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    • -made soup -organised desk drawers (found more stuff i can co-opt for bullet journaling) -half way through next stacy reid book in series.  -weighed myself. 241.5lb. Which means I've lost almost 10lb total now.    tired today. It is raining a lot here so going to chill out and recharge. Need to try and finish knitting the gloves i have on the go, but just cant get enthusiastic about it today.  need to remember not to buy sugar/biscuits/etc when i go to the local shop. Went for eggs, came back with chocolate as well. So difficult. At least in a supermarket i can just skip the biscuit/chocolate isle all together.  ironically I'm not eating any of it. It is just sitting in a drawer. So that is a win.   sorted through the blank journals i have and concluded most of them are too small. 2 are large sketchbook size and probably better suited to drawing in. That leaves 3 that are the right size. Ironically, upon opening i found one of them is mostly graph paper internally. So that will be nice to use when i get round to it.    B-saltana bran L- chicken, tomato and chilli soup, spinach quiche D- beef stew again tonight s-    
    • Jan 10th (start weight) - 251lb Jan 31th- 246.5lb (-5.5lb) Feb 5th - 245.5lb (- 1.lb) Feb 11th-  245.25lb (-0.25lb) Feb 18th- 246lb (+0.75lb) Feb 25th - 241.5 (-4.5lb)  big drop is probubly due to loosing the water weight or not weighing at the right time of day or some voodoo. Havent been doing anything differently (to be honest, excercised less this week if anything) anyway, No idea 😆. But it is progress and progress is good. 
    • Thanks 😄. Ive had a lot of fun doing them. Been nice to have an art project to do, not something ive done in a while. Wish i had a dotted book though, i can see why everyone uses them, they would make the graphs and tables so much easier to achieve.  not sure the purple dailys layout will be a keeper, but it was fun to do. I have a couple of others id like to try, but so far the very straitforward colour coded ine is the winner. Even if it does mean a week takes up 4 pages (i did the maths roughly today and the 144 pages ive got in this book is probubly vaguely 6ish months worth. We shall see.  sadly i have a whole pile of lined ones in a drawer i need to use before i can buy one with dotts.    i realised yesterday somehow id skipped doig a monthly spread. Not sure how that happened, but its something i was struggling without 😅so thats my project for today   edit: ive been thinking about it, and one of the things im doing on most pages is just leaving space in the layouts into witch i can doodle if i want. Im not going to have the energy every week so im sure some weeks will revert to b&w or some very strait forward  highlighting with markers. But leaving yourself space means you can always come back later if you like and decorate a bit. I know you said you would like to try doing more doodles, so maybe its a good option for you.   like today i came back and decorated the sleep log wwith some stars and a moon. Its very strait forward and simple but it looks nice.  
    • Challenge day 13/35 Saturday, February 24   Nutrition Weirdly on point. I say weirdly because I almost skipped breakfast in order to take my measurements. - Male: 100.3 -> 100.1kg weight, 67.9 -> 64.3kg muscle mass, 29% -> 32.5% body fat meaning I somehow had a slight drop of weight but actually lost muscle to gain fat?!?! - Male Athlete: 100.3 -> 100.3kg weight, 69.1 -> 68kg muscle mass, 27.7% -> 28% body fat more or less the same, although I did notice the slight deviation in getting the weight exactly right Not stressing too much about these, however it's a bit of a disappointment to put the effort in and apparently the numbers go the other direction. Back to nutrition, I was invited by a friend to hang out by his place, so I just grabbed a spinach pastry for breakfast, plus a couple of cookies I had at his place with at least 3 cups of coffee. Was feeling pretty full so after grabbing next week's groceries, I ate quite late in the day, leftover pasta with my seafood sauce. Later in the night I felt my stomach a little messy, which could be attributed to 1) the fact I hadn't eaten enough on that day, 2) the seafood getting jiggy with it in my stomach, or 3) the seafood was undercooked or the pasta had gone bad. Either way, I made myself a ham and cheese toast, which seemed to help things settle down.   Workouts 3x15 One Arm Row (20kg) 3x15 Bent Over Row (10kg) 3x8 Seated Alternating Bicep Curls (10kg) 3x12 Zottman Curls (10kg) 3x20 Twisting Crunches. Need to up both reps and sets next time. 3x15 Leg Raises   Reading None.   Music Album of the day was "Wheels of Fire" by Cream. Admittedly I expected more from the album containing "White Room" but was a bit disappointed.   Videogame Putting my new list to good use, I fired up "The Forest Quartet", finishing it in 1 hour 18 minutes I seem to be close to the average, which means I can trust the numbers on this website for future use.  