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  1. Hi folks! I've been reading NF since ages ago. Challenges were usually in "maybe later" category, though. Until yesterday I decided to stop postponing thing and jump right in. Here I am now, brand new to the forums and challenges. Lets see how it goes. About me: I'm 31yo woman (and mother of two, which is super tiring sometimes), originally from Russia now living in Scotland. I'm really into reading, movies, travelling and sports. You won't probably believe it looking at me, but that's because I'm also into everything that's baked & sweet. This will be my main quest: clean eating, sor
  2. GET MORE LIKE CHUN-LI Disclaimer: I was never very good at Street Fighter, and I didn't play it very much because I wasn't allowed to have a console as a kid. I played sparingly on friends' setups, then when I was an adult, I just had trouble with consoles. PC for life now. (And I prefer RPGs ANYway, so.) But Chun-Li stuck with me as my power kicking hero from the first time I played her as a kid. So here I am, my first challenge, Chun-Li themed. I already have brown hair, so 1 out of 900 ain't bad. Quest 1: Strength Chun-Li is strong af. I am not. Yet. Complete 18 muscle build
  3. Introduction: Hi this is my first challenge. I started martial arts very young and enjoyed it immensely, after I got out of the army I stopped working out completely and my diet has been atrocious. A little over two years ago a friend helped get me back into working out and I enjoy it because it melts away stress. I stopped smoking two years ago, and also stopped drinking soda. For the last year, I have only had water as a beverage and I love it as well. I am only just now starting to fix my nutrition (I no longer call it a diet) and organising my workouts to fit a goal other than just produci
  4. About me: I started biking for transportation over a year ago and I have recently decided I want to step it up and start training for a triathlon. I am a full time student, and I am taking karate classes, so I am rather short on time. I go to karate every day, but I would like to I recently lost 25 lb because of karate, but I'm trying to get down another 5 lb to obtain a "healthy" weight, although I'm really more interested in gaining muscle. Main Quest: Prepare for Sprint Triathlon in Spring 2016 -Run (5k, 3.2mi), Swim (750m, 827yds), Bike (20km, 12mi) Prepare for 10k (6.2mi) in
  5. Hi everyone! I'm a newbie here, excited for my first challenge! More details about me here and here. I'm getting back into and really enjoying Karate. Long term I want to be able to complete the Bodyweight Level 7 workouts (I'm currently at Level 1), level up at Karate, try some of the cool assassin quests, be able to rock climb again and try parkour! As I'm a complete novice, if you guys see anything unrealistic about my quests, please let me know! Main Quest At present I'm 118kg (260lb) and I'm aiming at this point to lose 45 more kg (99lb), and become fitter and stronger. Quest 1 P
  6. So, I'm about to set out on my mission ... quest ... thing. My very first NF Challenge to become a stronger, smarter, more badass me! I'm both excited and torn. Why am I torn? Well, there are so many things I want to do and accomplish. So many areas I want to be badass in. And my current fitness challenge seems to be conflicting with my alter ego, as it were. In RPGs, I almost always play a Night Elf ranger, or something close to it. But my first goal in real life seems to be to get stronger, which is more of a warrior thing. Not that it's a bad thing, but I almost never play as a warrior in g
  7. Hello! Thanks for any help in checking on Recruits. It is very much appreciated Reviewing Threads A few recommendations for anyone willing to help: Sort by Start Date instead of Most Recently UpdatedCheck only after the most recently checked thread so we don't repeat or miss threadsIf anyone mentions that they used to practice a martial art, they're probably going with a guild that matches their current interestsFencing/jousting/archery count!If they don't mention one but have themselves listed as a Monk, go for it. Searching with Google SaraKingdom's Search thread for Google with a possi
  8. Hi! This is my first challenge. If you want to know more about me, read my intro post (http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/70483-hello-there/#entry1619575). I see some people write stories for their challenges. I'm no good at that. My story is my life. I basically need these challenges to keep my eating habits and physical training on the right track outside of competition season. This first challenge does cover the first of the main martial arts competitions this fall, and the second and biggest one is in between this challenge and the next one. Thus, this challenge will ge
