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  1. Ah! Thank you for the concern. Somehow, despite two sick roommates, I have still avoided that cold! I have been quite busy these past two weeks, and "updating NF thread" tends to fall off the agenda pretty early on in my task list, but luckily, "take care of body" has stayed up there a bit better. Regular workouts have, thankfully, been upheld, and I've been dancing/conditioning at least three days a week, at least a few hours each time (although intensity always varies with this sort of thing, so it's a bit odd to track). I've been having some more trouble keeping up with the other quests (Food, in particular, is something I have trouble controlling when I'm busy/otherwise occupied), but that at least has been going smoothly. I'm thinking that, in particular my food goal was too ambitious. I'm not sure if I can modify a quest goal two weeks into a challenge, but from this point on I'll basically just be trying to 1) eat a bit less than I usually do and 2) eat a bit more protein/ a bit less sugar than usual. Sleep and eating well are the first two habits to go out the window when I get busy, and it's becoming a bit of a problem! I'll try to at least update this thread weekly from here on out. Sometimes it's rough facing the truth, but having a thread to be held accountable to every week is a very good reminder of the habits I'm trying to build.
  2. Ha! You, good sirs, have indeed pulled my pants down. I used to get really tired even when reading a computer screen, but I "power through" more often nowadays, I think. My problem is that I get super bored after ten or twenty minutes flopping around in bed without falling asleep. I'll take your advice and try reading a book tonight instead of turning back on the laptop.
  3. Alright. It's quite past my bed time, but thanks to a visit from my Friendly Neighborhood Insomnia it seems I have time to update my thread! --0--0--0-- Week #1 Update #1 M001.1: Strength training = 1/3 (1/16) M001.2: Dance practice & Stretching = 1/7 (1/38) M001.3: Track calories & macros = 0/5 (0/30) M001.LQ: Complete TO DO list = 0/7 (0/38) Week.1.Assassin-mini-challenge = 100 min of ground covered & 2.5 ninja defeated --0--0--0-- Not the best of starts, but I'm starting to get the hang of things, and I think the rest of the week should go better. Now I must go and work on my unofficial life sidequest: defeating the dreaded insomnia and getting some descent sleep! It was so nice over the summer, when I got up for work at 8:00 or 8:30 am, and I could go to sleep after midnight and still wake up well rested. Now-- URGHGHGHG. No matter how tired I am during the day, I wake right up once I'm in bed XD On the upside, this leaves me plenty of time to defeat ninjas and defend Assacity. And I plan on defeating many more! No ninja can defeat me!
  4. I wasn't sleeping anyways! BRING IT ON, PODIATRIC SCUM!
  5. I've made quite a few hats over the years, but very few have I kept I still have two headbands absolutely piled with fake-flowers, and I might still have a cardboard pill-box hat. It's super fun to make hats, but sadly, I don't actually feel like wearing hats very often! It's actually much easier and less scary than you'd think to make hats- especially if you're into simple hats like pillbox ones. It's also really fun to buy a hat at someplace like the thrift store and just embellish like hell ME GRIMLOCK BEST CHALLENGER THANK YOU. YOU JAEX SECOND BEST CHALLENGER! Thanks! I'm excited to see your progress as well Ha! I aim to please- I'll do my best!
  6. That's because they are great and beautiful things. I may or may not have a collection of antique hats on my wall. Including one from the 40s with a big bow and veil. And one made entirely of some kind of exotic feather. And here is the wonderful, Gilliam creation:
  7. And so, tomorrow, it begins. I'm both nervous and excited. I'm mostly unsure about the nutrition quest- I'm not very good at regulating my food, and I'm still learning about nutrients. But it should be alright- especially considering the leeway I've left myself specifically for these first two weeks as I get into the swing of things I'm mostly concerned with remembering to log all my food intake. I've decided to make a last-minute change to my challenge- to my Life Quest specifically. Sadly, school has only just begun, and already I'm falling behind in my classes and putting off my homework. Even today I shirked a bunch of note-taking I should have done, instead recreating the shoe-hat Lowry's mother wears in Brazil (I can post pictures is anyone else is into that sort of thing ). And while costume-making is indeed one of my passions, and that shoe hat is now one of my prized possessions, my biggest concern this year should be maintaining a good GPA and writing up college apps. Plus, I really, really ought to learn better study habits before shipping off to college. As such, I'm gonna change my LQ to a strict scheduling quest. I'm gonna be rewarding myself if I get an A on that portion of my challenge- I'm not sure how yet. I'm thinking of holding off on ordering the vinyl for my Kaneda jacket as incentive. I mean, seriously, just look at this beautiful thing: I've been itchin' to get started on this baby for so long. Alright, this is NF, not RPF, gotta stop the raving now before it really begins XD In any case, good night, fellow rebels, and rest well. For tomorrow the clouds will come, the sky will darken, and the next true challenge shall be upon us.
