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  1. I want to do assassin's guild, but it looks like our first challenge should be a rebel one, so here I am! I have a few quests in mind. I can use all the support I can get! MAIN QUEST AND MOTIVATION I lost 20lbs last year. This year, I'd like to lose the remaining 28lbs in order to reach 160lbs and see how my body feels from there. I am doing this because I need to take control of my life, especially since it feels like there is so little of it in graduate school. I have two health conditions that make losing weight more difficult. As someone else on here said, that just means someone upped
  2. Okay let's join the challenge, go us woohoo!! Oh wait it start's tomorrow..... no no I'm not ready *reality face slap* Come on pull yourself together we can do this!!! *Deep Breath In, Deep Breath Out* *Yells real loud & fast* HI I'M INDYANNIE JONES AND I'M DECLARING MYSELF AS A JOINER... CHALLenger.... thingy..... Crap I'm already screwing this up... *tries to run away but won't let myself, gets real timid & shy* Okay umm... what now.... ummm.... quests. Alright quests let's do this.... ...................... I have no idea *glances around at other people's p
  3. My first ever challenge began last month, in which I charged out the door and tripped on the stairs. And promptly fumbled every saving throw. Cue the lights and iconic respawn sound of your choice, 'cause I'm trying it again. And, hopefully, earning my place as a Baby Assassin. ~CHALLENGES~ -I will track and log everything I eat and drink, every day (Food Log) -I will drink a minimum of 2 liters of water every day -I will be in bed for an average of 9 1/2 hours a night (not all of this time must be sleeping. Just be in bed. No electronics, but books are great!) -I will spend 5 minutes
  4. Hey all! My last challenge ended poorly, I got thoroughly beaten by the boss known as "Thanksgiving". Spent some time with the family, which unfortunately left me feeling bad about myself and unmotivated. But you know what? I'm respawning! A bit about me: I stand 6'2.5" and weigh 180lbs or so. I'm "skinny fat"… you can't see that I'm out of shape because of how I dress, but I lose my breath doing ridiculously simple things. I'm un-fit, at the moment. Doesn't help that I have bad knees. I work as a computer programmer whatsit-thingy at a startup in St. Louis. I love doing the whole standing d
  5. Quests: DIET/FITNESS *Go to all booked ballet classes starting 11th January (11th, 18th, 25th) (5xp per class) A = all classes F = skip 1 or more 11th January: Attended 18th January: attended 25th January: did not attend *Go back to rollerblading when it starts back on Sunday 24th January (5xp per class) A = went F = didn't go 24th January:nope *Include a fruit or vegetable with every meal eaten (anything that counts towards my 5 a day.) Week 1: 6/7 Week 2: 6/7 Week 3: 5/7 Week 4: Day 1: pass Day 2: pass Day 3: pass Day 4: pass Day 5: pass Day 6: pass Day 7: pass No mobile devices at evening m
  6. Long time reader first time caller. I'm a librarian, writer, vegetarian, gamer. Trying to get back into some good fitness habits. Aspiring Assassin with lots of Druid elements in my practice. Here's my challenge! Life Meditate 10+ minutes daily. Fitness Work out (either gym or beginner’s bodyweight routine at home) at least 3x/week Hit 10k steps/day goal 5 days out of 7 Diet Try making one new healthy (no cheese!) recipe every weekend, and make enough for leftovers for work lunches
  7. Hello, I'm Gareth, a 30-year-old male from Victoria, British Columbia. I work at a desk all day and would like to be more active and healthier, so here we go: [Diet] Objective #1: No more sugar in my coffee. It's fine black with milk. [Fitness] Objective #2: Complete the NF Beginning Body Weight Workout once a week. Wednesdays are usually good. (Oh, hey, today is Wednesday!) [Fitness] Objective #3: Complete my physiotherapists' required stretches daily. It'll take 15 minutes, do them right after dinner. [Life] Objective #4: Get out of bed no later then the 1st snooze alarm. Even if it'
  8. In addition to growing a tiny, healthy new human during this challenge, I have the following goals: 1. Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables (at least 5 different ones a day) 2. Drink only milk and water 3. Swim three times a week 4. Eliminate clutter It's my first pregnancy and first NF challenge so I'm not sure what to expect. Wish me luck!
