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  1. Hi folks! I've been reading NF since ages ago. Challenges were usually in "maybe later" category, though. Until yesterday I decided to stop postponing thing and jump right in. Here I am now, brand new to the forums and challenges. Lets see how it goes. About me: I'm 31yo woman (and mother of two, which is super tiring sometimes), originally from Russia now living in Scotland. I'm really into reading, movies, travelling and sports. You won't probably believe it looking at me, but that's because I'm also into everything that's baked & sweet. This will be my main quest: clean eating, sort-of-paleo, as little sugar as possible, and chocolate croissants _do_not_exist_at_all. There. Hope it works better than usual, i.e. longer than 1 day. When it comes to training, my two biggest loves are bodyweight exercises and martial arts. Fortunately, I found out that there are Krav Maga classes in the club just across the road from my house, and I've been training 2-3 times a week ever since. My first grading is on the next Saturday, and I'm terrified and excited at the same time. Anyways, time to move to the quests. I'm still unsure how the scoring part works, might add it afterwards. Quest no.1: Clean eating. No bread/baked goods made of white flour. No sweets. 1 small piece of dark chocolate per day. As little processed food as possible & lots and lots and lots of vegetables. Find the paleo recipe books you bought years ago and use them! Measurement: A = eating precisely as planned; B = 1-3 "cheat" meals; C = 4-6 "cheat" meals Reward: A = +3 STA, +2 STR; B = +2 STA +1 STR; C = +1 STA Quest no.2: Regular bodyweight exercising. Regular doesn't mean "once a month". 3 times a week between krav trainings is probably the way to do it. Measurement: A = 17 or 18 days exercising; B = 14-16 days exercising; C = <13 days exercising Reward: A = +3 AGI; B = +2 AGI; C = +1 AGI Quest no.3, because brain matters as well: finish at least two Coursera/edX/whatever classes. Or three, the more the merrier. Measurement: A = 3 classes; B = 2 classes, C = 1 class Reward: A = +3 WIS, +2 CON, B = +2 WIS, +1 CON, C = +1 WIS To sum things up, the motivation is to stop eating junk food while lying on the sofa reading stupid thing on the internet. And (hopefully) to somehow be better at burpees by the end of the challenge. Yes, this is definitely the ultimate goal.
  2. GET MORE LIKE CHUN-LI Disclaimer: I was never very good at Street Fighter, and I didn't play it very much because I wasn't allowed to have a console as a kid. I played sparingly on friends' setups, then when I was an adult, I just had trouble with consoles. PC for life now. (And I prefer RPGs ANYway, so.) But Chun-Li stuck with me as my power kicking hero from the first time I played her as a kid. So here I am, my first challenge, Chun-Li themed. I already have brown hair, so 1 out of 900 ain't bad. Quest 1: Strength Chun-Li is strong af. I am not. Yet. Complete 18 muscle building workouts via p90x programs at home. A = 18 B = 14-17 C = 10-13 Sub-quest for BONUS points: Complete 18 accessory workouts with at least 3x3 sets/exercises (choice of muscle mine) All 18 = 3 points 14-17 = 2 points 10-13 = 1 point (basically extra credit to help with the overall goal, so a 21 is possible, but would still just be an A) Quest 2: Endurance Chun-Li is tough. Complete 11 conditioning workouts via the conditioning supplement program at the Krav Maga school. (This allows me to skip only one in the next 6 weeks to get an A!) A = 11+ B = 8-10 C = 5-7 Quest 3: Knowledge Chun-Li is skilled. Complete 12 Krav Maga skills classes. A = 12 B = 8-11 C = 5-7 Quest 4: Eat more better I think Chun-Li is supposed to be a sugar addict, so, I'm not sure she'd approve of this one! Eat 5 80g servings of fruits & vegetables (or more) 30 days Eat no added sugar 35 days 29 days Stick to 1 serving of whole/sprouted grains 35 days 29 days Eat >70g protein 30 days <-- if this seems low it's because I have problems here and it's still improvement for me Revamped Nov 9: Eat 5 80g servings of fruits & vegetables (or more) 30 days Eat > 70g protein 30 days 2 alcoholic drinks per week = 30 points, 3 = 20 points, 4 = 10 points, all else fail Stay within calorie ranges. Conditioning class days can go up to 2000, all other days maintenance range. 30 days Eat no added sugar 30 days, each 2 days of no added sugar grants a "credit" to use on a snack/meal that doesn't take away a point Eat no more than one serving of whole/sprouted grain 30 days, each 2 days of compliance grants a "credit" for a snack/meal that doesn't take away a point A = 175-180 B = 170-179 C = 165-169 (these values are for weeks 2-6, I'm counting week 1 as a B- and will average the two to find final grade--so I can still make an A- on this quest for the challenge if I hit every mark) Week 1 = 170 Quest 5: Mental Health Spend 5 minutes a day practicing meditation (30 times) Spend 30 minutes a day writing (30 times) A = 60+ B = 52-59 C = 45-51 Life Quest: Roundhouse kicking those chores into submission Do 4 small chores or 2 big chores per day. Since this will be easy weekends and tougher some weekdays, 12 is the absolute minimum. A = 38+ B = 29-37 C = 12-28
  3. Introduction: Hi this is my first challenge. I started martial arts very young and enjoyed it immensely, after I got out of the army I stopped working out completely and my diet has been atrocious. A little over two years ago a friend helped get me back into working out and I enjoy it because it melts away stress. I stopped smoking two years ago, and also stopped drinking soda. For the last year, I have only had water as a beverage and I love it as well. I am only just now starting to fix my nutrition (I no longer call it a diet) and organising my workouts to fit a goal other than just producing sweat. One week ago today I was 350lbs, its time to get serious about nutrition! I joined the rebellion because I am considering a move to another state and I don't want to fall back to my old habits, also I want to correct my eating habits. I have to delay the Fitness quest for one week due to an injury. STATS: Male Start Weight (One week ago today): 350 Current Weight: 331 Goal Weight: 250 (may change) Height: 6'4" Diet: Paleoish Before photos: Taken (locked away in a Reaver ship on the edge of space) Fitness Quest Start Date: 11/9/2015 All Other Quest Start Date: 11/2/2015 Main Quest: Get to 250lbs I may modify this down at a later date but for now I think that 250 would be a great start and acomplishment. Current weight 331lbs Fitness Quest: Strength training 4 to 5 times a week Measurement: A: 5x a week strength B: 4x a week strength C: 3x a week strength D: 2x a week strength F: 1x or less a week strength Cardio training 4 to 5 times a week Measurement: A: 5x a week cardio B: 4x a week cardio C: 3x a week cardio D: 2x a week cardio F: 1x or less a week cardio Yoga for 10 minutes 3 times a week Measurement: A: 3x for 10 minutes B: 3x for 5 minutes C: 2x for 10 minutes D: 2x for 5 minutes F: 1x or less Mental Quest: Meditate 5 minutes a day at least 5 times a week Measurement: A: 5x a week B: 4x a week C: 3x a week D: 2x a week F: 1x or less a week Nocturnal Quest: Sleep 6 hours a night Measurement: A: 7x a week B: 6x a week C: 5x a week D: 4x a week F: 3x or less a week Diet Quest: Prepare healthy paleoish meals Measurement: A: 7x a week B: 6x a week C: 5x a week D: 4x a week F: 3x or less a week Minimize Poor food choices Measurement: A: 0 poor food choices a week B: 1 poor food choice a week C: 2 poor food choices a week D: 3 poor food choices a week F: 4 or more poor food choices a week Keep record of everything consumed Measurement: A: 7x a week B: 6x a week C: 5x a week D: 4x a week F: 3x or less a week Rewards: Some type of Paleo treat TBD I haven't thought these through, I'm open to suggestions lol Motivation: I want to be healthy.
