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  1. My quests: Exercise for 15 to 30 mins Drink a protein shake Drink a green juice Make healthier eating decisions Read 10 to 15 pages daily Bullet journal daily Post a picture everyday to IG daily
  2. "Skip, the Tall lanky Clumsy Lad plods oer the Brow of a Hill... ah. you do Not Know of Skip? Alas, I have no time and heart to tell the tale- for I have reveled and wonder'd the crowd of RiverClaw and Tamsen Woode... Let us Suffice to say the Skip the Humble is on a humble Quest to Destroy a Rather Useless ring in a faraways and Dangerous land. He shall need Great Speed, strength, Wit, and ... Combat (dare we say it- he shall Surely DIE!). he has no hope for any of this. Deserted. Alone. Mocked. He does nev'rtheless- Dare an Unquenchable dream... Led by this faithfull book. (something of a Great ring' and the fight of good and evil- It is nonsense and Rubbish!) ..... Now he had been about his quest for about 1 week. 1 WEEK! Quarter of a moons cycle... and no good thing was done! he was starved and weak; thirsted and tired. He had barely run and but a short and hard walk from his start. Oh and he was Lost. Do you feel sorry for him? come to the Inn in Yonder villiage tomarrow, traveler. I shall tell the tale. but I am tired and I stagger...." [drunken singer swoons, gets off his horse and collapses into the crook of a tree root] "That is why you should not drink"' you think "still, a quiet inn might be pleasant"
  3. Hey guys, Better late than never I always say! While yesterday threw a slew of distractions at me I got a perfect window today to post my second challenge and my first one in the Rebel group. For those of you who don't know me, I'm Ratynda and where my last challenge focused on a broad group of topics meant to get me to broaden my thoughts towards new opportunities, this one will hold a lens to my progress in what I've established and measure out progress in a more tangible way. As I got to know myself better, I started to realize what motivates me and what drains me, and this month I'll be taking steps to enforce or eliminate those respectively. So without further ado.... - Complete three structured weightlifting workouts a week, based on push/pull split. - Increase to the weight specified for the following lifts by the end of the challenge. - Bench Press: 110 LBS - Squats: 105 LBS - Deadlift: 100 LBS - Overhead Press: 25 LBS - Limit eating out to one lunch per week, with the rest consisting of pre-made food. - Limit Video Game play to three days out of the week. - Attend one class for a new type of physical activity that I have never tried With my workouts, I am finally getting back into the swing of thrice weekly splits, and with that I came up with a new program to try, In which I focus on progressing on the four big lifts listed above every week for a foundation of strength, then stratifying my workouts to different muscles under the push/pull category. For example I might start with bench Presses and Overhead presses one day, then target back and biceps with some rows, Lat pulldowns, and Bicep curls. I want to steadily get a feel for how quickly I can progress in my big lifts, so I went with some targets that I thought would be reasonable to reach but still a good challenge, with no shame upon failure to reach them. Of course, these weights do not keep bars into account. The next two goals are targeted at reducing two of my vices, spending money and video games. While sometimes circumstances require buying food out, after spending sometimes a whole week only going out to eat, I can recognize how easily that drains my wallet, where I should be saving for travel. Games on the other hand are innocent enough and something that I love doing, but I recognize that when I spend days in a row playing them when I get home, I end up not accomplishing much, falling behind on my sleep, distracting myself during workouts, and just generally feeling mentally negative and unhealthy. This will allow me to enjoy the games in a healthy amount that doesn't require policing exact time. With the extra time I have, I will be stoking my fire for physical activity and finding new ways to exercise, leading to my last challenge. It can be any class or structured exercise, as long as I have not already tried it before. My gym has a myriad of group classes that should be perfect for this goal. And that concludes my goals for this month! Short, sweet, and to the point. If anyone has any tips, suggestions, or feedback for me along the way, please let me know. Until then, lets get this challenge started!
