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Found 11 results

  1. Jon Firestar: Challenge of the Living Dead On an inconspicuous day near the end of 2017 the dead started to rise from their graves. Nobody could explain why they had risen. Was it a disease, the effect of nuclear radiation or was hell simply too full? Whatever the answer to the question the human race wasn't prepared for their own dead to rise up. Within weeks civilization had collapsed with disparate bands of survivors eking out an existence in the wilds trying to keep away from the hordes of walking dead! Welcome to the Halloween challenge! I love zombie movies so that is going to be the theme for this one. With survival of the zombie apocalypse at stake there is a lot of work to be done! Rule #1. Cardio In order to keep abreast of the zombie masses one needs a good cardio engine! You need to keep running to keep ahead of the zombies. Outdistance the Zombies: The walking dead do not get tired. One must be able to keep ahead of them over large distances to keep the advantage! Simple milage goal of 150 miles in the next 5 weeks. This is worked out from the intended milage over the following few weeks. Who Thought Fast Zombies were a good idea!? It turns out that slow lumbering zombies are not the only threat! Someone also had to go ahead and develop fast zombies. Got to run fast to outrun a fast zombie! Two Quality Speed workouts per week! (Tuesday and Thursday) So my running plan hasn't really changed for a number of months. I'm starting to ramp up the milage again but that will be done very slowly from now until the new year. I'm going to be starting a dedicated marathon plan in January but until then I'll keep up with my current cycle because it is working quite nicely. Strong Enough To Battle the Horde! In order to survive sometimes one must battle the zombie horde. If you are strong and well conditioned that fight will go a lot better for you! I'm back into the gym after nursing a shoulder injury though my Spartan Race. The shoulder feels good and so I'm now I'm going to be rolling back into the Juggernaut Strength Program: Juggernaut 2 days per week (Monday and Wednesday) With my goal of running more, bigger and better OCR races I also want to focus on movements and exercises that will aid me directly in that goal. OCR conditioning workout once per week (Friday) Short OCR focused Tabata workouts during my other strength days. Supplies! Getting food during the zombie apocalypse is a challenging and dangerous endeavour! In order to maintain the strength and cardio strength one needs to scour the land for the best and most nutritious food available! Eat 2600-2700 calories per day. Record everything on MFP, record and post for accountability I'm trying to knuckle down and get on top of my eating. This one is really self explanatory but very important. The most important part is that I want to make sure I record and state all the things to try and maintain accountability! Handle the Fallout! There are two races in this challenge. At the end of Week 0 is the Maverick Trail Race. This is a local 15K Trail race and should be lots of fun The Second at the end of Week 3 and is Nuclear Fallout, a 7K OCR. That also should be a lot of fun to tackle. I'm looking forward to both but I've got no intention of going hard on either. I'm looking to have fun and enjoy the company of a few of the most awesome Rangers in the UK.
  2. With the very real hope that I will set off some kind of throw down, what is everyone doing for Halloween costumes this year? I'm doing a Pictish warrior. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of that, but here's me as Albert Einstein a few years ago. It was at work and I had my whiteboard covered with several of his equations (which no one noticed).