  4. About me: I started biking for transportation over a year ago and I have recently decided I want to step it up and start training for a triathlon. I am a full time student, and I am taking karate classes, so I am rather short on time. I go to karate every day, but I would like to I recently lost 25 lb because of karate, but I'm trying to get down another 5 lb to obtain a "healthy" weight, although I'm really more interested in gaining muscle. Main Quest: Prepare for Sprint Triathlon in Spring 2016 -Run (5k, 3.2mi), Swim (750m, 827yds), Bike (20km, 12mi) Prepare for 10k (6.2mi) in September 2016 Maintain Study Habits To achieve these Quests: Fitness Quest Strength training 3X Extra karate 2X Biking 4X Increase distance by 10% Running 3X Follow Couch to 5k plan Swim 1X RANDOM FUN STUFF 2x Experiment with a new goal every week Diet Quest Actually cook a big good meal every week and save leftovers Make over 2/3 of meals healthy Minimize Snacking Experiment with new diet goal every week Keep record of everything consumed
  5. Hi everyone! I'm a newbie here, excited for my first challenge! More details about me here and here. I'm getting back into and really enjoying Karate. Long term I want to be able to complete the Bodyweight Level 7 workouts (I'm currently at Level 1), level up at Karate, try some of the cool assassin quests, be able to rock climb again and try parkour! As I'm a complete novice, if you guys see anything unrealistic about my quests, please let me know! Main Quest At present I'm 118kg (260lb) and I'm aiming at this point to lose 45 more kg (99lb), and become fitter and stronger. Quest 1 Practice Karate for 20min per day, 4 days a week. I currently haven’t practiced at all, mostly because I've only gone once (as an adult) and I can’t remember the forms yet – I’m getting a DVD of the Kata on Monday, which should help with that. Measurement A: Karate practice 20min for 24 days (4/week) B: Karate practice 20min for 18 days (3/week) C: Karate practice 20min for 12 days (2/week) Reward +2DEX, +2STA Quest 2 Eat more healthy homemade meals. For the last three weeks I've been eating at least 7/week, and usually 9; before that I ate none. Measurement A: 66 meals (11 meals/week) B: 60 meals (10 meals/week) C: 54 meals (9 meals/week) Reward +2CON, +2WIS Quest 3 I'd really like to be able to do regular push-ups - I can do 10 incline push-ups on a half bookshelf that comes up to my bottom ribs. Measurement A: Able to do a regular push-up B: Able to do 20 knee push-ups C: Able to do 10 knee push-ups Reward +3STR, +1STA Life Quest I’ve been in kind of a mental health bad place for years. My work has been very patient with me, and they deserve better from me. Now I’m in a position where I think I can, I want to work well for them. I will use the Self Control App to help me focus and spend more time at work doing appropriate work tasks. Measurement A: Work at least 90% of the time I'm at work for 26 workdays B: Work at least 80% of the time I'm at work for 24 workdays C: Work at least 70% of the time I'm at work for 22 workdays Reward +2WIS, +1CHA Motivation For many years I hated who I was. I was depressed and suicidal. I had no pride or self-respect. Now I know what deserved pride and self-respect feel like, there is no way I’m going back to that existence. Today when I look in the mirror I see someone working hard to be better. I don’t necessarily like what I see yet. But I know I’m going to. Nothing is going to stop me from making each day better than the one before.
  6. So, I'm about to set out on my mission ... quest ... thing. My very first NF Challenge to become a stronger, smarter, more badass me! I'm both excited and torn. Why am I torn? Well, there are so many things I want to do and accomplish. So many areas I want to be badass in. And my current fitness challenge seems to be conflicting with my alter ego, as it were. In RPGs, I almost always play a Night Elf ranger, or something close to it. But my first goal in real life seems to be to get stronger, which is more of a warrior thing. Not that it's a bad thing, but I almost never play as a warrior in games. I am never a tank ... more of a DPS. I'm sure it doesn't matter that my RL character (i.e. me) is different from my in-game character, but you know, I always kinda imagined that if I could bring my RPG character to life and be that character, I would be some kind of live-off-the-land, totally kickass-in-the-wild rangery person. Except IRL, I hate running, only doing it to supplement my other fitness goals, just so I don't run out of breath after a few punches or kicks. I love muay Thai and am discovering an attraction to lifting heavy things. In games, I also almost never play a monk, either. Haha. Kinda weird how my RL character is nothing like my RPG character. Nevermind. I know I can always change paths. I guess that's why there's the Recruit Guild ... for people like me, just starting out and not really having a clear direction. So, here goes. Here's my first 6-week challenge, although mine's gonna be more of a 5-week challenge, since in the final week of the SWC, I'll be at a friend's wedding in Scotland and there's no way I'm gonna be able to do my challenge, at least not all of it. So, I'm gonna grade myself based mostly on a 5-week timescale. General main fitness quest: Be stronger and more cardio fit. I love being strong, but I hate running so I tend to become out of breath and get tired easily. Like when doing muay Thai, I tend to punch and kick hard in the beginning and then lose my power quite early on on account of being exhausted. Main fitness quest: Do one pull-up by the end of the year (2015). I have always always wanted to be able to do pull-ups but haven't really tried for it. This time, the pull-up will be mine! So, here are my SWC quests: Quest 1: Strength train 3x per week (for 5 weeks). This will be based on what my PT gets me to do at the beginning of the week, and repeated over the course of the week, with some additions specific to chin-up and pull-up goals. Measurement: A = trained 15/15 days, B = 10/15 C = 5/15 Attribute: 2 STR Quest 2: Run non-stop for 30 min once a week (for 5 weeks). Measurement: A = 30 min 5 times, B = 30 min 4 times or 20 min 5 times, C = 30 3 times or 20 min 4 times Attribute: 2 STA 1 STA Quest 3: Be able to do 50 toe press-ups in 1 go (with no more than 5s pause in between). Measurement: A = 45-50 toe press-ups, B = 40-44 toe press-ups, C = 35-39 toe press-ups Attribute: 2 STR Quest 4.1: Be able to do 1 chin-up. I will try chin-ups every time I'm at the gym (negatives, pulling as far as I can go, assisted, etc.) until I get that first chin-up. Quest 4.2: Do 10 min of chin-up tries 4x a week (for 5 weeks). Measurement 1: Not really sure how to grade this one. Pass/fail. Measurement 2: A = 18-20 days, B = 16-17, C = 14-15 Attribute: 1 STR The quest to eat better: NutriQuest 1: Eat 5 portions of fruit/veg a day. Measurement: A = 5 portions, 35 days; B = 5 portions, 30 days; C = 5 portions, 25 days Attribute: 1 CON NutriQuest 2: Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Measurement: A = 8 glasses, 35 days; B = 8 glasses, 30 days; C = 8 glasses, 25 days Attribute: 1 CON Main Life Quest: Get academic promotion - to Assistant Professor Life Quest 1: Finish off current research project Measurement: A = 90-100% finished; B = 80-89% finished; C = 70-79% finished Attribute: 1 WIS 2 WIS (Edited at end of week 3) Life Quest 2: Write-up lecture documents - 4 chapters in 5 weeks (on holiday during week 6). Measurement: A = 4 chapters; B = 3 chapters; C = 2 chapters Attribute: 1 WIS (cut this one out at end of week 3) Well, that's it. Hopefully it's a reasonable first challenge. Would be very grateful for any advice, especially on how to measure the chin-up quest. Also, should I be assigning attribute points now, or should I wait 'til after week 3?