  4. GREETINGS REBELLION!!I am Wraiven but those whom know me well call me Mitch Jnr. I have been working on leveling up my life and developed my quest log in a way to grow, not only for me but for the benefit of those all over the world. Since I can remember I have always been a very giving person and gathered joy from tasks that not only helped me be a better man, but also to help others grow too. Since my Father (Mitch Snr) passed away started really struggling with depression and anxiety in recent years and it's truly effected my growth and attitude towards what I always believed of myself. It could be chemical or it could just be my mind trying to avoid the pain of failing... But that's not gonna happen! Since joining the Rebellion I decided to dedicate a whole year to trying to change some lives and it's really had an Impact on me too.17 has always been my favourite number soooo I decided in 2017 I was going to do a Charity Challenge called 'Songs and Smiles' to help raise funds for Kids with Cancer, Mental Illness and Poverty/Famine. This requires me to do a song a day to bring smiles and provoke thought/nostalgia every single day and then people could share and possibly donate if they could. A simple premise but alot of people seem to like it. So far we have raised over $5000 and had 250,000 views on Youtube.My Dad always wanted to help kids with cancer because when he had it he always beleived he had lived and they deserved a chance to aswell, so I am doing this all in his memory and I hope all of the rebellion can join me too and become a SMILE SAVIOUR!DONATE: http://bit.ly/2iRw2vO GOFUNDME: http://bit.ly/2jXoQ5f FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/2hFp6UY TWITTER: @MitchJnrMass <3 Mitch Jnr
  5. GREETINGS REBELLION!! I am Wraiven but those whom know me well call me Mitch Jnr. I have been working on leveling up my life and developed my quest log in a way to grow, not only for me but for the benefit of those all over the world. Since I can remember I have always been a very giving person and gathered joy from tasks that not only helped me be a better man, but also to help others grow too. Since my Father (Mitch Snr) passed away started really struggling with depression and anxiety in recent years and it's truly effected my growth and attitude towards what I always believed of myself. It could be chemical or it could just be my mind trying to avoid the pain of failing... But that's not gonna happen! Since joining the Rebellion I decided to dedicate a whole year to trying to change some lives and it's really had an Impact on me too. 17 has always been my favourite number soooo I decided in 2017 I was going to do a Charity Challenge called 'Songs and Smiles' to help raise funds for Kids with Cancer, Mental Illness and Poverty/Famine. This requires me to do a song a day to bring smiles and provoke thought/nostalgia every single day and then people could share and possibly donate if they could. A simple premise but alot of people seem to like it. So far we have raised over $5000 and had 250,000 views on Youtube. My Dad always wanted to help kids with cancer because when he had it he always beleived he had lived and they deserved a chance to aswell, so I am doing this all in his memory and I hope all of the rebellion can join me too and become a SMILE SAVIOUR! DONATE: http://bit.ly/2iRw2vO GOFUNDME: http://bit.ly/2jXoQ5f FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/2hFp6UY TWITTER: @MitchJnr Mass <3 Mitch Jnr
  6. Hey, all-- I'm planning to do NaNoWriMo this year and wondering if any other Rebels are going to as well. I'm pretty intimidated by it and am planning to make it part of my next challenge--thought maybe we could all form a little guild and encourage each other. For those who are not familiar: NaNoWriMo = National Novel Writing Month, when a bunch of people all try to write a novel in one month. www.nanowrimo.org.
