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  1. Nymeria stops picking low-hanging fruit

    Right after my parents left, I caught the plague. I still have tons of congestion and thick mucus. I somehow managed to teach parkour class on Saturday, but it was kind of meh. And my wrist still hurts when I do vaults. So, the physical side of the challenge hasn't really happened. I have been pushing myself with the piano and coding, so at least that's something. Doctor said it was fine, and that the levels can fluctuate a lot.
  2. I wasn't sure whether I would participate in this challenge, and I'm going to aim more for fixing my mindset than specifically doing more. Over the last year, I've had a bad tendency to stick with the easy path, rather than challenging myself. This is possibly why I've been so meh with everything. So, I'm going to avoid the low hanging fruit and make a point of challenging myself. 1. Exercise: Whether it's parkour, jogging, yoga, or just a home strength workout, the goal is to push myself in some way or try something new. For parkour, I need to try new moves or new sequences. For yoga, I need to return to hand balancing or challenging routines. For jogging, I need to push my pace a little more or push myself to just keep running after I want to stop and walk. For home workouts, I need to push for more reps or harder moves or something new. Every workout must involve pushing at least a little bit in some way. 2. Coding: I'm teaching myself python right now (as well as SAS), and I've once again been sucked into Project Euler. I've solved 61 of the problems, but they've mostly been the easy pickings. The goal is to push myself by completing at least one challenging problem each week (along with at least 10 easy problems). 3. Piano: Every time I sit down to practice, I need to either work on polishing up some challenging sequence that I've kind of been cheating on/slopping through/pressing the pedal while playing stuff and hoping for the best , or I need to work on a new, challenging song. That's it. Keeping it simple this time.