  9. Hello Fellow Nerds and Teammates! So I have been gearing up for my first challenge by spending the past few weeks planning and measuring my goals and completing my 6 month-long great home possession purge from the most amazing book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo. (highly recommend this read if you are looking to declutter/organize/get rid of extra stuff and can't figure out how). I literally went through everything I own, down to the last pencil eraser and toothpick. Going through all your possessions and forcing yourself to make a decision about each and every item i
  10. tl;dr Me: Recomping, working on balance and recovery. Enjoy picking things up and hitting things. Goals: Pick things up more. Keep hitting things. Get better at recovery. Life goal: Cook things so my batcave is full of the tasty stuff I need. Motivation: MOAR. My first challenge. Details follow. Introduction Main Quest Without compromising my Krav training, and without injuring or sidelining myself again, I will increase my weight on certain compound lifts as follows: Squat: 1xBW (+35# to 135)Bench: .5xBW (+20# to 70)Press: the Oly bar (+5# to 45)These numbers are also modest, but still a l
  11. My name is Seeker. My main quest is to become faster, stronger, smarter and more efficient in my workouts. I will do this by using the following; Str. Body weight training; 7.5 minute Ladders as described in You Are Your Own Gym. Dex.Continue training at my local gym a place called 9 Rounds Con.Walk a minimum of two blocks a day Int. Fix breakfast, lunch and dinner for five days out of the week limit eating out to two days a week for any meal Side quest: Wis. Continue studying for my Net+, Security+ Certifications
  12. Intro Hello all! I'm new to the rebellion and look forward to taking part in this here quest thingy. Woot! A bit of background: I'm a relatively fit human who already eats relatively healthy and is relatively active, but badassery beckons me with it's sweet, sweet awesomeness. I currently practice Krav Maga (twice a week only) and usually jog or ride my bike to fill the rest of the week, but I've found that this type of exercise (endurance) doesn't complement martial arts very well. So I'm looking to build my STR and DEX without impacting my STA. Additionally, as an aspiring lady fighter, impr
  13. Yo! Since this is my first challenge, I want to start small and get some momentum. My wife and I live in Honduras and are visiting the states for the summer. This means that our diet and schedule are crazy out of wack and we eat out a lot. We will be going back halfway through the challenge, so part of my goal is to get through the summer without gaining anymore weight. Introduction: Yo! Since this is my first challenge, I want to start small and get some momentum. My wife and I live in Honduras and are visiting the states for the summer. This means that our diet and schedule are crazy out
  14. Science Officer's Log. Star Date 2015.64 My body has deteriorated over the past two years as I have been engaged in sedentary academia. With my academic pursuits nearly over, I desire to attain a higher level of prowess in a different aspect of life. Although I lack significant aptitude for physical pursuits, it is beneficial to my overall health to engage in exercise of the body as well as the mind. Unfortunately, the return to athletic engagements has created a lower disk issue, so my quests will have to be fulfilled through a more gradual and gentle process. Academia and other personal is
  15. Introduction Aloha, I am Shakeel and I live far far away. I have been going to the gym and working out since I was 18. But things happened along the way and I am still at point 0. In the past I have done a lot of MA, Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai, Boxing. However, I busted my knee and things got very hard. So I have started eating and eating and eating. Until I was around 100 KG (220 pounds). I am 1.83m (6ft). So that was a bit much. By sheer force of will I have been able to stop eating junkfood and all, currently I weigh around 82KG (82 pounds) which I am actually kinda proud off. Due to my wo
  16. Hi everyone My name is Alathel. I have been postponing this post for almost two years. I am writer (fantasy, sci-fi), martial artist (Boxing, Ninjutsu and Jeet Kune Do) and an archer (English longbow, Warbow) also poking in blacksmithing (why work with steel if not to make weapons :-). I work in IT and sedentary job is taking a toll on my health and fitness. I have always been a huge nerd, but also always wanted to learn the skills my heroes have. In my school days I used to be in competition level martial arts, but when I left for university I gave up on martial arts and after gradua
  17. It's my first challenge, i haven't picked a guild yet. Hope this has the right format. Start Date: June, 11th Main Quest: I want to develop better morning and evening routines. So that i get better sleep and more and don't waste time looking at my smartphone first thing in the morning, or late at night. 1. Quest: Preparation - Set everything up for the next morning. Each weak on monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday and sunday, at 10:30 pm. I will set the alarm clocks at my tablet and smartphone. After this, i will try not to look and screens until the next day. i pack my bag for work, ge