  7. The Shogun’s Journey -2017- Strength Quests Related to exercise and physical activity. THE PURSUIT OF MASTERY Intelligence Quests Related to lifelong learning or mentally challenging pursuits. THE SUMMONING OF THE MUSES Perception Quests Related to work and financial tasks. Constitution Quests Related to health, wellness and social interaction. THE SHAPING OF A SHOGUN’S PHYSIQUE JOINING THE FORCE THE SHOGUN’S COUNCIL BECOME A DEATH EATER
  8. (Roughly listed in order of priority or expected completion) Fitness Yoga (minimum of 30 consecutive days) - Completed 12/01/15 Meditation (minimum of 30 consecutive days) Hold a handstand (10s?) Lose 60 lbs. (From personal high of 277 on 1/1/15) Get down to 16% BF Do a chin-up Do a pull-up Squat my weight - Complete 02/01/16 Deadlift my weight Bench-press my weight Do 100 consecutive push-ups Do 100 consecutive burpees Do a Foam-Glow race Complete a Spartan Race Life Get debt free (Credit cards, Auto & Student loans) Become conversational / fluent in Spanish (using Rosetta, if I decide I do not like, start Duolingo) Learn to play guitar well enough to serenade Learn to dance (haven't decided which style yet, but will take lessons) Become conversational in Irish Become conversational in French Become conversational in German Buy a house Local Travel Visit Niagra Falls - July 2014 Visit Toronto - Aug 2014 Visit Isle Royale - June 2001 Visit Boston, MA - Oct 2014 Return to Isle Royale Visit Washington DC Visit Las Vegas, Nevada Go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras Surf in California Visit Seattle, WA Visit New York, NY International Travel Go to Mexico - Jan 2011 Return to Mexico See The High Kings play live in Ireland Visit Spain Visit France Visit Germany Visit Peru Visit Thailand Visit India
  9. Attached is my updated Epic List. I will break it down for why I chose these if asked My Epic Quests https://www.nerdfitness.com/character/86599
  10. So after falling off the wagon (really hard), and respawning, I've found myself in a bit of a dilemma... I had clearly defined my goals, as well as my big why, and my method to achieving, but for the longest time, I was finding it difficult to choose the right path to take. I can't be an assassin, because I like to lift weights. I can't be a warrior, because I want to do more besides lift weights. After hemming and hawing about it, I realized that the Rangers would probably be the best fit me: A little bit of everything, and a whole lot of attitude. For those of you who don't know, My name is Bob, and I am a Barbarian To me, a barbarian isn't about being a shirtless guy, with an ax and an anger problem. No, there are several tenets to being a barbarian, and I have created quests for each one. I feel that if I can nail all of my goals, each 100%, then perhaps I could be allowed to join your guild. I will earn my entrance through blood, sweat, and tears. Let us begin. #1. A Barbarian is Strong A barbarian is strong. Whenever you see an image of a typical barbarian (i.e. Arnold), he's usually wielding a large weapon. Large enough that it almost looks impossible to be wielded by any normal human. And yet, he carries a large ax/sword/tree trunk wherever he goes, and you know it's more than just for show. Let the puny weaklings wield their rapiers, daggers, and staves. Your ax is all you need. But beyond that, a barbarian is strong in a functional sense as well. A barbarian climbs, jumps, runs, and swims just as well as any assassin. When a barbarian seeks out a target, nothing stands in his way from getting to it. Quest #1: Strength training 3/week, and cardio/rucking 2/week Whether it's bodyweight training, sandbag training, or Parkour training, I will be working hard this month. For me, this is nothing new. I've done it before, I just need to be consistent. I'm ready to rise with the morning sun, and embrace the soreness of training. Let's f#*%ing do this. Side quest: Try something new: A group fitness class, a specialized class, whatever. Do it once. #2. A Barbarian is Tough I've found that whenever I've played Pathfinder or D&D, it's the barbarian class that's usually left standing when the fight is over. Wizards & sorcerers cast spells, paladins and clerics provide healing, and warriors and rogues deal out plenty of damage. But the class that's left standing, the class that's always there to pull your ass out of the fire, is the barbarian. And why not? Barbarians aren't trained or forged, they're born out of harsh environments, from the hottest deserts, the darkest swamps, and the coldest mountain tops. A barbarian is tough, both mentally and physically. Their bodies are designed to take pain, take discomfort, and keep right on pushing, and if you're going toe-to-toe with one, you'd better make sure you're weapons are sharp (and that you brought a few friends). Quest #2: Create a daily schedule, and stick with it This month will be all about mental focus. I know that if I can write out my goals, and make a schedule, I can create an attack plan for not only completing my goals, but also living a better life. This isn't so much a goal to be completed, but a lifetime goal to be started. However, to keep myself in check, I will reply daily to this thread with my progress, even if it's only 1 sentence long. And yes, that includes today. Side quest: Only take cold showers this month. #3. A Barbarian Controls his Fear It's pretty difficult to scare a barbarian. Their methods may be primal (i.e. smashing thing until thing stops moving), but in a barbarians world, it's kill or be killed. With a strong body, and a vigilant constitution, a barbarian is near ready for anything that comes his way. And even if his target is stronger, faster, or scarier than he is, a barbarian controls his fear, rather than letting his fear control him. Fighting is the first option in the barbarians choices for conflict. Running, should be the last. Which is why if you ever see a barbarian, running in a random direction, you run with that barbarian. Because there is something scary coming the other way. Quest #3: Create 2 projects for 2 potential clients This is a career quest yes, but honestly, I've often waffling over what I want to do with my life. The thought of going down the wrong career path scares the shit out of me. I keep thinking "is this really the career for me?" Actually, worrying is probably the better word for it. Well no more. Now, it's time to shut up, stop pussy-footing around the issue, and start something. I want to get into graphic design. No, not want, I am going to get into graphic design. Right now I have very little: No portfolio, no website, no degree, but what I do have, is skills. I'm going to reach out to several people, and see if they want any projects done by me. If they like what they see, and approve of it, I'll post it on this thread. Side quest: Try acupuncture. #4. A Barbarian Expresses his Emotions When most people think of barbarians, they probably think of terms like "Rage", or "Anger", or "F#%$ing pissed the f$#% off you f@#$ing f%&*". It's pretty standard for a lot of a barbarian's power to come from his anger. Meditation, and subtle contemplation on the meaning of life, aren't usually part of a barbarian's schedule. He's far more interested in finding the guy that accidentally bumped into him at the pub, chopping off his head, hollowing out his skull into a soup bowl, and adding it to his collection. But rather than focus on just pure anger, I dug a little deeper, and noticed that a barbarian embraces their other emotions as well. When he's happy, he smiles and laughs. When he's sad, he cries. When he's angry, he makes soup bowls. This is something that we could all strive for. I remember when I was in college, my family would occasionally call me up, and ask me how I was doing. I'd usually reply with "I'm fine", when in reality my brain would be screaming "DUDE! NO! YOU ARE NOT FINE!!! YOU ARE TIRED, YOU ARE BROKE, YOU ARE LONELY, AND ALL YOU WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS TO FALL INTO A COMA FOR 3 MONTHS!!! YOU ARE ANYTHING BUT F#%&ING FINE!!!!!" I still use the "fine" excuse to this day. Well no more. Quest #4: Upload Web Comic, as well as 3 comics total This has been a goal of mine for a while, to upload a web comic, make some drawings, and hopefully, make people laugh. Let's make it happen shall we? Side quest: Call family member 1/week. #5. A Barbarian Embraces Nature Most often you'll find barbarians in a pub, mingling with the other socialites. After a spot of tea, they'll then wisp themselves down to the local clothing shop, and find a pretty pink dress to wear to her majesty's ball that night. Oh wait... No you don't! You're more likely to find a barbarian in the woods, killing something, and then probably eating it. A barbarian is at home in the woods, where he was born and raised. Like the barbarian, nature is wild, unpredictable, brutal, and yet beautiful. While I enjoy hiking and camping, I know that I should be embracing the natural side of things more. I need to be real. Be authentic. Be natural. As much as I can. Embrace the outdoors as much as I can. Quest #5: Cook 2 meals per week I've been eating like crap the past couple of months, and I need to stop. No more buying food that comes in a bag, or a drive-thru. If I want to eat better, I need to cook. So no more excuses about how I don't have time. I'm going to cook. I'll try to post my meals. God damn it no! I will post my meals when I can. Side quest: Quit soda. Holy mother f#%*ing bullshit this is going to be hard... LET THE QUESTS BEGIN!!!