  3. As Zeroh celebrates not being a tree anymore, a hooded figure approaches them. "I need your help. Yes, it's urgent. No, I don't have time to explain." And with a puff of smoke, everything disappears. "Welcome to Hallowtowne." "Thanks, I guess..." "I don't have much time to explain. My father, the mayor, has gone missing. Why he would wander off during the busiest and most important time of the year is beyond me. But I need you to impersonate him." "Impersonate?" "Correct. We are in the midst of Samhain preparations and if anyone suspects anything has gone wrong, it could spell disaster for the coming year. Surely you understand how important this is?" "But..." "Now, drink this. It will give your skin a wonderful green pallor." "Green?!" "Of course! What other color would a zombie be? And these papers. They have everything you need to know. What else... Ah! If anyone suggests that you're acting a tad peculiar, blame it on your brain rotting." And with that she disappears as mysteriously as she appeared. Zeroh sighs, and flips through the papers. Page One: The Zombie You have become a little soft around the edges. The mayor is decidedly not. To impersonate him, you need to start tracking being mindful of what you eat. [Daily Goal: Eat 1800 +/- 100 200 calories (+1 point) AND 100g of protein (+1 point)] [Daily Goal: Mindful of food choices (+1 point) AND mindful of eating habits (+1 points) Page Two: The Witch-in-Training Maribelle is in charge of the food and potions. Unfortunately, she is a horrible cook. Fortunately, she is slightly better at mixing potions. You are to assist her in her training, and make sure she doesn't blow too many things up. [Daily Goal: researching (30mins) OR cooking (1 new dish) OR reading (1 hour) (+1 point)] Page Three: The Headless Horseman's Head Harold's body had a minor disagreement with his head, and subsequently rode off in a huff without it. Make sure Harold keeps up with his meditation practice so he doesn't loose his mind while he waits for his body to come back. [Daily Goal: meditation (10mins) OR reflection (5 minutes of writing) (+1 point)] Page Four: The Black Cat Salem has been neglecting her feline duties. Accompany her during her physical training, and make sure she isn't slacking off more than she should be. [Daily Goal: Exercise session OR Stretching session (+1 point) AND stay hydrated (+1 point)] Page Five: The Scarecrow Sonny has been fawning over one of the other scarecrows, but he won't even give him the time of day. Help Sonny become a better scarecrow so that he may impress his crush. [Daily Goal: Mindfulness of posture (+1 point) AND upkeep of appearance (+1 point)] Page Six: The Skeleton Skelly is in charge of the upkeep around Hallowtowne. They are also in charge of the decorations and other preparations for Samhain. But with the backlog of requests, this is just too much for one person. Do everything you can to make sure the town is ready in time. [Daily Goal: Chores (+1 point)] [Weekly Goal: Halloween Prep Assignment (+5 points)] Bonuses & Penalties TBD Bonus points will be awarded for the following tasks: drinking 1 liter of water (+1) unpacking, 30 mins (+1) sewing, 30 mins (+1) posting daily update (+1) posting weekly round-up without story (+2) posting weekly round-up with story (+5) And points will be subtracted for the following: eating/drinking junk (-1) buying junk (-5) Ranks S = Above 100% (Challenge Reward) A = Above 80% (Page Rewards) B = Above 60% (Pass) C = Above 40% D = Above 20% E = 20% and below Rewards Earning an A rank on a page unlocks a page specific reward. Earning a S rank on the challenge unlocks the challenge reward. Points are tracked on a spreadsheet that automatically calculates the current rank. Challenge Reward: The Serenity of Suffering (new Korn album, coming out on Oct 21st!!!!) Page One: New asexuality ring Page Two: Spice rack Page Three: Headphones Page Four: Water bottle Page Five: Pomade Page Six: Coloring book
  4. Next week another movie about my life comes out. I like the guy playing me, he's a handsome chap. And is he built or what? My red and blue suit mocks me from the back of the closet, reminding me of a healthier time in my life. I may be getting old (82 last I checked), but if you believe a man can fly, then I believe I can still get back in shape. I have a world to save, whether by journalist's pen or warrior's fist. Lo, as I call her, is getting tired of me sitting on the couch watching reruns of my great deeds. She asks me what I stand for anymore. The truth is I stand for the McDonald's line, and that's only because they do not provide chairs. My goal is to fit back into my suit by October 2016. I'll have a new goal by then, probably involving Wonder Woman and Catwoman, but let's stay simple for now. S.M.A.R.T. Goals: reduce sugary drinks to 3 per week (including fruit juice)increase vegetable servings to 4 per weekdecrease refined carbs to 3 servings a week (white pasta, white bread, sugary cereal)Walk my staircase 3 times a week for 14 minutesComplete the Nerd Fitnessâ„¢ Beginner Bodyweight Workout 3 times per weekComplete 15 consecutive pushups
  5. Alright, Rangers! We've been talking about this and dreaming about this. Now's the time to start doing this! Not much in the way of rules or categories yet. I'm figuring that, as we usually do, we will come to working consensus via discussions in the thread. Post pictures, talk trash, put up links to resources and most of all - HAVE FUN!
