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  1. The day after CrossFit DOMS is not so bad. A few months ago, I would have been so sore that getting up from a chair would have been painful. 48 hours later is the real test, but I think that hydration is really helping.
  2. We watch the Great British Bakeoff at night to wind down, and I often wonder what some of the ingredients ... and bakes .... actually taste like. Toad in the Hole??
  3. Our environment really is not supportive of healthy lifestyles. It's good to make behavioral changes and avoid the Swamp of Empty Calories!!
  4. Did my first named workout at Crossfit ... Scaled, but I did it in 20:45. I didn't think I'd finish, honestly.
  5. This happened AGAIN. October 25th, I was at 156.7. After the return from Fall Break, I got sick. One of the classes I was co-teaching fell apart --- and so did I. Gradually, my weight crept back up to 162 by Christmas, two months later. Still .... I have not given up. I am trying to really internalize that I have to take care of myself --- no matter what is happening at work. There are so many unrealistic expectations from students and colleagues that I will never be able to meet. So, the sacrifice of time to workout and cook decent food is not worth it. It's going to be tough to resist the negative influences at work, but that's the major MENTAL goal of the year: don't listen to Grima Wormtongue in all his many forms. On the Fitness Front: 2022 CrossFit Goals back squat 110 lbs 5 pushups pull-up dead lift 150 lbs 500 m row < 2:20 While I am still aiming to weigh 150 pounds by the end of the year, I am prioritizing building up strength first and eating to support that goal. While I cannot drop weight quickly by simply cutting out liquid calories or desserts, consistent reductions should help me find a current happy weight. Now, to put those CrossFit goals on a sheet of paper to submit at the box tomorrow.
  6. I went out again in the afternoon to clear the snow and ice off of hedges so that they wouldn't break (too late for one section ....) and ended up in snow above my knees. So the snow shoes did help ... I'm just not at the Legolas level of snow travel.
  7. Yeap, I found that, after 36, I had to really pay attention and be intentional about losing weight.
  8. We have a snow removal service, but in the past, they often didn't show up. So, I was kinda expecting the same this winter .... nope! The crew showed up before noon and got drive and sidewalks shoveled. So nice!! So, we went snow shoeing. It's fun, but I'm not sure it really makes walking in the snow much easier. We sank into the powder a lot!!
  9. I dropped another pound this week!! The strategy has mostly been to keep moving and removal of all of the sweet treats that come with the holidays. I still have some sugar cravings, but managed to take some of the Christmas fudge and divide each square into 16 SMALL pieces. One at the end of dinner did the trick. And then NO FOOD after that point. Did CrossFit on Monday and Pickleball on Tuesday. The rest of the week has been just walking outside as much as possible. Since we got SNOW last night, we'll break out the snowshoes for a hard slog around the local golf course. Maybe. The wind has picked up, and shoveling might end up being enough of a workout today along with RingFit Adventure.
  10. I've been adding one, crumbled up cookie to things like Greek yogurt or protein shakes. They do better in the protein shake, I gotta admit.
  11. Oh yes. We have great coaches. I tend to do my research before class, however. They are usually amused when I come prepared and sometimes make counter proposals.
  12. Does anyone run with their iPhone? Mine is not huge, but I am wondering what suggestions you all have for ways to carry it on a run.
  13. I did seated dumbbell presses with 10 pound dumbbells each for 27, 21, and 15 reps ... was easy at first but got hard at the end. But ... it's a start!!
  14. I am going to CrossFit this afternoon ... although the WOD includes hand stand pushups, which I am no where ready to do. I looked up scaling options and think I can manage.
  15. Good!! I was going to suggest a retreat. You know what to DO .... the challenge is the find the NOT DO space to allow the mug to be refilled.
  16. Thanks for the recipe. I like hummus, but the stuff I buy does seem too oily.
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