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  1. Nymeria Returns to Hogwarts

    I'm not worried. I at least need to reach a point where I'm not having to think so much about where to put my feet or hands before I try to get artistic. The footlock moves from last weekend were so much harder than the slipknot ones from the weekend before. I had to support so much more of my weight with my arm and core strength. I'm still thrilled that it's all going well. I'm not expecting to be artsy or any good at silks. I'm just happy that I have another great way to squeeze in a strength workout without being bored by the workout.
  2. Nymeria Returns to Hogwarts

    ...and here it is. There's no real artistry or gracefulness or anything here. I was concentrating too much on just doing the move right and not falling. I really wish I had more flexibility. I may have to work that in next challenge as a goal. This sequence was much more strength intensive than it appears.
  3. Nymeria Returns to Hogwarts

    I'll post one tomorrow. I'll admit though, that there's no gracefulness or artistry anywhere in the video. Class was tough today, and I'm exhausted. I wish I were much more flexible. I guess it compensates for parkour having noobs and being very foundational.
  4. Wild Wolf: Bloodlines

    Yay! That's really how it should be. It will be so much less disruptive to Heather and the boys to be back at home, where they belong. At least for the short term, you'll have to be really good about being around when she is willing to have you around, and going away when she doesn't want you there. I'll admit, as your friend here, I really hope you and Heather eventually work things out. But I'll also have to give you a bit of tough love and say that since Heather is awesome and since I'm a fellow woman, I kind of hope she makes you grovel, suffer, walk on coals, whatever for awhile. How well you handle that will really help show how much you're changing and how much your marriage means to you. Re: The Wolfpool stuff. I would check with Heather first and make sure she's okay with it. That being said, maybe being a bit more raunchy here will help you keep it a bit more under control in your regular life.
  5. {PrincessMononoke) Pack Life

    Welcome back! I hope the trip was relaxing and helped you sort out a few things.
  6. SuzyQlou BETS on healthy choices

    I wish I remembered all of my knee physical therapy exercises. The ones that used no equipment were: I did mini squats sideways on the staircase, yoga bridges, wall squats (increasing ROM when I was ready) and warrior 3 balances. I used elastic bands tied around the legs for monster walks (you can youtube that if you're not sure how to do them). I used a leg press machine for very light weight, high rep leg presses and hamstring curls. I used the exercise bike A LOT. And walking is great.
  7. Nymeria Returns to Hogwarts

    So, workouts for the last few days.... Monday was the parkour staff meeting. There was way too much 15 year old testosterone in the room, so I ended up playing around on the silks for a bit. The silks instructors were kind enough to teach me a couple new moves. I'm a little nervous that they will completely redo the schedule, and I'll no longer have a good arrangement of classes. Tuesday, I did some silks strength training + weights and cardio. Wednesday, I did pull ups + strength yoga Today, I just did a lot of walking Tomorrow will be more walking with some lighter yoga And then Saturday will be parkour + silks again. I'm really getting into a great groove with exercising more and eating much healthier food. I'm struggling a bit with drinking water and avoiding other things.. Ugh. And while I was really excited about doing water infusions at the beginning, I'm kind of blah now. At least I really enjoy water with slices of lemon or lime in them, and I grabbed a big bag of limes, so I might just decide to be boring with infusions. *shrug*
  8. Wild Wolf: Bloodlines

    That is such a shitty attitude. I totally understand why they hate you at the moment, but they should back off and let Heather figure out her own path through this. Honestly, that's one of the reasons I was a bit nervous about both of you being on NF with this whole situation. People here are rooting for you and want everything to work out for you, so I was worried that Heather would be pressured a bit much to forgive you. I really hope everyone lets Heather navigate her own way through this and make the decision that's right for her without a lot of pressure from others.
  9. I could be wrong about this, but I thought that if you do one set, but to failure, you get almost as much benefit as you would from multiple sets. If so, one set of push ups to failure shouldn't take too much time before running. At the very least, one set to failure would be better for strength building than doing nothing. Ah.. The cheating makes more sense now. With the bib system, I could easily see why people might feel kind of insecure. How do they determine beginner vs. intermediate vs. advanced?
  10. Wild Wolf: Bloodlines

