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  1. A few years ago, I dyed my hair blue/green/purple. People called it mermaid hair. And over the past few years, I've come to realize that I felt like I'd become a (rather subpar) mermaid--a maiden, insecure, and trying to go (but often fighting) with the current of the waters around me. There's nothing wrong with being a mermaid, but I don't much like the water. Recently, I started having visions of the dragon. Of flying. Wisdom. Strength. And I've decided to embrace this image for my next chapter. I turn 44 at the end of this challenge, and I'm bored of feeling like an insecure maiden pushed wherever the water takes me. I'm tired of constantly being underwater. It's time to level up, transform, get out of the water, and head for the skies. So I disappeared a few months ago. A catch up on recent happenings: I'm starting to feel like an adventurer again.... The Challenge: Become the Dragon Dragon Form 80,000 steps per week. Action: Aim for at least 10k steps per day. Experiment with my daily diet. I'm plateaued at a weight I don't like and while it could have been worse given the stress of the last few months, I really want to start moving down toward my goal weight again. Action: Experiment with reducing/eliminating snacks again, but also avoiding more UPF (ultra processed foods). Dragon Wings Soar, and feel like an adventurer again. I have a lot of annual leave saved up, and itchy feet. We moved to Owlshire wanting a place we'd not feel like we needed a holiday from. But that doesn't mean we never want to go anywhere! I want to take some trips with the Enting--around the UK and possibly into Europe this autumn or spring, while we're not tied to the academic calendar. Traveling alone with Enting sounds like an adventure enough! Actually, though, he's a good little traveler. But first I need to research and plan them.... Action: Begin research and planning for a trip (or trips) in the autumn. Dragon Heart Work on my confidence and banish my imposter syndrome. I'm still new to my industry and the studio has moved me up very quickly. Most of the time this is because I was already doing the role and they were just changing my title to match. And it's not like I'm a newbie out of university--I had leadership roles in past industries, too. But it all feels... way more than anything I was expecting to happen. I need to catch up in confidence and own this. Action: Daily affirmations and spiritual growth. Dragon Horde There's a lot of clutter in our castle. I want to clear out some, so the rest of our treasures can shine. I also want to go through my wardrobe and get rid of anything that doesn't suit me anymore--in fit, in style, etc. I want a wardrobe full of things I love--and wear. Action: Sort my clothes and make at least one trip to the charity shops. Other spot decluttering at least once a week. Shiny Treasure Could I be a dragon without treasure? I realized recently that while I'll probably never get a tattoo, I do really like meaningful (to me) jewelry to mark life occasions. So if I feel I succeeded at this challenge, I have permission to purchase a piece of shiny jewelry. ... onward and upward!
  2. Hello everyone! I'll make an attempt at brevity but... well you know how it goes with introduction threads sometimes. 😅 I stumbled upon this site in search of like minded individuals to both learn from and help out. I've been on my fitness journey for some time already, but have few like-minded individuals to do it with. Which is why I largely stopped using the public gym and started building out a home gym. Difficult to find people to talk D&D and Warhammer with in the typical gym environment... Timing couldn't have been better given recent worldwide pandemics. So my journey into fitness actually started due to health reasons. When I was 20 years old I had to get my gal bladder removed, which is a fairly mundane and normal procedure, but not on people that young. In the post-op the surgeon gave it to me straight, said "don't plan for retirement, you wont reach it at this rate." Pretty sure he's not supposed to speak like that... but I'm glad he did. As it shoved me in a very positive direction. Here's what I would of looked like around that time: Was hovering around 300lbs at that time and could barely accomplish most basic movements. But I persisted, and while there's been plenty of ups and downs along the way, 15 years later I'm still just as driven to keep pushing and improving. I look forward to participating in the community here! I want to learn from all the people who've had success and contribute to the success of others where I can. And hopefully talk about tabletop from time to time! 😉
  3. Hi all! I dont know if there are any other rebels signing in from Italy but here is at least one... ciao! I'm trying to get back on track, actually I'm trying to get better than I ever was before. I've been a runner for a while but have slacked off recently... my diet was never great and it showed in my performance and energy levels. I finally ditched the desk job I hated and am teaching and translating freelance. Psychologically speaking I'm in a much better place than I have been in the past to make some serious changes to my lifestyle. My aims are to bring my distance back up to marathon level (I had almost hit the distance before I threw in the towel before) and lower my times on the 5 and 10ks. To do so, I need to lose fat and gain muscle so I'm hitting the gym a couple of times a week and going as paleo as possible (pizza once a month is simpler unavoidable here)... keep your fingers crossed for me and if anyone is on a similar journey or has completed one please let me know, I'd love to hear from you! ciao for now la scozzese
  4. I thought it might be time that I actually started a battle log for my workouts rather than boring everyone in challenges by wandering off topic. I have a couple of competitions coming up, although I'm waiting to hear about sponsorship subsidies before putting in my entry forms (or next week, whichever comes sooner). For anyone who hasn't come across me before, I took up lifting in April 2013, started competing in February 2014 and I'm heading to my first national championship in September 2014. I don't eat clean. I stress out about the scale (it matters that I stay in my weight class). I post way too many Instagrams of my food and my ass. Don't follow me if any of those bother you. :-D (Second one is February 2013-July 2014 as I didn't have a side on picture from January 2013.)