  7. Hello! Thanks for any help in checking on Recruits. It is very much appreciated Reviewing Threads A few recommendations for anyone willing to help: Sort by Start Date instead of Most Recently UpdatedCheck only after the most recently checked thread so we don't repeat or miss threadsIf anyone mentions that they used to practice a martial art, they're probably going with a guild that matches their current interestsFencing/jousting/archery count!If they don't mention one but have themselves listed as a Monk, go for it. Searching with Google SaraKingdom's Search thread for Google with a possible second thread: site:rebellion.nerdfitness.com intitle:recruit "krav maga" OR judo OR "tai chi" OR aikido OR karate OR hapkido OR "tae kwon do" OR taekwondo OR kendo OR boxing OR hema OR fencing OR "kung fu" OR shaolin OR bagua OR escrima OR bjj OR jiujitsu OR "jiu jitsu" OR capoeira OR "martial art" OR mma site:rebellion.nerdfitness.com intitle:recruit Monk OR "Tang soo do" OR jousting OR archery OR sword OR Iaido OR kali OR "stick fighting" Please tell me about any additional terms to add to the second set! Then click "Search Tools", open the "Any time" menu, and select "Past week" or "Custom Range". Try using the Custom date range and start it on Sept 8th since the new forum went up then. Have checked up to this thread and both of the Monk prospects so far were already noted by Luciana and Chen. Spear Warrior: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/70712-spear-warriors-first-challenge/ WushuWarrior: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/70768-its-6-am-get-out-of-bed-ya-nincompoop/
  8. Hi! This is my first challenge. If you want to know more about me, read my intro post (http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/70483-hello-there/#entry1619575). I see some people write stories for their challenges. I'm no good at that. My story is my life. I basically need these challenges to keep my eating habits and physical training on the right track outside of competition season. This first challenge does cover the first of the main martial arts competitions this fall, and the second and biggest one is in between this challenge and the next one. Thus, this challenge will get me started, while the next one is where the work begins for real. Edit: Better written goals. Original post in spoiler. Main quest: Strengthen shoulder. Get better eating habits. Quest 1: Do shoulder strength exercises 5 days a week. (30 total) To make sure the shoulder is ready for more interesting work. Measurement: A: 30 days, B: 25 days, C: 20 days. Awards: A: +2 Con, +1 Str, B: +1 Con, +1 Str, C: +1 Con - Sub quest: 3 sets of pull-ups every other day. (21 total) Strength building, and also a test of the bad shoulder. Measurement: A: 21 days, B: 18 days, C: 15 days. Awards: A: +2 Str, B: +1 Str, C: pat on the back. Quest 2: Do a flexibility/stretching workout every single day. (42 total) Both legs, hips and shoulders. For martial arts and more. Measurement: A: 42 days, B: 36 days, C: 30 days. Awards: A: +3 Dex, B: +2 Dex, C: +1 Dex. Quest 3: Eat healthy. Max one-and-a-half cheat day per week (9 total). Weighing about 85-86 kilos at the moment. Want to be 5 kgs less and keep it there. (I do not plan to loose much this challenge, but I'll probably do some. My main focus is to be able to keep the weight away once I do lose it). Measurement: A: 3 cheat days left, B: 1 cheat days left, C: 0 cheat days left Awards: A: +1 Sta, +1 Con, +1 Cha, B: +1 Sta, +1 Con, C: +1 Sta. - Sub quest: Clean my apartment properly. (6 rooms to clean). To make a clean environment for a clean body. Measurement: A: Done. Awards: A: +1 Wis. Life Quest: Study mathematics 5 days a week (30 total). I need to prepare for serious studies next year to get the job I want. Measurement: A: 30 days, B: 25 days, C: 20 days. Awards: A: +3 Wis, B: +2 Wis, C: +1 Wis Motivation: I want to do cool moves and bodyweight exercises. Can't do the really heavy ones with a bad shoulder. I also weigh a tad too much. I want to lose the excess weight both for better looks, confidence and above all easier movement. I want to be a full-time teacher. With my current background, if I study mathematics for one year I am almost sure to get the jobs I want.
