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Found 15 results

  1. Well this is it. Since joining this awesome community back in January I have finally reached my final challenge of the year, and my final challenge before going on a medical hiatus. Since I will need to be taking a break next month I am going to give it my all to complete the remainder of my year-end goals in the next 4-weeks. So without further ado... Quest Challenges Wim Hof Meditation(10 Minutes a day for 30 days) Attend a Yoga Class Attend an Akido Class No drinkable calories Quest Master* Quests Non-Quest Challenges Keep up weekly habits(Spread sheet for tracking) Finish up Coursera Photography Course Finish Fall Semester Post School(Dec 9th) Study for Google's Android Certification Exam(5 hours a week) Work on FreeCodeCamp's Back-End Certification(5 hours a week) Work on launching blog (5 hours a week) Contribute to Habitica's Open Source Project(5 Hours a week) Learn the JS React Framework(5 hours a week) _______ There is going to be a heck of a lot more on my plate for this challenge, but that just means that much more of a challenge! Once school is finished up I am going to utilize that free time to work on project building and prepping up my programming skills. *Quest Master - This is a special item on my list. Once the semester ends I am no longer going to be able to access the University's gym. Since I'll be breaking from weight lifting for a while I am going to start targeting as many Warrior Quests from Nerd Fitness Academy's list, as many Quests from Fitocracy, and as many Achievements from Fitocracy as I can in one day to knock as many of them off as possible.
  2. HELP! I cannot seem to think of any quests to create for myself. I need some suggestions! I am a 6'5" 293 lb man who needs to stop eating like an 11-year-old. I want to be more outgoing, maybe even go on a date. I currently sing karaoke and do magic tricks on the weekends. But I need some self-accountability. Please help this noob?
  3. G'Day all my fellow rangers, I'm back for another 4-week challenge! Last month was a bit of a hectic one, and as a result, I found myself in a pretty unorganized time in my life. I didn't do so well in my last challenge and I want to bring myself back into a disciplined lifestyle. So for this challenge, I'll be focusing on sticking to good habits and building a solid routine. Quest Challenges Post to Photo Journal Every Day Been using my photo journal as motivation for taking on new adventures and challenges. Want to get back into doing it regularly Meditate 10 minutes a day, 10 Days in a Row Want to start routinely practice the Wim Hof method. Complete 4 Fitocracy Quests Non-Quest Related Challenges Finish My Font-End Web Development Certification This is part of Free Code Camp's 500-hour course for web development. I'm on the very last project of the course, but have been putting it off for a while. Do Strength/Physical Training x5 A week Cardio After Every Strength Workout Cardio use to be my strong suit, but I've been neglecting it a lot since getting into strength training. I am going to make it a habit to dedicated 30-minutes or more of cardio at the end of my workouts. Stretch, Every Day Do Yoga x2 A Week Days I don't do strength work I'll be doing yoga to promote recovery Practice Piano and Guitar, x6 a week Been taking up Piano and Guitar to help improve my memory after reading Deep Work. Goal is 30 minutes minimum a session Read 1 chapter a day from a book on self-improvement Weekly Reports: Week I Report Week II Report Week III Report ____________ I am really excited about doing all of these challenges. I feel like having my goals laid out in front of me would help me remind me what I want to work towards and make them into habits. To keep myself more motivated I am taking a page form Cal NewPort's "Power of Habit" and giving myself a reward for each challenge I complete. Since it's still week 0 I am going to spend some time today building a tracker to help unlock each new challenge and reward. Created a stat tracker and reward roulette spreadsheet on Google Sheets. More info on project
  4. Hey, I just started with the modules today. Can anyone give advice regarding the order of completing quests on the modules in nfacademy. Should I be finishing all the mindest quests first or should I start on Nutrition and Workouts too? Thanks for any responses
  5. I'm just starting this new adventure...a bit ill-prepared...but no time to start like the present, eh? So, here I am...jumping into this challenge (head first). Here are my goals/quests. 1.(diet) Drop down to 3 glasses of pop/soda per week. Yes, I said "week" because I dropped it down to one a day...and it's slowly progressed in the worst way...I'm drinking at least 1-2 glasses a day. It used to be a lot worse... 2. (diet) Eat more veggies and fruit. Kind of sound a little big...but I do try to eat at least 1 veggie with supper everynight. I'd like to increase my veggies and eat more, whether part of a meal or snack. Fruit, I need to grab for this when I'm really needing something sweet.....trying to break the chocolate/cookie/chips habit. Also would like to incorporate some fruit in my breakfast. 3. (fitness) Walk at least 10 minutes 3x per week. The weather is finally getting a little warmer and where we recently moved to is where I first grew up and walked around the whole town with my great grandmother. I'd like to pick this habit back up. 4.(life) Get sleep habits in check. Be in bed by 11 and up by 7. I don't sleep well most nights (probably due to bad eating habits and in turn health issues). I've recently started taking melatonin to help me sleep...but still having some issues. Hopefully better eating habits, less pop, exercise, and trying to sleep better will help with the weight, health, and sleepless nights.