  5. I'm shifting into battle mode for a 100 day transformation. I had a pretty horrifying DEXA scan which put me at 26% bodyfat, I've put on a ton of weight since my last scan 8 months ago. 5kg of fat and 3kg of muscle. The muscle is obviously great but the fat is not good so I'm hitting a 100 challenge to transform this. Dates: 1 April to 11 July Motivation: I'm going on holiday to Europe for 5 weeks, I want to be in great shape for that. Nutrition Goals: 1. See the nutritionist every 2 weeks 2. No Alcohol for the first month 3. Count calories, stick to what the nutritionist advises 4. Get a DEXA scan once a month for accurate progress check 5. Get below 20% Bodyfat / drop 6-7kg of fat. Fitness goals 1. Achieve 10 chained Double Unders ( I may PvP this) - Practice for at least 5 mins before each PT session. - - Try to get 10 DU's in 5 mins, only chained DU's count and they ladder not add up, i.e. 2,3,4 so the best number i get is what i count for that session i.e. 2+2 is not 4 it's 2. 2. Get a bar muscle up - Coach will program this for me. 3. Walk 100 miles (160km) - Average 12km a week, should be easily achievable. 4. Bodyweight Clean - I haven't discussed this with my coach yet but I want it.... Rewards: Month 1 If I get the whole month with no alcohol and have a good DEXA result I'll book a diving trip. There are 2 I have my eye on... Month 2 TBA Month 3 TBA That's it for now, more later....
  6. Hello! I'm quite new to this forum so excuse me if this is not the right topic to post such a thing. My name is Slavi Todorov and I am 18 years old from Bulgaria. This is my transformation video in which I present my physique progress throughout the years. I have started doing this, because I was bullied at school. Further information about my progress in the video:
  7. This is my 1 year transformation how do you like it? Youtube: Isaac Jeon 1 Year Body Transformation
  8. https://instagram.com/p/7al6_9prcS/?taken-by=actualsuperhero Hey everyone, just wanted to share my 1 year progress. I'm nowhere near done and Im going to keep pushing and pushing for that physique I want! Im 20 years old and work 2 jobs while taking 18 credits as a TV/video production major (a very time consuming major!) So anyone can do this. Also, as of today, I am in the 1000 pound club! Finally! stronger and leaner than ever before, and hyped up to go to comic con in Vermont this weekend (cosplaying red hood!) Let me know what you all think and what areas you think need the most work! Thanks everyone, and have a great night!
