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    • Had a phlebotomy yesterday. Been a while, since October. Should've really had one at the end of December but it got lost in the shuffle. And then the Red Cross disallowed me because my hemoglobin was too low. They require 13.0 and last time it was... wait for it... 12.9. So they tested me, and now it was 12.2 and they refused. So I had to go to my doctor instead. I've got hemochromatosis aka "iron overload" - the bloodletting is therapy for me.   Doctor called me this evening with my test results. Iron levels are still within the norm. Hemoglobin was indeed a bit too low, 12.6. She suggested I wait another four months before a next phlebotomy, but I had actually waited four months this time and it didn't really help. Will probably have to deal with the fact that the Red Cross might be a 50-50 proposition from now on because of that. Will still try, though. I need 5-6 bloodlettings each year. Might as well try and donate instead of having it tossed in the bin...   Slightly more concerning was the fact that my blood pressure was up again. 15/11. Highest it's been in a while. Don't feel like starting the meds up again, so I'll have to follow this up again.   Been really tired today, but then again, I'm missing a pint of blood. It should result in my energy levels going up in the coming weeks, though. Maybe it'll spark some motivation to get exercising again. That should help with the blood pressure too. Something for the next challenge?       As promised, here's a song by Guns N' Roses. Not one of their biggest hits, but one of my seven shortlisted tracks nonetheless. Very long track too. The average song lasts three-to-four minutes. There's a disproportionate amount of songs that run for over six minutes on my list. I guess I like songs that take their time to tell a story, or that switch things up a little... 😅   Guns N' Roses - Estranged  
    • Thank you Sal. I'm ok right now. I've just been avoiding doing challenge stuff 😅 and I left my laptop charger at the cottage sooooo also not working on my coding or job search. I think my mom is back with it.    Here's pictures of 3? week old puppies, cottage and random other pics  
    • Holy shit that's cool!!     False, we have a bottomless appetite for dog and hiking and woodland pictures. 
    • Mikayla helped me take one of the big bookcases to the library. That about wore us both out, and so we called it good enough for the day. I have one more large bookcase and three smaller ones to bring up, and it will all get done, one piece at a time.   This is the Way 
    • Sounds lovely! What's Pero tho?
    • That art is gorgeous. If you ever wanted to snap pics of card pulls and treat us with lovely oracle or tarot art, I would not be mad about it.
    • I'm following purely for updates on Octopus and Spider guard. You do not disappoint!      To the blues, the gift of invisibility was given, but also the gift of running their damn mouth at every white belt ever. So let it be known. lol
    • She's a vision in chestnut.     Is maple picky on training treats? Any preferences on her part? 
    • Love seeing nerds have slam dunk weeks! How does that remind you of your water tumbler??
    • There's plenty of variations of lunges too.  Lunges usually hurt my knees but curtsy lunges seem to avoid that.   Maybe at some point you'll find a variation that works for you too. 
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