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Kawa's Quest for the Orb of Zot

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Will you succeed where others have failed? Will you get the Orb of Zot?


There will be more backstory here at some point.





Get married with minimal financial help from my family

Raise at least one child



Do 100 consecutive pushups

Do 20 consecutive pullups

Hold a handstand for a full minute

Hold full lotus for half an hour

Do a full split

Run a 5K

Swim 1650m consecutively



Find fulfilling full time+benefits employment using my mathematical skills

Pay off my student loans

Go without a credit card for a full year

Buy my dad a boat



See my family in the Philippines

See my family in Italy

Visit every state in the United States

Go to at least ten different conventions

Cosplay and visit a maid cafe in Akihabara

Purchase doujinshi at Comiket

Watch a footie game in Stamford Bridge

Watch a footie game in the Allianz Arena

Watch a footie game in at least one Spanish stadium

Watch a footie game in at least one Italian stadium

Walk El Camino de Santiago

Order and eat xiaolongbao ("soup dumplings") in Shanghai

Haggle in Beijing and Hong Kong

Eat noodles in Singapore



Fluently speak Tagalog

Fluently speak Spanish

Fluently speak Mandarin

Fluently speak at least one other language

Become an Associate of the Society of Actuaries

Be certified to teach mathematics in at least one state



Loan on Kiva 1,000 times

Give blood 100 times

Sponsor a non-family member's education



Kill Lord Dredmor and Vlad Digula in Dungeons of Dredmor

Ascend in Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup with all runes

Achieve the Avatar of Order ultra ending of Ancient Domains of Mystery

Create a completed roguelike Let's Play of one of the above

Earn Merchant Level on the Flatcore Minecraft server

Pass a fifteen foot In The Groove song

Score AAA on any Heavy-level Dance Dance Revolution/In The Groove song

Complete the most current National Pokedex

Le cÅ“ur a ses raisons, que la raison ne connaît point. (The heart has its reasons that reason cannot know.)

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You can donate whole blood about 5 to 6 times a year, if you are healthy. So it would take you about 20 years of regular donations to give 100 times (assuming you are currently at zero). You might want to consider adjusting that to platelets, which you can donate a lot more often because you replace them faster.

If you visit 3 states a year, going to all 50 will take you about 17 years. A faster way might be to take a month or so and tour the Eastern seaboard, and cover other states in groups with a road trip. Of course, Alaska and Hawaii will require separate trips, since it'll take weeks to get to either unless you fly.

Running a 5k is very easy. That's just 3.1 miles. A lot of people swear by the "Couch to 5k" program, which takes like ... 2 months I think?

I've beaten all forms of ADoM, but only one regular ending without savescumming :P It takes foreeeever. Protip: the fastest way to reach L+ in a hurry is to get a familiar, drown it in the underwater cave, and heal it with magic. (Also, skip every sidequest that's not required for the ending. Every quest increases the risk you'll get killed.)

Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.

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I'm only 24 and donated for the first time yesterday, so I figure I have plenty of time, even if I get pregnant at least once. I may adjust to include platelets/plasma, though.


I've also already visited the entire Eastern seaboard from Maine to Florida, so that's 16 so far. (I live in New York and went to college in Florida, and vacationed in the Northeast regularly growing up.) If my fiance was sticking with his PhD I would have gotten a chance to go to Alaska this summer while he researches, but he's dropping to a Master's so it's doubtful he'll be back for that. Still, there will be other opportunities.


Some of these goals are "easier", but motivating myself to run is hard, so I figure it's worthwhile.


All worthwhile roguelikes take forever, but that's what makes them worth it. Besides, since it's turn based, I can pause whenever I want. :3 Have you been keeping up with the new updates after the IndieGoGo campaign? I'm pretty excited about it. 

Le cÅ“ur a ses raisons, que la raison ne connaît point. (The heart has its reasons that reason cannot know.)

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L2 Spriggan AssassinSTR 5 | DEX 3 | CON 7.67 | STA 6 | WIS 5.5 | CHA 4.67QUEST || CHALLENGE: Lair (0) Start-Scummer (1) UD (2)

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For language learning focus on listening (understandi), speaking, reading, writing, grammar in that order. Try watching children's shows in the language your currently learning as they are easier to understand and usually repeat the same frases over and over in each episode.

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Oh giving blood, that's a good one which I'm going to add to mine. I've given a few times over the years but I tend to forget, and I get the flu a lot so it tends to be less than once a year. Good motivation :)

I thought about adding footie games to mine as well, think I'll add the next world cup too actually, if NZ start winning again that is

You're much braver than I am in your pull up goals - love it

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the cure for everything is salt water; sweat, tears, or the sea | not all those who wander are lost

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