  9. Thought I'd share this with everyone here, came across it on facebook. really inspiring story. My dad was the one who got me into lifting, so I can relate somewhat. http://gymviral.com/what-this-son-did-for-his-overweight-father-is-so-inspiring/
  10. Main Quest- Move beyond the recommended routine found on /r/bodyweightfitness. Complete the recommended routine every other day. Limit sweets intake. (Pastrys, soda, candy.) Cardio three to four times a week. (Running, jump rope, boxing.) Life Side Quest- Write a story. Try to submit a page a week. While I am working on this challenge I will be writing a narrative day by day to go along with with my posts here. Something to try and grab your attention and keep your attention over this six week challenge. Links: Recommended routine - http://www.reddit.com/r/bodyweightfitness/wiki/kb/recommended_routine Story - http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/62939-port-idles-an-assassins-birth-book-one-chapter-one/
  11. Hello, everyone! I decided to post here in the Paleo section, as once I looked over the vegan section, I decided to spare myself from being burned at the stake given the title and subject of this post. (Don't Slay This Dragon…) I have an intro. post that you can read through for more detail, but I'll summarize my current state of health: Survivor of a decade of abuse, during which time weight was low and digestion wrecked (although to be fair I had troubles even when I was a baby and child). Went vegan in February of 2014, and digestion worsened. Saw Dr and went on candida cleanse in June of 2014. In that same month, I slowly integrated SOME animal proteins in diet. Digestion still bad, but a tad better. In August of 2014, took a comprehensive stool analysis; results showed no signs of infection or compromise, but a slight imbalance of healthy bacteria from stress/anxiety (dealing with personal problems at home). That same month, I came across the Body Ecology Diet. Incorporated fermented foods and coconut water kefir. Helped a little. September 2014, started taking Great Lakes Collagen Hydrosolate. Helped a lot. Mid November 2014-now: Digestion is getting kind of bad again. Improvements have been made, but still not ideal. I strain a lot now. Currently taking a probiotic called Prescript Assist, but I am stopping it at the moment to see if it is the culprit behind constipation; it is pre/pro biotic that is soil based. As I am looking to radically transform my health, body, and wellbeing for the better, I am considering adding more animal foods back into my diet (I hate to use the word- I don't diet, I eat). Right now, I eat chicken, fish, and if you want to be technical, the Great Lakes supplement. When I do eat the first two, however, it is only at night. From various sources I have found on the internet, doctors/nutritionists all say that animal foods rot in your intestines, make your body acidic, and leach calcium from the bones. Somehow, I doubt this would occur in most people; maybe in extreme cases, where there is a lack of dietary fiber and overall poor lifestyle. But still, the rotting in the intestines claim scares me. I tried many years ago to eat paleo, and it made me constipated. Of course, I was drinking milk back then (which I later learned I was allergic to; lactose intolerant), and had drastically reduced my fiber and water intake. So maybe I need to be mindful of those prior to approaching a paleolithic-way of eating. So, that's my problem. Anxiety over digestion, and also the ethical side of things, which is why I went vegan in the first place (although my current yoga training advises we do the same; there's a don't ask don't tell policy going on there right now, as I saw another student eating a roast beef sandwich from Arbys). Put I am wondering if eating paleo will help out. Because I eat A TON of veggies (I love them; what can I say?), I am wondering if the animal protein will one, help balance out digestion (as too much fiber can be a bad thing, from what I've read), and two, provide minerals that are otherwise very difficult to get in proper coenzyme form from a plant based diet (iron- anemia runs in my family; got to be careful- B12, retinol, zinc, magnesium…). Because honestly, I am tired of living this way. I am tired of the bloat, constipation, and occasional bouts of diarrhea. I am tired of worrying about going to bathroom or whether or not my IBS is going to act out. I am tired of not being able to get a flat, toned section because of these problems. I want to enjoy my food again. I'm working with a doctor, but our visits are limited due to insurance and health costs. So I am very cautious when it comes to supplements to take and lifestyle factors. Most of all, I want to evolve and unlock my true potential, my inner dragon. I want to get a toned, lithe body, and be able to eat well and healthy- enough so that I never end up in the hospital, get seriously injured or sick, and can wake up each day like a bada$$. So, help me out a bit. What to do, tips, advice, support, anything. I'm ready to make a change for the BETTER, and for ALL TIME. No quick fixes. Just sustainable lifestyle modifications. Thanks!
