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  1. Your mom is awesome! And I'm not surprised that you're doing so well in the level 3 classes! Other people might be bringing more experience into the class, but you've built up so much strength from the climbing and the arm balancing. Good body awareness + flexibility + strength should mean that you'll pick up on the technique really quickly.
  2. Hmmm... Sorry for prying. Does your daughter really, truly, desperately want to do silks? Or is it that now that the "noob gains" have stopped from BJJ, and things are becoming more demanding, does she want to abandon ship for something newer and shinier? If it's the first case, it would be harder for me not to let her try the silks (although it is legitimate to decide that the logistics and $$$ of having your family do BJJ together is what works, and adding extras just doesn't work for the family as a whole). If it's the second, then even if you try the silks, you'll just be in the same boat in another year. I'm just curious since my daughter is the type who loves things at the beginning, but the moment they become hard or demand more of her, she wants to quit. That's a great question. I have no idea how people can give up cheese. If it makes you feel better, my A1C came back at 5.7, so I'm technically right there with you. If your regular glucose levels have always been low, and your A1C has been stable, even if slightly high, I'm not sure that you really need to worry that much about the A1C. Since my doctor's response to it all was to suggest that I eat healthier, and since that's generally a good idea anyway, I'm just casually going with that. I've been there. At least for me, making a checklist and then checking things off of the list keeps me on track. Yeah, it doesn't necessarily make me feel more motivated to do things, but at least they get done. With all of the BJJ that you're doing, I don't know that you need much else on the fitness front.
  3. You're doing an amazing job with those push ups! Caracas are grapevines, right? If you're already doing those, the best additions might be some single leg hops. Also, if you can get an agility ladder, here are a bunch of exercises. (look at the first video). When I was rehabbing the ACL, we did a lot of agility ladder work, and I might be a weirdo, but I actually enjoyed it quite a bit.
  4. Unless you really drill landings and how-to-fall, you're probably not going to be able to execute anything properly if you're taking an unexpected spill. If you're falling forward, you could try to catch yourself on your forearms, like a forearm plank. If you're falling backward, DO NOT extend your hands behind you to catch your fall. I'm glad things are healing nicely, and that you're finding workarounds for the sore hands.
  5. I kept things simple today: 2-3 mile walk + simple DB routine: -floor press 3x8 + 35 lbs/arm -rows 3x8 per arm + 35 lbs -lunges (front, back walking) + 20 lbs 3x10 per leg -V-ups 3x10 My new plan of attack is to go with a super simple program of twice/week strength training, doing at least one pull, one push, one leg, and one core. And we will just go from there and see how that works out. I'm going to do weights rather than BW, whenever possible, just because fewer reps + very concrete numbers helps me kind of know how hard to push myself. If I go BW, I tend to either stop too early or push myself to failure. Of course, I'll also be getting in push-ups, pull-ups, and the like at parkour. I'll also keep up with 2-3 times/week yoga, but stop aiming for the hellaciously difficult videos.
  6. Amazing job! Cleaning it up shouldn't be too awful, since you clearly have the strength and balance to pull it off.
  7. One of my favorite ways of doing parkour outdoors is to go on a nature trail jog, and then using the elements there for parkour. Logs, tree branches, and things like that can be great for precision jumps, balance, or bounding work. Trees and rocks can be used for tic tacs. Benches or higher logs are great for vaulting. If you come across empty playgrounds, you could probably squeeze in some underbars on the equipment, or maybe use a sturdy but thin-ish tree branch. I actually feel much less weird about nature parkour, since I worry too much about being yelled at for trying to do parkour on public buildings.
  8. If it's an all-levels class, then it's awesome that they're doing more advanced tricks! You might not be quite strong enough yet, but I'm sure that trying the tricks in class will be a great way to gain strength.
  9. The clumsy people that I know generally break their wrists when they take falls like that. So, you're doing better than most. Really, though, the more you run, the more likely it is that you snag your foot on the ground and take a spill. It's less about you being overly clumsy and more that you just run a lot.
  10. Would dipping a toe in count?
  11. Yup. Actually, they're really not that bad. The thing that worked the best for me was to take a hot shower first, and then after my body was practically overheating, the several-minute cold showers really did feel refreshing. I agree with everyone who said to get a french press. But you really shouldn't worry too much about making coffee for the coffee snobs. If they're that particular, then then probably would prefer to make their own. If not, then they'll probably be agreeable with normal coffee. And if they prefer Starbucks, it really means that they wish to lie to themselves about just how much cream and sugar they put in their coffee.
  12. Yeah. I'm not going to necessarily form new goals, but I think my mindset going forward will be to try to stick with the Sean Vigue broga stuff, and just do 20-30 minute reasonably intermediate videos. And then add a simple strength training program, like Darebee or Nia Shanks. Since I'm only doing parkour 1.5 times/week and no climbing at the moment, I think I need a lot more structure. But I need to start slowly and simply. Yeah, I know, but I really should focus on some foundational stuff for awhile, too. Hopefully, doing so will make the flashy stuff even better and easier down the road. The 6.5 year old is more than happy to try (messily) to make his own PB sandwich. It's the 9 year old who whines about food but expects me to do all of the work. To be fair, I was a picky eater as a child, and I don't think there's necessarily anything wrong with being picky, as long as you make it your problem and not someone else's. Right now, the problem is that the kids are making it my problem to solve, rather than figuring out their own dinner alternatives. This ^^^ So much. I felt like I was having to make 3 dinners every night, since the kids won't even eat the same damn thing. I mean, I'm not talking about exotic stuff here either. For example, one kid loves mac and cheese but hates plain pasta. The other eats the plain pasta but hates mac and cheese. It's just maddening. And I really hate the times where I make something that they both normally do like, it tastes the EXACT SAME as it always does, but one kid or the other will turn their nose up at it and declare that it "tastes weird."
  13. Yeah. I assumed the Cowboys' game plan would be to run the ball as much as they could, so they could prevent Rodgers from having too much time with the ball. I'm guessing that they abandoned that approach after getting into a hole early in the game, but I think things would have worked out better for them if they stuck with the plan. The packer D is pretty thin, and it shouldn't have been too hard for them to wear them down. Plus, the refs were letting both teams' DBs get away with a whole lot of holding, so in that case, why not just run? At least we can still unite over hatred of the thug Eagles, the racist-slur Redskins, and the cheap-shot, whiny-diva Giants.
  14. To be perfectly honest, I was blown away by the poise and maturity of your rookies. I'm so used to seeing young quarterbacks look great during the year, and then fall apart in the big pressure games. But Dak really was incredible! Yeah, things didn't work out for them this year, but your guys look like they're at the start of what will become a long string of postseason successes.
  15. I'm so sorry. I really hope that after the doctors figure out what is happening and treat it, you'll finally be able to feel healthy again.