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Someone help me out, please!  I've been trying to remember the name of a game we used to have on the SNES in the 90's and it's bugging the Hell out of me.  I think it had the word metal in the title but I could be wrong there. 


The basic premise was that you had an island and you had 4 bases to build and so many missiles and defences.  You could create mines to get building materials and stuff like that.  You had to fire missiles at your oponants island to try and destroy their bases/missiles/defences etc.  


Any ideas?

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Hah got it! Glad it worked out :). Now if anyone remembers the name of the nes game where you have to block in a moving boss guy... all I remember is one was a hand with an eye in the palm that bounced around the screen as you drew squares from the edges in to block him into the smallest space. I've found a few names that are similar, but not it :(

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