 80% success rate. The Bonus Points are just that: Bonuses. Let's go!
  6. Because life has felt a bit like SadSherlock lately... Another format change woo! I'll probably be going back to the laser-focus format in the future because I really like the concept. But after having 2 challenges in a row "foiled" due to waves of depression, I'm going to try another format and kick it down to "no-fail" mode. It's GRAB BAG time! The grab bag will consist of various things I can do to earn points throughout the week (scored Saturday thru Friday) which focus on long-term happiness (physical, mental, emotional health). Each week, points can be allocated towards different rewards, which focus a little more on short-term happiness. Even if I score really low in a week, I should still have something to look forward to on the weekend, and any unspent points can roll over to the next week. There will be 3 of these rewards. At the end of the challenge, the total accumulated points will be tallied and there will be an awesome reward at the end. Let's get going shall we? The Tasks: The Weekly Rewards: The End of Challenge Rewards:
  7. I have always (or at least, since middle school maybe) been interested in things from all over the globe. I took Spanish and French in high school and college and tried teaching myself Russian and Japanese. Language, music, food, scenery... I've wanted to see it all. But, seeing it all is not always an option. Thankfully with the world getting smaller, it's getting easier to experience different parts of the world without having to travel very far. Due to travel plans, I will be running the challenge for 7 weeks (starting yesterday 9/7 and going to 10/25). I'll be getting back just in time do do a recap (and maybe share some photos). Scoring is going to be a little more fluid by necessity. Also, I will be putting comments regarding therapy and life *stuff* behind spoiler cuts. I feel comfortable sharing what I choose to put out here, and I feel like being open about this sort of stuff can be helpful to others, so when I feel like sharing, I will. However, I know that's not for everyone (and frankly, I ramble) so putting it behind a spoiler cut will help keep things tidy and less annoying for anyone who's not interested. And that's cool Quest 1 : Brazil 3+ Body Weight Workouts/week. I established in my last challenge that committing to 4 was not really reasonable. On Monday and Wednesday I will have my Capoeira classes, and on Friday I plan to do core and upper body training, since that will be so integral to my training (I also haven't lost sight of achieving my handstand and pull up). On the weekends or after my runs, I'd like to focus on balance and flexibility, but that will be extra. During the weeks that I am in France, I will have to play this by ear, but I want to make sure I continue doing some strength work while I'm out there. Scoring : Min - 14, "extra credit" up to 20 A = 3 STR | 2 DEX Quest 2 : England (source) Continuing my goal of running 3 times per week. Eventually maybe I will be able to integrate this into my routine so well that I won't need to keep mentioning it as a goal, but this is not now. The weather is going to start turning soon, and it will be really tempting to stay curled up in bed. I need to maintain my runs, partly because it feels great, and it makes it just a bit easier to get other stuff done in the morning. During the challenge, I will be facing 2 bosses: a 5k this weekend supporting a charity that provides games and entertainment to our region's children's hospitals, and on September 26 a 5k Glow Run. While in France, I intend to keep running, though again, playing it by ear. Scoring : Min - 14, "extra credit" up to 20 A = 3 STA | 1 DEX Quest 3 : France Food. This needs to be addressed. I will be tracking calories using My Plate, and trying to stay within my allotted daily weekly calories. From previous experience, staying within my numbers shouldn't be too hard, but sticking with entering them in the first place could be. Amusingly enough, though I've chosen France to represent this part of the challenge, I will not be tracking food while I'm there. Screw that. I'm going to France, I'm going to ENJOY every last bite, whether it's loaded with butter or chocolate or cream puffs. Even if it means undoing any weight loss I might manage before the trip. The point here, aside from achieving weight loss, is to establish the habit and prove to myself that it actually works. **This has been edited slightly. This was originally a daily count goal, but since I have such high burn workouts, particularly later in the evening, I have a hard time eating "enough" on workout days, and I get super hungry on the days after. So I'll be aiming for a net weekly goal of 8400. Scoring : Max - 54 (1 pt for tracking each day (total 34), 5 pts per week staying within goal (total 20) - Stateside only) A = 2 CON | 2 WIS Life Quest: South Pole With how super excited I've been about all of this fitness stuff, I've not really given myself much of a chance to prepare my wares for the winter markets. At the end of the last few winter seasons I've declared that I would spend time throughout the summer working on hats and scarves so there wouldn't be quite as much of a scramble when end of summer rolled around... and I've failed this yet again. So I will be picking up my "second job" again and trying to work a stunning 10 hours per week on the "regular" weeks, and 5 hours per week on those involving travel. Travelling weeks will, however, depend on the quantity of yarn that I am capable of bringing with me. As a carry-over from last challenge, at the beginning and end of a work session, and every ~30 minutes in between, I will do hand/wrist/forearm stretches and strengtheners. Scoring : Max - 110 (1 pt per half hour) A = 2 CHA It's a lot of ground to cover. Let's get moving!
