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  1. If you really want to confuse people, take up contortion. That will get anyone to go wtf. Plus, it's so much fun to do.
  2. Decided this challenge to get back into writing. Been so long. Maybe I'll actually write that script for a webcomic I been wanting to do for a while now (and I mean while, more like 4 or 5 years now).
  3. Love to hear your tips on parkour, might help me a bit since I finally decided to learn it this challenge.
  4. On one blog, I heard just playing the lava game when you're first starting to learn parkour helps a bit.
  5. Mmmm pancakes. Now I want to learn to do the firefly pose. Maybe next challenge goal?
  6. Count me in. I'm kaelvan on there (because I'm just that creative in names). Maybe I'll make lot easier here: ac7dfb5a-885b-4471-a3d9-0db11ca7be9c (Way too lazy to message anyone else)
  7. Without Habitrpg, my last challenge would of been bit harder to keep track of. It's just so much fun. Yes, I'll be watch you and your progress.
  8. Love to hear your tips on handstands (on your journey of finally getting them), which might help me finally get mine.
  9. You could guided meditation if you can't do sitting in silence (still an issue with me). My app Insider Timer has bunch of different guided meditations ranging from 1 min to around an hour.
  10. Ooo look at all that info. So borrowing. Yay another new timer. I been with the Druids last challenge and I'm looking forward to this time working with the Assassins. So looking forward to this new challenge even more now. Good luck on your ambitious goal of 30 secs. I know I need to always have high standards too. Only way I'll actually do anything.
  11. Which sign language are you learning; BSL or ASL?
  12. I keep falling in love with the cats when I use to volunteer awhile back, especially this one cat named Bruno, who got attacked by something (more likely wild animal). Sad, no one wants a cat with few stitches. He is that one cat that just wants to be held and is pure solid muscle.
  13. Need to get everything together. Must motivate self to do it now.

  14. Great now I want to make chili now. If only banana peppers were in season.
  15. I wonder what Druid/Assassins would be called now (since I am one)?
  16. kaelvan

    Druids report!

    learn to budget my money ~make a list and decide what my meals with be for the week ~figure out how much want to put aside for traveling (and do it) ~set limit on what I can spend a week ~set up payments for Camp NF I did pretty well with this. I have no clue how much I now have set aside for travel since it's in the globe (diy my old globe and made a piggy bank. Fitness: feel comfortable weightlifting I feel relatively comfortable with it feel comfortable with the plank poseI feel confortable with most versions of the plank position. I can easily do it now. be able to do a push up (or 5 atleast)Sadly didn't get my push-up, since my wrist got hurt at the end. Run on treadmill atleast 3 days a weekIt was shaky the first few weeks, but I finally manage to get a habit. Personal: post an art piece on my Tumblr a weekNot hard at all. Though should use my Tumblr more often. read a book a weekMade it a habit. Right now finish a book for this week. talk to a random person a day (since I'm really shy)Funny how been talking to more people even after the challenge is over meditate 5 minutes a dayStill doing that. Found a great app for it, which one of the groups on there been making me think of something I'm grateful for each day.
  17. Lucky Franco is my inspiration. She just that bad ass of a contortionist.
  18. Pretty excited (and little nervous) about next challenge.
  19. I decided to focus on my assassin side and follow on my quest of being druid assassin. Because I'm the hero of my story. Fitness (Because every great hero needs to focus on their fitness): 1. Parkour practice on the basics because how is one suppose to get great without mastering the not as "cool" stuff. (Sorry that Team America Montage song was stuck in my head again) Practice 2 or 3 times a week (but don't do if it's ridiculously icy out...on second thought indoor training then if icy)Start picking up more cool places to practiceDon't kill myself, especially when poisons snakes decide 'hey this spot'. Please, don't pull that brave bs. It's fun way to the hospital if bitten.Look into a safe thing to store cellphone so it doesn't get smashedRun and lift on your off daysYoga on the lighter of days or if hurt 2. Contortion Be able to do the backward bendLet's see how much I can hypersplit by the end of this challenge (since I mastered straddle and both front splits)Work on getting closer to handstandWork more on shoulderstand (I really want to be her) Social (Because heroes need sidekicks partners): 1. Volunteering Go over to the animal shelter and volunteer 2 to 3 days a week (got to get over how cold it is...dogs don't walk themselves...well they kinda do)Get that form dealt with and finish the processor for volunteering at wildlife rehabilitation center (or the animals will be sad)Don't kill yourself (but cute animals overload is acceptable) 2. Groups Groups Groups Find a groupGo and have a fun timeMake friends (They like being poked right?) 3. Dating Fill out that profileTalk to girls (don't worry about being nervous and thinking every horrible scenery that could go wrong)Possibly go on a date Other (Because heroes always have other goals): 1. Pixie cut (since I still didn't get it) Work out exactly what I want and don't want in my haircutNow pick a damn place to get it done alreadyBe a bad ass and accept that people are secretly jealous of your hair (or just pretend that, which ever is easier) 2. Write for 30 mins (since it's been so long since I've written anything) 3. Plan out my coming out (since my hair and where I possibly am going is going to come into play...so better safe than sorry) (Cake should definably be involved in this matter...everyone loves cake. Can't be upset with cake.) 4. Make a new recipe each week since I've fallen into the lazy cook mode Reward for completing (too lazy to figure out unicorn peso system for self...maybe before Monday): ~Fitbit ~And these bad boys http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/1ce8/?cpg=pi Yay Think Geek So I'm raising the bar again to watch myself suffer, but for good reasons. So let's make this a good one. And I'll become a hero (to myself atleast)
  20. kaelvan

    Druids place

    Ooo hope you have/had fun on your retreat
  21. We do? Nick Fury? Omg we do. This is the best. If you still need someone, I be happy to help with anything you need. The beginning is always the hardest, but you'll do great. I'm Kay by the way.
  22. Can't believe this challenge is over. Need to figure out what I will be working on for next challenge. Have an idea, but not any goals yet. Should do that this week. Started on my search of ideal pixie cut I want and won't look like crap. Hard since my hair goes though all ranges. Some days just minor wavys others can get like afro-like curls. And I have no clue yet where to get my hair done. Also, need to find out my size now for shirts before I buy those two shirts. May do tomorrow if I feel better.
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