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  1. One of the tricks I've used a lot with art is taking a picture of the sketch, flipping the picture horizontally, and then taking a long look at it. If you're already working digitally, it's super easy to do the flip. When something is off, our brains get used to seeing it that way and stop noticing. But, if you flip the picture, you generally will see the mistakes that you otherwise overlook.
  2. Whoops.. I just found your thread! I'm sorry that you had the flu, but I'm so glad that you recovered quickly and could move on with your life. The new goals look great! I'm so glad you're getting the school finances sorted out. And hooray for Universal studios! I made the mistake of going there before doing Disney, and I ended up finding Disney World completely underwhelming.
  3. Updates for the last few days: All of my boxes have been checked. Which is great, considering that I strained my back a bit doing yoga and really need to rest it. Re: Science olympiad stuff: I have most of the supplies I need for the egg drop. So, this weekend, I'm going to have the kids come up with a few different design ideas, construct them, and then we'll toss them out of the window to see which ones work and which ones break. The compass should be in, so I'm also going to come up with some sort of treasure hunt. Re: Lockpicking: I tried for awhile last night, but I'm like this: Hopefully, I just need a lot more practice.
  4. I don't at all disagree. I just kind of feel guilty for always having very not-pretty, not-textbook, yet highly functional code. I'm sure there's a happy medium in there somewhere. It's obviously bad to have huge gaps in your knowledge or repeatedly do things the inefficient way. But it's also a waste of time making the code marginally faster or better when there's no real need. I'm also in a weird position where all of my projects are kind of cobbled together from online tutorials, so I feel like I have a lot of gaps. I think it's somewhat the nature of the language itself, and that really shouldn't be an issue for more conventional programming languages.
  5. I'm so sorry about your boy. Take the time you need to grieve, and don't worry about anything else until you're ready.
  6. Rowing is great! Maybe I wasn't doing it right, but I felt like it was a somewhat decent strength workout, too. Or at least, 10 minutes of rowing felt more intense to me than 30 on the elliptical. Just be sure to set reasonable time goals at first, and then build from there.
  7. I'm really glad your medical thing is clearing up. Still, running a route that keeps you close to home is a very wise call. My biggest problem is that while I manage to do fine with most of the basics and the big picture, I'll miss a lot of the little details. So, for example, I'll end up with a perfectly functional program that just isn't using "best practices" or isn't as efficient as possible, and I'll have to spend a lot of time at the end cleaning it up. I also think that as adults, we underestimate just how many repetitions it takes to really master something. So, when we have something like 80% down, we feel like we understand and are ready to move on, even when it would be better to spend the extra time and be at 100%.
  8. < Incoming transmission from the Jedi council > ... Your laid back training is over. You will need to have much more effective sessions to progress as a Jedi. Also, we are assigning a padawan for you to guide in the ways of the force. Your new parameters are as follows: 1. Pull ups, push ups, pike push ups, hang board work, dips, squats, lunges, calf raises, v-ups, and toes to bar 2 times/week. These can all be done together or broken up into multiple mini workouts. 2. Rail walking and rolls 3 times/week (outside of parkour class). But, the rail walking has to be at least 5 minutes and I need at least 10 rolls for this to count. 3. Evening snacking: I must have a serving of veggies and a glass of water before anything else. But after that, there are no particular restrictions. 4. Science Olympiad prep: My "padawan" is participating in the elementary school science olympiad. She has two build events as well as two knowledge events to prepare, and the whole family is going to have fun with this. Over the next month, we will be working on the straw egg drop, rube goldberg event (fun!), some orienteering, and helping her study for the knowledge tests. Bonus: opening locks with the force (or a set of lock picks). It has kind of become a thing among our group. My husband is getting pretty good, but I have yet to try. The goal is to become reasonably decent at opening padlocks by the end of the challenge. Yeah, I feel kind of lame completely switching my challenge goals only halfway through (if you count challenges as 5 weeks). But, I also don't really want to stick with things that ended up not being as useful as I had hoped. Here's what didn't work and why: Darebee - ended up getting too cutesy with the moves and not fundamental enough. Also, I felt like I was forcing myself too much through soreness. And, it's been nice outside, so I'd love to do as much as possible while my kids are playing at the playground. And on top of all of that, doing quickie workouts just caused me not to warm up or cool down, and not to really ever get into a groove where I do more than needed. Daily parkour - Was okay, but I found that I was doing too little on a daily basis. I'd rather do the same amount of stuff, but concentrate it into fewer workouts so I can get into a better groove with what I'm doing. Daily yoga - Okay, but again, the daily schedule made me do the minimum possible, which made it kind of worthless. Snacking - Saying I can't have things just makes me grumpy. I've had success with filling up with water and something healthy first. Then, I'm not hungry enough to eat much junk. Parenting stuff - Finished the book early in the challenge, and I already have plans in place. So, that goal is done. And the science olympiad stuff is just starting.
  9. I always assumed that cross country skiing would be a lot like jogging, but not as annoying. Or at least it seems like it would attract the people who normally run, but can't because it's too cold and snowy. I'll admit that I've never been curious enough to really even want to try it, since it set off my "ugh.. Cardio" radar. I totally understand the reluctance to use misaligned mats. I'm so paranoid at parkour that I'll twist my ankle or snag a toe if I land in a mat gap.
  10. I really hope you're feeling better and partying hard now that you're done! Re: The age thing - No matter what age you are, it's all just a matter of becoming strong and flexible enough to do the things, and then doing the things, whatever those things might be. The only difference when you're older is that it might take longer to build the strength and flexibility, and you have to be much more patient and respectful of your body with impact and overdoing things.
  11. Week 2, Day 1 update: Parkour!!! I was at the gym for 4 hours total, although most of that time was for an instructor seminar. In class, I worked on a lot of cat dynos as well as some climbing and fear-of-heights training. And, I'm finally back on track with the evening snacking as well as generally healthier eating. I just need to continue doing that over the next week. The kids and husband are all home today, so I'm going to make the conscious decision to substitute whatever strength work I can manage outdoors/at the playground for my daily Darebee workout. There's no reason I can't do calf raises, some sort of squat thing, pull ups, hangs, etc. while outside with my family.
  12. Week 1 recap: Goals 1-3. All the boxes have been checked! Everything is great! Goal 5: Finished the book. I've also started implementing task lists for the kids and a reward system that gives much more immediate gratification. So, this goal is going wonderfully. Bonus goal: I'm cleaning up a lot in my app. I added a mini game and a bunch more graphics. I even did some profiling and leaks testing. Again, everything is great! Goal 4: Boring evening snacks So yeah. I really forgot about my birthday, V-Day, and all of the celebrations surrounding those. I'll just have to tighten the belt for the rest of the challenge.
  13. I'm right there with you. Between V-Day, my birthday, and a night out with friends, my eating habits were awful this week. But now all of those distractions are out of the way, and we'll all do better the rest of the month, right?
  14. Congrats on the OHP progress! It stinks that the Python class was merely okay, but I'm not too surprised that he covered things you already knew. Hopefully, you'll start learning things at the next class. And I'm sorry about issue #2, but you did a great job with adapting, making the best out of the situation, and still being productive, even if it wasn't in the way you had hoped to be productive. There will still be plenty of chances to run or climb when you're not having issues. I hope you're feeling better today.
  15. I'll go in a different direction with the book recommendations for you: If you want a hyper masculine role model, you might want to try The Black Count. It's a biography of the father of Alexandre Dumas, and he's the major inspiration for a lot of the stuff in both the Three Musketeers and the Count of Monte Cristo. Also, Neil Gaiman just released a book on Norse Mythology that's well worth looking into.