    I guess you could always tell them that daddy was naughty, so mommy had to put daddy in time out for awhile. At least that might be an explanation that they would understand. I'm glad you're able to have a lot of quality time with the boys this week.
  11. Also, wanted to add: If you're in one of the higher groups, isn't the "reward" that you get more reps and harder progressions of the exercises? If so, cheating is especially counterproductive.
  12. I'd make it an "exit fee" instead, though. There's something about really needing to use the bathroom and then straining to do a pull up that sounds less than ideal. For push ups, here are a few suggestions: 1. Push ups after climbing. Usually, climbing doesn't fry the chest muscles, so you should be able to do a few sets after climbing. They might not be great, since your arms will be tired, but they could still help you nicely finish the workout. 2. Do them before the running. After, you'll be too tired, but there's no reason you couldn't do them before you even get out the door for your jog. I agree that it's lame to cheat like that, but I would guess that the people who do so are a bit insecure and feel embarrassed to be in the lowest group. I'm not sure that I care for their method of grouping people. I would either do some sort of fitness assessment and keep people in the same groups for 3 month periods, or I would just let people self-select their level.
  13. Wild Wolf: Bloodlines

    Awww.. Jamison is adorable! I'm glad you're stepping up and being a part of his life. I really hope things work out such that all of your boys can be a part of each other's lives. Jamison deserves to get to know his brothers and vice versa.
  14. Elastigirl's Exciting New Year

    Nice workout! When are you planning on returning to the GMB rings? I'd be hiding under the covers, too. Or at least, I'd try to plan out my day, get overwhelmed and spend way too much time on the planning, leaving too little time to get things done, and then have a panic attack over the whole thing. I like the idea about 12 week goals, though. I wonder how helpful it would be for me or anyone else here to buddy up 3 or so challenges, so there's a little more continuity and a bit more of a long term plan.
  15. Nymeria Returns to Hogwarts

    My hype meter has been at an all time low, and it's time to fix that. I also have been trapped in that cycle where I'm sitting at a computer too much, mindlessly eating and drinking like an asshole while there, and moving a whole lot less (in part from minor but recurring injuries). As a result, I've put on 10 lbs (and not the good kind ) over the last year. I've also been in a huge Harry Potter groove, since the family just returned from a trip to Harry Potter land in Orlando (which was awesome!!!), and we're currently introducing the kids to D&D with a Hogwarts setting. So, it's time to add more discipline and structure to my life by returning to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. 1. Transfiguration: I will learn spells to transform my unhealthy meals and snacks into healthy ones. I generally need to eat more veggies, more salad, more eggs, and more homemade stews. For tracking/goal purposes, I will limit myself to one small sugary snack per day, and I will eat at least one substantial serving of veggies with each meal. 2. Potions: I will drink only 3 calorie bearing drinks per week..... which means I will need to drink a lot more water. The goal for this is to find ways to make water more appealing. I will experiment at least once every week with making infused water. I will also try at least 4 new tea flavors, to see what might be appealing. 3. Defense Against the Dark Arts: I've been getting too wrapped up with regular life to set aside time to workout each day. That needs to change. So, I'm going to defend against the dark art of laziness with some constant vigilance. Every day, I need to do at least 30 minutes of exercise. It could just be yoga or even putting on the weight vest and walking laps inside my house. 4. Charms: Cast "Wingardium Leviosa" by lifting myself up in the air. I need something new and shiny in my workout routine. Right after my parkour class, I had been doing open gym, which largely has turned into teaching and directing traffic for all of the kids doing open gym. Instead, there's an adult aerial silks class happening at the same time. So, I'm going to re-take the silks intro (since I've already forgotten everything), and then start taking silks classes. The most convenient time to do the intro will be January 20, since there's already an instructor event at the parkour gym. The goal is to do that intro, and then after that, take silks rather than doing parkour open gym. 5. Stick to the Schedule: A large part of the problem is that I've been getting too wrapped up with life things to set aside time for working out, cooking, and all of the other things I need to be healthy. This will likely be even worse over the next few months, since my husband and I are studying for the OSCP exam. My goal is to set a fairly rigid schedule, just to make sure everything gets done. And that's it. Hopefully, I can get back on track and regain my hype.