As for the game itself, it's a short and beautiful indie game that's visually appealing without that "artsier than thou" attitude a lot of games like this tend to display. You play as the (ghost? soul? of) a jazz quartet's recently deceased vocalist, trying to do your part in getting the other three band members, each of which is struggling with a different mental health issue, to come together for one last goodbye performance. I like how it's more of a vibe or visual/emotional journey rather than explicitly feeding you its messages as it deals with heavy stuff like coming to terms with death and moving on (both as the living and the deceased) or mental health.   Duolingo Taken care of both Spanish and German   Weekly Tracker Nutrition 🧑‍🍳🧑‍🍳🧑‍🍳🥸🧑‍🍳🧑‍🍳 Workouts 💪💪💪 Music 🔉🔉🔉🔉🔉 Duolingo 🦉🦉🦉🦉🦉🦉   P.S. Oh yeah, and I also booked flight tickets to go see my girlfriend on Thursday. No biggie  
    • And this one's technically a short-to-normal postponement. What really grinds my gears though is the fact that, according to the current law on procedures, these lawsuits are basically a two minute process in court. There's no arguing your case, it's all in the corresponding document you submitted along with your proof, including any witness statements as they are no longer allowed to be examined live in court, as is the case in criminal cases. Thus, they could have just moved this to a much closer date in the future, have us do our little dance and give all the case papers to the judge, who'd then read up at their own leisure and rule on the case.   Challenge day 12/35 Friday, February 23   Nutrition Back on track, finishing the chicken leftovers. As usual, both snacks were skipped.   Workouts 3x15 Straight Arm Pull Overs (20kg) 3x15 Bent Arm Pull Overs (20kg) 3x10 Lateral Side Raises (10kg) 3x12 Standing Upright Row (10kg) 3x15 French Press (14kg) 3x8 Triceps Dips   Reading None.   Music Album of the day was "In Search of the Lost Chord" by the Moody Blues. Haven't heard much from these guys besides their "Nights in White Satin" hit and their debut was full of that orchestral style, was quite interesting hearing more and I liked what they do. Stuff like this is why I started this project in the first place.   Videogame I did not get to play anything, because I got an idea and then properly obsessed about it the whole day until it was done: there's this website called How Long To Beat, where people input how long it took them to beat a single game (with options on whether they only went for the main story, main plus a few extras or pushed for 100% completion of everything). I created my account and then proceeded to punch in all of the games I own on Steam, GOG and Epic Games for a grand total of 636 games. Bear in mind I never went out of my way to purchase games to begin with, and it's been ages since I got one because I neither have the time to play so much and most of them will eventually come up on Epic Games' weekly free game offer, making me regret I paid any money to get them. Anyway, I've completed 81 of those (including games you never actually 'complete' like Football Manager, NBA games or Left 4 Dead), played but not finished 136 of them, marked 9 as 'currently playing', which leaves 410 games on my backlog. However, I can now rank my backlog based on the average time it takes to complete each game. This means I can start with the shorter ones and get them out of the way, while avoiding major time sinks (I knew Europa Universalis IV is huge and wasn't gonna touch it yet, makes sense it's at 360h, but Kerbal Space Program looked like a cute little game till I saw190h there).   Duolingo Spanish and German were both done.   Weekly Tracker Nutrition 🧑‍🍳🧑‍🍳🧑‍🍳🥸🧑‍🍳 Workouts 💪💪💪 Music 🔉🔉🔉🔉 Duolingo 🦉🦉🦉🦉🦉
    • Good news on the long Covid. Hope you do get back to normal soon.
    • Hi flea  Covid wiped me out for a few days, but no lasting effects, thank goodness. No exercise today.  Work was okay. I promise me I will go to the gym tomorrow. First time since…I don’t remember.
    • 1. I decided to only go to the second event. The first is recurring, so I can try it again in two weeks. I just didn't think I had the socials in me to do two in one day, and the second was the more important. And it went really well! I met some new people, and we chatted while eating cheese. They are planning laser tag in the not-so-distant future. 2. I continued working on books, but progress is still very slow. Too slow. I need to work a bit harder. 3. Going to the event and talking freely with people who seemed to be happy enough that I was there was a confidence builder. I was nervous on the walk to the event, but I still mingled with strangers. Yay me! 4. I walked to and from the event, and it had the usual effect of giving me a chance to be alone with my thoughts, so it counts.
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