  8. Maybe! Last time I performed with them, there was only one bad-quality video taken, and since I was in the back row I couldn't even be seen But yeah, especially around competition season, I might have something fun to share. Especially if I can finish choreographing one of my own routines. (I've got a few going at the moment. Choreographing is hard!) I TOTALLY feel ya, bro. Hip hop is tough. I also suffer from the problem of being not strong enough sometimes- it's been a huge motivator to work out on my own time! Also, your little iPhone flair is amazing XD
  9. Ooh, awesome idea! I love this song. And haha That's how it goes, doesn't it?
  10. Yay! I'm looking forward to your progress, as well as your gifs It's awesome that you designed your own workout. I'm thinkin of doing the same thing, so that linked article shall prove useful.....
  11. Good luck with all of your goals! I'm curious- how many chin-ups/decline push-ups can you already do? I'm impressed by anyone who can do those I've been trying to read more books as well. If you need any recommendations, I've read a few good ones recently
  12. Your goals are all awesome! The aerial especially. I hope your life quest/career quest goes well! Haha, I understand what you mean. When people ask, I'm never sure whether to say "Well, since twelve years ago" Because I took a six year hiatus until about five months ago
  13. That sounds awesome! It's great that your recovery has been going so well; good luck on your new goals! The sleep one especially- sleep can be a hard thing to tame.
  14. Thanks Haha, thanks! I've done all sorts over the years, but I just joined up with a hip-hop school team. It's been pretty interesting, since I haven't done too much hip-hop before I hadn't ever thought about it before, but taking dance lessons or dancing when you're an adult is so much different than when you're a kid. A lot harder, but in a good way.
  15. I look forward to your island journals with bated breath. Truly, a tale of harrowing survival and human courage!
  16. Heck yeah! Zombies are a real danger, and too few people are preparing for it!
  17. Good luck getting back into the swing of things! It's smart to start out with doable goals- good luck with them!
  18. I love your goals and your thread theme I'm glad school's been going well for you!
  19. Your performance sounds amazing! I too shall wait with bated breath for video
  20. Ah! Nothing more glorious than those wacky vikings! I look forward to seeing how macho you inevitably will become!
  21. This 100% real animal might be my current spirit animal ZEBRA, DO WHAT YOU WERE BORN TO DO-- DANCE!
  22. Hello my fellow disciples! I hope your quests go well. Mine, I'm afraid, has only just begun. These past six weeks, I have come to realize the extent of my weakness. Once I was a great and powerful dancer, but the inactive years of luxury have left my muscles forgotten and my flab flabby. However I have recently devoted myself to the demanding but rewarding task of becoming a top-notch cyber-assassin. I've even got those fancy cyber-implants for downloading new workouts and training info straight into my brain! I have to admit I'm a bit disappointed these B12-X model implants don't automatically install the assassin packages for me- I wasn't expecting to have to actually do all the workouts anyways! But I guess that's what you get for being a coin-poor youngster with nothin' but dreams of joining the cyber-elite! To keep from raising any suspicions about my new skills, I have rejoined with a dance crew. During the day I shall shake my butt, and once the night has come, I shall kick butt. Of course, as a level 2 assassin, I'm only barely qualified to wear the black, and it will be a long time yet before I can claim myself to be a true cyber-assassin! For now, the most pressing concern is that of conditioning. What sort of assassin can't at least support her own body weight? MISSION 001 : Download and install the STRENGTH_01 (and FLEXIBILITY_01) packages, so that in 6 weeks time PLANK>3:00 & PUSH_UPS>20 & PULL_UPS=TRUE. M001.1 : Perform a session of BODYWEIGHT.TRAINING 3 times a week RANKING: 6*3 = 18 sessions A = 16 (+3 STR | +2 STA) B = 14 (+2 STR | +1 STA) C = 12 (+1 STR) <C = <12 (+0) M001.2 : Perform >=30 minutes of DANCE.PRACTICE every day, followed by >=20 minutes of STRETCHING RANKING: 6*7 = 42 sessions A = 38 (+3 DEX | +1 STA) B = 33 (+2 DEX | +1 STA) C = 28 (+1 DEX) <C = <28 (+0) M001.3 : Track CALORIES.IN, CALORIES.OUT, MACRONUTRIENTS.IN, and match these values to RECOMMENDED_DAILY_CONSUMPTION within +-200cal and +-10g RANKING: 6*7 = 42 days (of good eating) (scores compensated for learning curve) A = 30 (+2 CON | +1 WIS | +1 CHA) B = 20 (+1 CON | +1 WIS) C = 10 (+1 WIS) <C = <10 (+0) M001.LQ : Complete 90% (or, if less than 10 items long, all but 1) of the items on my TO DO list every day RANKING: 6*7 = 42 days A = 38 (+2 WIS) *** BONUS: Finally order the vinyl for Kaneda jacket *** B = 28 (+1 WIS) <B = <28 (+0) M001.THEME_SONG_1 : DIE_ANTWOORD.BABY'S_ON_FIRE M001.THEME_SONG_2 : GORILLAZ.STYLO >>LET THE GAMES BEGIN
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