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Found 12 results

  1. Hey guys! My husband and I will be running in the Mud Ninja! If anyone wants to meet up and run with us in the 11:30 wave, feel free to! Information: http://www.mudninja.com/?page_id=22 This will be my fourth mud run and hubby's first. It's a 5k with 25 obstacles to get over! also guaranteed to get you dirty and blood pumping. Check it out!
  2. Zombie Escape @ Panic Point When: Saturday September 9th, 2015 Where: 2808 Cedar Creek Rd, Youngsville NC Race website: http://www.raleighmudrun.com/zombie-5k/ I've already signed up to do this with one friends but it would be awesome to meet up with some friends from NF who might be interested too! The race looks awesome! 500,000 gallons of water, 4 zombie pits, 18 obstacles, and a 5k. What more could us fit nerds dream of? Anyone Interested?!
  3. Right, the time for half arsing it is over. I have 10 weeks till Tough Mudder so it's time to knuckle down and put some work in. It's time to get serious. 10k OCR Near the end of this challenge I'll be taking part in this 10k obstacle course race. This is kind of a warm up for Tough Mudder but it's also to give me something to aim towards this challenge. Build Strength I'm going to continue lifting and doing Body-weight work. My aim is to do at least 2 lifting sessions at the gym and one body-weight workout either at home or in the gym. As well as these sessions, I'm going to contin
  4. I wasn't entirely sure where to post this. I may cross post into my own battle log just to keep track of the ideas in case it ends up happening in a non-affiliated way, but... Side note - I have a feeling something like this is happening at Camp NF, which I'm not attending. That being the case, I'd like to keep this separate from that as well. In light of one rebel's recent experience at a poorly run Spartan Race, I've decided to put some ideas I've been having for a new obstacle race on paper. The concept is basically having a race designed around different specializations, rather than a
  5. *sorry, I couldn't find the name of the artist for this Prologue The Nyun cast ever deepening shadows upon the Endless Forest as Lielet tread through hardened snow toward its great base. She could feel the last sign of civilization at her back - the golden light from the Five Wolves Inn - she grit her teeth, willed herself not to turn and answer its beckon. Lielet sucked in the cool evening air, bracing herself for the long and uncertain journey which lay ahead. The goal was the abandoned Queen's Army tower midway up that snow-covered monstrosity, but she had only a crude map from her mentor t
  6. Hey, y'all - Is anyone out there planning on running the upcoming Spartan Sprint race (3+ miles, 15+ obstacles) in Temecula, CA on 09/14? I signed up for the (8:30 A.M. and 8:45 A.M.) confirmed start time. Even if you aren't doing the race in my location, if you have a similar race date, maybe we could buddy up and share training tips/be battle log buddies? - Quinn aka RedPuma
  7. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES http://www.runforyourlives.com/files/6613/5964/8819/RFYL_Official_Final.m4v (If anyone knows how to pull that video off the site and embed it to this thread, that would be awesome!) I would kill - er, I mean, I would LOVE to participate in one of these! Too bad the closest ones to me (ie, within drivable distance) are at the end of 2013 or into next year. But I thought maybe some NF peeps would get a kick out of it, and perhaps post pics if they decide to participate so that we could live vicariously through them? (Shamelessly ctrl+c/ctrl+v directly from the websit
  8. I lied... I am doing a challenge So here's a little about me. I've been reading some of the stuff on Nerd fitness for a while and it sort of inspired me to start whipping my act together. I just figured out what the whole 6 week challenge is and I love the idea of all this profession and attribute stuff so I decided to give it a shot. I'm male, 5'10", and about 145 pounds and in decent shape but not a ton of strength. So without further delay, here are my goals... 1) COMPLETE THE RUGGED REGIMEN: I am running a rugged maniac this month and although I am in decent shape, I would like to be able
  9. Hey, Living Social is running a deal for tickets to the Down and Dirty Run on July 14th in Fairmount Park in Philadelphia! There are 2 races, a 10k and a 5k and two different prices. I signed up for the 10k and it was $57. You can see the deal here (and well, if 3 of you buy then I get mine free )
  10. Hi all! AquaNat and I started this group because we realized at the end of our last challenges that we both are signing up for obstacle runs this year and want to encourage each other and everyone else who might be doing the same. Also, this is a new thing for me (and for her I think), so if anyone who has experience with this kind of race wants to help us tweak our training, it would be much appreciated!
  11. Hey all, First challenge for me as well! I am very excited to really get involved with the NF community. I am doing this to have more accountability in my life and to help me train for the many races that I have coming up this year. I think the biggest thing I want to do with this challenge is create some positive and consistent routines to get healthy and fit. Starting Place 5'7" 240.5lbs I can run about 4 minutes without stopping. (Not very well and not comfortably but it is possible.) Goals 1. Cut candy out completely I had completely cut all candy out of my diet for a mon
  12. I am heading to Georgia in March for the Spartan Sprint, repeat of last year's race which was my first ever Spartan race. Completely hooked now. Any other Nerds running this one? I am signed up for the Hurricane Heat and the race Saturday. I am coming up alone but meeting a few other Spartans I have run with later while there but would be cool to meet up with some Nerds as well. Also doing the Midwest Super again which has been moved to July. Hoping warmer is a heck of a lot better than cold as crap as it was back in October!!
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