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    dusk: burnout

    Aaaaaaaaaaa hi frens! Sorry for dropping off the map again again again... lol. The week before my vacation (challenge week 2 i think?) was crazy, trying to get lots done before we left; week 3 was the vacation itself; now (I think) it is week 4, and I had wanted to pick up where I left off. HOWEVER. Of course something has to go wrong right?? Turns out, the 8-hour drive back home somehow fricked up my ankle, so walking hurts. I think it's just strained from being in the same position all day (even though I used cruise control 😭 ), or pooooossibly bruised from my shoes? I was wearing high-top
  2. Dusk

    dusk: burnout

    I looked it up, and there isn’t a Moe’s anywhere near our route 😂 but its similar to Chipotle right? As Aquadwayne alluded. Maybe we can look out for Chipotle or Qdoba. I started brainstorming snacks and I’ve got apples, raisins, and rice cakes so far. Might get some veggie chips too! Ooo, thank you!!
  3. Dusk

    dusk: burnout

    HI! I forgot to reply all week, eek! Last week, I: - crafted a list of like 20 new recipes to try, which seem healthy in the right ways; and even tried out a couple of them! - walked to campus 3 times mostly-as-planned (though one of them was just to get ice cream, not to work on my project I did work on it from home on a different day, though!) - went to bed around 9pm on the nights it mattered. (If we had nowhere to be the following day, we stayed up later. Sometimes that bites us in the butt, but we do it anyway xD) So, that's all my week one goals met!! YAY
  4. Ooo, cool skills! Snazzy yet practical outfits! Superhero identities! Sounds fun following!
  5. Dusk

    dusk: burnout

    Greetings! It's technically the first day of challenge Week 1! (Even though in my head, weeks begin on Mondays lol) Goals for the week: 1. Think of more dinner ideas. As I'm trying to come up with my cholesterol-friendly meal plan, I'm realizing that I'm terrible at meal planning 😂 Breakfast and lunch are pretty good already, and I've got some healthier snacks for this week, but dinner is ???. I've started a spreadsheet where I can keep track of key nutritional info for various meals I commonly make, and I've got a few that are actually surprisingly okay, cholesterol
  6. Dusk

    dusk: burnout

    Hello! Truly!! I know what you mean, it's a hard feeling to describe... unpressured?? Thank you!
  7. My word, that sounds awful I hope you're feeling better now *huuug*
  8. Very Dadly indeed!! And delicious-sounding food, as ever! I should go make lunch now... reading this made me realize how hungry I am! (I know, I know, never come here hungry &c. 😂 )
  9. What a lovely location for a hike!
  10. I'm so sorry to hear about your rats sending many hugs. Take care of yourself in the coming days. 💜 And good job on meeting your goals during zero week!
  11. I love this thread! I don't love that so many of us are experiencing burnout right now though. Hopefully we can all help each other along With guidance from my therapist, I've had to do a lot of trial and error and adjusting how much I expect of myself. Because, unfortunately, I don't have that much brain power lately; so I have to be strategic about how I use it. That has shaped up lately to "only plan one major task per day". This works for several reasons: - If it's a low energy day, I can still usually do just one thing; - If I only have one thing on my to-do list, i
  12. Lame professors are the worst 😅 I’ve gotten lucky for the most part with professors over the years, but the bad ones I have had.... were really bad. 😬
  13. 🥰 aaaaa I’m so happy for you! I’m glad things are going well, and that you have that sense of peace... that’s so wonderful. 💜
  14. Ahh, yeah... makes sense. Astronomy would be cool!
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