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Found 19 results

  1. Hello everyone! I'll make an attempt at brevity but... well you know how it goes with introduction threads sometimes. 😅 I stumbled upon this site in search of like minded individuals to both learn from and help out. I've been on my fitness journey for some time already, but have few like-minded individuals to do it with. Which is why I largely stopped using the public gym and started building out a home gym. Difficult to find people to talk D&D and Warhammer with in the typical gym environment... Timing couldn't have been better given recent worldwide pandemics. So
  2. Hi all! I dont know if there are any other rebels signing in from Italy but here is at least one... ciao! I'm trying to get back on track, actually I'm trying to get better than I ever was before. I've been a runner for a while but have slacked off recently... my diet was never great and it showed in my performance and energy levels. I finally ditched the desk job I hated and am teaching and translating freelance. Psychologically speaking I'm in a much better place than I have been in the past to make some serious changes to my lifestyle. My aims are to b
  3. I thought it might be time that I actually started a battle log for my workouts rather than boring everyone in challenges by wandering off topic. I have a couple of competitions coming up, although I'm waiting to hear about sponsorship subsidies before putting in my entry forms (or next week, whichever comes sooner). For anyone who hasn't come across me before, I took up lifting in April 2013, started competing in February 2014 and I'm heading to my first national championship in September 2014. I don't eat clean. I stress out about the scale (it
  4. I'm shifting into battle mode for a 100 day transformation. I had a pretty horrifying DEXA scan which put me at 26% bodyfat, I've put on a ton of weight since my last scan 8 months ago. 5kg of fat and 3kg of muscle. The muscle is obviously great but the fat is not good so I'm hitting a 100 challenge to transform this. Dates: 1 April to 11 July Motivation: I'm going on holiday to Europe for 5 weeks, I want to be in great shape for that. Nutrition Goals: 1. See the nutritionist every 2 weeks 2. No Alcohol for the first month
  5. Hello! I'm quite new to this forum so excuse me if this is not the right topic to post such a thing. My name is Slavi Todorov and I am 18 years old from Bulgaria. This is my transformation video in which I present my physique progress throughout the years. I have started doing this, because I was bullied at school. Further information about my progress in the video:
  6. This is my 1 year transformation how do you like it? Youtube: Isaac Jeon 1 Year Body Transformation
  7. https://instagram.com/p/7al6_9prcS/?taken-by=actualsuperhero Hey everyone, just wanted to share my 1 year progress. I'm nowhere near done and Im going to keep pushing and pushing for that physique I want! Im 20 years old and work 2 jobs while taking 18 credits as a TV/video production major (a very time consuming major!) So anyone can do this. Also, as of today, I am in the 1000 pound club! Finally! stronger and leaner than ever before, and hyped up to go to comic con in Vermont this weekend (cosplaying red hood!) Let me know what you all think and what areas you think need the most work! Th
  8. Thought I'd share this with everyone here, came across it on facebook. really inspiring story. My dad was the one who got me into lifting, so I can relate somewhat. http://gymviral.com/what-this-son-did-for-his-overweight-father-is-so-inspiring/
  9. Main Quest- Move beyond the recommended routine found on /r/bodyweightfitness. Complete the recommended routine every other day. Limit sweets intake. (Pastrys, soda, candy.) Cardio three to four times a week. (Running, jump rope, boxing.) Life Side Quest- Write a story. Try to submit a page a week. While I am working on this challenge I will be writing a narrative day by day to go along with with my posts here. Something to try and grab your attention and keep your attention over this six week challenge. Links: Recommended routine - http://www.reddit.com/r/bodyweightfitness/wiki/kb/re
  10. Hello, everyone! I decided to post here in the Paleo section, as once I looked over the vegan section, I decided to spare myself from being burned at the stake given the title and subject of this post. (Don't Slay This Dragon…) I have an intro. post that you can read through for more detail, but I'll summarize my current state of health: Survivor of a decade of abuse, during which time weight was low and digestion wrecked (although to be fair I had troubles even when I was a baby and child). Went vegan in February of 2014, and digestion worsened. Saw Dr and went on candida cleanse in June of
