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  1. C_Q Keeps it Simple & Stupid

    I'm sorry to hear about the hand. It's better to just let it heal and avoid surgery, though. At least you can still run and do core exercises, right?
  2. Wild Wolf Joins Orion Team

    I guess I'm just leery of the hinged alternating rows because I tend to over-recruit my lower back muscles. If I do the bench supported ones, I can take my back out of the equation a bit more. Sorry about the plumbing problems. I hope your landlord fixes things quickly. Yes! When I was rehabbing the knee, my physical therapist was exceptionally picky about footwear. Worn out shoes can cause tons of problems with your knees, ankles, feet, or hips. It really is worth it to squeeze some new shoes into the budget, rather than give yourself leg/foot problems.
  3. Nymeria thinks less; does more

    I said I would post piano videos, even if they were still works in progress. As with exercise, taking videos gives great feedback, since I can now tell that I'm racing a bit way too much through some of the sections and need to slow things down. The recording ended up being a bit loud, so you might need to turn down your volume before listening. Chopin Waltz Op 69 No 1 in A-flat major:
  4. Nymeria thinks less; does more

    Wednesday update: My knees were a bit tight, so I opted for a 2 mile ruck rather than a jogging session. I ended up doing chin ups rather than pull ups, since the +10 lbs made things a bit tricky. After the ruck, I stole Wolf's workout and did 3 sets of goblet squats, push ups, DB rows, and Russian twists. Next time I'll have to do the strength work before the ruck and not after, since the push ups were a bit.... interesting.... after slogging through 10 weighted pull ups earlier. I also made a quiche to count as my batch cooking. And at least I can eat the quiche with minimal guilt, since I just use eggs, plain greek yogurt, cheese, spinach, and onions for the quiche. So really, the crust is the only unhealthy part, and it's otherwise filled with protein. The one negative is that I forgot about Flylady, so I will have to do two days today.
  5. C_Q Keeps it Simple & Stupid

    Sorry about the finger. While I haven't had a broken finger, I've had to work around enough climbing finger pain that I have a few ideas on things you could do. For push ups and dips, I would highly recommend using weight plates, parallettes, or a yoga block, so you can brace your weight entirely with your palms, yet have your fingers kind of dangle down in the air. I'm probably not describing it very well, but you should be able to make your weight be completely on your palms and not at all on your fingers. Likewise, I would consider doing goblet squats, so you can float the weight on your palms. I'm sure jogging is still fine, and you can also really focus on your core, since the vast majority of those moves don't require hands at all. I wouldn't bother with pulling at all, unless your non-dominant arm was already weaker than your dominant one. When your finger is slightly more healed, I would play with grip putty or put together a rice bucket. That should be a gentle way to mobilize and rehab your hand. Yeah. I remember needing to have my husband help me brush my hair and put it into a ponytail when I dislocated my elbow. My arm just wouldn't bend enough to get back there. It was so incredibly annoying. I'm sorry.
  6. Nymeria thinks less; does more

    So far, I've done one jogging session with about 14 pull ups thrown in. I also am 2/2 on Flylady missions! Tomorrow, I'll make a quiche, which will give me more batch food. So far, so good. I've kind of been eating like an asshole in the evenings, though, and I really need to stop. Jogging and healthy eating during the day won't get me anywhere if I sabotage my efforts in the evening. So, the big things I've been dragging my feet on are work related. I still need to finish polishing my apps and then jumping through the hoops to get them on the app store. I don't know why I tend to make these things so complicated. I've been 99% done for months, but I really struggle with all of those little, final details. The other thing is that I'm realizing that I'm just not self directed enough to be so freelance with life, so I need a real job. But, I've been out of the workforce for many years and don't feel inclined to return to my old job area. My new plan is to get into a statistics graduate program at the local university. I'm researching what I'll need to do to apply, and hopefully I'll be taking a couple classes in the Spring semester. But all of that leads to a lot of adulting of the type that I tend to avoid doing. I emailed the department head today, so I'm at least taking baby steps toward getting things done.
  7. Terra uses the magic of Morgan Le Fae

