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  1. But WHY can't the book be out right now?!? I have some long flights soon, and the whole book would have been perfect for that. Also, patience is not one of my stronger traits.
  2. Where does it hurt, and are there any specific motions that bother it? I often get pain on the medial side of the knee, and sometimes right under the kneecap. I've found that if any of my quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves, or IT Band are tight, I will end up with nasty knee pain. So, I have to be pretty diligent about foam rolling and stretching. When my knee is tender, I can get some relief by using KT tape and taping along the sides of my kneecap as well as underneath, kind of like this: except that I often just make a similar shape with one piece pulled into a U shape. I hope that helps!
  3. Ooooh. That looks like a neat gym! If only I weren't traveling with the kids, I'd be checking out parkour and climbing gyms in every city. But with the kids, I'm wary of doing anything that might lead to injuries when we're abroad.
  4. Congrats on climbing that mountain! The pictures look lovely. I'm going to be in the London area soon for a vacation. Are there any places other than the obvious tourist stuff that are must-sees? We're already planning on the standard tourist things, like the Tower of London, British Museum, etc., but I'm not sure what other things are worth doing. Are there any particularly neat parks or play areas? Any amazing restaurants that would still work with super picky kids?