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  1. Hey everyone - I hope your challenges went well. I've been running ragged since the first week of December and haven't been able to be around. I've had a bout of stomach flu, numerous horrible colds, a round of RSV, and strep. Between all of those illnesses, a now 1-year-old toddler, and more snow in a month than we had all of last year, I've been getting my ass kicked all winter. I see a light at the end of the tunnel, but I'm not quite there yet.
  2. If not NW Arkansas, we have several in SW-Missouri here: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/12628-any-missourians-here/
  3. I feel like a quitter, but I have to stop this round of Insanity. My right knee is just not up for it. It's been sore the last couple of days and doesn't seem to be getting better. I've decided to try out T25 starting next week as it is supposed have less jumping, as well as defined modifications if you're having joint issues.
  4. First week of insanity down. The plyometric cardio workout bothers my knees, so I substituted the Pure Cardio workout - it's ~40 minutes of hell, including ~15 minutes without a break. Lots of side to side movements, plus burpees, pushups, and more. Less twisting and jumping than the Plyo-cardio, though.
  5. One walk yesterday. I crashed when I got home, dozing on the couch until my wife got home with the baby. I intentionally stayed on the couch rather than move to the bedroom so I'd wake up when she got home and wouldn't sleep 2-3 hours. In all, I got about a 30-minute nap. After preparing dinner for the kids, I went downstairs and did the next Insanity workout - Cardio Power and Resistance. 39 minutes of fun. Right knee is sore today from all of the jumping, twisting, etc. Nothing major, and I'm anticipating it working itself out. Tonight, we're driving down to Branson to go to Silver Dollar City for dinner and to walk around and see the Christmas lights. My plan now is to get the Insanity done before we leave. It's Cardio Recovery tonight, which is ~33 minutes, so it should be doable after I get home and before we need to leave.
  6. Yesterday was pretty busy, so no walks as I had to run some errands instead. After work, I made dinner for the kids, and then cooked up a new batch of chili. After that was done, my wife and I made cookies to take to work. After the first cookie was done (~10 dozen orange snaps), I went to do Insanity while my wife started the next one (mincemeat). It was Plyometric Cardio Circuit - lots, and lots of jumping. I put on my knee straps before I started and again focused on keeping my knees stable. No issues last night, though the 42 minutes was predictably hellish.
  7. Got a 2nd walk in at work yesterday afternoon. After I got dinner for the kids, I did the Insanity fit test. My results were almost dead-on on to the 2nd Fit Test from my first session in the first part of the year. A little muscle soreness today, but nothing crazy since I had been doing some body weight stuff the last couple of weeks. My right knee is sore, though, and as I was doing all of the tests I was focused on keeping my knee in line through each motion.
  8. The first post doesn't have enough information (or any, actually). What do you define as high blood pressure? What is your history with it? Are you on medications? Do you currently exercise or eat a specific diet? What does your doctor say?
  9. Starting out where you are, I would recommend making more of a focus on your diet. Those will be the changes you'll need to affect in order to see long-term success. An injury or illness can easily derail your exercise plans, but if have established an eating plan that will ensure you're running a deficit regardless of exercise, you'll increase your chances for success. When I started, I kept to my calorie goal and pledged to move more - I got at least 30 minutes of some sort of exercise each day. Primarily, it was walking to start, and then I supplemented with resistance bands, followed by body weight, and finally the gym after 6 months (when the weather got too cold to walk/hike outside regularly). I had lost ~100lbs that first 6 months, and was down a total of 157 after 1 year. Good luck!