  11. I decided that a spreadsheet was a better format for me than using the levelupyourlife website. Here's a link to it (viewable Google Spreadsheet)... Maybe I'm collecting underpants a little with the amount of time I've spent organizing it but it's a living malleable thing I'm pretty excited about it, and have started setting up goals, deadlines, rewards and consequences. I'm also looking at things one week at a time. I'm new to the forum style of website but hope to find a good group here to talk to other people who are excited about the book/process too!
  12. I'm halfway through Level Up Your Life and I'm completely on board to change my life yo. I've got many other quests besides these but quitting my job is my number one priority. As you can see there are a variety of businessy things I want to do. Now it comes to choosing the one I want to do first and not giving up on it until it's successful. I have a habit of moving from project to project too quickly and getting depressed when I don't find success. So whatever I choose I will announce here, break it down into lots of smaller quests, come up with rewards and penalties to make sure I get it done, and will be posting the progress here. You can scold me or cheer me on as I continue. Thank you! Read Level Up Your Life Create a financially successful podcast Sell 10,000 copies of a game I developed Sell 10,000 copies of a CD I made Earn $1,000 per month on Patreon Read The 4-Hour Work Week QUIT MY JOB!
  13. Welcome to my Quest Log! Hopefully I will log my daily progress here so that I know where I'm headed I guess a bit of back story on why this is a quest to become the ultimate cosplayer: I really love cosplay, so I'd like to be able to truly embody the characters I dress to become! This isn't the only reason I've become a part of NF, but it's an extra buff I'll gain by becoming more fit ^ ^ Most anime/game characters are very fit and deceivingly strong too lol, and as one of the characters I want to cosplay in the future is Juri from Street Fighter, I'd love to be able to do some flips and stuff (one day!) I've already introduced myself just a couple hours ago in the intro section but just a short background of myself is that I'm just a skinny, underweight, muscle-less, low endurance, just overall not-at-all-fit Asian girl (I'm out of breath from walking and talking at the same time..). I do walk around where I can and take the stairs all the time, but other than doing maybe one workout a month, I don't do much deliberate exercising/working out. An example of just how unfit I am coming into NF; I can barely do 1 proper push up. I can maybe do 1 right now. By #2, I just collapse. 0 arm strength haha... I joined NF Academy less than a week ago because I really liked the structured way they guided you through everything on the path to becoming fit, just like a tutorial. I really needed that. I've always tried looking up workouts and schedules I could follow to try and get fit, but none were geared towards someone who was as a beginner as I was so I'd try one and die the next day and just never get back into it. I've already started modifying my diet and am started on the Walk to Mordor quest My current goals & Progress: - Bodyweight Brigade Level 1: 2-3 days a week [on hold - will be doing mini habits first because I need to get into the habit of exercising every day first] Future Goals: - Get to the Assassin workouts! I'm still a beginner so haven't yet progressed to the class-specific workouts yet. - Devote a day in the weekend to "fun fitness" Current Stats Height ~167cm Weight ~46kg Able to consistently do 1 push up Squats are no prob
  14. Zaelir was born at the end of the War of Souls in the tiny town of Solace. As dragons had burned down most of the town by the time she arrived, her parents were in empty company, but they stayed to provide shelter to travelers and soldiers alike. It is said that the remaining Heroes of the Lance gathered in Solace one last time before their deaths, but Zaelir remembers none of it. Stories are all she's ever known. The only battles she has ever fought are against the dust and ash of the old inn, though many nights she snuck out after her chores to climb through the great Vallenwood trees and practice her (somewhat reprehensible) archery skills. Every night when she returned home, she found a warm bed and heartache. Three nights ago, Zaelir's world changed. Always the listener, she sat by the fireplace listening to Steve the Troubadour, fascinated with the