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  1. Nymeria

    Nymeria quits her whinging and pays her debts

    Err... I don't still have pull ups. I'm including non dead hang pull ups and band assisted pull ups. Hey, you have to start again somewhere, right? I can still do push ups though. I've just gone from 15 or so in a row to only 5 in a row. Weekly update: So far, so good. I did parkour on Saturday, and despite having some sort of quad pull, class was fun. If I make it to silks today, I'll have to be careful with the leg. I'm at a point where I have some bruising just from internal bleeding of the muscle. I can still walk with no pain, but I can't squat without pain. I didn't quite make my reps goals for the pull ups and squats, due to some shoulder pain and the quad pull. I otherwise hit all of my targets! At this point, I think simply showing up is more important than anything else.
  2. Nymeria

    Nymeria quits her whinging and pays her debts

    Just getting back into the swing of things. I've lost a lot of strength and a lot of my skills. Monday recap: I made it to silks class, despite still being sore from parkour. Class was okay, even if filled with too many annoying teenagers. I successfully managed to do some opposite side wraps as well as a few cool skills using that. Woot. I also got 16 push ups, 16 v-ups, 5 pull ups, and some hard cardio from the class, so I'm well on my way this challenge. Today, I did some walking and will do some squats as well as a little yoga. I'm making some progress on crochet work, and I've been playing around with the half double and double stitches. I'm still totally feel like this:
  3. I still need to eat better, snack less, move more, and lose weight. I've almost certainly been going through some levels of depression over the last year, but I'm hoping that the warmer weather and extra sunlight will improve my mood. Either way, it's time to quit whinging and start doing again. I will certainly still talk about parkour and silks, but I'm going to focus on basic exercises for this challenge. Challenge goal: Pay my debts These are the exercises I "owe" each week and must pay off: 1. Pull ups - 20/week 2. Push ups - 50/week 3. V-ups - 60/week 4. Squats - 100/week (but can choose regular, sumo, or side to side squats). 5. intense cardio/HIIT stuff: 10 minutes total/week (burpees, mountain climbers, jumping exercises, etc.) 6. walking - 30 km/week, with at least 1 ruck/week 7. If I miss silks class, then I also owe some silks conditioning work at home. Bonus debts: 8. I need to learn one new crochet technique each week. So far, I just know basic stitches, which is great for scarves and blankets, but not much else. 9. 1 hour of piano each week On the eating front, I'm planning to re-give up soda. I'm also going to try something new with the evening snacking: I will get myself a reasonable portion of food to eat, including some healthy things like carrot sticks or cheese, and then I will not under any circumstances let myself get up for more food. I'm a bit bummed, though. Right when I was going to gather the kids so we could head to the parkour and silks gym, my son came in crying with a scraped up face, cut, and lump on his forehead. So, no parkour tonight.. Maybe parkour on wednesday, though.