  12. For only three days, I've been so grateful to have joined Nerd Fitness. But I never fully acknowledged the reason why I chose to do so (finally). It is because of the fact that this community seems so open, especially when it comes to going from unhealthy to confident and thriving. I gave an introduction to myself here (Don't Slay This Dragon…), voiced my exercise woes (over here Fail To Plan, Planning to F…_) and am coming to terms to with my current 'diet' (Former Vegan Considering Paleo). But over here, I just want to share with you the tipping point I came to which brought me here in this section. When the article about Respawning was first written, I thought it was the best post to have ever been made on this site. For so long, I rejoiced in the creation of a community that not only likes the same 'nerdy' things as I do, but also enjoys working out and staying healthy? Inconceivable! But why did I not join? It is because I assumed my then methods of eating, exercising, heck, even THINKING, were right for me. I ignored the important aspect of health- that everything begins and ends with your mind, and whether or not you choose to become the puppet or the puppeteer to your thoughts. With the mental aspect starting to strengthen, I then challenged my habits. As a vegan, I did question my own morality, but I also questioned the actions of those who abide by the lifestyle that veganism promotes. I was insulted for even considering going back to eating meat, even though it was for my health. I was tired of mainstream bloggers/celebrities/nutritionists/doctors etc telling me I was not doing a good enough job as a vegan. I was tired of my digestion going out of whack as a result of it. I was also tired of finding micro results on an otherwise macro fitness routine. I was lifting weights for seventy minutes. I did not see any improvements from the high reps. I stopped doing cardio, sure, but as a result, I lost a lot of agility and stamina. I was tired from lifting weights constantly, that it started to affect my posture/spine; my yoga instructor, thankfully, pulled me right out of that, and helped me to fix it ASAP (I have my youth and natural flexibility to thank on that part). Already, I am starting to find subtle improvements. I am getting close to making animal proteins a regular part of my diet. I am getting better at handling my digestion, and while it still needs some help, it has improved. I am also getting in the habit of loving myself more. I came from a past of abuse from a parent who did not see the beauty in me. The rest of my family does not know how to find my beauty as well- because my bone structore is small, and in the past I was once very sick, they think that sickness may have stunted my growth (I am 20 and could pass for your 10 year old sister), even though none of my doctors have declared this. Still, it hurts everyday to see your family look at your sibling, who is younger and taller and more developed than you, and feel not so beautiful. But on the other hand, that hurt quickly turns into an even greater sense of self love. I've realized that they are just missing out on appreciating a very unique person. I call myself a 'dragon'- it is my spirit animal, the one creature I have loved and respected for as long as I can remember. When I look in the mirror, I like to think that the person looking at me is a sort human-dragon hybrid. There's my face, strong, determined, and peaceful. My words are like fire. I have the confidence and lust for life to enable me to fly. My skin is covered with the scales that are thick enough to ward off the lowly voices and opinions of those who strive to bring me down. That's why I came to Nerd Fitness. To unleash my inner Dragon, and 'fulfill my destiny' (cue classic Clash of the Titans theme). And I also want to help inspire others around me. I have a ton of levels to complete in life, and already, I have finished one of them. And that is to be a part of something bigger and greater than myself. Thank you for welcoming me into this community.
  13. This first post is a crosspost from Rebel Introductions - I wanted to start my log here from the very begining. Back in April, my whole world crumbled and I was shattered into a million pieces. The details aren't important really, only the fact that I was broken. I saw my entire life reflected back to me. What I saw was a giant lie and an incredible amount of crippling fear. I lied to myself for so many years, lied to others. Lie upon lie upon lie. The fear of failure and defeat so complete that I was careening down a path of total destruction - I needed to crash land. So there I was, 31 years old and at my heaviest. A whopping 310 lbs. I was carrying the weight of nearly two extra people on my body. It was my burden. My shield from the rest of the world. My cloak that masked any of my potential. It was my excuse. Most people think of being broken as something negative, heartbreaking or devastating. For me, it was the opposite. It was the best thing that could have happened to me. I was broken from my old self. My 310 lb shell was finally cracked. This was my opportunity to evolve. To reach out and embrace the unknown. It was my defining moment. Over the next few months, I dedicated my focus entirely on rebuilding myself. I