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Greeting and salutations,


Being a 25 year old male who had smoked for 7 years (14-21) I have my work cut out for me. I used to drinking a lot and consume copious amounts of other mind altering substances while living on a take out diet. Then recently I discovered a love for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. However having moved from one side of my country (South Africa) to the other I have been struggling to continue developing a healthy lifestyle. I have no network of likeminded individuals around me yet. I work a desk job in an office full of women starving themselves and buying everything from "Weigh-less." I have broached the topic of Paleo & Strength training a few times only to be rudely told I have no idea what I am talking about. This even though I showed them all Staci's transformation!

BJJ is a very strategic but physically intense martial art. Being a lifelong gamer and chess player I have excelled at the strategic aspect, but suffer severely when I actually have to grapple with other people. Being 1.96m and over 110Kg (6'5" and  over 240lbs) and skinny fat meant I have never appeared as severly unhealthy as my lifestyle used to be. But my horrible lifestyle has taken its toll and it was time for a change. I had begun (while still living in my home town) to adjust my diet to include more Paleo-esque concepts (and cutting out so much junk!) and doing some running to improve my cardio (which is also essential for BJJ). I managed to drop about 15 lbs and have been able to actually sustain a run for more than 1km. I consider this a tremendous achievement in its own right as I used to get winded by a couple flights of stairs.  However my new city has horrible weather for running and to be honest the fact that I live halfway up a mountain has intimidated me even further! All the roads are so steep!


I consider running and cardio fitness merely as small step to what I want to do: build strength! I am currently searching for a gym that operates within my schedule. No luck so far, but I will not give up! In the mean time I am starting the Home Bodyweight workout as soon as I get home tonight!

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welcome Z3llin, i'm a fellow Capetonian and i totally feel you.  It's so hard sometimes to work around fad dieters and goodness knows what else.  I just soldier on and do my own thing anyway - forget what others say.  Where in CPT have you moved? i can't imagine that internet is THAT shoddy.  I mean I have permanent access all the time with good speeds - and my boyf plays online all the time (actually i do too when i have a moment).


I powerlift at gym (Zone fitness gyms are relatively inexpensive if you need a gym and havent found one yet) and i do boxing through an independent club. We do a lot of body weight too, but i'm a little more prepped for it because of my lifting.  Keep at it, it will get easier, promise.


If you need any advice or help with anything, give me a shout.

Half Faerie (Sidhe) Scout | Black Belt Kitchen Ninja
"A positive attitude will not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort" - Herm Albright
You're welcome to skype me (audriwolf) too but let me know who you are

My challenge


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I'm staying in a family members apartment in Cape Town for a month or two until I find a place closer to my work ( Bellville :( ). There is no Telkom line and MTN only has EDGE signal there strangely enough. As soon as I've settled in my place I will of course get DSL!


If you could PM me details of your gym I would be eternally grateful.

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