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Found 10 results

  1. It's my seventh challenge and I'm ready to do this! Whatever this is. I'm ready for that. --- Quest #1: Workout 3x per week (continuation/upgrade from last challenge) My yearly goal is to work out 2 x per week. I'm eleven workouts behind, so if I just add one extra per week, it's still gonna take nearly the rest of the year to catch up...which means it's definitely time to scale this up. The good news: I'm feeling really motivated to workout more. The bad news: More workouts take more time. So I will keep these workouts short and sweet. I will do them
  2. ...and decided to share it outside my blob of close friends. It's a few months old, now, but remains the first thing (as far as poetry) I've written in a long time. Don't actually have a reason for posting it, especially considering it's probably cringe-worthy having only been edited twice. *Shudders* _____________________________________________________________________________________ ~ One Day ~ Oh, you who weep for a past full of dreams, watching your young love grow old; days drag on, wretched, made slow by your pain, but even so, there's a faith yo
  3. Hey everybody, reckoned I might as well start me a log on here. Let's see now background info Height. 6 ft. 1.83 m. Weight. 195 lbs. 88.5 kg. Neck. 15 in. 38.1 cm. Chest. 42 in. 106.7 cm. Waist. 38 in. 96.5 cm. Hips. 39 in. 99 cm. Thighs. 24 in. 61 cm. Calfs. 15 in. 38.1 cm. Biceps. 14 in. 35.6 cm. Forearms. 11 in. 27.9 cm. Reason for working out My family has a history of heart disease, diabetes, and all in all bad health. I'm working to put that off. I've already been sick enough in my life. In 2012 I spent five months not being able to keep anything down. Had to have my gallbladder out in
  4. Sovellis groaned as he woke up on the hard stone floor of Noor's mountain hut. This wouldn't do. "First thing we need to work on is making a better bed. Stone is not kind to my poor spine," he grumbled, "and I'm guessing we're going to be out here for a while." Stretching the stiffness from his limbs, he got up and looked around. The giant cat was laying on top of Noor, and the dog, Dael, was laying on top of the cat. The sight made him smile. He tried prodding his friend, who appeared to still be asleep. No reaction. So strange, her skin really felt like stone. Sighing, he got dressed and
  5. Do you enjoy words? GOOD. I must say that I am frequently intrigued by the languages we all speak and write and think. The hilarious mistakes and the clever creations that squeeze their way out of our brains and other body parts cause me to tingle sometimes, and I hope to spread the tingle around, as well as experience the tingles secreted by others. While you're here, post some interesting linguistic facts you've learned, or some awesome alliterations, or some prime rhymes, or some spacky woonerisms, or perhaps select a word from your personal gualp* of neologisms. OR WHATEVER I LOVE to
  6. The Nerd Fitness Poet's Corner In this softly lit corner at The Nerd Fitness Pub, poets can gather to share and discuss their original writings. The poets corner is a safe space. Swears might fly without being censored, risky and controversial topics may be brought up: This is the nature of creative writing. So a fair warning to weary wanderers, some things posted here may not be child or work appropriate. But honestly, why are you even bringing your kid into The Pub, or drinking on company hours? Ideally, the corner can be used to keep writers accountable to producing new work. When y
  7. jtggodqos - go big, or go home Main Quest I vow to return to a healthy lifestyle, incorporating good eating habits and exercise into most every day. Goals Exercise: I vow to adhere to the following workout plan every day, with the rare exception.Wed, Fri, Sun: lower body (DDR or calf raises, squats, lunges)Thus, Sat, Mon: upper body (bench press, military press, seated row, bicep curl, tricep curl, lat pulldown)Tue: rest; cardio optionalDiet: I vow to consume no more than 1200 kcal every day, with the rare exception.Writing: I vow toboth journal and write one poem every day, with the
  8. Once again, I'm getting a little bit of a late start. This past weekend saw two birthdays (including my own), visiting family and friends, and general craziness. On to the good stuff! Main Quest Continue to drop the extra weight and develop a positive body image (still) Active Missions 1. Run like the wind! [+3 STA] Last challenge, I chopped off about a quarter of my 5K time just by actually running the whole thing. This time around, I want to ease my way into a better time. My best so far is 29:38, so the grading will go as follows: A: 5K in less than 27 minutes B: 5K in 27-2
  9. Open PVP [12 July '13 to 8 Sept '13] This PVP is a test to see who can increase their max chinups or pullups in a row by the most during the last 4 weeks of the current challenge. Both warriors in training, Dominic has challenged Choronodon for a no guts no glory deathmatch! However the PVP is open to other participants from any guild if they wish to join in, just post in the thread. Starting number: - On the first day or the day before, using a bar, test your max strict chinups or strict pullups, state in this thread whatever you can do more of. These are strict so you must go all the w
  10. Hello, lovely to see you This is just a small bit of self-promotion; Iv'e started a new Blog where I plan to write. I love writing and wanted a place to explore a variety of genres and topics. It's still in the early stages though, as am I. I'll do a bit of short stories, poetry, comedy etc. I would love you to stop by and take a look, and, if you are keen, give some feedback. Click here to view: http://jasonforshort.wordpress.com/ Thanks Jason the Kiwi
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