  8. Lifestyle goals Hide in plain sight First time back in school for a long time. In the 6 weeks of the challenge I can’t miss a day of university!A = 0 lessens missedB = 1-2 Lesson missedC = 3-4 Lesson missedF = 5+ fitness: 1 Head2toe Complete 3*72 reps of the head to toe stretch EVERY dayA = EverydayF = 1 fail 2 HandstandDaily Handstand/Headstand at least 5 holds 3 CrawlCrawl 3 times pr week . on stairs or on ground doesn't really matter. Will update this more later
  9. Dantilla kept her eyes low as the caretaker walked past, pretending to study the pattern on the mosaic table in front of her. Once he had passed, she resumed her actual task--sharpening a blade she had swiped from the kitchen. She frowned at her makeshift whetstone and at the inferior weapon. In her previous line of work, she had become accustomed to much better. But, what was an assassin without her blade? A voice from behind her startled her, and she hurried to hide her items, but knew it was too late. It never ceased to amaze her how silent her caretakers could be. "Oh Young One, do not think it is a secret that you long for your own land. We have no desire for our home to become a prison for you. If you were to feel trapped, you'd never come back!" The caretaker held out one of Dantilla's daggers, which she had not seen since before the...incident. Dantilla eagerly took the blade. “Come.†She led Dantilla out of the solarium, down the winding road through the orchard, to the lake at the edge of their dwelling. "This lake separates our dwelling from from the world you knew.†Dantilla could only barely see the land across the great expanse of water. “When you can cross it, you will be ready to leave." Dantilla looked longingly at the land beyond the lake. She knew this task would require strength, endurance, awareness of her limits, and a leap of faith. Challenge: Some progress in my recovery has been made, but I lost a lot of my previous fitness. I want it back. I have to be really diligent with my disciplines. I need to make my physical therapy things a real habit. All my PT stuff as one chunk—6 days a week CON Meditate 5 min Foam rolling—all of it Transverse abdominus exercises—regular, toe tapping, and butterfly Calf work—calf raises, balance and stretching Hip stretches Sight-singing practice—3 days a week WIS & CHA I must sight-sing SOMETHING. I have to keep this skill sharp, like my blade. Gratitude practice—6 days a week min WIS Everyday I write down 5 things for which I am grateful. A little something I learned from the Caretakers. Exercise—Swim 2x week minimum, 2x week black widow workout STR & STA I WILL CROSS THE LAKE
  10. Wait for me! I realize this is late, but I still have 24 days! This was created from this thread: http://nerdfitnessrebellion.com/index.php?/topic/28648-short-workout-ideas/ This is a keep it simple challenge. And it's going to be pass/try again. Here's the fitness background: I completed a triathlon in April and crushed my time goals (woot!). Now I'm just kind of in a funk because I trained for months and my body still looks the same despite healthy eating and 2 hours in the gym. What am I doing wrong? (Answer: you're not doing anything wrong) ... which leads into the personal background: I started therapy recently to deal with the lack of a relationship between me and my mother. Long story short, she's an addict, and I grew up 2nd to drugs and alcohol. I learned through her behaviors that I'm not worthy, I'm never good enough, and I shouldn't even try. (I realize this is not true). So here's the challenge: 1. Starting Strength 3x a week - I actually really enjoy this because I can watch progression happen EVERY workout. Positive reinforcement is huge right now in my life. I did this for about 3 weeks and then I was traveling and then my grandmother died, so I just started up again Monday (and without much loss in strength!) 2. Cardio/other 2x a week - I'd like this to be HIIT one day and some steady-state the other day (i.e. swimming which is incredibly relaxing, therapeutic, and tiring). I need help or ideas of HIIT other than "go run fast". Perhaps I'll go back to Zuzka Light for some suggestions. 3. Pushups and pullups Tues/Thurs/Sat - This is the same from last challenge because I've regressed, but I know now that I can get to floor pushups. I'm currently working on kitchen counter pushups and today will start chair-assisted pullups. Right now on the pullups I am going for volume. I might structure it just like the pushups, once I get to 4 sets of 20, I move to negatives. I can't hang from the pullup bar for more than a few seconds right now. Personal: 4. Dive headfirst into therapy. I bought the recommended books last night. I really need to spend time on me because I am the common denominator in all my relationships (friends, boyfriend, family, coworkers). I need to spend some time (1-2 hours) reading from those books during the week (possibly after sessions) to keep me engaged in healing. I am also writing in my journal after each session to get down some ideas that stuck with me and things I'd like to talk about next time. The overall fitness goal is to get strong. That means continual progression on my lifts AND if I stall, I don't quit. I deload and try to figure out what's going on. You know that saying, "If you don't want to keep starting over, stop quitting" Yeah... that's me. No quitting! Only reassessing! If I'm still stepping up to a barbell in 24 days, that's a pass. If I'm happy to do the "other" exercise I've chosen for myself on Tues/Sat, that's a pass. I have to be excited and "can't wait to get my goggles" happy. Or "oh man I'm going to do all the lunges and I can't wait" (Yes I do get excited about swimming and lunges). If I do 1 floor pushup, that's a pass. If I can do one slow negative, that's a pass. The overall personal goal is to gain some kind of inner peace. I honestly think this is the key to my negative attitude, my negative self-talk, my relationship with food, my relationship with my body, etc. This is going to be hard with all this emotional, personal stuff and I just need to roll with it. There's a great idea about treating your moods like the weather. So it's rainy today, so what? Wear a raincoat and get to it. If it's sunny today, go out and enjoy it. You can't control it, all you can do is react. As long as I haven't quit therapy in 24 days, that's a pass. Thoughts? Suggestions?
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