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  1. I love Alice in Wonderland, the show I'm in is based on Alice in Wonderland, Alice in Wonderland is super gifable...perfect challenge theme! Admittedly I prefer the book to the film, and the animated is vastly better than the 2010 version, but book gifs don't work quite so well. I liked my points method in the last challenge so will probably repeat that. A google sheet means that I can update categories on the go so don't have to try to remember what I've done at the end of each day, and points are just fun. Down the rabbit hole we go... One side will make you grow taller, and the other side will make you grow shorter As we all know, you can't outrun your diet (boo!). And my diet is...dubious. I seem to swing between eating really well and eating everything I can get my hands on. Add to this new meds which have appetite increase as a side effect (double boo!) and I really need to take a long hard look at my eating habits. I've started getting HelloFresh boxes, and whilst they're not the most cost efficient (it works out as ~£6.50 a meal, ouch!) but it's getting me cooking healthy food on a regular basis, and since the portions are actually massive I tend to end up with three meals instead of two from a lot of them. Plus they're really yummy (and I genuinely am a terrible cook). I also massively reduced my coke consumption in the last challenge so let's keep that up! This challenge I'm being harsher on myself for coke drinking and fast food, but also more rewarding for cooking and keeping on top of my calories. So points for this: Portion of fruit or veg +1 Bottle/glass of coke -2 Bottle of other fizzy drink -1 Take out/fast food -10 Home cooked meal +5 Daily calorie tracking +2 Under calorie target +1 We're all mad here Or at least I am. Last challenge I got a new diagnosis, a shiny new drug, and a shiny new therapist. This challenge ends two days before I'm due to go back to my PhD so excellent timing for finishing sorting my life out for that fun and exciting development (ohgodpleasekillmenow). This section is going to include specific mental health things as well as more general adult life things. Because realistically a lot of the issues with adult stuff are a result of being slightly mad. Psychiatrist appointment +5 Therapy session +5 Taking all meds +1 Daily thought record +1 Shower +1 Bath +2 Cleaning teeth +1 Hour of tidying +10 Completely sorted room +25 Completely sorted flat +100 Unnecessary spending -25 I say, you'll never get dry that way Get dry? Have to run with the others. First rule of a caucus race, you know. I'm doing a half mudder at the end of the month, so much training is needed. Run run run! Going for a run +5 Each km run +1 5km in one session +10 8km in one session +20 Twinkle twinkle little bat/ how I wonder what you're at/ up above the world you fly/ like a tea tray in the sky Can you stand on your head? Circus! Ciiirrrrccuuuuuuussssss Ahem. I like circus Much circus etc etc I've got moves to work on, rehearsals to get to, and I really need to get my flex work on again Aerial class +2 Rehearsal +1 Double skinner +10 Single toe hang +20 Heel hang +50 Forward belly spins/millwheels +10 New move/transition +1 Handstand work +5 Juggling practice +5 Hula hooping +1 Splits work +5 Backbend work +5 Doing less than 4 stretch sessions in a week -50
  2. Good job on third Brotherhood! And thanks everyone for a great mini challenge - so many days I really didn't feel like going running but knowing my team needed me got me out there
  3. Slightly sad I've reached my peak for flight this week, but my body is definitely happy to have a Friday night off! I'll let you have this week @Nuala, but watch your back for next week
  4. I am loving this mini challenge SO MUCH. It's been chucking it down all day and I really didn't want to go for a run, but knowing getting out there would help the team dragged me out the door I did come back drenched and spent the first five minutes of my shower trying to get rid of the purple in my nail beds, but overall I feel pretty good about it!
