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Found 13 results

  1. Greetings In this challenge I will be keeping it pretty simple Running/exercising: follow the training program I worked out in April up to the date of my 10k race, then come up with a new one. Eating: sensible eating at the start of May. Its my birthday soonish and I'll just eat whatever then and afterwards I'll go full paleo, no exception, no excuses, just lose some weight, fatso. Meditation: not really. I have a couple of weeks left on my subscription to the app. I'll be listening to the remaining courses but not planning to make meditation a big part of my
  2. The Forced Evolutionary Virus is used by The Master (in the form of vats of green goo) to turn humans into super mutants. The results are significant increases in muscle mass, but usually accompanied by decline in cognitive ability. And sterility. This is a good thing. I overthink things instead of just lifting heavy, so I'm just following a program without analyzing all the variables. I'm married, so I don't have sex anyway. And drinking my Greens will be my own form of gross daily exposure to FEV. HRV, BP, and Weight will be monitored of course because we're scientists, not animals.
  3. New challenge. Starting Early. 1. Part-time Wasteland Walker Limiting my Fallout time. Fallout ends at noon. Even on weekends. Can't be babysitting settlements all day. 2. Quest Log part 2 Now that the whiteboard has been established, I'm incorporating Sunday chores in there, to include assignment list, meal prepping, training updates, and FB scheduled posts. 3. Atos I pretty much put the minimum in the Program Minimum (Simple & Sinister). Now I'll add another day, following Atos kettlebell complex from Hector's Kettlebell
  4. Late to the party. So I disappeared for a little over a month. I fell into a Fallout black hole and I have no plans to get out of it. I'm thinking for the next 3 weeks I will work around this and integrate my life into this, rather than the other way around. At least for now. 1. Quest Log When I start the game, it's all over. I have no concept of time. The goal will be to make a list and rough schedule of things that need to be done that day (setting alarms on the phone) BEFORE starting to play. 2. Simple & Sinist
  5. Atom Bombs Baby!! Anybody who as ever played the Fallout games will know that the Atomic bombs fell on 23rd October 2077, so in homage to an excellent franchise I will be dedicating this challenge to surviving the Wasteland. Also with all the current craziness going on around the world I realised how unprepared I am even in a mild event i.e. snowed in or a long term power cut or if me and The Cat have to high tail it out of Dodge in the event of a fire etc. I start my new teaching role on the 23rd Oct so I don’t know if that is a good or a bad omen.
  6. Machete

    Machete Reborn

    I usually wander around with other guilds from time to time, but we all know where I truly belong... Lately I've been wondering. I'm not much for survivalism and the zombie apocalypse preppers, but I did start thinking about if society were to collapse, where would I fit in? What am I useful for? I couldn't find a good answer. So I decided to start building myself up into what would be a useful, antifragile character in the future. I wrote down what will be a constantly-evolving character spreadsheet that I will be working on for the next 5 or so years.
  7. I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire The Wasteland is a harsh place to travel through. Even the water can kill you if you don't watch your Rads. I just have to watch my step for traps and mines, carry a lot of stimpacks, be quick with my guns, and take care of my companion. I'm not on this journey alone. My biggest enemies are going to be Raiders (depression), Bloodbugs (time wasting), Ghouls (hormonal emotions), Super Mutants (eating disorder), and Deathclaws (suicidal thoughts). I don't want to put any workout goals on this challenge because I'm still pregnant, and expecting the baby
  8. In this Fallout themed challenge, the Wasteland Scavenger (that's me) must scour the wasteland for supplies, and be ready for danger at any moment. Though danger seems to have a (rather convenient) habit lately of regularly stopping by every Sunday. The simple version: Repair weapon condition by completing workoutsRegenerate action points by eating proteinCollect water by drinking zero/low calorie beveragesScavenge ammo by doing choresSneak up on enemies by holding planksDefeat the weekly boss and live to scavenge another dayThe complex version [edited Jan 09]:
  9. We are entering the “wasteland†portion of winter here. Smog is here. This means restricted and often NO outdoor time. The Fallout Shelter theme seemed to fit the circumstances. I am prepping myself for optimal vault dwelling with voyages to the wasteland when able. The Main Mission: Stay alive in the vault, perhaps even thrive. This requires daily management and tracking of power, food, and water. I’m going to try and take weekends off, so goals for food and water are based on 5 days of tracking. The intent is for weekend meals/water to stay in line with my overall goals,
  10. What? Another turncloak assassin? Autumn is my favorite time of year, and I'm always looking for excuses to head outdoors for hiking, exploration, and other fun stuff. Plus, all of the parkour people seem to be here these days, so I'm going to Ranger it up for this challenge. A little about me: For each area, the goal is to reach 100 points over the course of the challenge. I'm expecting to do my usual parkour classes and climbing sessions during the challenge. But, I don't specifically get any points for any of them. Goal 1: Explore the area around the vault -hike on a t
  11. Travel light, starting with your own body. Long-term Goal: lose 25 pounds by January 1, 2016 (195 -> 170) Pro tip # 1: Put down the doughnut, fatty! Eat at NF Diet Level 8 for 14/14 meals per week. 12-14 meals = A 10-11 meals = B 8-9 meals = C < 8 meals = F Pro tip # 2: Grab some shuteye! Sleep (or attempt sleep) no less than 7.5 hours each night. 7 nights = A 6 nights = B 5 nights = C < 5 nights = F Pro tip # 3: Get some exercise! Attend CrossFit workout minimum of three times each week.* Yes = A No = F *I will be out of town part of one week. Two workout substitutions w
  12. Hey assassin brothers and sisters! After a challenging challenge break I'm back to give it a go again! I spent my last challenge getting ready to "leave the Vault" but after the 6 weeks was up I never opened the door and left! So this is it....I'm heading out into the post apocalyptic wasteland and have to stay focused or I may not survive long! (I'll expand on these goals late but I want something up right now so I can hold myself accountable) Goal#1: I can go the distance! The one thing missing from every post apocalyptic/zombie/survival movie is...bicycles. And that's what I'm missing!
  13. Ok everyone I’m back and I’m ready for another challenge! Taking a break and switching up the way I worked out was a definite success. I finished my PLP challenge right before my big event and can definitely say I feel stronger than ever. Rolling with the success of that workout I’m predicting good things for the next 6 weeks, and hoping for GREAT SUCCESS for all of us. Since the last challenge I started re-playing my absolute favorite game ever, Fallout 2! I love the whole fallout series and have always been obsessed with the post-apocalyptic settings. In all the fallout games there
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