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Found 23 results

  1. This challenge is all about taking what I gained over the last two challenges and putting it all together. I had 10 weeks of solid training and two weeks of wind down and now it's time to clean up and polish my katas for my competition in 12 days. This is going to be a simple challenge with some small but important goals. 1. Put the final coat of polish on my kata. 25 per week With less then two weeks to go, I am not going to make any big changes to my kata. Power and speed are at their peak and now some small adjustments are needed to clean it up. 2. Mobili
  2. The last challenge went very well. I put in a lot of time and made more progress than I expected but at the same time, I learned that I have a few more things to improve on. I was able to get in a lot of kata but I need to narrow the focus to better quality not just quantity. The core work went well too but again, it needs a little adjustment and maybe some other work to get me to where I need to be. I still need to start blogging again and I need to find my creative soul that seems to be missing. Kata - 35 quality Shotokan katas per week and 20 Iaido katas per week With
  3. I could come up with some good excuses for not ending the last challenge as planned but I cannot get that time back so it's time focus on the present and not the past. Kata - 100 Shotokan katas per week and 30 Iaido katas per week With only three months left until the tournament, the kata focus needs to be serious and at the top of the list. Core work - 5 times per week My Karate has improved with the core work I have been doing over the last two weeks and I need to keep it up. I consider core more than only abs so glutes, torso and legs are part of what I c
  4. The last challenge was my best so far and this time around, I want to push it further. I learned that I could push my body harder than I thought and make improvements that I haven't seen before. After doing so well last time and trying do more this time the Captain is asking me, are you nuts but it might be a rhetorical question? Focus on Karate even more: 130 katas 120 katas last time means 130 this time around. Stretch my limits more with DDP: 19 mobility / flexibility workouts Having found that the DDP workouts are really good for me, I wa
  5. I learn something new with each challenge and I want absorb what is useful and discard what is not. I think Bruce Lee said that an it worked pretty well for him so why not follow in his footsteps but create a path of my own. That's a Zen riddle if I ever heard one. During the last challenge, my knee thought it would be fun to derail my carefully planned workouts and made me spend a bit more time in my chair than I should have but it was still a lesson. With that in mind, I will train in the moment this time around, doing what can be done with the tools I have to work with.
  6. Placeholder / Draft If Christian Bale and Sean Bean can use Gun Kata, then I can have a challenge using Keto Kata ... flying meat, destroying bread... who knows - but "it has been broughten!" GOALZZZZZZZZZZ: FAT LOSS (would like to lose it and never find it again) 1) 4 Weeks of Calorie Restricted KETO: shooting for <50g carbs per day, over 150g protein, and control fat to stay under total 1,750 cals (increasing if I find myself more active than normal - I exist primarily behind a desk or the wheel of a car 2) 3-4 strength workouts pe
  7. This challenge is more or less the same as the last one, just with a slightly different title (still keeping within the them of birds of prey). Goals: 1. Attend karate practice 2x/week as usual. Can't get better if I don't get to practice. As long as I am healthy, I will be there. 2. Practice specific karate skills 2x/week at home. In this case I wish to work on the kata Kanku Dai, and go back to the Heian katas and dedicate some time to the basics. 3. Practice yoga at home 4x/week. This does wonders for the damage my desk job does to my back. Overall, it keeps me in
  8. I'm going to style this after my last challenge with the Druids, which was Way of the Hawk. I've chosen this theme as I am a fan of birds of prey, and I see the falcon as being a bit more aggressive than it's other bird of prey brethren, known to take on other hawks and falcons in the open sky. As such, this challenge will be a little more specific to some karate driven-goals than the last challenge (which was really just to keep my head in the game at a minimal level). Therefore, a slightly more aggressive approach than previously, hence the Way of the Falcon. Goals: 1. Atten
  9. I've been away for a while. I accomplished a lot when I was out. Most significant, I finally earned my karate shodan rank. Took 11 years from the day I first tied on a white belt, but oh well. Obviously 11 years is what was necessary to get it done, and get it done right. No injuries, no karate obsession, no alienation from family and friends, or letting other obligations slide (other than NF). Just balance, with the other more important priorities in my life. I'm quite content with the accomplishment. Onward to the next level of training. Now I want to come back to NF and get some
  10. This time next week, I should be a Black Belt. I've been dabbling in martial arts for years and studying Matsubayashi Shorin Ryu specifically for the last few. I've worked hard to learn the basics, the katas, the concepts... and all the rest... and now the time has come to do my black belt grading. My grading is on Sunday 10th of April so I can't really make this entire 4 week challenge about it but for this first week it will be my focus! I've had the last two weeks off (though I've been busy with some family stuff) and have just found out my internship is not
  11. Gah, I'm late! Seeing as I recklessly abandoned my first 6 week challenge, it's time to try again; this time with a tangible goal at the end of the challenge. Main Quest: Improve strength and endurance for karate and lifting. As some may know, I'm in love with powerlifting and I also practice Shotokan karate. The two don't particularly go hand in hand, but they do complement each other. While I'm psyched I've gone from deadlifting 135lb to 205lb in less than a year's time, my squats fell prey to poor form and I'm not at all where I want to be for bench presses. Shotokan is all about strong,
  12. Just started listening to a Podcast that promotes a morning ritual, called the Morning Miracle. I love my morning rituals and they set up my entire day. School starts at 9:20 except on Thursday when it starts at 8am. Thursday might be my off day. Wake Up 6AM Hygiene stuff and dress in Karate Gi Meditation 20 minutes Happy Light 30 minutes (Diet Dew Infusion, HB Eggs) Mantra- Three Jewels 30 Front Kick 30 Side Kick 25 Front Punch Taka Hyung 1 Pinan 1 Pinan 2 Pinan 3 Two Step 1 Two Step 2 Two Step 3 Two Step 4 Two Step 5 By the end of my six weeks I want to have learned all 1
  13. So this challenge is pretty simple really, and has two (simple) parts. Part 1 I shall do my nidan kata. They shall be done mindfully. My aim is daily. Part 2 I shall train for the Newport half marathon (which happens on March 1st). I shall be looking on improving form and thus (hopefully) reducing my tendency towards injury. Training is three times weekly. I am also following the 6 week course on improving running form from kinetic revolutions. That's it. Simple.
