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Found 10 results

  1. Where we left off: WhiteGhost crept up to the small cabin barely visible from the game trail leading past it. The cabin is shrouded in Bush Honeysuckle and looks as if it hasn’t been inhabited for years. He carefully pushes past the undergrowth and hesitates just for a moment before approaching the lone door to the cabin. After a quick glance over his shoulder, WhiteGhost gently pushes open the unlocked door and sees his old friend sitting in an antique rocking chair next to a long unused fireplace. “I was beginning to think you weren’t coming”. Blin
  2. Main Goal This is it. At the end of this challenge, I'll be traveling to Blue Mountain, Ontario, 12 October to 15 October for the 2017 OCR World Championships. I qualified as an Age Group competitor during the Spartan Sprint in Illinois in June, and will be competing in Saturday's 15k Standard Course race in the 50-and-over Age Group. I spent almost a full year building toward this race, but like in years past, I am coming into the fall season at less than my peak. Unlike previous years, however, my issues are not due to injury, but to my now-constant running companio
  3. Even though I feel like I'm consistently bagging out on week 4 of the challenges, I've been challenging STRONG. the last couple of challenges I did so great! I hit goals, pretty much! I did the things, all of them! I kept doing the things! BUT.... after months or years or whatever I don't even know of just running and doing martial arts (OK IT'S A LOT OF RUNNING AND A LOT OF MARTIAL ARTS,) I need to mix things up. FALL is for FIGURING IT OUT. WHAT *IS* NEXT, DUDES? I don't know. that's kind of the point. But I can tell you that I did so
  4. The Scarlet Pimpernel is dead! Long live Teancum! If you saw my last challenge, you saw that I have re-branded myself a bit, and as a reward for succeeding last challenge changed my character name from the Scarlet Pimpernel to Teancum, after an ancient assassin and warrior. This change was to provide a fresh start, with new commitment and inspiration. I started forming some good habits last challenge, and intend to continue, and also level up! And what better way than to emulate Teancum and join the army... (and here is a link to the song if you need some extra mot
  5. It has been a very long time since I've completed an NF challenge -- almost four years. But now I find myself back in the saddle in several ways. Without further ado, some specs: Male 199.8lb 6'0" 14.8% bodyfat And some goals! 1. Cut to 12.5% bodyfat. It's been a long trip down from my all-time high at 25% bodyfat this last March. And yes, I know that's not exactly a tough weight to be, in the scheme of things -- but I showed no signs of stopping the weight gain, so I had to get things back in line. And once you start
  6. I'm back after 1-2 challenges not participating because of vacation and such. And since its also my "sort of" 1-year anniversary here on the challenge forums & the recent release of Destiny 2 i decided to do another Destiny theme. So lets do this!! Shaxx - Fitness Get stronger & faster - Continue Startbodyweight & running (both 3x a week) Now that my light is gone, my power is gone. Now i need to train and make sure i can survive. Hawthorne - Nutrition Improve my nutrition - Drink 2 liters of water everyday, eat 1 apple everyday, cook so
  7. Hello all! In my journey toward 'having my house in order', I successfully built the foundation in the last challenge, so I'm moving on to laying the deck down (for all you non-builders, that's the flat subfloor that all the framing of the house sits on). I'm keeping the same goals, but adding to them. 1) Sleep: I'm still working on getting my hours to both the amount and the time period that I want. 2) Devotions: Now that I'm actually getting up in the morning, I really need to consistently have a morning time set apart to pray and read my Bible
  8. Hi, guys I’m here to try this thing again. Last challenge didn’t really go so well. I didn’t meet any of my goals. I’m hoping this one will go better, because time has magically built itself into my schedule to Do The Things. I’m not even joking - I had given up on ever having time for this stuff, but now suddenly I do have the time - it’s just how things have worked out. A lot of self-improvement is on the road ahead. Last weekend (Sept 8-10) I went to a retreat for the women at my church, and it was fantastic. I feel like this is the first breakthrough I’ve had in a while, for pr
  9. Hello Everybody, So I made a decision in the middle of the last challenge is that for this challenge, and the rest of the challenges in 2017, I would focus on my diet. Currently, my food plan is very, very primitive, and it needs a lot of help. There's very little clarity, and way too many carbs. In addition, there is a lot of emotional eating going on. So for this challenge: 1. I am keeping all of my physical/meditation goals exactly the same. 2. I am tracking my food daily, using a pre-made notebook that Ms. Moros uses from her own food plan.
  10. Welcome, Guardians, to my 3rd (post-respawn) challenge! Over the course of the two prior challenges, I’ve made some observations as to what’s working for me, and, more importantly, what’s not working. Having taken this information into account, my challenges are getting an update. The gamification and such will still be there, it’s more about the content, tracking, and set up. If you would like to read the full, written out list of my observations, they can be found in the spoiler. You don’t have to read all that in order to follow this challenge, it’s just some insight and reason
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