  18. Hi I'm Ed and this is my first challenge at NerdFitness, not my first challenge at life though. My journey had some up and downs, currently I'm at the down state. I was the chubby kid who always fought against obesity with little results until I've reached 17 years old and started getting more information about nutrition and exercises. I lost 30 kg(66 pounds) in 1 year spam followed by putting up 10kg(22 pounds) of muscle mass. At 20 years old and 80 kg(176 pounds) I was at the best shape I've ever been, bodywise and lifewise, or so I thought. The thing is, the years gone by and I started
  19. Hey, I've pretty much only just joined Nerd Fitness, but I figure a 6 week challenge is a good way to keep the ball rolling and make sure I get more exercise than just walking down the road to work or picking up a controller. I've always been pretty lazy and I'll find any excuse not to do something. I'm not out of shape as a result of this, but I eat a lot of crap and I think I've just been lucky, it needs controlling before my luck runs out/body gives up. I'd like to be stronger too. I'm currently moving house and I'm practically useless, I can fill the boxes but I can'y lift or carry the
  20. Hi! I only got the email about the next 6 week challenge about 30 mins ago so I'm far from prepared and unsure if this is the correct way to go about things. But the timing was good as I was on the verge of action either way. I was hoping to be an Assassin but a recent tear to my hamstring tendon has ensured that neither running or jumping are in my near future. And I guess that brings me to the point of my 6 week challenge. I have been keen as to start learning Parkour but obviously that's going to have to wait. But my other love has always been martial arts. Muay Thai, Wing Chun, Ni
  21. I'm the Granahammer and I'm just brand spanking new to this whole nerd fitness thing. I'm joining a challenge because I get really into challenges in general and this will keep me way motivated. Me: normal size, short, fairly weak female. I used to kick so much ass as a competitive fencer. Now alas I am lazy and useless physically. I plan to change this in very small incremental ways that will eventually help me get back to being an asskicking swordfighting ray of bubbly happy sunshine. Goal: lose 10 pounds, 5 during this challenge and 5 during the next one. I will reach this goal by replaci
  22. Introduction: Hello I'm Escape.Artist and this is my first challenge. I like to workout and eat right in general, but I have a hard time staying consistent in my goals. I especially like biking, martial arts and weight lifting. My little sister is getting married in July, so I'd like to look my best for her special day and start forming good habits for the rest of my life. I joined the rebellion because I would really like to change my lifestyle and be (what I think) would be an ideal weight for me, which at 5'1" is 120 pounds, I currently weigh 140 pounds with about 30% body fat. Main Que
  23. This is the story of me and my roleplaying character leveling up together and building up some STR, STA, DEX and CON on the way. Luciana Valerosa von Culming is my character in P&P, but you can call me Kate. She is an herold from Almada and like the rapier. I'm my a broad sword person. You can see my training sword in the picture. Hallo, I'm Kate and this is my first challenge. I like to go for a long walk and cycling. I would like to be able to run for ten minutes, but I'm not a good runner. I also enjoy fire spinning and fencing. Sometimes it's hard to get myself motivated for these
  24. Hi there! My name is Kristy and I'm new to Nerd Fitness, but I'm not new to the gym or fitness. I've been on a strenght training and boxing journey for about 6 years now. In the last two, I focused on speed and increasing my strength. Over the course of 4 years I have lost 150 pounds. And in the last 2 years, I took a sledge hammer to my scale and destroyed it. So I don't know what I weigh anymore. I did, however, go down in 4 dress sizes. So for my 6 week challenge this is what I plan on accomplishing: Quest 1: Run - I hate running. But running helps with my endurance in boxing. My goal in
  25. Hail and well met, everyone! My name is Rynn McClaire and I am ready to embark on my first challenge. I am a born-again Christian and I love a variety of things. I love Harry Potter (I'm a Slytherin, hence the green and silver), Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who, Marvel, Skyrim, Lord of the Rings, Ranger's Apprentice, Shakespeare, and classic novels. Music-wise I love classic and Christian rock, a few musicals, and Celtic. I'm also an artist who hopes to be an animator someday. Physically, I'm a near-obese female. I'm 5'3" and 192 pounds. For someone of my height, my weight is obviously a
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