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  1. Grymm

    Kwesadilo keeps the lights on

    Squats have the most movement at the most joints which I think make it the hardest to really lock in technique. I'm not sure I could do an RPE 10 squat. I would probably have enough form issues that would prevent me from really putting forth the full effort. Maybe some lighter work as tempo or paused squats would help reinforce the form some.
  2. Grymm

    GK lifts weight to shift weight

    I don't rerack my plates..... I also lift in my basement. Racking plates is half my warm up.
  3. Grymm

    Jenglish gets off his @$$

    Maybe you just need to make some 80/20 rule adjustments. Rule sets which are overly rigid can be fragile like glass or concrete. Loaded the right way, they shatter completely. Maybe something more tough and malleable is required in this instance like steel. Pack a couple healthy breakfast bars and a little fruit. See if you can make it until 4pm eat day before your eating goes off the rails. Use calorie free mixers. Don't drink light beer because why would you do that? But Guinness is fairly light and gets my endorsement. Bend but don't break. Then, come Monday, you may find you were able to shave 1500-2000 calories off that trip. It's not ideal, but it puts you that much further along toward getting back on track. My big thing now is if I go out on a Saturday night, I eat dinner at home beforehand. Then, after the bar, I go home. I don't get empanadas. I don't go to the dinner. I go home, and I go to sleep.
  4. Grymm

    GK lifts weight to shift weight

    Just crank up the "O Fortuna" on your phonograph and go to town.
  5. Grymm

    Weight Plates and Wheely Shoes [Rolling Stoney]

    I immediately youtube'd imperial march ukelele and was not disappointed.
  6. Grymm

    LittleTurtle Wanders Over from the Druids

    You'd be surprised that if you have fairly bad DOMS, you can do a couple sets of bodyweight squats and it'll take the edge off. After a couple sessions, you don't really get DOMS anymore from movements you've recently done at comparable weight. However, if you don't squat for a month, the DOMS can come back even harder.
  7. Grymm

    Brovatar Korra Masters Metalbending

    Apparently I have just deadlifted a fledgling Pacific Walrus. How apropos. I think walruses are pretty sweet.
  8. Grymm

    The Return of the Grymm

    Another day, another step on journey to Swolhalla. S: 5x45, 95, 135, 3x185, 225, 3x5x250 P: 5x45, 75, 95, 115, 3x5x125 D: 5x185, 225, 275 The end of my 2016 SL progression was s250, p115, d305 when I got off track so I'm in that neighborhood again. Not doing 5 sets is a lot less grueling. Took some measurements today, and in the last 4 weeks I'm down something like 8lbs and 2" on the gut. That's pretty good. Just need to do that like 5 more times. All in all, I feel pretty good. Also, lately, I've only really been sleeping like 6:30hrs a night despite ample time devoted to sleep. I figured some of that was due to waking up when the sun comes up for a bit so I slept with a winter hat pulled down over my eyes. I was out solid until my alarm went off. In fact, it was a little disorienting. I'm going to stick to it for a bit and see if I can get a little more sleep gainz. Food tracking has been solid (I'm eating the same thing every day), and I'm still updating the challenge thread. Also, the decent into the poor house seems to have been arrested for the time being. Heck yeah!
  9. Grymm

    Blocky Visits Dimension C-137...

    Huzzah for bench gainz!
  10. Grymm

    Grumble find refuge in his Eleventh Hour

    The post office makes me nervous so I hope it's reasonable to be nervous for just about anything.
  11. Grymm

    [MaD MaLKaV] tries being a Warrior

    Also on the re-racking, is the problem coming in low and hitting the end or underside of the hook? Maybe you need to unrack from the next lower position. If you have J-hooks, you should be able to walk the bar into the upright and then put it down. You will be coming in lower than you unrack because you're tired so you need some clearance. My training partner is 2" shorter than me, so we squat out of his position. At light weights, I'm actually over the back of the j-hook, but once I get up to work sets I don't have that problem. You do not want to have a mis-hap racking the bar.
  12. Grymm

    The Return of the Grymm

    When I started lifting, I did the first month in the mornings as a challenge. Frankly, it's just against my nature to go to bed a 9pm and wake up at 5am. I can still sleep until noon on the weekends like a teenager. My mental peak for the day is probably about 8-10pm. The weight was actually fine. In fact, they might have been a little easier. My hands are just not used to being turned out to that degree. It's the same discomfort with chin ups. I'm sure if I kept at it a couple weeks, I'd adapt. It's not horrific. If I took a day off from work or if we lift on weekends, I may work out as early as 3pm. I'll get up and run errands, but the mental arousal needed to put in real effort is best achieved after lunch. Up until a couple years ago, I was still playing flag football on weekend mornings, but I think the group nature of that helped. Reference: I modified/clarified it a little: 1. I made a double batch to double all ingredients. 2. I pressure cooked 2.5# of chicken breast cut into chunks (cross grain) in a can of chicken broth and some salt for 15min on high. I then shredded it with a fork and discarded the broth. 2c of chicken is just not enough protein. Were I to make it again, I might up the chicken a bit. 3. I replaced the diced vegetables with (2) 12oz packages of frozen mirepoix (same vegetables already diced) and added 8oz of chopped broccoli because I had that left over. Also, I tend to put broccoli in everything. 4. Disregard the parsley. I don't garnish. This fills a large aluminum roasting pan to the top. Baked it on convection for 20min. If broken into 6 servings (if you eat like I do): 790c, 102carb, 18f, 54prot. I needed a higher carb dinner as I continually underrun my carb macros by a lot. My meals tend to be split something like breakfast 400/lunch 800/dinner 800 so this works out well. Again, next run I might try to get the protein up around 70-75g per serving.
  13. Grymm

    JustCallMeAmber stuff and nonsense

    It all hinges on a good team name. I've used the same team names for a few years so I don't mess with them much, but every once in a while I'm tempted.
  14. Would you say it's.... nuanced?