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Found 12 results

  1. Hi All, First time posting here. So I have found myself in a bit of a dilemma. I am almost 23 years old, currently weigh 86.1KG or 190LB for some of you and I am around 178CM or 5'10'' probably at 18 - 20% Body fat now. My relationship with the gym has been very complicated I have been on and off with it since I was 17, I would stop going to gym when I was happy with how I looked in the mirror and this has been going on for the last 5 - 6 years. So, I kind of know my ins and outs with it. I have had a good physique before around 10-12% bodyfat, but I recently let mysel
  2. "Tempered by the fires of Hell, his iron will remain steadfast through the passage that preys upon the weak. For he alone was the Hell Walker, the Unchained Predator, who sought retribution in all quarters, dark and light, fire and ice, in the beginning and the end, and he hunted the slaves of Doom with barbarous cruelty; for he passed through the divide as none but demon had before." - UAC Report File 9REIZDUR Hello fellow Warriors!! Some of you already know me, but for those that don't: my name is SheriffWolfpool or Wolfpool or Wolfie, lol. I've been around Nerd Fitn
  3. The Forced Evolutionary Virus is used by The Master (in the form of vats of green goo) to turn humans into super mutants. The results are significant increases in muscle mass, but usually accompanied by decline in cognitive ability. And sterility. This is a good thing. I overthink things instead of just lifting heavy, so I'm just following a program without analyzing all the variables. I'm married, so I don't have sex anyway. And drinking my Greens will be my own form of gross daily exposure to FEV. HRV, BP, and Weight will be monitored of course because we're scientists, not animals.
  4. 12 Week Hypertrophy Quest Quest Goals: 1) Increase Muscle Mass 2) Decrease BF% 3) Increase Strength In All Lifts Overview/Details Each working set should be performed to near failure with 12 being the most reps you should perform and 6 being the lowest. This workout utilizes supersets.Take a 1 minute break between each superset. Supersets are grouped by letter before them. See Quest Objectives for context. Increase weight on each set by at least 5lbs. Increase weight from week to week as well. By the end of the 12 weeks, you should be 10lbs+ stronger in many
  5. I've neglected hypertrophy training for a while, but NO MORE. The next four weeks are going to be all about those gains... I just started a new mesocycle with sets of 8 for the big lifts, plus lots of accessories to address my weaknesses. In order to make sure I have enough energy for this work, I'm going to focus on bringing my calories back up after losing a couple of kilos the past couple of months. I'm aiming for maintenance since I'm just in my weight class at ~83 kg in the morning, but if I undershoot or overshoot a bit, it's not the end of the world - if I'm still at a deficit, then the
  6. Goals to be added later. But basically, I'm trying a shiny new program (Power Hypertrophy Adaptive Training) and I'll be aiming to find maintenance or a slow bulking calorie intake over the course of the challenge. Also will be tackling work goals and things to support my development as a dancer. Goals are now added!!!! Be a real adult: Clean my apartment 1x / 3 weeks (wash countertops, sweep, vacuum, mop, and all those other things I appreciate when they're done but don't do very often) Sleep 7+ hours every night Serve all food into a bowl
  7. INTRODUCTION Hey-oh! I'm Beer Mage and this is my first Nerd Fitness Challenge! I'm a husband, dad, IT manager, and wizard. When I'm not casting spells, I'm reading graphic novels, watching sci-fi, drinking beer, or turning my truck into an overlanding vehicle of awesomeness. I was an athlete in high school and active in college, but am a lump much of the time now. I'd like to change that. Long term, I'd like to be able to keep up with a hyperactive preschooler and serve as a healthy example for him. Short term, I want to get into a good work
  8. All right, all right, new year, fresh start! I actually don't need a fresh start from the perspective of "I've fallen off the wagon and need to start again", but more like "Time to look back at what I've done and where I can make improvements." But I don't believe a 'fresh continuation' is a thing, so... To catch everyone up, I'm a skinny guy who wants to build muscle. I was inspired by one of Steve's articles last summer to pick a routine and stick with it - for months, not weeks! I modified Anthony Mychal's 242 Method to include 6 "marriage" lifts that are performed on 2 days a week an
  9. I'm not good with alliteration, okay? So uni's gonna start again in a couple of weeks, but so will my first bulk ever (after a 4-month cut that almost destroyed my sanity). Until now I've been doing pretty much the same workout every time, but it takes quite a bit of time, so in order to also have time to hit the books and tatami like they owe me money, I thought I'd split it up a bit. And because I like to tinker with everything, rather than taking an existing program, I snagged some things from programs I liked - separate power and hypertrophy days from PHUL, AMRAP progress technique from
  10. Hey guys. I started StrongLifts 5x5 a couple of days ago. You may have heard of it. You may have even tried it, but I would love to read your honest opinions about it. I know this program is based more on strength(which I need to build right now), but could you build muscle also? I don't mean really cut bodybuilder-like muscle or any thing like that, but dense muscle for a more bulky, type look? I don't care to have the most asthetic body on Earth, but I would like a body to represent the hard work I'll into the program. What are your experiences, thoughts, opinions, etc. with StrongLifts?
  11. Main Quest: My primary goal is to add 10 lbs in six weeks to my 5-rep max for squat and bent-over row. My motivation: I really just want to get bigger and stronger. I am a relatively small guy (5'8" 165 lbs currently) and I want to put on some more muscle. I have already put on about 25 lbs from what my natural weight would be and I would consider myself an intermediate lifter. I want to start back into a program that hits strength but really focuses most of the effort on hypertrophy. I have been as big as 185 lbs in the past and I would like to get back to that point within the next 18-24 mon
  12. TL;DR: I've gone from 5 reps to 15. when should I go back to 5 & heavy? Ever since I started lifting, I've always been doing 5x5, Starting Strength style. My lifetime best lifts are: BB Back Squat: 175x5 (March 2013) BB DL: 205x2 (April 2012) , 185x10 (May 2013) BB BP: 125x5 (May 2013) OHP: 85x5 Pull-up: 3 unassisted, 7 w/ small band Push-up: close-grip x10, was working on wall one-hand. Around my birthday this year (March), I figured I should have someone give me a form check, since I'd never worked with anyone. I asked my gym owner, since he was the one most experienced with Free Wei
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