  9. Hello Fellow Nerds and Teammates! So I have been gearing up for my first challenge by spending the past few weeks planning and measuring my goals and completing my 6 month-long great home possession purge from the most amazing book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo. (highly recommend this read if you are looking to declutter/organize/get rid of extra stuff and can't figure out how). I literally went through everything I own, down to the last pencil eraser and toothpick. Going through all your possessions and forcing yourself to make a decision about each and every item is very revealing, to say the least. Now that I have that weight off my shoulders, I feel very ready to start my first 6 week challenge, however, I am here firstly because I desperately need accountability help because I am horrible at committing to a schedule. Your help, words of wisdom, encouragement and poking in this thread will make the biggest difference for me in my journey. My life goal is actually on the top of the list because its the one I'm most anxious to change. MAIN QUEST: To always put God first. To become advanced at wushu and swordsmanship and become confident and capable of their practical application. Establish a disciplined and productive 24 hr life routine around a new creative career path. **. Life Goal: Gradual sleep change from 8 am wake to 6 am wake over 6 week period, please see chart attached for exact times. (2 WIS, 1 CHA) each day is a pass/fail based on day on scale. pushing snooze is automatic fail. where 7 days * 6 weeks = 42 days = 100% | 31 days = 75% | 21 days = 50% | 11 days = 25% *****TARDINESS: I wont know how many appointments total I will have within the next 6 weeks, though I feel it would be in my best personal growth interest to auto-fail a day each time I am late to a Dr. appointment/class/church service/party as I am habitually tardy to everything by 5-10 min. 1. Strength Goal: In addition to current 3/wk wushu classes, complete 2 BBWW per week. (3 STR) 2*6=12 total opportunities where 12 = 100% | 9/12 = 75% | 6/12 = 50% | 3/12 = 25% 2. Mobility Goal: In addition to above, complete 1 Power Yoga per week. (2 DEX) 1*6=6 total opportunities where 6 = 100% | 4/6 = 67.666% | 3/6 = 50% | 2/6 = 33.333% 3. Nutritional Goal: Consume 110 g protein per day based on current weight of 140 lbs (1 STA, 1 CON) 110g * 7 = 770g/wk * 6wk = 4620g total = 100% | 82.5g * 7 = 577.5/wk * 6wk = 3465g = 75% | lower = Xo = Fail Motivators: To become a timely, reliable person, capable of doing the things I say I will do, when I say I will do them. Be stronger, quicker and more flexible. Have more energy. Accountabilibuddies to light a fire under my bum if I start slacking. Late October Savage Race with the hubby and friends! Dont want to drop dead from 6 miles and crazy obstacles! Character: Race: Human(oid?) - Elemental hybrid dragon spirit (I'm a nerd but not on the D&D spectrum) Class: Recruit, probably will end up Monk Random list of other things that will be going on for me in the next six weeks: Getting a standing desk at work with Doctor note. 9/9 Got a bookcase to display all my childhood toys! My Little Pony, Grand Champions and Pokemons! 9/12 Decorating the house for Autumn and Halloween! 9/12 Finishing up my winged frame jewelry display. 9/13 Finish building my ikea bathroom sink - been sitting in its box for 6 weeks now... 9/13 I am still on the hunt for two large craft and fine art desks and a swivel stool to complete my creative space. I will have 2 weeks of 3/week physical therapy for my back pain - mild osteoarthritis in L1-5 with bulging disks and one tear. Outlook is great, doc says it should still be healing. Sometime in Sept Church week long evening gospel meeting - planning to build my workout schedule into that, but will be tight. Sometime in Oct Quote: "You'll never leave where you are until you decide where you'd rather be."
  10. tl;dr Me: Recomping, working on balance and recovery. Enjoy picking things up and hitting things. Goals: Pick things up more. Keep hitting things. Get better at recovery. Life goal: Cook things so my batcave is full of the tasty stuff I need. Motivation: MOAR. My first challenge. Details follow. Introduction Main Quest Without compromising my Krav training, and without injuring or sidelining myself again, I will increase my weight on certain compound lifts as follows: Squat: 1xBW (+35# to 135)Bench: .5xBW (+20# to 70)Press: the Oly bar (+5# to 45)These numbers are also modest, but still a little scary to me. Well, OHP isn't a big jump, but progress on it has come a half pound at a time. I hope to blow past these goals and shock myself. But I've found that I'm driven more by incremental successes than by milestones toward a far-off goal, and I still have some lifestyle barriers to work on, so small numbers it is.Quest 1: The Quest of Strength I will complete the Big 4(-5) compound lifts twice weekly. I plan to do this in two full-body sessions per week, but may fall back to split sessions if time is an issue. But Squat, DL, Bench, OHP twice a week for sure, and add BOR unless Something Terrible Happens. I'm not doing BOR regularly now and I haven't got the form figured out yet, so that's why I sound like I'm hedging on it. Because I totally am. Quest 2: The Quest of Stamina I will continue Krav training, at least 2-3 hours a week on two separate days each week (meaning an extended seminar can't be the whole week's worth of training). I will also continue walking -- 75,000 steps/week (my current Fitbit goal) is probably adequate. Quest 3: The Quest of Rest I will sleep at least 6-7 hours each night and be in bed by midnight at least four nights a week. The 6-7 hours will not be just time in bed, but real sleep, according to SleepCycle. This one is probably gonna be tough, but I know it makes a huge difference in whether I can keep up with all that activity. It's a necessity, really. Life Quest: The Quest of Noms This is sort of nutrition-related, but also budget-related. We eat out WAY too much because I've gotten lazy in the kitchen. It's crazy expensive and bad for us. For the duration of this challenge, I will make a major grocery run, clean and restock the fridge, and prep/cook ahead every weekend. Motivation I covered that, right? Not backsliding into suckage. Badass and sexypants. Seeking new goals because stagnation equals suckage. MOAR.