  11. For only three days, I've been so grateful to have joined Nerd Fitness. But I never fully acknowledged the reason why I chose to do so (finally). It is because of the fact that this community seems so open, especially when it comes to going from unhealthy to confident and thriving. I gave an introduction to myself here (Don't Slay This Dragon…), voiced my exercise woes (over here Fail To Plan, Planning to F…_) and am coming to terms to with my current 'diet' (Former Vegan Considering Paleo). But over here, I just want to share with you the tipping point I came to which brought me here in
  12. This first post is a crosspost from Rebel Introductions - I wanted to start my log here from the very begining. Back in April, my whole world crumbled and I was shattered into a million pieces. The details aren't important really, only the fact that I was broken. I saw my entire life reflected back to me. What I saw was a giant lie and an incredible amount of crippling fear. I lied to myself for so many years, lied to others. Lie upon lie upon lie. The fear of failure and defeat so complete that I was careening down a path of total destruction - I needed to crash land. So there I was, 31 ye
  13. I used to be fat. Here are my pics. As you can see, I used to be fat nearly my entire life. I'm 5'10. My fattest was 230lbs (15 years old). Now (still 5'10) at 175lbs (24 years old). The "fat selfie" was in Aug'13. The "buff instagram" is Sep'14. I practice clean eating mostly follow the Paleo Diet. My workouts are core-strengthening and stability based. It was a long journey. And through this journey I discovered I wanted to help others with their fitness goals, too. That's why I became a certified personal trainer (NASM) and chose to major in Kinesiology at my University. Anyway,
  14. Only a Few Can Call Themselves a New Year Badass! badass (bad · ass) n., pl -es 1. Someone who lives life free of any excuses they could make, no matter how legitimate those excuses may appear to be. 2. A person who doesn't say "I can't" even if everyone else is saying it. 3. A person who defines him- or herself by accomplishments, not limitations. 4. A person who realizes that there is always another way, and that almost nothing is impossible. Welcome! Do you think your Badass enough to make a transformation before the New Year arrives. After all the upcoming holidays and cold weather
  15. Herro! So basically I've lost 40 pounds right? I've kept it off for a year and recently over four months ago started weight lifting. I've hit a plateau on my weight loss, and I know the scale isn't supposed to be a guide but I'm definitely not where I want to be physically. YES I'm talking aesthetics, jesus. My starting weight was 193, I'm currently hovering around 150-153. I've never hit the 140s, and I'm becoming EXTREMELY frustrated. I keep buggering off and eating like, 4000cals in one day over the weekend. I started getting into the habit of counting everything on MFP so wicked f
  16. Ever since I can remember, I've been told that I could amount to anything and that I would make all my dreams a reality. For many years I believed all that to be true - that I would be everything by just being myself. I set goals, I got excited, I made actions to go after them, then the year passed by. A new year began and I repeated that cycle: set the same goals, get excited, made actions, and time pass by. 2012 was ending and there I was again: goals - excitements - ready to act...then it struck me: I have done nothing. All these years and the goals never change. I keep on giving up half w
  17. Welcome to part 1 of my transformation! I'm not quite sure how many parts this series will feature, but I hear the producer is trying to keep things short and exciting, so don't miss too many episodes updates. Background: What You Need to Know I'm 20 years old, 6'1, 155lbs. Over the past 2-3 years I've put in a couple half-assed attempts at building the body I'm capable of creating. My diet is my weakness, lifting is the fun part. Not eating enough can make exercise difficult. Poor diet makes maintaining energy, staying hydrated, and making linear gains unnecessarily difficult. This
  18. The moment I demolished my knee 2 years ago.....I knew I would never be the same.... Turns out I was right for all the wrong reasons.
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