analyzed my behaviours, deciding which ones to keep and which ones no longer served me. I started establishing better routines, sweating daily and taking special care of what kind of fuel I put into my body. I was putting myself back together in a whole new way. I learned truths about myself instead of convincing myself of lies. Instead of only learning and reading what about I should do, I did it. I discovered that I am much stronger than I had ever dared myself to believe and I could do all the things I knew I should have done years ago. I kept reaching for my goals, even when I stumbled - I used my strength to pick myself back up. I let go of fear. I abolished doubt. So here I am now. I'm 100 lbs lighter than I was when I started on this path. 210 lbs and dropping. I used to think a number was my end goal and spent a lot of time obcessing over it. Over the course of this journey, I've become aware that it's not about reaching that magical number. It's not even about having an end. My path is to always keep evolving and reaching for something new. It's to set goals and do whatever it takes to accomplish them. To flex, shift and adapt as the path morphs and changes. It's about consistent progression and growth. Physical, intellectual, spiritual. The reason I find myself here at nerdfitness is that I believe it will give me the opportunity I need to level up on my quest. I am a lone wolf and tend to hide and keep to myself. I have a hard time relying on others, asking for help or even opening up. In all honesty, I needed a place where I could be exposed. So it is very nice to meet you, and thank you in advance. I joined the academy and I thought I would share my intended goals here as well. More accountabilty for the work ahead of me in the next few months. Here are the nitty gritty details of my journey. Long Term Goals * no definite time span however I would like to see these accomplished in the next few years. - Transform my body and my mind so that I am comfortable being naked - - Complete a Triathalon - - Write a novel - - Refine my photography and artwork - - Find a new avenue in life - employment/location - - Go on 10 day canoe portaging/hiking expediton to Maple Mountain - 2014 Goals I know the year is starting to run short but I have my sights set on accomplishing these by the year end Fitness: - Run 5K in under 35 minutes on pavement - *current time is at 49:08 on pavement and 37:39 on treadmill unlock: Concert tickets - Swim 3000m freestyle in 1 hour or less - *current distance for one hour is 1950m unlock: Trip to Ottawa to skate on the Rideau Canal - Run a 10K - *longest run so far is 6.5K unlock: New bicycle - Unassisted pull-up - *currently doing assisted pull ups at 100 lbs unlock: Snowshoes - Unassisted dip - *currently doing assisted dip at 70 lbs unlock: New backpack for overnight hikes - Do 10 pushups in a row - *currently can only do one single proper pushup unlock: Klipsh headphones - Increase flexibility - touch head to knees - sit in full lotus - *I can move my body differently with less fat getting in the way - take advantage Unlock: Meditation Retreat Health and beauty: - Weigh below 200 lbs - * welcome to onederland! Unlock: 2 night stay at Royal York in Toronto - Weight below 180 lbs - * move out of obesity and into being overweight unlock: NHL Hockey Game - Take better care of my outward appearance - * wear makeup, look pretty, buy clothes that make me feel girly, get a mani-pedi, etc Life and carreer goals: - Start writing novel - *develop plot, create story outline and characters. - Bring my photographs to art studio for framing and display - * stop hiding my work and reach out - Maintain a more organized and cleaner space - * when things are in order, my mind is in order - Pay down my debt by $1000 - *rethink spending Mind and Emotions: - Find peace in my path, let go of past mistakes - * I've let go of a lot but some days it still haunts me - reduce my anxiety - * remember to breathe - go out and do something social - * outside of my comfort zone - it has to be new and fun! Unlock: Spa day Measurements: Current weight: 210 lbs Waist: 39 inches Hips: 49.5 inches Neck 14.5 inches Calf: 16 inches Thigh: 26.5 inches Bicep: 14 3/4 inches * Note - The measuring tape I had was not ideal, I will be updating this as soon as the one I ordered comes in. My path and rewards: Fitness: - Minimum of 10 000 steps walking/running every single day - 2 consecutive weeks: 1 Home or Theatre movie pass 1 consecutive month: New piece of workout gear or gadget - NFA Workouts 4 X per week - 2 consecutive weeks: Home or Theatre movie pass 1 consecutive month:New article of clothing - Running 30-60 minutes per day 5 days per week - 2 consecutive weeks: New Book 1 consecutive month: New article of clothing - HIIT 2 days per week - 14 consecutive days: 2 episode TV Show pass 1 consecutive month: new article of clothing - Swimming 3-4 days per week - 14 consecutive days: New book 1 consecutive month: New piece of workout gear - 100 Squats and lunges, 1 minute plank per day - 14 consecutive days: 2 episode TV show pass 1 consecutive month: New shoes - Daily yoga routine - 14 consecutive days: yoga pants 1 consecutive month new vinyl record: - Keep to Paleo diet - NO SUGAR - Plan and prepare meals - Track all food in and