  11. My name is Seeker. My main quest is to become faster, stronger, smarter and more efficient in my workouts. I will do this by using the following; Str. Body weight training; 7.5 minute Ladders as described in You Are Your Own Gym. Dex.Continue training at my local gym a place called 9 Rounds Con.Walk a minimum of two blocks a day Int. Fix breakfast, lunch and dinner for five days out of the week limit eating out to two days a week for any meal Side quest: Wis. Continue studying for my Net+, Security+ Certifications
  12. Intro Hello all! I'm new to the rebellion and look forward to taking part in this here quest thingy. Woot! A bit of background: I'm a relatively fit human who already eats relatively healthy and is relatively active, but badassery beckons me with it's sweet, sweet awesomeness. I currently practice Krav Maga (twice a week only) and usually jog or ride my bike to fill the rest of the week, but I've found that this type of exercise (endurance) doesn't complement martial arts very well. So I'm looking to build my STR and DEX without impacting my STA. Additionally, as an aspiring lady fighter, improving my fighting fitness will allow me to focus more on the good stuff (form, speed, power, levelheadedness in sparring) and less on the bad stuff (sucking wind, acknowledging the burning sensation in my quads). Main Quest: Vanquish GMB Elements | DEX http://gmb.io/e/ 'Elements is a 7-week online training program that uses locomotive exercises and targeted mobility work to build your strength, flexibility, and motor control.' I've just started this yesterday (7/20) so I should be finishing up when the 6 Week Challenge completes. I'm trying my hardest to take this process slowly and systematically to prevent burn-out and this program looks perfect. I had been eyeing GMB for some time now and the Elements program looks like just the perfect level of physical investment for someone who has other things going on. The challenge here will be to stick with it (I have a bit of a destined to fail complex). Grading: Pass/Fail Side Quest: Defeat a Single Pull-Up | STR Plain and simple, pull-ups lead to (almost) all that is awesome -> I want to do a pull-up. I have a height-adjustable bar at home that should allow me to work through the progressions until I get there. Grading: Pass/Fail Side Quest: Defeat a 10k Run + Incorporate Interval Training | STA I don't want to lose what I've got, so I'm going to level it up instead. My current normal jog distance is about 4 miles and although I could probably go run a 10k tomorrow I would like to do so start running like a boss/fighter. So I would like to complete the 10k with a <9 minute mile integrate interval sprint training into my runs to increase my lung capacity, overall speed and anaerobic threshold. Grading: Pass/Fail - at least 2 training sessions of 30 min total duration per week Life Side Quest: Spawn a Morning Routine | WIS I've been working on a morning routine for some time now and I've basically got it figured out, but I would like for it to be more efficient (somehow each step takes much longer than it should). I'm not sure how to quantify this goal just yet, but I'll work on it. I've got a routine that I've been working on during week 0 and I would like to implement it on a daily basis. This is my weekday schedule. I typically need to sleep in on weekends, so this routine can start whenever I wake-up on Saturday (Sunday is rest day). Routine: 5:45am - Wake, dress, relearn how to open my eyes6:00am - Exercise outdoors (run or bodyweight exercises in the park)6:45am - Back home for some stretching & hydration (Nuun tabs are great for this)7:00am - Shower, dress (I've got the beauty regime down at this point, it's all about simplification)7:15am - Breakfast + Coffee + whatever book I'm reading (and maybe some NF)8:00am - Start work or do a little supplementary learning (I've got a degree in computational math and though I don't use the math part for work, I still want to stay sharp) Grading: Pass/Fail - complete routine at minimum 5 days per week with one weekend day included. Motivation: Badassery I have created a spreadsheet to track my progress here (thanks for the inspiration all you little data nerds).
  13. Yo! Since this is my first challenge, I want to start small and get some momentum. My wife and I live in Honduras and are visiting the states for the summer. This means that our diet and schedule are crazy out of wack and we eat out a lot. We will be going back halfway through the challenge, so part of my goal is to get through the summer without gaining anymore weight. Introduction: Yo! Since this is my first challenge, I want to start small and get some momentum. My wife and I live in Honduras and are visiting the states for the summer. This means that our diet and schedule are crazy out of wack and we eat out a lot. We will be going back halfway through the challenge, so part of my goal is to get through the summer without gaining anymore weight and actually completing the challenge. Main Quest: Establish a foundation of healthy daily patterns for a 10 month internship beginning in August. Quest 1: Fitness - Complete the following routine 5 days out of the week by week 6: 1 X NF Warm-Up 3 X NF Beginner Body Weight Routine Cool Down and stretch well Quest 2: Skill - Practice Krav Maga movements 3 times per week. Quest 3: Diet - No carbonated drinks. Motivation: 2 things are motivating me to change my current lifestyle (1) my 5 month old son (2) starting a Pastoral internship. To be the Daddy my son needs I will need to be fit and active. To be able to adjust to the hectic and weird schedule of a pastor I will need to be able to adapt easily and be generally healthy.
  14. Science Officer's Log. Star Date 2015.64 My body has deteriorated over the past two years as I have been engaged in sedentary academia. With my academic pursuits nearly over, I desire to attain a higher level of prowess in a different aspect of life. Although I lack significant aptitude for physical pursuits, it is beneficial to my overall health to engage in exercise of the body as well as the mind. Unfortunately, the return to athletic engagements has created a lower disk issue, so my quests will have to be fulfilled through a more gradual and gentle process. Academia and other personal issues have also caused some mental distress and anxiety. Therefore, tending to the mind will require some attention, as well. Main Quest: To attain my former level of fitness and flexibility and manage current anxieties. SMART Quest #1: To supplement my desire to regain flexibility, I will be attempting some manner of yoga five times a week - three days of thirty minutes or more and two days of approximately ten minutes. +2 DEX SMART Quest #2: As I derive pleasure from a variety of exercise, I will attempt to meet the goal of at least three days of cardio each week of different types - martial arts, swimming, dancing, and fencing. All of which - with the exception of swimming - I already engage in at a much lower frequency. +2 STR +2 STA SMART Quest #3: Each day I will engage in two minutes of quiet meditation. This is, of course, the simplest quest. However, it will be the most beneficial. The removal of anxiety will help me to reengage with former passions, friendships, and help me resist damage, much of which is exacerbated by stress. +1 CHA +1 CON Life Quest: Complete my academic degree - or, at the very least, submit my thesis for committee review and plan a defense date. +2 WIS My motivations are severalfold, but can be summed up in a fairly simple statement: I wish to return to a former equilibrium; namely, that of prior to entering academia. Creative pursuits, passions, and friendships have taken a "backseat," if you will, to harrowing encounters with a mercurial advisor and numerous revisions that typically take up 60+ hours of my week. This has caused some mental distress, of course, and has prevented the maintenance of my health. Andprosper out.
  15. Introduction Aloha, I am Shakeel and I live far far away. I have been going to the gym and working out since I was 18. But things happened along the way and I am still at point 0. In the past I have done a lot of MA, Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai, Boxing. However, I busted my knee and things got very hard. So I have started eating and eating and eating. Until I was around 100 KG (220 pounds). I am 1.83m (6ft). So that was a bit much. By sheer force of will I have been able to stop eating junkfood and all, currently I weigh around 82KG (82 pounds) which I am actually kinda proud off. Due to my work it is kinda hard to excercise. Main Quest Completely loose the urge to eat junkfood start living healthier and hit 75 KG (165 pounds) Quest 1 Goal: Cycle for 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. Motivation: Due to crappy knee cycling goes well. After the 6 weeks of cycling I want to try the treadmill. Measurement: A = 30 min for 30 days, B = 30min, 25 days, C = 30min, 20 days Reward: A = +3 STA, +2 STR, B = +2 STA, +1 STR, C = +1 STA Quest 2 Goal: Using no sugar nor drink soda this challenge Motivation: I use a lot of sugar, candy stuff like that. Drink too much coca cola -.- Measurement: A = 0 sodas, B = 6 sodas, C = 12 sodas Reward: A = +3 CON, B = +2CON, C = +1 CON Quest 3 Goal: Hit 79 KG (174 pounds) Motivation: I need to lose some weight so I can fit in my old pants Measurement: A = 79 KG; B = 80 KG, C = 82 KG Reward: A = +2 CON, B = +1 CON, C = +0 CON Life Quest Working on this. No idea yet. Motivation It is time to shape up. And actually complete a fitness challenge. I am counting on you guys and girls ---- On a more personal note, how did I do?