  6. I have found myself getting lost in all the quests. "Keep a sleep journal!" "Drink x amount of water every day!" "Clean out your closet!" "Eat this and this and stop eating this for Level 3 Nutrition!" How do you guys keep all this stuff straight? I'm looking for a way to look at all of my ongoing quests at once, without flipping through pages of my journal. Thanks, Rebels!
  7. In the spirit of the book Level up your Life, this group is aimed at engineering our characters, stories, and epic quest lines. (And whatever other direction we might like to go.) This group was originally created by @SnowOwl! And for my first inspirational quote ever posted to the boards...
  8. Hello, Someone pick a quest for me (off of my list) and I'll log my progress here in this thread. Must be a 5-25 XP quest. My list can be found here: https://www.nerdfitness.com/character/61202/
  9. This challenge I'm beginning an IRL quest. I've got a coworker who invited me to join a group she's starting at the end of January to prepare for and ultimately run a half-marathon in April (IIRC), and I said, sure, what better way to push myself in the spirit of the Assassins? Thing is, the furthest I've ever run is ~6.2 miles (~10km). A half-marathon is ~13.1 miles (~21km), more than twice my furthest distance ever, and after the holidays I'm a little extra out of shape. On top of that, I packed on around 10lbs over the last 2 months or so; gotta get rid of that holiday weight! So here are some quests to get me jump started: 1. Run minimum 4 days/wk, bonus points for extra days. 2. Lose 6 lbs over the course of 4 weeks, bonus points for extra weight! Everything I've read suggests the nutritionist-recommended weight-loss rate is ~2lbs/wk. Since I'm just jumping back on that horse, I'll give myself some wiggle room and shoot for 1.5lbs/wk, but I hope to blow past it. 3. Drink lots of water! Minimum 13 cups/day. I don't drink nearly enough water, and I need to change that. My number of 13 cups/day is, based on the US Institute of Medicine's recommended number of 125oz total fluid intake for adult males [1] and assuming that I'll take in at least ~20oz of fluids through various foods and non-water beverages. 1: http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/nutrition-and-healthy-eating/in-depth/water/art-20044256 4. Life goal: Read 3 books. This is a very modest goal, but I'm a very slow reader. I'm trying some new things, so maybe I'll go further. We'll see. I'll update later with specific stat rewards; just wanted to get my goals down for now while I'm thinking about it.