  6. And what are you wearing? I love Halloween - I always have and always will. This is the first year I can dress up for Halloween at work in about eight years - my old work wasn't really into that - and so I'm going to dress up and it's going to be awesome. I found the perfect costume - blue Star Trek dress uniform + pointy ears + pixie haircut = fem!Spock. I just hope everything gets here in time, otherwise I'm going to have to go with my backup plan - pirate. So, who else is doing the costume thing? I want to know!!
  7. I don't know these guys but the video is kind of fun. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZdWX6GKLoc
  8. Hi, everybody! I'm a 21 year old, 5'9", 180 lbs woman, and I'm trying to get more lean. When I was 15 I was a size 16 and since then I've lost 6 sizes but no weight, all muscle replacing fat. I've recently started on a strict 5 day workout (strength alternating with interval running) and caloric deficit to work off the last 30 lbs for two of the nerdiest reasons; American Ninja Warrior and perfectly portraying the green goddess Jennifer Walters for halloween (not exclusively for halloween, but you get the idea). I work in a doughnut shop so all day I'm lifting 5 gallon buckets of frosting and racks of doughnuts, lots of physical activity. I've done great not eating doughnuts that are too sweet, just plain no glaze or frosting. I'm also a freakshow performer, a human-blockhead, juggler, rubiks cube speedsolver and strong-woman. Thats another motivation for pushing myself from %27 BMI to %24-22, I'm darn strong for a woman but if I lose that weight I'll have a much more intimidating prowess/presence. Thanks to everybody for all the info and support!
  9. Hey all, I know it is still about a month and a half away but I am trying to put together a halloween costume and could use some help. My fiance and I are planning on going as a pair and she has already figured out that she is going to be going as poison ivy. She is making her costume. I don't know what I should go as. Batman or Robin would be the obvious choice but I don't really have the cash to dish out for a good costume. Bane could also work but I am not THAT jacked yet. then there are the other villans joker, twoface, penguine ect. OOOOH Idea! I could always do a homemade version of the darkest Night black ring batman (aka zombie batman) This could be fun and shouldn't be to hard to do hmmmm. What is everyone else going to be doing this year?
  10. Only 46 days left before Halloween! Daryl Dixon is my favorite Walking Dead character, so I planned to dress up as the female version of him. Only problem is that I’m not zombie-butt-kickin’ awesome yet. Wait, this challenge ends a few days before Halloween? Excellent… Main Quest Look kick-a$$ in my Daryl Dixon costume: Forget you, Scale! For this challenge, I’m going to worry less about a number and more about how I feel. And if I end up looking super fine in the process, so be it. Goals Complete one hour of cardio every day: Walking, playing Xbox Kinect, doing anything where I’m getting my heart rate up. DEX 3 STA 3 Complete the Rebel Fitness Guide Level 4 Rebel/Renegade Workout three times a week: I don’t know why, maybe because it feels less directed, but I didn’t love using the Strength Guide. I’m going back to the last group of strength workouts where I felt successful. STR 3 Keep a food journal: While I can easily stay within an allotted calorie amount, I haven’t necessarily been taking in everything my body needs. I haven’t been getting enough calcium, for instance. Keeping a detailed food journal will give me a better sense of what my diet is missing and what I need to do to fix it. CON 2 Life Quest Have a Halloween party: My schedule and a slip back into a depression spell have prevented me from having people over and enjoying life. No more! I shall have a Halloween party and lots of fun. CHA 2 Diet Side Quest Try a new recipe every week: I’ve been really bored with food lately and I thought I would shake things up. WIS 2 Motivation I want to be healthy, happy, and confident. This is a step in that direction.
  11. Hello Everyone! My name is M.J. and I am a student Pharmacist in WI! I started my weight loss journey a year ago when I met my girlfriend. She inspired me to stop just existing and start LIVNG! Since then, I've lost 130 pounds and I can't tell you how much of a difference it makes! I'm excited to lose more and develop more friendships along the way here at NF! Below is a pic from last Halloween (2012) and a picture from yesterday. I don't even look like the same person! Best, M.J.
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