  16. Hi everyone My name is Alathel. I have been postponing this post for almost two years. I am writer (fantasy, sci-fi), martial artist (Boxing, Ninjutsu and Jeet Kune Do) and an archer (English longbow, Warbow) also poking in blacksmithing (why work with steel if not to make weapons :-). I work in IT and sedentary job is taking a toll on my health and fitness. I have always been a huge nerd, but also always wanted to learn the skills my heroes have. In my school days I used to be in competition level martial arts, but when I left for university I gave up on martial arts and after graduation I almost stopped training at all. Being also diagnosed with thyroid gland hypotrophy I felt just terrible, tired all the time. Since January I started working on my fitness again, but basically stopped caring about everything else. So my Main Quest is: Get back into shape without sacrificing my other endeavors - mainly writing a fantasy novel, but also archery training and blacksmithing. My race: Troll/elf - I am huge (6’4†260lbs), but gentle in the heart and don’t really fit anywhere. I am Paladin – a warrior/monk living by a strict CODE. My first 6-week challenge: 1) Go to gym 2-3 times a week (1 hour cardio, 1,5h strength, heavy bag until tired, is my routine) A = all 6 weeks, B = 5 weeks, C= 4 weeks. 2) Shoot a bow at least every 4 days (that’s supposed to be the time muscle memory lasts if you want to improve) A= no breaks in chain B = up to 2 breaks C = up to 4 breaks 3) Write 6 times a week at least 100 words A=max 6 days no writing, B=max 10 no writing C= max 15 no wriritng 4) Follow the CODE - THIS ONE will be in every one of my future Challenges A= followed, D= did not My paladin’s code is self-imposed and definitely not for religious reasons. I have been following it my whole life and this is it: · No Alcohol or any other substances influencing judgement · Be kind, even to your enemies · No sex without love · Protect and help the weak and the helpless · No fighting unless protecting someone’s health I will be posting daily/weekly progress reports. Also pardon my English - not a native speaker.
  17. It's my first challenge, i haven't picked a guild yet. Hope this has the right format. Start Date: June, 11th Main Quest: I want to develop better morning and evening routines. So that i get better sleep and more and don't waste time looking at my smartphone first thing in the morning, or late at night. 1. Quest: Preparation - Set everything up for the next morning. Each weak on monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday and sunday, at 10:30 pm. I will set the alarm clocks at my tablet and smartphone. After this, i will try not to look and screens until the next day. i pack my bag for work, get all my clothes for the next day ready(sports clothes to!), prepare breakfast, brush my teeth and got to bed at 11:30 pm. Reading actual books after this time is ok, but no screens. At Friday and Saturday, there is no "curfew". But i will have prepare everything for the next day by 8 pm. 2. Quest: Waking up & Training - Waking up on time an train On the next day after i have been in bed by 11:30 i will get out of bed by 6:30 and workout for 30 mInutes. These workouts will either be body weight workouts or doing basic taiji routines for 10 Minutes and do forms for an additional 20 Minutes. 3. Quest: Breakfast - After Training and showering At the moment i pick up my breakfast on my commute to work. I want to eat at home and eat better. After workingout and showering i will cook the meal i prepared the night before. Motivation: I want to feel better during my work day. When i don't sleep well i get grumpy really fast, if i eat to much carbs i get really sleepy, tired and unconcentrated. I'm a software developer, so i get paid for using my head. I don't want to sabotage myself. And i hope this challenge even affects my free time and my hobbies. Reward: After the challenge i want to buy a weight west.
  18. Hi I'm Ed and this is my first challenge at NerdFitness, not my first challenge at life though. My journey had some up and downs, currently I'm at the down state. I was the chubby kid who always fought against obesity with little results until I've reached 17 years old and started getting more information about nutrition and exercises. I lost 30 kg(66 pounds) in 1 year spam followed by putting up 10kg(22 pounds) of muscle mass. At 20 years old and 80 kg(176 pounds) I was at the best shape I've ever been, bodywise and lifewise, or so I thought. The thing is, the years gone by and I started college, started partying too much, drinking too much and even started smoking. I guess I forgot that everything I was, I achieved through hard work and discipline. When I realized something was off I was already at 90 kg (198 pounds) and sedentary. My grades went from great to poor and my motivation to keep progressing in life was non existent. I got sloppy and lazy. I lost great things I had in my life and I just couldn't pull the break and stop this mess. Right now at 23 y/o I sit at 104 kg(last time I weighted, won't the be the official weight for the challenge) starting to get back at exercising and eating right(going to try Paleo). The thing is, if there's something I leveled up in all those years was wisdom(well, at least in the last year), and for that I'm grateful, but I lack discipline and resilience. That will be the main focus on my challenge. Now, ahead to the goals: Main quest – lose 25 kg, to start with. For the Challenge - > Lose 5 kg in the 6 week spam. To achieve that I'll: -Follow the training routine I created -Eat Paleo Side Quests I'll pack some stuff I think I should be doing, although they seem to be too much for a single challenge, they're essential for this new era I'm trying to build. -Stop Smoking -Drink only on friday or saturday, one or another. -Stop skipping classes(seriously, I need to stop skipping classes) -Wake up early every day (6 o'clock wise) -Study every day for at least 2hours Bonus quests Although not necessary, I want to add those goals to my challenge. I won't be as picky with them as with the previous ones, but I'll keep them in mind. -Do the training at waking up, something that is really difficult to me since I'm a mess before my first cup of coffee(and some hours after it too) -Start reading non fictional books, to get wiser. -Learn to meditate. Training routine, I want to exercise 5-6 days a week. I won't describe too much of it here on the thread. Day 1 – Basic Calisthenics Day 2 – Boxing Cardio Day 3 – Basic Calisthenics Day 4 – Boxing cardio Day 5 – Full body weight training. Day 6 – Jogging Nutrition, as I said, I'll try to follow the Paleo Diet, but I won't be weighing and calculating the macros. Just roughly following what I've learned for the macronutrients and trying to stay true to the Paleo foundations. I guess that's it, I hope I'll achieve my goals and become a part of this great community, I've seen some magnificent transformations on others threads, really looking forward to make mine another great example as well. To start off, I'll update those informations on the june 8th Height: 178 cm Weight: Bodyfat%:
  19. Hey, I've pretty much only just joined Nerd Fitness, but I figure a 6 week challenge is a good way to keep the ball rolling and make sure I get more exercise than just walking down the road to work or picking up a controller. I've always been pretty lazy and I'll find any excuse not to do something. I'm not out of shape as a result of this, but I eat a lot of crap and I think I've just been lucky, it needs controlling before my luck runs out/body gives up. I'd like to be stronger too. I'm currently moving house and I'm practically useless, I can fill the boxes but I can'y lift or carry them. I don't want to just be looked at as weak because "I'm a girl". Main Quest: Harder, better, faster, stronger. To feel better in myself, healthier and hopefully a bit fitter! Quest 1: No fizzies. No fizzy drinks on weekdays; I'd include weekends too for an all out cleanse, but I don't drink and might have to ease myself into not even ordering a lemonade at a bar. Measurement: A = 30 days B = 18 days C = 6 days Rewards: A = + 3 CON B = + 2 CON C = +1 CON Quest 2: No excuses, go to every Karate class, every week. I only have one a week after all. Measurement: A = All 6 classes B = 3 classes C = less than 3 classes Rewards: A = + 2 STA B = + 1 STA C = 0/fail Quest 3: Get stronger. Complete the beginner bodyweight workout twice a week to help keep fit outside of karate classes. Measurement: A = 12 workouts B = 6 workouts C = less than 6 workouts Rewards: A = +3 STR B = +2 STR C = +1 STR Life Quest: Practise Japanese at least once a week or I'll never learn. Measurement: A = once a week or more B = once every couple of weeks C = hardly ever/never Rewards: A = +2 WIS B = +1 WIS C = 0/fail Motivation: I just need to feel happier with myself, healthier and not like I'm going to die every time I climb the stairs to work.