  9. My life changed a bit this year (I upgraded from an undergrad to a grad student) and my usual sports crew is no longer around. After half a year of not playing sports, I realized how much I missed it. But now I'm too out of shape to join pick up games. Just gotta get in the groove of getting active all by myself so that I can keep up. I also have to cook for myself, that seems to be a bit of challenge in itself. Diet Eat a vegetable with at least one meal a day (cooking for myself is difficult) A-5 (days a week) B-3/4 C-1/2 Fitness Cardio 3 times a week A- 3 B- 2 C- 1 Fun sports twi
  10. Hello! I am new to this whole site in general. I started Paleo's 30 day detox/reset on January 1 and was searching the web for an online community to be a part of to keep myself motivated and found you guys! I am deciding to join the challenge to meet new people with similar goals and keep myself motivated to better myself for 2016. A little about me, I am a third grade teacher in Orlando, FL. I am currently finishing up my Master's degree at UCF. I have been in a committed relationship for over a year now and he too is a teacher but for second grade and also finishing up his Master's in the
  11. Hi guys! My name's Hannah, I'm 28 years old. My sister recommended this to me as she's had a lot of fun and success with Nerd Fitness over the years, so I'm ready to give it a go. I've got a huge long list of the Person I Want To Be, and am trying to break it down to very small, very manageable chunks, so that by the end of the year I can act a bit more like that vision of myself. This is definitely the first ever health challenge I've taken and decided to be serious about, so I'm a bit nervous. To ease myself in I've decided to give myself a little theme for my quests, which is: Stop lying
  12. Alright folks, here we go! My first challenge. Diet: Begin GAPS Protocol Fitness: Beginner Bodyweight Workout 3x/week... And do an aerial silks class. Level Up: Write in my journal every day... And go to sleep at 1:30 and get up by 10am every day. Supports, hugs, and comrades would be appreciated!
  13. OOOOH YEAH BABYYYY, LET'S GET THIS PARTY ROLLIN'! Stats: F/21/5'8" Starting weight: 226 Current weight: 203 Goal weight: Hella jacked Main Quest: Aesthetic-wise, I've been obese my entire life... now I want to be muscular! I'm sure this will require lots of heavy lifting! Fitness-wise, I have two things: one, I want to be a skilled poi dancer. This will require a lot of practice, endurance, flexibility, and hitting myself! Two, I want to have mastery of my body. "Mastery of my body" has a lot of interpretations, but to me, it means I have the strength and flexibility to actually do things
  14. Hallo! This is my first challenge, and thus I am a Rebel! I've been dieting since the beginning of November or so (sans thanksgiving and Christmas, ick), but have only been working out for 2 weeks. I started out counting calories, and got my body used to eating less, and now I have turned that less into healthy foods. I started working out on the 21st of December with the Beginner Bodyweight Workout. I couldn't finish the whole thing, and couldn't walk straight for 2 days afterward, but I knuckled down and did it again. I can tell a huge difference in my strength and stamina after just two w
  15. Love this site! Steve, you Crack me up, a Tim Ferris twin in humor, for sure 😆 Love the 11 Rules. ... especially 1, 2,5,9. "Rebellion is where the light is", for sure-all aspects of life! #5- see youtube "The American Parasite" about sugar and it's history in our food and government control. And fake foods, ugh. But reminds me of a very encouraging Joe Cross documentary "Fat, sick, and nearly dead". So inspiring! To be sure, there is no kick back to me for any of these people and their ideas i mentioned, just a networker at heart. I have been inspired and simply want to pass on a good th
  16. Prisank

    Bonfire Lit

    Hello lads and ladies! Off to start my first official challenge. I don't really have an idea of what to write but here it goes. My next 4 weeks should and will consist of this: Quest Log: Diet: - Figure out what to eat - Eat one vegetable/fruit per week (not counting the ones I eat during lunch) Fitness: - Do NF workout 3x a week (since I was already doing it, but have stopped because..eee... yeah) Level Up My Life: Main Quest: - Become more flexible and join the Assassins It is not long, but it will have to do. I mean it IS my first challenge, it shouldn't be too big (I don't want to be
  17. Newton's First Law of Motion states that a body at rest will remain at rest unless an outside force acts on it, and a body in motion at a constant velocity will remain in motion in a straight line unless acted upon by an outside force. The Second Law of Motion states that if an unbalanced force acts on a body, that body will experience acceleration ( or deceleration), that is, a change of speed. I'm stuck in law 1. I eat pretty well. I exercise fairly consistently. I'm neither over- nor under-weight, and I feel good, and that means I'm in a comfort zone that's hard to get out of. What I