  5. Week 3 Sunday Sunday was a better day! I stupidly didn't take my meds on Saturday night so didn't sleep At All (I gave up once it got to 9am on Sunday morning) so was pretty exhausted but aside from that... Had a lovely ride on Willow, without the massive rain shower in the middle of it. Then the evening was rehearsal, an intense cardio circuit first off, followed by running the hula hoop act then almost two hours on an aerial hoop. Working a scene where I'm interacting a lot with a ground person and have finally got some choreo set for that. Also produced this excellent blooper... I'm totally making a blooper reel for the end of this ^-^ Eating wise I was actually pretty good. I did stop for fast food on the way home after rehearsal (mainly to try and stay awake for the drive...), but stayed pretty much within my calorie goals so that's good. Monday I had considered going for a run today, but I was aching from last night so decided to have a complete rest day. I'm now thinking - Sunday rehearsal, Monday full rest, Tuesday aerial, Wednesday run, Thursday run, Friday rehearsal, Saturday active rest (riding), with the option to add runs in of course. I ate loads, but tbh I'm ok with it. It wasn't binging, just having more than I needed. I did spend a fair amount of time sat on the balcony with a book, and a punnet of cherries which was really quite lovely. I also got my first delivery from Hello Fresh - I got a voucher via Amazon to get £20 off each of my first two boxes, so it works out as £19 a week for six meals. I've never been one for cooking, but I'm quite looking forward to trying this out and seeing what happens And finally a picture spam of Things What I've Been Doing featuring baby rats and ponies My nuisance circus babies <3 (that barrier is waist height...)
  6. I always find as well that the moves that are most impressive to muggles aren't necessarily the hardest moves (like muggles get super excited about the splits, circus people go "eh, who can't do them" XD) Hahaha sorry! Glad it gave you a boost though! I'm putting in a lot of hours because of rehearsals but I'm not training full time or anything. Definitely beatable! Ugh spinning. I accidentally went too fast last night and really thought I was going to spew... Not till the beginning of August, so loads of time for us all to be awesome
  7. Also in terms of suggestions for other moves to work on - might as well start basic with forwards/backwards rolls and can build from there
  8. It is SO green here just now, it's lovely! Scotland and Ireland are pretty similar, though obviously Scotland is nicer (not that I'm biased ) The pony lives with my parents so I am incredibly lucky and get all the fun with not so much of the work. Though it does mean I only get to see her on weekends :'( Aww thank you! I think it's partly because me and the other girl in the video look similar, whereas the third (least experienced) looks quite different so it balances better this way. The shoulder stand is way less scary than on a trapeze I have to admit! It's a weird mix between beginners moves and the teacher going "eh we'll throw this in and hope for the best" Hahahaha sorryyy.... I somehow forgot to add the numbers from one of my sessions in. I'd been thinking it seemed low this week and redid the maths... No rehearsal next Friday though so my numbers will definitely be down in week three!
  9. I'm in! My cartwheel is lovely on one side and verrryyyyy melty on the other. Like Wicked Witch of the West I'm meeeellllltttiiinnggggg melty
  10. Microbends are sooo hard to get rid of, every time I think I've got rid of them I see video and they've snuck back in. That sounds like so much for a struggle bus session!
  11. Hahaha no partying this weekend - just rehearsals and pony fun times Week 2 Summary Tuesday Good with my eating, had trapeze class in the evening where we did loads of stuff in the ropes and it was fun. Generally a good day! Wednesday Good with my eating again, but apparently did nothing else all day... Thursday Good with eating (don't get your hopes up that this is a pattern beginning...), went for a run, did a whole load of tidying (who has two thumbs and clean dishes? This bitch!), did some juggling, did some baking... Basically an awesome day where I was awesome. Friday Friday started with such promise. Went for a run, was eating really well, went to rehearsal, rehearsal was good... The aerial conditioning is consistent each Friday and it is starting to feel easier each time *flexes muscles* The hula hoop act ran pretty nicely (apart from when I almost brained someone with a hoop...), and we had nearly two hours working on the aerial hoop act. It does feel like it's starting to come together, I'm feeling better on the hoop generally. I was a bit frustrated with the two other girls - one doesn't have as much experience and it's really showing. I know that there's nothing we can do about that, but with the rigging set up she's likely to be in the middle so centre stage and it's a bit frustrating knowing that I am better. The other girl was on her phone a lot, she's a friend but I felt like she was being quite rude to our teacher. Friday is usually his only day off teaching aerial each week so the fact he's coming in every week to work with us on this act is a pretty big deal. I didn't say anything because I don't do confrontation, but tried to make up for it by being really into what he was doing with us, and trying to engage as much as possible, and giving ideas etc. The goalposts were kind of changed - what we thought was a