  20. Hi! I only got the email about the next 6 week challenge about 30 mins ago so I'm far from prepared and unsure if this is the correct way to go about things. But the timing was good as I was on the verge of action either way. I was hoping to be an Assassin but a recent tear to my hamstring tendon has ensured that neither running or jumping are in my near future. And I guess that brings me to the point of my 6 week challenge. I have been keen as to start learning Parkour but obviously that's going to have to wait. But my other love has always been martial arts. Muay Thai, Wing Chun, Ninjutsu... I have enjoyed every facet of the martial arts I have trained. So it looks like I'll be a monk at least for a while. But... injury. This has been the scourge of my existence for the last 8 years. Every time I get involved with a martial art/ weight program/ anything within this time frame I have been injured. And usually in a way that lays me up for a while and takes my efforts back to square one. To be honest it's extremely discouraging but what choice is there but to learn from my mistakes and adjust? With this in mind I have started working hardcore with a physio and exercise scientist to fix my manky movement patterns. And manky they are but I am slowly progressing. I am a very experienced lifter and worked as a personal trainer for 5 years in an environment where appearance > sense and I believe that my issues and muscular imbalances stem from this period in my life. So here is my plan: Main Quest: To do my physio/ corrective workouts as prescribed without deviation for the six weeks. I will record every workout and resist the temptation to push myself beyond my workouts and allow my body to recover and grow strong before I prepare for the zombie apocalypse. God help me if it comes before I can run again though... Quest 1: Within the next 24 hours I will contact the Kung Fu school I have been looking at for the last fortnight or so and book an introductory lesson... AFTER first explaining to them my limits. I will attend a minimum of two lessons per week and practise on my days off. Quest 2: I will improve my cooking so that my (mostly) Paleo meals actually taste good. I am a terrible cook although I have mastered the esoteric art of making crackling on Pork Belly. Motivation: I want to do Parkour and I want to study Tiger Claw Kung Fu. To do this to the best of my abilities I need to have a body I can depend upon and that will not injure easily like it has in the past. And I want to be ready on the off chance I am called to be Batman. I am 37 so I still have plenty of time to do the above and save Gotham. P.s. I'm pretty keen on becoming Batman. Just thought I'd throw it out there
  21. I'm the Granahammer and I'm just brand spanking new to this whole nerd fitness thing. I'm joining a challenge because I get really into challenges in general and this will keep me way motivated. Me: normal size, short, fairly weak female. I used to kick so much ass as a competitive fencer. Now alas I am lazy and useless physically. I plan to change this in very small incremental ways that will eventually help me get back to being an asskicking swordfighting ray of bubbly happy sunshine. Goal: lose 10 pounds, 5 during this challenge and 5 during the next one. I will reach this goal by replacing soda and juice and beer with water and tea and perhaps the odd diet soda for a treat. I drink a lot of sugary things so this alone may be enough to make me lose the weight. I will also walk for 15 minutes everyday first thing after work. While listening to the foo fighters. #inspiration Goal 2: I will gain strength and be comfortable doing basic workouts found here on nerd fighters. I will overcome the inertia and awkwardness I feel whenever I try to start training. I will do this by completing two strength workouts found at the nf academy each week for the first four weeks, then level up to three times a week for the last two weeks. Life challenge: complete my work AT WORK instead of bringing it home so that I'm a happy healthier me (and friend, and girlfriend, etc) P.s. looking for an accountability pal if anyone is interested!!
