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Found 19 results

  1. So I know it has been a while since I have posted. There has been some stuff going on but mostly working out at work during lunch with my co-workers. So the level of accountability has been pretty good. However, I felt that I needed to reconnect with this community because of all the great ideas and encouragement that everyone provides! So let's see if I remember how to do this: Fitness Update: Currently I am training for 2 things in September. The first of which will coincide with the end of this challenge! September 9th I am running a Spartan Super race. It will be my
  2. It was a warm sunny fall afternoon. Assassins were playing tag in the playground, when all the sudden out of the woods came a man. He was wearing a hoodie hoping to go unnoticed. Then from the playground someone shouted, "Isn't that Mikroftt?!?! He has been gone for so long!" Mikroftt takes off his hood and steps out from the treeline. "Yes," he says, "It is I." The assassins come over to him and all greet him. "Welcome back!" they say. "It is good to be back." he replies. For the past few months, I have been absent for the most part from this wonderful group. I have been
  3. The last three weeks were great, what with driving „home“ to visit the family and meeting everybody that I haven’t seen in six months, and receiving awesome presents like a Tardis cookie jar with sound effects. Yay. For my figure, however, the last three weeks were really, really bad. I didn’t expect anything else, to be honest. Whenever I am home my mom and grandmom act as if I might starve if they don’t feed me copious portions of food whenever possible, and then there’s the cookies. My mom made ten different kinds, my grandmom made thirteen different kinds. Sigh. And I can’
  4. Quest 1: YAYOG four days a week. I have gotten used to doing YAYOG during the last two challenges and I still like this kind of training, so I’m going to keep it as my quest number one. I’ve finished the 10 week basic program of the YAYOG app. However, I had to adapt many of the arm exercises to waay easier in order to able to do them . Therefore I will just repeat the basic program, this time trying to minimize the changes I have to make to the exercises. Quest 2: Yoga on one day a week. I still love yoga, so that will be quest number two once again. Quest 3: no sweets after dinner F
  5. During the last six week challenge I started the You Are Your Own Gym 10 week programme, and I loved it, so this challenge I will continue with that. Because I was sick last week and had to repeat another week during the last challenge I'm starting this challenge with week six of the programme and just repeat week 10 at the end to fill the challenge weeks. The other two quests will stay the same as well, so here's the overview: Quest one: do the You Are Your Own Gym 10 week program, which means training five days a week. I am doing the basic one, starting with week 6. Quest two: Do Yoga
  6. say that five times fast ;-) In a nutshell-- I lost major CON points while at grad school, so I'd like to build back up my energy and strength in order to return my zest for life! This summer I have the free time and the motivation and everything is bright and beautiful again, so I am harnessing this potential for self-improvement! [Grad school was worth it, for sure, but dear god for anyone considering it you had better be sure you want to go through with it before applying. I have always been an excellent student, but grad school kicked my f**king ass.] I joined in late last time, co
  7. Another successful journey completed. Since becoming a Time Lord companion earlier this year, I have journeyed to find the missing Tardis and then spent some quality time finding balance between Tardis maintenance and time travel. And so, here we are, on the brink of a great disturbance in time and space, and a respectable milestone of centuries. We have made it past 2002, close to crossing centuries, but something is amiss. There is danger lurking here. As the Tardis is prone to do, we have stopped in a strange place. We found ourselves aboard another ship referred to as Discovery One
  8. Unashamed & Abundant Life Main Quest: To live life abundantly and unashamed. Committing to living with purpose and not letting how I feel dictate what I do. Goals: 1. Awaken – Death of the Snooze Monster Rise by 6:00 am every day and STAY UP! Facilitate wakefulness by prepping clothes to dress in, a glass of water, keeping the clock on the other side of the room, and turning on the lights right away. 2. I'm a Gym! Complete six weeks of body weight training as part of the 10 week program on my YAYOG app. 3. Guiltless Eating. Romans 14:22-23 “...Happy is he who does not condem
  9. I am back for my third 6-week challenge on NF. My first two were very successful - helping me get started on my path to fitness, including a lot of strength training, cardio, and more than 30 pounds of weight loss. Now I need to make sure I don't fall off the wagon, because it would be so easy to relax with the holidays approaching. My four goals for the challenge are: Exercise for at least 45 minutes every day. I am continuing this goal from the last challenge, but upping the goal to 45 minutes. I will do several different types of exercise during the week to keep my muscles guessing -- YA
  10. "My daddy's smarter than Einstein, stronger than Hercules, and can light a fire with a snap of his fingers! Are you as good as my daddy, mister? Not if you don't visit the Gatherer's Garden, you aren't!" Aaaand I'm back! Grad school's been hella busy (did I seriously just say that?), but I'm ready and excited to start my first 6WC as a n00b assassin. I've decided on a Bioshock theme this time around, since I've recently been thinking about the games (thanks, Timehop). Who's ready to evolve?? Main Quest: Slim-Down Okay, so this wasn't actually a usable gene tonic in the games, but it was c
