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  1. Week 1 summary: The fitness stuff is going well. I feel like the band approach will help me become stronger with the pull ups. And the extra leg work will help me feel more comfortable with the jumping at parkour. I've done more yoga than usual in the last week, and I'm still taking nice walks. Cooking and cleaning is going well for the most part. But I need to be very diligent about setting that timer and just getting my work done. And kid time has been great! We focused a lot on the science olympiad stuff, and both kids are having a blast with that (although my son is too young to be on the team).
  2. Friday: Parkour! I did over an hour of open gym, during which I hit the kongs really hard. But, the cool part was that I eventually completely cleared a 5-6' long, 3' high obstacle (crash mat stack) with a dive kong. Now, if only I could convince myself that I could throw myself into a kong against a hard obstacle in the same way...... I also tried working on double kongs a bit, but I tended to belly flop on the second one. Toward the end of the session, I took a bad landing, and twisted both my ankle and knee. Fortunately, nothing really hurt, and nothing became swollen. I just tweaked things enough that everything felt a bit weird and pseudo-unstable (meaning, I could still jump on the leg, do agility drills, etc., but my brain seemed convinced that the knee was unstable.) Any way, I spent part of the weekend being paranoid, but everything feels completely fine now. Sunday: More parkour! This was a much more technical class, during which we worked on vaulting and rolling sequences, dive rolls, and then front flips (into the foam pit). I'm sore today, though, so I'm unlikely to do much other than take a nice long walk and some light yoga.
  3. Okay.. I'm glad it's not just me. Great story! I'm sure it was great motivation for those boys to strength train a bit.
  4. Mayhem sounds great, and I'm glad you crushed those obstacles! It's especially great that after you had to deal with the work blahs, you were able to put that aside and cap off the week with such an awesome event. Good luck with the Monster Race! Really, unless you do something silly like going climbing the day before (which now that I think about it, sounds fun and not at all silly ), your grip should be completely fine.
  5. I wish Monopoly could get dragged back to the abyss that spawned it. I think I could tolerate it a bit better if it didn't just drag on and on. And after a point, either someone gets very lucky with die rolling, or there's just that long, slow march of death. I also despise Risk. Not only is the game boring, ever-lasting, and frustrating (like when you take a huge hoard of armies into a territory defended by only 2 armies, only to lose your entire force), but I'm virtually guaranteed a kid meltdown. I have to remind myself that little kids don't yet understand that games aren't a big deal. And small things are going to seem like a much bigger deal to them. And that they will best learn how to cope with all of that through playing more games. But it is exhausting.
  6. Still here, if infrequently. So far, things are going well. I've made a point of being more attentive to the kids. Also, so far the exercise stuff, cleaning, and cooking are going nicely. It's going to be interesting to see how things work with the pull ups. I'm using about 20 lbs of assist with bands, and I can do maybe 3 sets of 6. As soon as I reach 3x8 or 1x10, I'll toss on a backpack with a few pounds and then work up to 3x8 again. And so on until I have 3x8 with no assist. Yeah, I know I probably could just get there by doing my 2 or so pull ups. But then I'm working so close to my 1RM that I feel like I'm stressing my back a bit too much when I'm forcing it or fighting for it.
  7. I considered just taking another break from NF for this challenge, since I'm really busy and will be on vacation for the last week and a half. But, it's better for me to be present in whatever capacity that I can than it is for the whole thing to be out-of-sight, out-of-mind. The theme this time will be figuring out my priorities and sticking with them. For the last many months, a huge problem for me is that I'm not making the time to take care of things that ought to be priorities, and then all of those things just slip through the cracks. Priority 1: Taking care of fitness - I'll be getting at least one decent workout per week at parkour class. But it has been entirely too easy to let the rest of the week fall through the cracks. I want to continue improving at parkour, which means I need more jumping power and more pulling power. My back has been funky these days too, and I've been entirely too lax with the prehab. The goal is to give myself at least 20 minutes each day to do something fitness-wise. And also, at least twice per week, do pull ups in volume, chair one legged squats, split squats, calf raises, and some sort of jump (squat jumps, box jumps, whatever). Priority 2: Cooking & Cleaning - 15 minutes per day of cleaning, no excuses. I'll set a timer and do what I can. Also, I need to batch cook at least one meal each week, so I can eat something healthy without needing to devote excessive time to cooking. Priority 3: Family - Continue helping my daughter with her science olympiad stuff. Also, I'm going to make a point of not blowing off my kids when they want to play games with me. Yeah, if I'm truly busy, the kids can deal, but if it's more that I just would rather be doing something else, I'm going to make a point of being more involved with them. And that's it. Short and sweet for once.