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  1. I'm going to apologize in avance because I might offend someone or come out as rude, soooo I'M SORRY. the main goal of this life is to be happy, everything we do is to be happy, sometimes being in a relationship makes us happy but in order to make a relationship works you have to be happy with yourself before you can share your own happines with your couple, evaluate how you feel not how your girlfriend feels, then evaluate everything else, it might sound very selfish but you have to look up for you. Now about helping your girlfriend, here come's the whole BEING in a relationship thing. of cou
  2. I dont know if i'm sad or what but I just dont feel motivated to go to the gym anymore, I'm still going but I dont want it anymore, I've been going to the gym for 8 months now, I think that is pretty solid but I'm getting bored. I'm thinking in taking a break from it. I'm going to finish this month and once I get back from my honeymoon I think I'll join a boxing gym for a while. What do you think guys?
  3. OK OK, one of the best weekends in 2015 so far for me. Dave Grohl and the foo fighters are just awesome, that guy is non-stop, even jus seating on his throne the guy just can't stop rocking. on the other hand we ate a lot of pizza, beer and all that thing that are not good for us, but i didn't gain any weight. we were visiting a friend and he was very happy that we finally get to visit him so i put my diet on hold and celebrate with him but on the plus size, the girlfriend and I went shopping on saturday and it was from 9 am to 9 pm so that was a lot of walking, anyway, great weekend and no
  4. sorry, havent post anything, thanks for keeping up, things are going good, I've had problems with my car which has made difficult to buy groceries this week, but I got my car back and besides I walked a lot because of the no car issue. th eother also I went for a full series of 8 pull ups, one goal down, but i want that to become constant and the best FOO FIGHTERS show tomorrow hell yeah
  5. I definetly do the jack sparrow running here in my nearby beaches, in the summer water is too hot and in winter is too cold, we only got like a 2 month window when everything is perfect, but beautiful beaches overall, if anybody wants to come down I'll be your guide
  6. oh knots, I would like to learn something like that, I'm sure they can save my life evetually
  7. I love bodyweight it makes me feel badas, i would like someday to achieve a muscle up
  8. hi there, yes mi fiance likes to exercise and she is also a nutritionist, what she doesn't like is getting up early so i guess I will be the only one smelling "all sexy like beach and sea breeze". eating will not be a big problem, drinking is going to be hard, I can't pass on a cold corona or heineken and going to mayan territory I must eat cacao beverages, it is going to be so hard but I will overcome
  9. thanks I think I'll check his thread and see what exercises i can steal from him.
  10. ok ok, here I am up for a new challenge, my first one as a ranger, so hello Rangers. I'm coming from the assasins because during this challenge I want to continue with my weight loss goal as well as improve my stamina (that's new for me) so I've been told this is a god place for that. Right now I'm playing in a basketball tournament at work and i want to get back to my best basketball shape ever which was 10 years ago. I want to dunk the ball again. the last week of the challenge is going to be very tricky, it is my honeymoon, but I will try to include my honeymoon into the challenge, we
  11. 3 deadlift PR's for me today including my challenge goal. 150 lbs, 170 lbs and 190 lbs.
  12. one more down today i went back to deadlifts after hurtin my back during the 2nd week of the challenge, I never quit squats I guess that is what made deadlifitng today easier, I made 3 deadlift PR and achieve my challenge goal, deadlift 150 lbs, I actually deadlift 190 and today I also was able to go back to 6 pullups
  13. good morning it has been a couple of weeks since my last post, I was having some troubles with my body, i wasn't sick but i wasn't feeling normal but I think I'm back on track now I weighted myself yesterday and here are the results: Weight: 86.5 kg Body Fat: 17% I got one more week till this challenge ends, I'll do my best to get under 17% BF. beside I'm in the last month of the weight loss challenge at work, so far I've dropped 5 kg and I need at least 4 more to make sure I'll win a prize so I think I will keep my morning lifts and go back to a spinning class on the afternoon "keep the
  14. hi man, congratulations you have done an excellent job. I cna relate very much with your story, I began this journey because of the very same reason than you, a yearly checkup that went very bad on bad cholesterol and I even started at almost the same stats than you 238 lbs 6' 2" and now I'm at the same stage than you my last 10 lbs, my advice is change something, either your diet or exercise, when you are closer to your goal you need to be more analitic, i used had something like you taco bell lunch and I got stuck like you, i change my diet and continue dropping then stuck again and cha
  15. now, you are not an asshole for having this concern, but I might sound like an asshole, We men have a very simple way in which we understand things called "sex or no sex" if you talk to him about how you are not enjoying sex since he started to put weight he is going to worry, but be carefull a man's sex pride is tricky. I personally notice a huge change in my sex life once I started dropping weight and I was really mildly overweight so i know that a few extra pounds can have an impact.
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