  10. Well, month is half over. What a crazy last 2 weeks when I haven't even thought to update this thread. A few days after my last update, we got hit by the huge winter storm that walloped most of the US. We got around 10" of snow over the 5th-8th. The days following we had an average temperature of around 20 degrees, so none of the snow melted. My work was closed on the 6th, and the schools were closed on the 6th, 9th, and 10th. For an encore, I even managed to slip on the ice on the 11th when I went to pick my son up from his after school party. Caught myself, but I still smacked my right knee pretty good. Still a little tender. I shoveled our driveway multiple times, plus went over to my mom's to shovel hers and her sidewalk and porch. Wednesday, I was back in at work and the kids went back to school. Temps dropped again and we got another round of freezing rain in the overnight of Thursday into Friday, causing school to be closed yet again on Friday. More snow began falling Friday night into Saturday morning, and just after midnight we lost power for about 10 minutes. While walking through the basement, I checked on the entry way to our walkout basement and saw the standing water. There's a drain under the steps that had gotten clogged. There was about 2" of water (leaving about another inch to the bottom of the door), so I spent about 45 minutes out there as wet and heavy snow fell on me using a small rake and my bare hands to clear away the area around the drain. I got a little bit to drain, but ultimately had to give up until I could get a shop vac in the morning. My hands were freezing from digging around in the nearly frozen water, but I rigged a temporary cover using a rain barrel's screen and some rocks. By the time I got up about 7 hours later, another 3" of snow had fallen. And for the first time since the snow had fallen 11 days ago, a plow actually came down our street. I shoveled the driveway and dugout the end where the plow had pushed snow and ice across the entrance. I went out and got a shop vac from Harbor Freight and got all of the water out, and then I redid the drain trap. It turns out that when we had our stairs replaced over the summer, the guy who was doing it shoved it down in the drain so he wouldn't kick it (I imagine), which had allowed leaves and debris to cover it. The way it is now, it sticks up about 3", assuring that it would take a ton of crap to stop it up. I spent the rest of the morning trying to warm up. Over these last two weeks, I've done a great job of keeping the kitchen clean - wiping down counters, doing the dishes, sweeping the floor, and keeping the stove top clean. Sunday was my birthday, but it wasn't much different than most other days. I did a few loads of laundry, loaded/unloaded/loaded the dishwasher, made salsa, and then went over to my mom's to take out her trash and scoop the kitty litter. My wife made dinner - basically turkey and chicken schnitzel (flatted turkey and chicken breasts cooked in a pan), as well as maple-bacon cupcakes and some chocolate-covered bacon. I had plenty of each, so I brought the remaining to work to share with my co-workers...aka getting it out of the house. As I had planned back in November, I'm starting Insanity today. The temperature is decent today as we're expected to see all of this snow melt by the end of the week. High today will be around 50, and this will continue through Thursday at which point we may be getting more precipitation that will either be rain or snow depending on how quickly the next cold front gets here. I went for my first walk in forever - still lots of ice and snow out there. Christmas cards are mailed. I have the only package I need to mail ready to go - the post office next door has had people in line all morning so if there's ever a break I'll step over to mail it. The Christmas tree is up and decorated. The scale hasn't moved in two weeks - a combination of two things - not counting calories and not being able to have a regular exercise time. That's not to say I didn't burn a ton of calories shoveling snow, and I did do a few elliptical sessions and circuits of push ups, squats, reverse crunches, and such. My schedule was so all over the place I wasn't able to keep track of the calories, though I ate serving sizes as if I was. When I stepped on the scale this morning, I fully expected to be up 3-5lbs. The fact that it hadn't moved was pretty awesome. Insanity fit test tonight, and I'm interested to see how they compare to my previous sessions' tests.