  11. My main quest is to lose weight (fat, mainly) and fit into size 6 uniform pant (Waist: 28"; Hips: 37.5"). Something had been keeping me from posting my new challenge early. I’d been working on it in a Word document for about a week, and even though I felt it was ready to go by middle of last week, I refrained. Now, I know why. And reason meant my overarching, multi-challenge main quest needed to change. I’d gone back to school (full time) this semester to pursue a new, different career. One that would require me to work at least twice as hard (20 hours per week → 40+ hours per w
  12. I am still attempting to reach my true self back in 1992 and find my destiny in another dimension. The Tardis has been found and I am now a verifiable Time Lord companion. We came across the missing Tardis in 2006 and are now able to travel with more ease. Having exceeded my expectations from the first leg of my journey, it is time to up the ante a little and get the Tardis moving and in good condition for the long haul. This is still expected to be a long journey. Of course, along with the new title is new responsibility. I can not simply be consumed with 1992; The Doctor has other respo
  13. More specifically, a dragon! (You can see where this is going) I just had to indulge my love of HTTYD and Toothless. Main Quest: Onederland by 1/1/15 (after that, keep moving down to 150) I really wanted to make my main quest feel a bit more obtainable and make it a little more short-term than 150 lbs. That, I can definitely hit next year. Mission #1: What am I eating? I have three main focuses/focii/whatever's-right here: calories, protein, veggies. Calories: 1600/day Protein: Aiming for 100 g/day, will pass with 75 g/day Veggies: At least 1 serving/day I can earn a total o
  14. Main Quest: Decrease body fat to 20-24% while maintaining a healthy eating plan and increasing strength. Quest 1: Complete YAYOG BAISC workouts each week. 6WC will cover weeks 2-7, first 5 weeks are 4 workouts/week, last week is 5 workouts/week for a total of 30 workouts. (STR 3 and STA 2) A - 28 sessions B - 24 sessions C - 22 sessions Quest 2: Eat 1g of protein everyday per lean lbs of body mass and keep calories under 2000/day. Based on current measurements IIFYM recommends (CON 2): GRAMS per day CARBS: 278, PROTEIN:120, FAT: 48, FIBER: 37 - 46, CALORIES: 2023GRAMS per meal (4x) CARBS:
  15. I joined NF about 8 weeks ago and completed my first challenge last week. It was a great experience for me, and I did really well against all of my goals. Now comes the next step, which I am excited to take as a member of the Rangers. My four goals for the challenge are: Exercise for at least 30 minutes every day. I am continuing this goal from the last challenge, because it worked really well for me. I will do several different types of exercise during the week to keep my muscles guessing -- YAYOG workout, swim laps, ride my bike, hike, karate, etc. Not all of it will be high intensi
  16. Ah, a Serenity/Firefly themed challenge... My 14 year old daughter is more knowledgeable than I am as she's watched it more recently, but maybe I should take the opportunity to catch up. (She has just asked for a brown coat she can wear to school -- unfortunately http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/14c4/ is both impractical and out of my budget but we'll find something.) I get Mal in that character quiz. I can see that -- especially at work. I have a team and I'd like to think I take care of them the same way Mal takes care of his crew. There's taking care of my family as well, though that has
  17. I fell off the face of the planet during the last challenge, so I can't really consider it a success. But I did learn lots of things about myself. I've since thrown myself back into the health thing full-force, and I'm ready for the next challenge! I've tried changing my lifestyle several times over the last several years, and this year is the only time it's "stuck." After some reflection I realized one reason I've been able to stick with it this time is that I've given up all the girlish "rescue fantasies" of my youth. Instead of waiting for some outside force to save me from myself, I've b
  18. Story: Main quest: Uncover the next section of the map by exploring and learning, while also becoming a better assassin along the way. Motivation: Now that I'm finally comfortable in my skin for the first time in my life, it's time to work on feeling like a badass. Empowering myself with new knowledge and novel experiences should be a step in the right direction. I. Try a new activity per week. I’m fairly new at being active, so I'm not sure what sporting activities I’d enjoy. Every week I’ll find a new activity that gets me outside, meeting new people and challenging my body. I'm
  19. I am brand new to Rebellion challenges, but not so new to life (52 and counting LOL). I began a lifestyle change in diet last year by eating paleo, and also began focused excersizing using Mark Lauren's YAYOG (You Are Your Own Gym). I have had some success with both, but also have had stretches where I fell off the wagon with both. I recently (the last few weeks) began earnestly following both regimens again as well as beginning a 21 Day Sugar Detox, and believe that the Rebellion Challenge will be a way of not losing focus, as I will have people who I hope to rely in holding me accountable to
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