completely aerial act is actually meant to be part aerial, part ground, moving between the two... *Sigh* The joys of the director being in Brazil and everything being relayed through 3 different people! I think we've got a good basis though now Then I got back to my parents and it all fell apart eating wise, and I basically binged. Joy joy joy. Saturday Had a lovely ride on Willow this afternoon. She was in a hilarious mood where she was super excited and over-enthusiastic about everything, which I love. So we sproinged around the countryside for a bit, got a bit drenched when the heavens opened (half the sky was pitch black, half was bright blue, oh Scotland....). I do love that pony. Eating was going well until the evening when I just pigged out again. There's something about being at home with my parents - I think it's because there is so much more temptation. In the flat I just don't buy things that I might stuff my face with (except things like raspberries omnomnomnom) but here there's so many more things and my self control is dubious. Oh well, tomorrow is another day right? Overall Points wise I am up from Week 1 but still not where I want to be. That said, I'm improving, and even if I only ate well three days this week, that's three days more than last week so I'm looking at this not as a failure but as a step towards success, and learning where my problems tend to occur. Rehearsal video from last weekend here I'm the one on the left. Don't love how huge my arse looks, but do love the edge of back muscle you can see when I hang from the top of the hoop! We've changed a whole load of the choreography around, and it needs sooooo much cleaning up but when you compare it to how I looked on the hoop in the first video there's a massive improvement
  12. Yup to your first point - this is something I'm actively working on with my elbows and a specialist physio, retraining my muscles that just because they can hyperextend doesn't mean they should. My glutes are pretty good - I spent my teenage years running, playing hockey and riding horses so my lower body strength is generally passable. Can't say I've ever tried a hurdle step test. Squats annoyingly irritate other joints (particularly knees), but I am working on wall sit progressions - again it's retraining my body to the proper alignment. I'll try that with my wrists! Oh I have no doubt that the insoles fix the symptoms but not the cause - unfortunately it had got to a point where I couldn't run (or even really walk long distances) without knee pain. They do collapse walking. I can control it if I really concentrate but it's difficult. 9/9?? Ouch! I'm always glad my knees are pretty good! That video is great, thank you!
  13. Survey done! I do have a spare room but might have someone living with me at that point...if it gets nearer the time and the room is still free I can take someone who has left their accommodation booking till the last minute
  14. This is a good question - I've not got any hula hooping done so far but if it can be counted somewhere then I might be more likely to...
  15. So I left you on Friday night post rehearsal... Saturday I pretty much slept as long as I could before going to see my Magic Elbow Lady (aka my physio) for some work. My elbow's been super grumpy the last couple of weeks so she did some gentle needling and some exercises to keep on with. Did a wee bit of shopping (tsk tsk) to get a Eurovision outfit and some books. Went to my friend's Eurovision party and it was actually quite fun. I was the only sober one, and I mostly hung out in a corner with people I know already but there was lots of judging acts and shouting at the screen and such shenanigans. Also got loved on by my friends <3 Including my best mate (who is this super skinny pole dancer who could kill pretty much anyone) and my 6'2"ish friend who looks like a bear (but is genuinely the sweetest guy) being ready to go round to my house and kick my dad's arse for being shitty about stuff. I really do have the best friends. Sunday Dragged myself out of bed much earlier than I would have liked so that I could (finally) go see Captain Americaaaaaaaaa. Fuck me that was a good film. Made a very quick detour for ice cream then sprinted back to the flat to change because I was running late for rehearsal. Made it four minutes late which = 20 burpees, but totally worth it for Captain America and ice cream. Had a bit under half an hour of solid cardio where you do an exercise down the acro tumble track then back up a line of crash mats. We start small with things like high knees and progress through things like hopping, and single leg squat jumps (which I replaced with lunge walks because ankles). Finished conditioning off with a minute handstand hold and a minute wall sit. Half an hour of working the hula hoop scene which is actually coming together, then a whole load of aerial scene work (which was filmed so trying to get hold of that) and finished off with fifteen minutes of stretching. Monday Had my first appointment with my new psychiatrist today. I actually really like him, and I got a shiny new diagnosis which I'm working on dealing with, and a plan for adding some more meds (I'm turning into a bloody maraca), and therapy. So plans! Plans are good. And he reckons I should be able to make a full recovery so yay for that... Today has been shit on the eating front, and non-existent on the exercise front because I am sore from cardio yesterday, but I kinda feel like if I'm going to have a non-goal meeting day New Psychiatrist Day is the day to do it.