    Congrats on the new kitty! The food portioning sounds like a great idea! I hope it works out for you.
  8. Oh hi I'm rowan you guys seem cool

    Welcome back! Are you still doing parkour, or are you taking a break? Great goals! How close are you for the push ups and the mile?
  9. Wild Wolf Joins Orion Team

    I'm in the same boat. Muscle strength is great. Muscle endurance is just terrible. I wish high volume work wasn't so incredibly boring. And yeah, I sympathize with the shoulder stuff. My elbow will start clicking sometimes when I'm doing pull ups, and I have to be somewhat mindful of overdoing things. It's just part of post-injury life. That's an awesome WOD. I'm definitely stealing it to use sometime when I need a workout. Is there any benefit to doing the alternating rows rather than a more standard, bench-supported one-armed row? I feel like I can lift much heavier and protect my back much better doing the standard one arm row and not the one shown. I watched the original IT miniseries as a teenager, and I'm perfectly happy to avoid the new movie, too. I'm sure it's not too scary, but I'd rather just make sure I don't have any sleepless nights.
  10. How Far I'll Go -Elastigirl

    ^^^ This, completely. Your friends know that you exercise and are full of knowledge. So, if they don't specifically ask you for advice or help, then they really don't want to hear it; they just want to complain. The only time I would consider speaking up would be if I could say something like: "I used to have similar ankle problems too, but they're better now." Then I would wait to see if they ask for details as to what you did to fix things, but be ready to just drop it if they don't ask.
  11. Marauder un-quantified

    Your dog is beautiful! I'm here for the menopause and thyroid watch. I hate to get into TMI land, but I've been feeling off a bit too, my anxiety has been high for no real reason, and I'm getting slightly wacky with womanly stuff. Being a 40-something woman kind of sucks. I hope you get your meds adjusted soon and can go back to feeling happy and healthy.
  12. Nymeria thinks less; does more

    I'm keeping things really simple this challenge. I've had a problem with overthinking everything, making things too complicated, and then becoming overwhelmed by the complexity. So, the action plan is to simplify everything and stop getting in my head so much. 1. Jogging or rucking 3 times/week. I've spent too much time trying to come up with perfect workout circuits, and then the whole thing becomes so complicated that I end up not actually working out. So, instead, I'll be jogging. I still don't love jogging, but there's something appealingly simple about just firing up Zombies, Run, putting on music, and going. If I don't feel up to a run, then I can always toss 10 lb in a backpack for a nice walk. I also pass 4 sets of pull up bars on my jogging route, so I will intersperse 10+ pull ups into my jogging sessions. 2. Batch cooking: Rather than having to think each day about all of my meals and then feeling too lazy or overwhelmed to cook something, I'll make sure I always have plenty of healthy leftovers. The goal is that whenever I run out of or am too bored with my leftovers, I need to fire up the crock pot and make another batch meal within a day. 3. Piano: I still need to record songs, and I still tend to be too perfectionistic about everything. In order to relax a bit more about being a perfectionist, I'm going to post at least 3 piano videos before the challenge is over. It doesn't matter if the songs are a mess. I just have to post something. To be fair, I do need things to be fairly polished, but I also record my "real stuff" on Garage Band, and thus can fix minor mistakes. So, there's no reason to aim for 100% perfection on everything. 4. Procrastination stuff: I've been dragging my feet and coming up with every excuse not to finish a few things. And I need to stop. I have a list in my head of maybe 6 things that I have been failing to finish. By the end of the challenge, I will tackle and complete at least 3 of those tasks. 5. Cleaning: I need to clean more. But telling myself to just clean means it doesn't happen. In the spirit of keeping things simple, I will once again return to Flylady and just follow her plans, with substitutions if I don't find the daily task relevant for my house. I'll still hopefully get into the parkour gym a couple times over the course of the challenge. I'm in a bit of a holding pattern with the parkour, since the gym I prefer is temporarily closed (they're moving to a new location), and I just don't overly care for the other gym.