meet macros - 14 consecutive days: 2 episode TV show pass 1 consecutive month: New vinyl record Health and Beauty: - Put on makeup - Straighten my hair 3 days per week - Make an effort to look pretty and dress nicely - 14 consecutive days: New makeup 1 consecutive month: Mani-Pedi Life and Carreer: - Write a minimum of 300 words per day - Write in my Battle Log at least 5 times per week - 14 consecutive days: 2 episode TV show pass 1 consecutive month: New gadget or toy/game - Organize photos into a portfolio and create a Flikr album (or similar) to showcase my work - rewrite resume * you can find an album with some of my photos in my profile - Keep to a regular chore schedule - - Put $175 per paycheque onto my debt - Mind and Emotions: - Meditate 5 minutes in the morning and at night - - Use breathing techniques to help with anxiety - - Watch less TV - - Get more sleep - - Read more books - So that's the map I have set out for the next part of my journey. The area is massive so there are a lot of different paths to take but they all lead to the same result. So long as I stay within the map of course. As far as 2015, I will set those goals when it's a bit closer to that time. For now, I have a lot to keep in focus and have learned that 3-4 month plans work best for me. “You're never given a dream without also being given the power to make it true.â€
  14. I used to be fat. Here are my pics. As you can see, I used to be fat nearly my entire life. I'm 5'10. My fattest was 230lbs (15 years old). Now (still 5'10) at 175lbs (24 years old). The "fat selfie" was in Aug'13. The "buff instagram" is Sep'14. I practice clean eating mostly follow the Paleo Diet. My workouts are core-strengthening and stability based. It was a long journey. And through this journey I discovered I wanted to help others with their fitness goals, too. That's why I became a certified personal trainer (NASM) and chose to major in Kinesiology at my University. Anyway, I figured since I'll be having clients soon I might as well get a feel for how that works. So I want to help you all (free of charge) with your fitness goals. For starters, tell me about: Your age and gender (gives me ideas on what strategies I can suggest to you) Your biggest health problem and full story What you've tried What you've HATED about what you tried I'll read everyone's posts and see what strategies I can suggest for you. Cool? **P.S.** I’d like to compile and organize all my answers and suggested solutions for those that are interested. If you want it you can get a reminder when I complete it here. **Disclaimer** Oh and by the way, you should always consult with your doctor first.
  15. Only a Few Can Call Themselves a New Year Badass! badass (bad · ass) n., pl -es 1. Someone who lives life free of any excuses they could make, no matter how legitimate those excuses may appear to be. 2. A person who doesn't say "I can't" even if everyone else is saying it. 3. A person who defines him- or herself by accomplishments, not limitations. 4. A person who realizes that there is always another way, and that almost nothing is impossible. Welcome! Do you think your Badass enough to make a transformation before the New Year arrives. After all the upcoming holidays and cold weather would make others put their goals on the shelves, because the New Year is when you make changes right? WRONG! And that's what we're all about, changes start now! We don't give excuses, and we don't take them either. As of now there are only 8 weeks till January 1st. What can you accomplish before then? Whoever joins will be part of a team, we encourage one another, help out when we're stuck, and kick each other into gear when our focus and will is wavering. Do you want to join? When you join, please write down your New Year defying goals. They don't have to be weight loss, it can be anything. After all, don't you want to start the next year already ready and able to kick 2014 in the ass? Founder: LostOne1775: Getting Ready For the Marines Members: W4DM: Amazon Training Duality: Throwin' Around Some Iron to be a better Assassin otter905: Challenge Number 5 Jack Harlekin: Challenge 3 missrebecca: Sorting out my Life Terinatum: New Groove Matt_72: Rollin with the Scouts Again but Faster Samanmoran: Will Get 10% Sexier (after all I'm married, not dead) AwkwardActive: I'm Going on an Adventure! erinlaurel: Misson-Not to Buy a Bigger Pair of Jeans DarthChronos: Strikes Back lattesugarnomore: Start to the Top Kaede: First Challenge
  16. Herro! So basically I've lost 40 pounds right? I've kept it off for a year and recently over four months ago started weight lifting. I've hit a plateau on my weight loss, and I know the scale isn't supposed to be a guide but I'm definitely not where I want to be physically. YES I'm talking aesthetics, jesus. My starting weight was 193, I'm currently hovering around 150-153. I've never hit the 140s, and I'm becoming EXTREMELY frustrated. I keep buggering off and eating like, 4000cals in one day over the weekend. I started getting into the habit of counting everything on MFP so wicked fun awesome good times. I've been steady at 150 baby! First time ever. I'll be keeping track of my workouts on here because I'm actually terrible at documenting my weight lifting sessions. Also I'll post my food too just for kicks but here's the link for my MFP account, add me as a friend Goodluck to everyone on this cold frosty day (I'm in Canada, eh.) I'll post later with my totals once I'm done at the gym. x
