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  1. Nym's adventures in crochet: Norbert the Dragon: Cactus arrangement with Dune sandworms: Dark blue Yoshi:
  2. Okay. So I can't seem to get into a rhythm with keeping track of this forum and posting. Ugh. Anyway, the good things lately: -I got my prescription goggles and after 20+ years of not diving, I still remember how to dive. Yay! -The entire family got new bikes, and we're going to start doing family biking trips soon! Mine actually isn't being delivered until Thursday, but I borrowed my daughter's to do a quick ride yesterday. It's frightening to me that my daughter is close enough to my height that I even can steal her bike. 😲 -I haven't recorded anything fo
  3. Heh. I can't take credit for it. It's the name of the dragon in the first Harry Potter book, and the crochet dragon is directly from a Harry Potter crochet kit. It's great! The new school is a much better fit for both kids than the old one. They're in theory going back to school in person in late September, which will be great for them, since they don't know any other kids in the new city, but it will make me nervous, because covid. Thanks! I'll try to post some crochet pics. I've been very busy with the crochet!
  4. Ugh. Sorry I've been missing so much. The last week has been a lot of tech support for my kids. Both are doing full day distance learning, and there has been a bit of a learning curve for figuring out the technology, how to upload stuff, managing schedules, etc. I'm also tied down with trying to re-socialize my cats. My non-injured cat has become very aggressive with my injured one, and I have to supervise any interactions between the two. I'm so tired.... On the positive side, I've had a full week of small workouts, and I have been generally eating healthier. I
  5. Everything is fine with the tooth. Today, I managed to swim + lift. I'm being safe for now and using a back support strap even for simple things like push ups, squats, lunges, and OHPs. Eating has been okay. I'm just trying to tackle that day by day and little by little. For the nerdy stuff, I haven't made any stargazing progress. Most days have been perfectly clear, but the evenings have been very cloudy. I'll just have to take advantage of the clear nights when I have them. I've started working on the Breval 2nd movement, and practiced some other piano stuff.
  6. I can’t wait to see that staff flow! Best wishes in making better food choices. So many of us have been making poor food choices during the last 4 months.
  7. When do your kids “return” to school? Mine start on Thursday. It’s both exciting and scary, especially since it’s a new school and has a reputation as being very challenging. I love using YouTube videos to learn crochet! You might be able to find a step by step video guide for the R2D2
  8. I’m sitting at the dentist now. Tooth is fine, but needs a new crown. The main thing that will be hurting is my bank account. Crochet buddy! I’m pretty noob with the crochet, but I have a Harry Potter kit and a cat kit. After Norbert, I’ll do Hedwig. I frequently feel like I have no clue what I’m doing, but things seem to turn out
  9. I'm trying to look for the silver lining in this... It looks like the universe wants to help me with dieting. Friday night, one of my crowns fell out, and while I was able to re-cement it in my mouth, I'm stuck with somewhat mushy foods for the time being. Tomorrow, I have an appointment, and with any luck, the dentist can just do a little cleanup and then re-bond the crown to my tooth. I'm honestly more annoyed that I have to expose myself to covid by needing a medical appointment. Grrr... Also, I usually react somewhat poorly to the cement filling the pores in my
  10. I'm keeping this one really simple and focusing on eating habits. For the last year, I've been trapped in this vicious workout cycle, where I push too hard because I want to do the things I used to be able to do, I strain something, and then I'm sidelined for a bit. So, I'm backing away from pushing myself in the physical arena and instead pushing myself with better eating. Also, the kids start (virtual) school next Thursday, so I need to keep things easy and loose this challenge. Goals: 1. Delay the meals. Whenever I have a yogurt and coffee at 7:00, lunch around 1:00,
  11. Challenge recap: Exercise was going well, until I strained my lower back and then my cat broke his leg. Ugh. So, the last two weeks have been a bit of a wash. The back: Still is sore, and I probably threw it out while moving furniture. For the next two weeks, my plans are to swim a lot and stick to DB exercises where I can isolate the muscles a bit more and wear a back brace for extra support. The kitteh: My asshole cat isn't supposed to be jumping around. But he, of course, didn't get the memo. After jumping up to and down from too many high things, we
  12. Percy had his surgery yesterday, and he’s handling everything really well today. He can bear weight in his leg to some extent, and he’s been relatively happy. I still have to keep a close eye on him, because he isn’t allowed to run or jump, and he keeps prying off his cone of shame.
  13. Ugh. Challenge is a bit off the rails. On Friday, my poor baby boy took a bad fall and broke his leg. He will have surgery on Tuesday. unfortunately, he had to stay overnight for 2 nights at the hospital, since he had to be sedated for them to splint the leg, and then had several freak outs where he tried to chew off or pull off the splint. He finally came home yesterday, and he’s doing well. He’s mostly hiding under the bed, but he’s eating and seems reasonably comfortable. But he’s also on heavy doses of meds. Ugh.
  14. Everything is still just puttering along. I've been eating a lot healthier, and I've generally been keeping up with the workouts, aside from a few days where I strained my lower back and couldn't do much. Some cool highlights for my family: -We close on selling our VA house tomorrow, which will give us enough money to install solar! -We've started a garden and are growing tomatoes, peppers, microgreens, and some other stuff! -We've started stargazing. A few nights ago, we saw Jupiter and 4 moons through our telescope. We're buying a better telescope soon and we'll
  15. Yes! I grew up in the upper midwest. When you're suffering through snowstorms and negative temperatures, I'll be out by the pool. 😋 I'll take 108F where I am over 98F in Miami any day. None of us would know what it's like in Europe right now. We were naughty, and Europe put all of us in timeout. Seriously, though, I'm not complaining. I love the weather here. 100+ degrees is perfect weather for swimming! Also, in the 90s is fine for morning or evening walks. Yeah, it's not great for hardcore hiking, but I have spring, fall, and winter for that.
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