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  1. That's why you stay in the cooler part of Reddit, where the people don't suck as much.
  2. For once that Taylor Swift music was bearable.
  3. Even Nicolas Cage is for the Nicolas Cage references.
  4. I think a girl was hinting at a date or I'm really getting a mixed signal. Also, need to find a way to deal with all the back aches from working on backbend
  5. So how long until Muslims in this country is seen as humans again?
  6. Right now dealing with the racing ideas of art pieces I can be doing at this moment
  7. Or if you want to be crazy, pretend your fat is just bunch of kittens that is making kitten mega monster.
  8. My weight loss is showing my other issues I tried sweeping under the carpet. Now I'm dealing with those issues. So it's an on going processes.
  9. I'm pretty sure all those movies were made so they could use Nicholas Cage in them.
  10. Curious, what's that a tattoo of?
  11. I probably shouldn't of make a FB account to see what happened to few people I use to be friends with. I feel little down after that. I seem to done hardly anything in these past few years compared to these guys (I know looks are deceiving, but still). Note to self: never go on FB again, unless you won't to feel like shit. Ok I fine now, just need to vent for a few.
  12. I notice if I comment on something they wrote or ask a well thought out question, I get more responses.
  13. Omg I loved the Venus of Willendorf. One of few things I actually remember from Art History (that and all about those columns)
  14. Is it me, but during every wartime, we have to treat atleast one group in our my country (US) like crap.
  15. I feel the same way about my country the US.
  16. Since been forgetting about this, decided to come back to this. So this week found out I'm small (xsmall if we are talking about Old Navy) for tops. That I am 10 in pants, but 12 (maybe 14 if we are talking about Charlie Russo? store) in really skinny jeans. I still don't feel comfortable in regular bras (so sports bras for life). I have bat wings now (curse you losing weight). And I'm now down to 148 lbs. And now got chunk of my money paid for Camp NF. Whooray!
  17. And I keep finding lot of Kay (Kae) on Okcupid. Fantastic way to end up with bad jokes if I ever date another Kay.
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