  11. So this is what NF looks like. Been a week since I've been online. Last week was a blur with the in-laws, my wife's birthday, and then family (from my side) converging for Thanksgiving at my mom's house. Stayed active (elliptical, etc) and kept food in check (2,107 on Thanksgiving, for example). Knee was feeling off most of the time - going up and down the stairs for example (usually it's just going down the stairs when I would feel it). last night, I felt like it was back to normal. I did a walk in a work this morning and I felt good. Finished November down another 5.5lbs. My fridge nearly got empty as we finished off leftovers. I made 2lbs of beef/chicken taco meat last night, but I'm out of potatoes and everything else. I'm planning to make chili this week, and I'll need to pick up some fresh tomatoes for that. On Saturday, I gave my brother and his wife their presents to take back home with them, plus I had sent my in-laws on their way with theirs, my wife's oldest sister's, and my wife's twin sister's family since that was their next destination. Right now, it looks like I'm only going to have one small package to mail, plus an over-sized envelope. Spent yesterday gearing up for Christmas - I had my daughter paint and decorate a couple of photo frames for my mom and my wife's mom. We got the tree and decorations down from the attic (my wife remarked that the box felt lighter this time, to which I commented that that is why I'd been having her lift weights since March). We set the tree up downstairs so we can keep the toddler away from it, and then I hung the Christmas lights outside. While watching the Chargers football game, I did the Christmas cards. They are signed and sealed - I just need to print the address labels and I had to buy a new package of labels first.
  12. Packed weekend with the in-laws staying with us. I did get a walk in on Friday, but that appears to be it. Looking back, I can't for the life of me think of what we did, but whatever it was it took up the evening. Saturday we had a late afternoon Jeep club cruise and dinner. It was bitterly cold, and my exercise that day consisted of a 30-minute walk in single-digit wind chills. I decided to make ribs on Sunday and have my mom over for dinner with the in-laws, so I took my daughter to the stores to get everything. Sunday I had several errands to run - I got the ribs started at 10:00 am, wiped down all of the counters and stove, swept the kitchen floor, and did the dishes. I took my son out to find some pants for his band concert on Monday night. We had to go to two stores since the first one didn't have his size except in the Husky variant. He tried them on and they were very baggy (he's 11, 5'4" and a half, so finding long-enough pants that aren't huge in the waist is tough). We went to another store and found exactly 1 pair that wasn't husky, but even then we had to settle on the 14/16 size. It's long enough, but still loose in the waist. I got back and watched the San Diego Chargers and did the elliptical for the first half (75 minutes). At 3pm, I started slicing potatoes and ended up doing the whole 5lb bag (they're pan roasted in layers). After that, I paused the game and took a shower. Dinner was fantastic - the rib meat was falling off the bones, and in addition to the potatoes, we had broccoli, mushroom rice, and corn muffins. Afterwards, I had a slice of a peach pie that my wife made. It was quite a chore to juggle the stove/oven all day. The ribs cooked for 7 hours, and after they were done the corn muffins immediately went in. Once they were in, I started the rice and then cooked the broccoli. As everything was cooling off, my wife started the pie which was done shortly after we had all finished dinner. So far today, I did get a walk in (29 degrees and windy), and tonight my son's band concert will prevent me from going to the gym. Depending on when we get back and when the in-laws plan to go to bed, I'm going to get at least 30 minutes on the elliptical. They're hitting the road tomorrow, so we'll be back to a somewhat normal schedule.
  13. It was rainy and miserable for the first half of the day yesterday, but I was finally able to get a walk in during the afternoon. I ended up not going to the gym - first of all, the in-laws came in a day early, however that wouldn't have truly stopped me except that while grocery shopping after work I tweaked my knee. Someone was walking behind me like a ninja, as I didn't even notice them until I was stepping back onto their foot. I caught myself and the act of twisting and lifting to stop from crushing their foot sent twinges all over my knee and left it sore. I was able to do 44 minutes on the elliptical while watching an episode of Haven about 4 hours later. So far today, my knee feels a bit better - it was raining again all morning, and it finally stopped raining enough for a quick walk.
  14. Rough start to the week. Very busy, and I'm dealing with some lingering shoulder and elbow stiffness that has kept me out of the weight room. I'm getting my time in on the elliptical for Monday and Tuesday, but tonight may be the first night I'm up for the weights again. House is still clean, and I'm getting better at setting time to read - i was able to read 4/7 days last week,.
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