  16. Thank you! I think we all are probably harder on ourselves than we would be on someone else doing the same thing. Plus that was something like my fifth time on a hoop and they move so much! So much spinning... Hahaha it's amazing how much the numbers clock up through rehearsals Especially when they rig the hoop so high I need a punt up to it and just stay up there for a solid hour... I was definitely the only one not drinking, and I mostly hid in a corner with people I know but I did actually have a good time in the end
  17. Yesssss at home rig. I want, but I live in a flat. And pennies. Still annoyed with myself for not getting my parents to get their extension rated for aerial stuff. Also want a baby aerial cube. I really should find someone rich to marry... Also also, that is a nice drop! Though am I meant to be yelling at you about microbends in your straddle up
  18. Might as well be productive with my insomnia... And the villains would totally keep an eye on the scores till the end to make sure they win
  19. You were briefly ahead of us at the end which lead to me doing back flex work at 3am UK time to gain points
  20. Thank you! Haha Alice must be popular this year because I don't think we're the same group - I would be interested in which group your friends are though... There is a fair bit of overlap which makes my life so much easier! Hoop is supposed to be quite graceful though which is not my strongest point! Aww thank you! They're absolute life savers, however bad a day is they never fail to crack me up ^-^ It must be about three and a half years now, though I did have to take several months off in the middle of that with elbow problems. I really should be better by now... Cheers! It's not been a terrible week all told. Still eating far too much but in general it's better eating which is a baby step to improvement, and the mini challenge is really boosting my exercise efforts Tuesday's trapeze class was pretty good, I can feel myself improving in some of the conditioning exercises. I am feeling a bit stagnant in terms of actual moves though which is something to consider more. Wednesday I went into town to sort out my new phone (turned out I could have just transferred the SIM card over myself but hey ho, it got me out the flat!). It was a gorgeous day, which is rare in Edinburgh, so I took advantage and walked part of the way home instead of getting the bus the whole way (thanks mini challenge for the boost!). Thursday I went for a run, and did some splits work when I got in since I was nice and warm. I've really been neglecting my flex work recently and it shows, but hopefully it'll come back pretty quickly. Today was another rehearsal day. The first half hour was conditioning, and I actually think it's getting easier each time. We followed this up with half an hour working on the hula hoop scene. The timing's really starting to come together and it's looking decent, but the girl I do a throwing section with has been away for a couple of weeks and that definitely showed (including a beautiful moment where the hula hoop sailed over my head...). Then an hour and a half on hoop, working with another cast member on an interactive scene, I suspect I'm going to have welts on my arse from basing her for some doubles moves >.> Plus a final half hour doing some floor based work, so lots of strange runs and turns and me trying (and failing) to look graceful. I suspect I'm going to be sore tomorrow! Aerial conditioning for reference Tomorrow I think will be a rest day so I'm recovered for rehearsals on Sunday, possibly with some baking, and a Eurovision party in the evening. As much as I'm looking forward to seeing my friends, I'm not sure I'm really up for a night with a whole load of people. I definitely won't know everyone there, and I won't be drinking. As much as being the only sober person in the room tends to exacerbate my anxiety (especially with people I don't know), alcohol is really not a great idea for me mentally just now. Plus if I'm sober I can drive, which means I can leave whenever I want without worrying about bus times. The dress code is also Eurovision/the tackiest thing you own, but I've already told my friend she'll be lucky if I turn up in something other than my PJs or training clothes so fancy dress might be a bit optimistic
  21. We're just biding our time and looking at the end game - you'll never see us coming...
  22. The skin on my hands would have preferred me to spend that time reading The competitive side of me is kinda gutted that the power I spend most time on is also the one I get least points for. On the flip side though, because it's a team thing it's still encouraging me to do extra stuff - I walked part of the way home today instead of getting the bus the whole way because it could give me extra super toughness points, even though I knew it wasn't going to bump me up the leaderboard much it still helps pull up the team average! I'm trying to keep in mind that the leaderboard thing is fun, and the main thing is that it all helps with my fitness goals
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