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  1. Thilde Starts her Streak

    More detailed update... So far doing really good with the veggies! I am taking advantage of the fresh and frozen (plain, unseasoned) veggies at my local grocery store and trying all kinds of new combinations. Also getting a kick out of giving new veggies to my daughter and watching her try them out. I counted all the foods she's tried since she started solids a month ago, and she's nearly hit 50 unique food items! The water goal is meeehhh. I did pretty good when I was sick because I was drinking so much water to try to flush the cold germs out. But before and after that, I have been struggling to remember to drink water. When I am at work, I get so in the zone that I forget to drink and sometimes I even forget to eat lunch. I keep my filled water bottle right in front of my face on my desk at work, but I guess I have been really zoning out when I'm trying to finish a project. I think I might need to actually set some alarms on my phone or something to prompt me. The walking goal is a big fat FAIL so far. I have had plenty of time and opportunity, but honestly the biggest hurdle this challenge has been BLACK FLIES. I live on an awesome road for walking, but I didn't consider black fly season when I wrote this goal. It has been so bad this year! We managed to get our garden planted in one day but it was absolutely miserable and I was covered in welts after, despite big spray. My partner and I have tried so many times to go outside for walks and playtime with the baby, but the black flies have driven us back indoors, even with max DEET bug repellant. The good news is that black fly season here is almost over (fingers crossed!). In another couple of weeks, they'll be gone and we'll be able to spend time outside again. The writing goal is almost a fail, except I have written a few times and those times have been awesome. I've been writing letters to my daughter before bed, and that's been kindof awesome. I have this idea of writing letters and stories for a book for her, to go with a bunch of our family recipes, and having it bound as a gift for her when she finally grows up and leaves home for her own adventures. I like writing in all forms, and this time I'm enjoying having a target audience who won't actually read this stuff for many years. I'm going to keep trying, and this goal will likely carry over into the next challenge (perhaps tweaked a bit). As far as PowerUps go, I am bummed that I have to cancel my plans to go to the Pride festival. I love Pride month and I was SO excited to take my baby girl to her first Pride event. But, unfortunately this year my partner has to work and I ended up having to make an appointment for the same day and time that I couldn't fit anywhere else in my schedule. Big fat boo. On the positive side though, I did successfully complete several other PowerUps and therapy is going really well with the new therapist. One more week to go, and we'll see where things end up.
  2. Thilde Starts her Streak

    I'm still here! Still diligently working on my streaks and tracking the days, just haven't had enough spare time to sit down and update my thread here. My partner, daughter, and I all got sick with a dumb summer cold that I'm still fighting, and aside from that every moment of my free time has been spent planning and prepping for my partner's epic 40th birthday party which took place this past Sunday. Now that the party's over I can breathe again! Except, no, I literally cannot because of my gunked up sinuses. But I can FIGURATIVELY breathe again. I will do a more detailed update in the next couple days. For now, I gotta go to bed so I can rest up for a 6 hour management meeting at work tomorrow. Huzzah! p.s. my little munchie-butt literally crawled 20 feet tonight to get to her daddy! She's been determined to get the hang of crawling and now she's so tickled with herself that she can control her position in space. Amazing (and hilarious!) to watch her!
  3. Thilde Starts her Streak

    Feels a bit abrupt to drop back into the NF forums after being away so long, like :poof: I’m baaaack! I’m hanging out with the Adventurers for awhile (my previous couple years’ worth of challenges were done as a Ranger). It has been so long since I’ve been active, and my entire life/routine/body has changed so much in the past two years, that I have no idea what type of activity/lifestyle I’m into now. So, for now, I walk, I hike, I eat a mostly healthy diet that doesn’t fit into any particular category (mostly working on dialing down my sugar consumption without reawakening my disordered eating dragon who has been kept meekly at bay for 4 years now), and I work on my mental health (a host of other dragons). I’m a bit late in posting, but I started my challenge right on time on May 28. I’m easing back into the NF challenge arena with a simple challenge based on streaks. My challenge is intentionally gentle at this early stage. I am 6 months postpartum with my first (and only!) little, and it's been quite a ride so far. I am struggling with postpartum depression and anxiety as well as new variations of old body image issues. I am also pursuing a promotion (with a big increase in responsibility) at work, so I’m stretched to the point where it’s still manageable but I know I can’t add too much more to my plate. While I do have long-term goals for my weight and health markers, I am also working on being gentle with myself at this early stage as I ease back into the mechanisms of a NF challenge in my new postpartum reality. The Streaks: @=completed, X=missed, =gold star day [Nutrition] Eat a vegetable with two meals every day. Gold Star if I manage to find a way to make vegetables palatable for breakfast. Week 1 - @@@@@@ Week 2 - @@@X@@@ Week 3 -@@@@@@X Week 4 - [Health] Drink two of my big stainless water bottles full of water every day. Gold Star if I manage three full bottles in a day. Week 1 - XX@X@@X Week 2 - @@@XX@ Week 3 -XX@X@@@ Week 4 - [Fitness] Walk for 15 minutes every day. Gold Star if I walk for 30 minutes in a day (can be broken into multiple walks). Week 1 - XX@XXX Week 2 - XXXXXXX Week 3 - XXXXXXX Week 4 - [Life] Write something, anything, for 15 minutes every day. Gold Star if I write for 30 minutes in a day (can be broken into multiple sessions). Week 1 - XXX@@X Week 2 - XX@@XXX Week 3 - XXXXX@X Week 4 - One-off PowerUps: =complete Call new therapist and make an appointment. Go to first therapy appointment and make a decision about whether or not to continue. Set up auto-pay for my June bills BEFORE the late notifications appear (a new problem for me due to new-mom fatigue and forgetfulness). Get the new plants put into the garden before they all die of dehydration in their little pots. Go to my local Pride festival in June. (scheduling issue, have an appt I have to go to at the same time, BOO ) Spend legit hang-out time with a friend. My challenge retrospective post will tally number and length of streaks, and number of Gold Stars and PowerUps obtained. Will update the streaks in this post, and will share progress reports in the thread below.