  10. Hello, my name is Rachel! I am not new to fitness but am very new to Nerd Fitness. I had been striving for a healthier lifestyle ever since I graduated college back in July 2013. At my heaviest I was 293 lbs. I had been able to lose about 30 of those lbs. when I started working again. I recently changed jobs that is not as active as my last one and gained about 10 of those pounds back. But, I caught myself and started to eat conscientiously and have so far stagnated at about 274 lbs. I am currently walking, kettlebell training, and some body weight training. I wanted to join the rebellion because I wanted to try something a bit different than the run of the mill "eat clean" and "exercise every (other) day." Don't get me wrong, I do want to eat clean and exercise and apply it a lot more than I do now, but I notice that Nerd Fitness tends to put a lot more emphasis on the "mind set" of getting healthier and makes it like a game where it will be fun. I believe that is what I am missing in developing my healthy lifestyle-it is not fun for me. I am hoping that after this challenge, I will find that getting healthier is actually fun and not a chore. Main Quest: I want to get stronger and develop more stamina so I can pass a kettlebell snatch test. Quest 1: Start drinking water and adapting a paleo/primal diet during the six week challenge. I am going to start off by drinking 8 cups of water per day. As for paleo eating, I have a paleo cookbook and so will do meal planning every week and cook all my meals for the week during the weekend. I am also going to incorporate a cheat meal on Friday nights. If I know that if there is any special event coming up during the week or give in to temptation and have a bad day healthy eating wise, I don't have my cheat meal on Friday night. Quest 2: Start focusing on kettlebell training a lot more. I want to be certified as a kettlebell instructor and need to start training a lot more and it will help me lose those extra 100 lbs.! Quest 3: Start doing yoga 3 times a week. Yoga is something I always wanted to try out and I figured this challenge will be the perfect opportunity to start! Life Quest: I want to pay off some of my debt. I had accumulated a lot of debt while I was at school. The beginning of the month, I will pay about hundred dollars more than the minimal payment, than each week (I get paid weekly) I will pay a hundred dollars per week on one of my credit cards. Once it is paid off, I do the same thing with my next credit card, and then finally my student loan. I know it sounds funky, but I put a lot of thought into it for some time and found that this method is the best for me. Motivation: I want to be a certified kettlebell instructor, I would like to be certified as a Strongfirst Girevik (SFG) and the certification is a weekend long. Talking to other instructors, if you are not prepared, the weekend can be brutal and the tests they put you through are very rigorous so it is imperative to be in shape for the certification. I look forward to learning a lot about Nerd Fitness and helping each other out in attaining or getting closer to our goals (quests). Wish everyone the best of luck!
  11. Hi everyone, I'm starting my second challenge now, the first was a reasonable success, even though I'm always harsh on myself. http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/62304-better-very-very-late-than-never/ A little background, I decided to start worrying about fitness at the start of August 2014, since I was quite significantly overweight weighing about 95kg (210 pounds). I'm 6'3 tall, so that was quite overweight. In the next six weeks, I lost 10kg by eating less (but very badly) and working out almost every day doing relatively low intensity cardio workouts. From mid-September until Christmas, I worked out about twice every week on average, and lost 10kg again, bringing me to 75kg now (165 pounds). I went from not being able to do a single knee pushup in August to now being able to do over 20 incline pushups. In March, I discovered Nerd Fitness, which relaunched my motivation. I took my before picture after losing 20kg, which I find quite ironic. Since I've gone on a Paleo diet, except for Saturdays for carb cycling and social occasions. I also signed up for a karate class for the first time in a few years, I loved doing karate but when I tried a class in September I found it too physically challenging, since i was in very bad shape at the time. Bonus: what "race" do you think I am if I'm 6'3 with "normal" weight and somewhere between a thin and athletic build? Quest 1: Karate - After the last karate class of the school year, start doing 2 karate training sessions alone per week, including technical training and drilling combat techniques and katas OR an HIIT workout. A - 12 + total B - 10-11 total C - 8-9 total D - 6-7 