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  1. Raptron Transfers to NF High

    Haven't heard of those books, but I just put it on hold at the library! I'm so glad that you're crushing the lifting. Does this mean your shoulder is back to 100%?
  2. Nymeria Takes the Shortest Stick

    At this point, my fitness plan is to really focus on the eating. I've been putting on even more weight, due to the comfort eating and drinking. I'm close to my weight when I started NF. Other than that, I'm doing yoga every day. For the time being, I'm doing arm free flows, just so I can let my nerve pain chill out a bit. I'm hoping that I can still do parkour and silks this weekend, even if in a somewhat limited capacity. I'm both relieved and worried about the chemo. Intellectually, I understand that the statistics out there only give a 1.5% improvement in 5 year metastasis free survival for chemo in my case (96% vs. 94.5%. That 1-ish percent isn't considered enough to justify the risks and side effects of chemo.) Emotionally, I feel like if I am one of the unfortunate people with a metastasis or recurrence, I'll beat myself up for not doing everything I could have done. Realistically, cancer is a bitch and it's all a huge crapshoot. If they removed everything surgically, chemo would do nothing for me. We have no way of knowing whether they did or didn't. And even if you get chemo, it's still a crapshoot whether it is very effective. *shrug*
  3. Nymeria Takes the Shortest Stick

    Saw the medical oncologist this morning. She thinks that the benefits of chemo for me are too small to justify the risks and side effects. So, no chemo. On one hand, I'm happy that I don't have to go through it. On the other, I'm worried that some renegade cancer cells will have slipped out and will cause problems later. Next, I head to the radiation oncologist. I've heard that radiation is pretty easy to deal with, except that I'll end up with an ulcerated blister across my chest and under my armpit. Joy. I'm also going to have to switch my anxiety drugs, since I'll be on Tamoxifen for 10 years, but Zoloft doesn't play well with Tamoxifen. Otherwise, things are going well. I'm still comfort eating too much and gaining weight, but now it's time to turn that around. I'm also still having awful burning pain under one arm, but the doctor said it's just normal nerve regeneration. I need to be a little more careful about not overdoing things.
  4. Cry Havoc Anthology: Chaos Theory

    And the verdict is that we won't be chemo buddies. I'm skipping chemo and going straight to radiation. My body says . My anxiety says . Just keep putting one foot in front of the other, Rurik. Eventually, you'll get through this. Yes, to the Netflix! Also, maybe pick up some good video games. One of the ways I have been distracting myself is that I got an emulator with all of the old NES, SNES, Gameboy, and Sega games.
  5. Cry Havoc Anthology: Chaos Theory

    In 2 hours, I'll know whether we're going to be chemo buddies.
  6. Nymeria Takes the Shortest Stick

    I didn't do any parkour on Saturday, but I did Silks class. I still can't handle impact, bouncing, or any rapid, jerky motions, but I'm fine with much more slow and steady strength work. For the most part, I feel great, except that now I have a nasty burning sensation along my scar line. There are no signs of infection, so it must just be related to the nerves regrowing in that area. It's kind of awful, though. I'm going to meet with a young women with breast cancer support group on Tuesday evening, and then I see the medical oncologist on Wednesday. I'll find out from there whether I'll be doing chemo or not.
  7. Nymeria Takes the Shortest Stick

    WARNING: This challenge will have no real goals. It'll just be a lot of blathering. I'm not in a position for goals right now. On March 19, the radiologist thought that something didn't look quite right on my routine, screening mammogram. So, she called me back for another one as well as an ultrasound. One biopsy later, and I was diagnosed with IDC breast cancer. Over the last month, I've gone through 2 mammograms, an ultrasound, an ultrasound guided biopsy, a breast MRI, a CT scan, a lymph node biopsy, a bone scan, an upper arm MRI, an arm X-ray, a visit to the surgical oncologist, a visit to the plastic surgeon, a class at the hospital, and ultimately a bilateral mastectomy. So yeah. As Jayne would say, I took that stick. And, well, I took it. And I guess that's something. All of that being said, everything is considered to be 100% curable, so I don't want anyone worrying about me too much. It was caught relatively early, and it has the best combination of hormonal receptors that you can possibly have for breast cancer. Here I am 2 days before surgery And here I am after surgery. TMI warning.. Things are very tender, but I actually feel pretty good. I'm only using the oxycodone at night, and I'm fine with just tylenol and ibuprofen during the day. The big problem is that I'm currently a T-Rex, meaning I can't raise my arms or use them much. Rather than worrying that a T-Rex can't parkour (or do yoga, pull ups, silks, push ups, etc.), instead I'll focus on what a T-Rex can do. T-Rex can take walks, read books, do physical therapy exercises, paint miniatures, (eventually) play the piano, relax, and heal. So, that's what I will do. On Friday, I should get the pathology report, at which point I'll know if they need to go back in and harvest more lymph nodes. I'll also have a slightly better idea if I'll end up doing chemo. While I really hope they don't need to take more lymph nodes, since that would greatly increase my risk of lymphedema, I'll just deal with whatever happens. I'm feeling pretty positive about everything, have a ton of support, and I'm ready to tackle all of this head-on! I am a little weirded out that Rurik and I seem to be cosmically linked, but the universe works in weird ways.