  17. Ever since I can remember, I've been told that I could amount to anything and that I would make all my dreams a reality. For many years I believed all that to be true - that I would be everything by just being myself. I set goals, I got excited, I made actions to go after them, then the year passed by. A new year began and I repeated that cycle: set the same goals, get excited, made actions, and time pass by. 2012 was ending and there I was again: goals - excitements - ready to act...then it struck me: I have done nothing. All these years and the goals never change. I keep on giving up half way through. Why? Turns out I’ve been afraid of personal success. I was comfortable in the mediocre zone. I never gave it my all. I gave a 70%. 70% is average – it’s normal. It wasn’t great but it wasn’t horrible, it was enough. Looking back at my life, I gave everything 70%: exercise, relationships, school, hobbies, and, yes, even those goals. I made myself, and others, believe that 70% was my 110. As 2012 began to wrap up, I decided that I was done being afraid of my true potential. So I began to read a year’s worth of emails from a site that was recommended by a fellow CrossFitter: Nerd Fitness. I made the goal to read all those emails – clean out my inbox – by my birthday (Jan. 30). As I read, I was not only accomplishing my task but I was about to start a new life. 2013 began and it was enlightening. I put in the work and I got some goals done. Sure, here and there, I slacked off but I was better. I was giving 85-90%. Life was looking up. Then late July hit, my dog (the best dog that could ever exist for me) got ill. He was just 7 – he was strong, fit, and I was doing better with him (more play, more walks, and started swimming). He got very ill and extremely weak. Surgery was performed and, just like that, I lost my furriest best friend. I was mad and devastated – I imagined him being there right next to me as I accomplished these goals: graduating, getting out of debt, traveling, stepping into a new home, etc. I was in a momentum, I was expecting at least 5 more years out of him. What happened? I had a window of opportunity to go back and give 70% at everything – use sorrow as an excuse to get me back to my comfort zone. But I just stepped back, I focused, I breathed…and I realized that my dog taught me more that I thought. He was sick but always greeted me with a wag of his nub – he was happy every day. At that moment I found my 110%. I am focusing on my dog’s overall awesomeness as a motivator to do the same. Since August 2013, I’ve been on a hunt to accomplish all my goals in memory of my best 4-legged friend. I will admit that I rather have him here but I know I can’t. So I push through and the feeling is quite kick ass. I will not have my dog next to me as I do all this, but I will have him to thank for me getting though these goals. As of last week (mid November 2013), I was officially debt free (one of my main goals). Now it is time to get this transformation and I will log it here along the way. =)
  18. Welcome to part 1 of my transformation! I'm not quite sure how many parts this series will feature, but I hear the producer is trying to keep things short and exciting, so don't miss too many episodes updates. Background: What You Need to Know I'm 20 years old, 6'1, 155lbs. Over the past 2-3 years I've put in a couple half-assed attempts at building the body I'm capable of creating. My diet is my weakness, lifting is the fun part. Not eating enough can make exercise difficult. Poor diet makes maintaining energy, staying hydrated, and making linear gains unnecessarily difficult. This is why I've decided to fix my distracting eating habits now; so I can start achieving my goals faster. Main Quest: Reach 170lbs. I've never broken 160lbs. My end goal is 205lbs. It's going to be a long road, but it should become easier once I develop key habits. 3 Keys to Success: Track caloric intake everydayCook 1 new thing every weekDrink 4L+ water dailyEach of these mini-goals will help me achieve my main goal. Tracking my calories, even if I don't hit my target 3,000 calories, will keep me honest and aware of my progress. I have zero cooking skills. I literally learned how to make an omelette a month ago. Learning to cook will help me eat more things I actually want to eat. Staying hydrated will keep me hungry, and jumpstart the scales a little. Life Goal: Get out of bed before 11am on weekdays. The earlier I'm up, the more I eat. I work on my own schedule which is amazing, but it's very easy to get (too) comfortable. What You Can Expect I will post my caloric intake every couple days or so. Maybe more, maybe less. I will post my weigh-in results weekly. I've decided to take a break from lifting until I can get consistent with this diet. When I get back to lifting I will update accordingly. Game On There you have it. Day 0 of my quest in the making.
  19. The moment I demolished my knee 2 years ago.....I knew I would never be the same.... Turns out I was right for all the wrong reasons.
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