total F - less than 6 total STA Quest 2: Workouts - I'll be doing an internship in Belfast this summer, I need to find a gym there and workout at least 3 times/ week while I'm there and twice/week before and until I'm there at home or in the local gym (I'm too lazy to check if I'll be there before the challenge ends) A - 12 workouts B - 11 workouts C - 10 workouts F - Less than 10 workouts STR Quest 3: Stretching - Do leg raises every morning, 20 on each side per leg, and a complete stretching routine at least once every 2 days. A - 21+ stretching routines and leg raises every morning A- - 20-21 stretching routines and leg raises every day, sometimes not in the morning B - 16-19 stretching routines and 30+ leg raises C - 12-15 stretching routines and 25+ leg raises F - Less than 12 stretching routines and less than 25 leg raises If there's a different grade between leg raises and stretching routines I'll average them and round down. DEX Quest 4: Life goal - My exams are in a few weeks from now, there are about 650 students in my university class, but so far I've gotten a good start this semester. A - Rank top 10 in my university B - Rank top 15 in my university C - Rank top 25 in my university F - Rank below top 25 in my university WIS
  12. ok so i'm fairly new here, hadn't gotten completely into the swing of everything on the website so i'm gonna start here main quest to become strong, fast and coordinated enough to play Slamball - doing the beginner workout at least 4 times a week - go back to a mostly vegan diet (did it before and loved it) - get 8 hours of sleep a night life quest to finish the bible for my rpg video game and pitch it to a studio - write one page a day - painting one scene a day - make mutually beneficial relationships and connections with a minimum of 5 other skilled artists and designers motivation i have lots of dreams and i can't trust anyone else to do them properly. i want a more satisfying life where i can make a living for myself and others doing what i love and doing it extremely well .....i'm not sure if that's all of it but i think i might be on the right path. if there's anything i missed please feel free to let me know, ready to join the next challenge
  13. I like vegetables but I don't eat vegetable because I get busy and eat things like bread and random bits from the fridge while running around like a maniac. So today I'm joining up with the Rebellion and committing to my first 6 week challenge. I've been reading and enjoying the Nerd Fitness blog for awhile, so it seems like it's about time to take the leap. Here are my various quest-y maunderings... Main Quest (Started Jan. 10, 2014) To lose 10 lbs and build muscle. 3 Side Quests 1. BBW 3 times a week 2. Drink 4 glasses of H20 per day 3. Eat 4 servings of fruits and vegetables per day Life Quest I have a hard time sleeping, so my life quest is to get 8 hours of sleep a night. To do this, I plan to ban electronics from my bedroom and get in 'relax' mode thirty minutes before sleep time. Motivations To feel 'in-sync' with my body, to feel strong and confident and able to wear whatever I want without feeling self-conscious. I feel like if I felt stronger, I would be less 'cover-y' about how I dress and more like 'bam!' putting on a shirt Measurements and Weight and Height My scale tells me that I weigh 175 lbs. My doctor tells me I'm 5'2". And I did my measurements today which are as follows: Chest: 41 1/2" Waist: 37" Hips: 44" Closing Statement Um. Here we go. A little scared but want to make positive changes and I am so darned tired of feeling like a jellyfish. Want to be a bad ass. So I'm off to drink some coffee, er water that is...
  14. I'm so tired of making it a week or two into a new challenge or project or habit or whatever and something comes up and derails it. It might be a legitimate problem that I can't adapt my new routine to, but usually it's more of an incredibly tiny puncture in my puffed up sense of commitment and dedication that instead of easily patching I start playing with until it rips wide open and everything falls apart. (As I write I've been picturing a deflating bouncy castle for some reason). So here we go: for the thousandth time, I am setting goals and am full of motivation and passion to see them through. This will only last a few days, though, so anyone who wants to exchange messages or be friends on here to help each other stay motivated, I would welcome hearing from you. I live overseas and have not found anyone who I can talk to about this stuff because the only expats I know are my colleagues and I am just not going there. BTW: Here's an AWESOME SITE for building a habit through daily check-ins, a running tally/tracker, reminders, and encouragement from strangers/friends: https://lift.do/. I love it. Okay, enough. Here's the good stuff: My main goal: Develop greater peace of mind Why: Because getting thinner won't make me enjoy the vast majority of what I do in a day any more than I do now. My 3 sub-goals/steps to get me there: 1. Read and put into practice 2 books on meditation and mindfulness (one for each 3 weeks). On weekends, review notes from previous study and spend time thinking about how the ideas compare with each other. 