  22. Introduction: Hello I'm Escape.Artist and this is my first challenge. I like to workout and eat right in general, but I have a hard time staying consistent in my goals. I especially like biking, martial arts and weight lifting. My little sister is getting married in July, so I'd like to look my best for her special day and start forming good habits for the rest of my life. I joined the rebellion because I would really like to change my lifestyle and be (what I think) would be an ideal weight for me, which at 5'1" is 120 pounds, I currently weigh 140 pounds with about 30% body fat. Main Quest: Lose 20 pounds by July 4, 2015. Quest 1: Track all of my meals using a food journal. I'll shoot for 1,500 calories a day, but will adjust if needed based on weekly energy status checks and weight lost per week. The important thing right now is to write it down and become aware. Measurement: A = 42-40 entries B = 39-37 entries C = 36-34 entries Quest 2: Graduate to blue belt in karate at my dojo. The number of classes needed is not entirely clear, but I'd like to go six days a week, which is every day the gym is open. Currently I go about three times a week, so this will be a nice push! Measurement: A = 36 classes B = 27 classes C = 18 classes Quest 3: Drink 2 liters of water. While I don't really drink soda or juice anymore, I don't think I drink nearly enough water during the day, because I'm often thirst and lethargic. Plus, it will help with losing weight and feeling full. Measurement: A = 2 liters, 42 days; B = 2 liters, 36 days, C = 2 liters, 30 days Life Quest: Learn how to code in Python. As a linguist interested in natural language processing, and as a future grad student, I think it would be really beneficial for me to learn how to code. I will be working from exercises in Zed Shaw's Learn Python the Hard Way (http://learnpythonthehardway.org/book/). Measurement: A = 30 min, 42 days, B = 30 min, 36 days, C = 30 min, 30 days Motivation: I not only want to look good at my sister's wedding (sibling rivalry makes me want to say "look better than her," but I'd be happy if we both looked awesome). I also want to live a long, healthy life where my body isn't limited and is full of energy. More importantly, I want to finally prove to myself that I can finish something I've started. Reward: THIS -> http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=22195846#/ and http://www.modcloth.com/shop/rings-pins/cartography-course-ring. Total price is around $40 for both. _____________________________________________________________________________________________
  23. This is the story of me and my roleplaying character leveling up together and building up some STR, STA, DEX and CON on the way. Luciana Valerosa von Culming is my character in P&P, but you can call me Kate. She is an herold from Almada and like the rapier. I'm my a broad sword person. You can see my training sword in the picture. Hallo, I'm Kate and this is my first challenge. I like to go for a long walk and cycling. I would like to be able to run for ten minutes, but I'm not a good runner. I also enjoy fire spinning and fencing. Sometimes it's hard to get myself motivated for these hobbies, because I don't have anybody to train with. Currently I'm a student and have semester break. The lessons will start again in April. So I use daylight for outside activities and work at night. Oh, and I'm from Germany. So I'm not in the same time zone as you and English isn't my mother tongue… as you may have already noticed. I already created some healthier eating habits and introduced fitness into my daily life. But I have a hard time sticking to the plan. Especially with keeping myself away from junk food. My boyfriend is writing is master thesis until the end of March and we have a lot of chocolate, chips and other stuff in the house to keep him motivated. At least I enjoy drinking tea and don't have to keep myself from soda, because I think it's much too sweet. You can read more about my hobbies and activities in my introduction. Or you could ask me. My Main Quest: I would like to stick to a regular workout routine for this month and create a workout plan I can follow through during study time. I'm exercising, because I want to get my stamina and strength. I would like to improve my fencing skills until August for our meet up. Quest 1: I want to train for fencing at least once a week. It will be hard to train alone, but I want to pick up my sword at least once a week to get a feeling for it. My sword is a little heavier than my boyfriends, because I enjoy shorter and heavier swords. If I'm not as tired at the end of a session next moth, I'll know I reached this goal. Measurement: A = 6h in 30 days, B = 4h in 30 days, C = 2h in 30 days (I'll alter this a little if the challenge works better than I thought) Reward: A = +2 STA, +2 STR, B = +2 STA, +1 STR, C = +1 STA Quest 2: Eat less junk food and eat more vegetables and fruit. My boyfriend really hates vegetables. My eating habits changed since we moved together and I want to reintroduce them into my daily diet. So I'll try to eat one salad for dinner or some vegetables. And I want to substitute chocolate and crisps with fruits or raw vegetables. Measurement: A = 3 vegetables or fruit a day, unhealthy snacks only once a week; B = 2 vegetables or fruit a day, unhealthy snacks only twice a week; C = 1 vegetable or fruit a day, unhealthy snacks only thrice a week; Reward: A = +2 CON, B = + 1 CON, C = + 0,5 CON Quest 3: Get moving six days a week. As I said, I want to built some workout habits. I don't feel like doing the same things again every day. But I want to do something fitness related once a day. Walking for more then 30 minutes, cycling for 30 minutes, hitting the stationary bike for an episode of "Lie to me", doing my bodyweight exercises, ... Measurement: A = 6 workouts a week; B = 4 workouts a week; C = 2 workouts a week; Reward: A = +2 STR, +1 STA, +1 DEX, B = +1 STR, +1 STA, +1 DEX, C = +1 DEX Life Quests: I want to get leaner and drop some weight until I reach 58 kg. At the moment I weight 64 kg and I'm 1,57 cm tall. On the other hand I want to gain some muscle, agility and endurance. I want to have enough energy to run back home from the train station regulary. I want to be able to do push-ups and pull-ups. At the moment I can only do kneeling push-ups and never did a pull-up. I want to feel better and respect myself. I want to like my own body and feel more sexy. And I would like to accomplish healthy eating habits without counting calories. Motivation: I want to get fit for our next community meeting in August. I couldn't train sword fighting with the others, because I was so tired from cooking for everybody. Also this was my excuse, because I still have trouble with the basics. I really want to train my stamina and my endurance to keep up with the others next summer. I don't want to miss the fun this time! Mini Quest 1: Update goals to fit within the SMART goal standards-set self up for success= +1 Wis Mini Quest 2: Make some friends= +1 Cha Mini Quest 3: The Library= +1Wis Mini Quest 4: Checking your Starting Credits Mini Quest 5: The Cafeteria= +1Con Summary: Finished about 90% of my challenge this time. Eating: I meet my eating goals almos the whole challenge. 5.5/6 points ~ 91% Exercise: Five out of six weeks I followed my workout plans. ~ 83% Fencing (5 hours 40 minutes of 6 hours) 94%94%
  24. Hi there! My name is Kristy and I'm new to Nerd Fitness, but I'm not new to the gym or fitness. I've been on a strenght training and boxing journey for about 6 years now. In the last two, I focused on speed and increasing my strength. Over the course of 4 years I have lost 150 pounds. And in the last 2 years, I took a sledge hammer to my scale and destroyed it. So I don't know what I weigh anymore. I did, however, go down in 4 dress sizes. So for my 6 week challenge this is what I plan on accomplishing: Quest 1: Run - I hate running. But running helps with my endurance in boxing. My goal in 6 weeks, run for 3 miles non stop. Quest 2: New max rep on Deadlift and Bench Press Quest 3: Eat more veggies! A lot more veggies. Quest 4: Getting over my fear of a half marathon, and sign up. Granted it wont' be until November, but still. Quest 5: This will be my hardest most challenging quest EVER!!! Get my daughter to eat veggies and like them! She's 6. Grew up eating veggies and fruit and being healthy. Since she started Kindergarten it's been "Broccoli is gross... veggies are gross..." And it's a battle EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! This child wil eat her damn veggies and freaking like them! And as a way to reward myself, if I complete every single quest. I'm going to go hiking and rock climbing with my friends in August. Right now, I'm listed as a maybe. My other reward, new gloves for boxing. Mine are currently being kept together by hot pink duct tape. Looking forward to this 6 week challenge! Kristy
  25. Fall down three times, get up four. This will be my fourth attempt to make it through my first challenge, though I think I'm on the right track going in to this one. Main goal- increase overall health (and finish this challenge). 3 sub goals- 1) attend taekwondo once EVERY week. (Got my gold belt test on Friday fingers crossed) - 2 STR 3 DEX 2 WIS 2) workout with my weights 3 days a week. - 3 STR 3) 30 minute walk AT LEAST three days a week - 3 STA 2 CON I'll keep track with progress bars in my signature. To infinity and beyond!
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