  14. The actual quote from Firefly is "You're like a trained ape. Without the training." but I want to be better than that and be like the trained ape that actually has the training. Main quest: Like all of my other challenges, my main quest is to improve my kicks. To be more specific, my side thrust kicks have always been my main goal but I need to add roundhouse kicks to this goal because they need help too. 1 - Mobility: Cheechoe's hip routine is going to be the main focus here but I also want to add the resets to make my hips work better. The goal is to do both of these at least 4 days
  15. Teirin’s Summer of Kata: I tried to come up with a cool Dresden Files theme for this and failed. It may be edited if I come up with something cool. Goal 1 - Work on higher level techniques and Kata at the unofficial summer Judo classes. No grading on this one. Just work on lots of techniques and kata and help my clubmates learn the same. We don't normally get to work on these during the normal classes but the unofficial summer classes are all brown belts all the time. We've made a pact to spend the single class per week working on kata and the higher level techniques. It'll be awe
  16. I have lost track of how many challenges I have done now. I am pretty sure this is number seven or maybe eight but either way, I am back again to cause trouble as much as possible. Many of you might be wondering why I titled this challenge, Here comes the Boom. The main reason that is that I just watched that movie again and it is stuck in my head. I also like the title because that is what I plan on doing with my Karate training. It's time to bring the boom and literally, kick my kicks up a notch. The last challenge really brought my kicks up to the next level but it's not time to res
  17. So I'm throwing in with the Monks this round. And in all likelihood, several rounds to come. Martial arts have been a passion of mine since college. Most of my experience is with Shotokan karate, but I've tried some other stuff as well. This challenge is all about my return to practicing Shotokan. I'm coming back to it after a 2 year hiatus due to a back injury. I'm currently attending a small karate club at the local YMCA which, at this point, only meets once per week. This means a lot of my progress will depend on what I put into it on my own time, at home. The aim of this challenge is to so
  18. It's time for me to get focused on not being focused. Mushin or no mind is something that I have been searching for but has eluded me for many years. I finally had a taste of mushin last year when I competed in kata at the Karate nationals and I have only been able to have that same experience, a few times, just recently. It is the feeling of doing something that you are so focused on, you do not see of hear anything around else around you. It is as if you are all alone, almost outside of your body but performing at your peak. If the building you are in was to all down around you, y
  19. I'll get started tomorrow. Just deciding some goals. Since the end of the last challenge I've got a new job for next school year as head of department, and my girlfriend and I got engaged, and I can get into all but one pair of trousers despite weighing exactly the same as I did about 45 days ago. I'm more interested in seeing everyone else's challenges than my own this time, they're more entertaining somehow! I like the ideas.
  20. These challenges have been awesome for me and I think this is going to be my sixth challenge so far. I have found that I start out really strong but somewhere near the fifth week, something comes along to slow me down. That fifth week has been riddled with injury, illness, job loss or some other excuse to keep me from finishing as strong as I want. Because of that, I am going to consider each and every day a new beginning and a new end. Instead of working up to a six week peak, I am going to live in the moment and enjoy every workout that I do. I don't need to peak and reach the end, inst
  21. This challenge will be almost a replay of the previous one for me. During this challenge I will have a 2 weeks vacation which I will spend skiing, hiking and visiting my parents and family. I want to keep the daily practice also those time, but if instead of doing my kata I end up rolling on the floor with the kids, I will consider my deal done for the day (both handstand and kata). Daily rain The only part where I succeeded was the daily kata practice, which I will make "more difficult" this round. This time I am raising the bar to 5 kata or 10 minutes of single techniques (or short combina
  22. I need grounding. Few months ago I started a hormonal treatment which is changing a lot my inner balance. It is a good change, but still it puts me out of balance. And for a monk balance is everything . I still aim to become a fully fledge assassing one day, but for the moment I go back to my roots, and since I have been a monk all my life before I joined the rebellion, for this challenge I am back here. Grounding is a continuous exercise, a state of mind, so also my goals will be "continuous", more on building the daily habits than doing some heavy training few times. I'll check my "done" on
  23. I feel like this is a pretty accurate depiction in regards to the experience of learning a new kata. Does this happen to anyone else?
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