  18. Introduction: This is my first challenge! You can read my Battle Log here to learn more about me and my daily life, but the basics are that I'll be turning 26 on the very last day of this challenge, I'm a fitness blogger and a photographer, I work as a stripper, and I was a dance major back in college. I'm hoping that this challenge will keep me on track for working on my flexibility, which I've tried to improve for years but always let fall by the wayside pretty quickly. I'm also mostly recovered from disordered eating behaviours, so my goals may be a bit more vague than others because I don'
  19. Hey, Rebels! I'm really looking forward to coming back to the NF forums and focusing on achieving my goals! When I was here before, I was sort of a part of the monks guild, but I rather like the idea of the rebel guild, so I think I'm going to stick around for a while. Its been an insanely difficult year for me, both life-wise and fitness-wise. 2015 has been the year of injuries for me: I started the year with some persistent achilles tendon issues, and then in March I strained by right hamstring. Just as that hamstring had finally healed, in June, I tore my left hamstring. >.< I'm a m
  20. Now is time to let past failures remain in the past. Now is the time to dig deep and drive onward towards the reality of a fit warrior, fearsome on the battlefield, and handsome on his wedding day. I participate in heavy combat within the Society for Creative Anachronisms. For me to be a competitive fighter within the SCA, I need to pursue a level of physical fitness and discipline that dovetails perfectly with my larger quest for a fit and trim self. Completing this second attempt at a challenge will be a mighty step towards being the Viking warrior I envision myself being. Also, my weddi
  21. Quest 1: No sugar (25xp) I want to stop my sugar cravings so for a month I will not eat anything with added sugar or fruit on its own. Quest 2: fitness (15xp) I'm doing 30 days of yoga of yogawithadriene and I have aerial dance classes two times a week, my second quest is to complete the thirty days and going to all my classes. Quest 3: Cartwheels (5xp) Cartwheels progression 3 times a week. Quest 4: Keeping my room clean (5xp) Everytime I go to the kitchen I will take any dirty dishes/trash i have. If I'm panning of using my clothes again i will put them in their place instead of
  22. Sooo... yeah. Hi. Is Forum Anxiety Disorder a thing? Because this is a lot harder to post than I thought it would be. Long-time Rebel reader, first time challenger. Assassins: see you next challenge! Diet goals Eat 1 vegetable with 1 meal each day No more than 2 sodas a week Fitness goal NF Beginner Bodyweight Workout 3x a week Level Up goal 10 minutes with my children each day participating in an activity that is not electronic ...and post. Yikes on bikes.
  23. Main Quest: Get with the Program Quest 1: Get moving Complete 2 or more circuits of the NF Body weight workout three times each week. Goal here is to be able to do more/better each time. E.G. graduating from knee push ups to regular ones. 12 workouts. Quest 2: You are what you eat Track my food intake each day here on the NF forums. I need to keep myself accountable to someone, or else I end up having too many cheats. Things may not always get posted the day of here, but I'll have detailed records that will get posted at least once a week. 28 food journal entries. Quest 3: Meditate and Chil
  24. Cerbermus here, mostly a lurker (lurking is what gargoyles do best), but I'm going to try to post more in the coming days... months... years... (baby steps). This is my third try at completing a challenge (third time's a charm, as they say). The first time I was doing really well though week four and then I unexpectedly moved from Georgia to Virginia (for a job - a much better, happier job). The move pretty much derailed the challenge. I tried to participate in October, but medical stuff came up and derailed me for that one too (medical stuff now resolved). So, here's a raised glass (of wate
  25. This is my first challenge here. Some of this stuff I'm already doing, but I want to try to be more consistent with it. I saw some people are giving their challenge a theme so I wanted to give mine an Ace Attorney theme. Cross Examination Start Dizzard: I have very little energy in my life and I don't do much physical activity. Challenge One Fitness Do three reps of the Beginner Body Weight Workout, three times a week. (Mon, Wed, Fri) Dizzard: I'm often dehydrated and I spend a lot of time mindlessly snacking on crisps and biscuits. Challenge Two Diet Drink 2 bottles of water
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