2. Make an action plan for transitioning from teaching to photography that includes weekly, achievable tasks to accomplish it 3. Discuss and set firm boundaries with the whole department to determine what is and isn't my role/responsibility for next term. STICK TO THOSE BOUNDARIES (and get them in writing) AND "LET THINGS GO" Life Quest: Pay off the small debts that I have to people like my mom and CITI. Totally doable if I'm not stupid. Okay, I'm gonna be bad and sneak this in here. I'm not even sorry. (Wow, that sounds dirty.) Fitness Quest: Get down to under 130 pounds and drop 4% body fat I've got a couple of guidelines for diet and exercise, but I don't want to push my luck and get blocked from this challenge for over-stepping my boundaries. Tracking Results: 1. Starting measurements and photo will come in a couple of days when I've finished an overseas flight I have tomorrow. 2. I have a list of debts in priority of when to repay them. 3. Lift and a printed calendar that I can X off or check off days on will help me see how I'm doing on daily/weekly tasks like whether I've read my books, done my studying, or worked on photography. Where I'm Stuck: I don't know how to "track" whether I'm making progress on the habits of mind I want to develop, things like calmness, patience, general pleasantness, mindfulness, etc. What is the starting measurement for stuff like that? Count how many times I get frustrated or complain in a day? Rank my day from 1-10 on a general "enjoyability" scale? ANY IDEAS???
  15. My biggest problem up until I joined Nerd Fitness was that with just about everything else in life, I had an immediate gratification for nearly every action, and especially in video games. Every time you completed even a basic task, you could see that it was impacting your experience, stats, or both. And then I read one of the articles on here, I forget which, where the phrase, "Level up your life," came into my dictionary. And I wanted to know why it wasn't that simple. Why couldn't I gain experience points every time I did a half hour of intense martial arts training? Why didn't I have a strength stat that I could boost by going to the gym? So I wandered on over to my computer, and decided that no one, no where, said that I couldn't. I designed a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel where I made a list of specific actions for the five attributes: Wisdom, Intelligence, Speed, Strength, and Dexterity. Every time an action is completed, I earn experience points, with 100 experience points earning me a level, and five experience points in one attribute earning me a stat point for that attribute. And then I took it a step further, by making quests: Main quests, and Side Quests. Side quests, I decided, would be daily things that I wanted to turn into habits, such as exercising for an hour straight, or taking 10,000 steps, and earned a little bit of experience. Main quests earned whole levels, and were the things that were major stepping stones towards my overall health goals, such as losing ten pounds, or being able to do fifty pushups in a row, and these were worth whole levels. And then I decided no roleplaying game was complete without classes, so I manufactured a formula that would give me a class based upon what was my highest stat, or if I had multiple stats at the same level. Wisdom is Druid, Intelligence is Monk, Speed is Scout, Strength is Warrior, and Dexterity is Assassin. That is how I solved my need for immediate gratification. And at this point, it serves as my fitness introduction, to show just how I decided to nerd out on fitness. P.S.: This was all done in Microsoft Excel. So if there is anyone out there who is proficient in Microsoft Excel, I'm having issues with a formula (below) where finding the second highest in the list of cells, renders a secondary class. However right now, it's saying that D10 does not equal D10, because I have to be able to extract the cell address to make it work. Any suggestions? =IF(CELL("address",OFFSET(D10,MATCH(MAX(D10:D14),D10:D14,0)-1,0))=$D$14,"Assasin",IF(CELL("address",OFFSET(D10,MATCH(MAX(D10:D14),D10:D14,0)-1,0))=$D$13,"Warrior",IF(CELL("address",OFFSET(D10,MATCH(MAX(D10:D14),D10:D14,0)-1,0))=$D$12,"Scout",IF(CELL("address",OFFSET(D10,MATCH(MAX(D10:D14),D10:D14,0)-1,0))=$D$11,"Monk",IF(CELL("address",OFFSET(D10,MATCH(MAX(D10:D14),D10:D14,0)-1,0))=$D$10,"Druid","None")))))
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