newcomer's yarns of the gods, old adventures, and a race of talking bulls! He must have noticed her rapt attention for he beckoned for Zaelir to sit next to him once the patrons had gone to bed. "I know your face," he said, rummaging in his large bag. "Branchala showed it to me in a dream one month ago, and I have spent these days searching for you." From his bag he pulled out a curious stringed instrument. "You are full of stories and music, and the gods will show you the way. But in order to fulfill your destiny, you must go to Branchala's Grove in the Wastelands." "The Wastelands?!" she gasped. "But I have never left home! And the Wastelands are thousands of miles north, past Solamnia!" Steve the Troubadour pat her shoulder. "Then I suggest a healthy ration of meats and a good pillow. And shoes, if you're the shoe type," he said, winking and wiggling his own bare toes. Zaelir looked down at the beautiful instrument and felt a longing tug at her heart. "But how do I get there?" She looked up, but the Troubadour was gone. So Zaelir packed her bags, said her goodbyes, and set off in search of a map and a guide. Her body, not used to the hard work of traveling day after day, needed to grow stronger, and so her journey began. ************** Level One Rebel Quests: Dailies: [1] Do 10 minutes of exercise outside of walking on the job every day for the next month. Focus on resistance training and core workouts with body strength [0/260 minutes] [2] Have at least one fruit or veggie with at least one meal [0/26] [3] Drink at least 40 oz of water [0/1,040] Challenge: Go on a day hike [0/1] LUYL: [1] Procure a cello and practice 15 min a day 4 days a week [0/240] [2] Learn to read bass clef and the proper fingering chart [0/1] [3] Successfully play 2 songs by the end of the challenge [0/2]
  15. Living in a post-apocalyptic world changes your perspective of what's really important in life and what isn't. Well, I'm sure it would. I play too many zombie games, shush. When it really comes down to the wire, we humans need but a few things to keep us going. Unfortunately, I don't much like the idea of just 'surviving' being the reason for staying alive - because what's the point in being alive if you can't enjoy it? At the same time, I don't want to waste the time I have still alive killing myself with bad habits , life choices, and company. Also, if the apocalypse ever does actually come, I want to survive it. Preferably with my friends and family around to enjoy a brand new world with. Being alive in the apocalypse - and in real life - generally combines the following things; Mastery over Food:Not starving to death in the apocalypse is a mixture of being able to cook up food off a whim and a few scraps, being able to provide food that will sustain you the longest, and knowing what to eat and what not to eat to keep yourself in peak physical condition. These conditions are also important for leading a healthy - albiet currently zombie-lacking - life. Learning new recipes, gardening, and creating a sustainable eating plan will all help this. Food Mastery Skills (Started)cooking gardening healthy eating Quests:\ one / two / three / four / five serves of vegetables a day\ one week / two weeks / one month without takeout Grow an edible garden\ strawberries / lemons / chilli / \ potatoes / tomatoes / lettuce / beans / spring onions / pumpkins / zucchini / cucumber /\ basil / mint / thyme / lavender / parsley / rosemary / \ sunflowers / Mastery over Shelter:Having somewhere to store all your things and somewhere to hole up in case things go south is always helpful when facing the brainless masses. And being able to spend lengthy amounts of time in said place without it driving you mentally insane is also a bonus. Any permanent living space would ideally also be able to function as a sole unit, providing basic amenities needed for a comfortable life. Making changes to make a home sustainable, and keeping said place clean and organised all help this. Shelter Mastery Skills (Start Early 2016)sustainable livingcompostingrenewable energycleaninghouse maintenanceputting things awayhome improvement Quests:Own a house with Mr. TeaAll food scraps go into compost which goes back into the edible garden. Grow enough vegetables to feed one / two / more peopleGrow a tea garden:\ tea bush / lemongrass / ginger / chamomile /Have chickens for eggs. Have sheep as lawnmowers & woolHave the house running off self sustaining energy. $0 energy bills, or close enough to it.Maintain a level of cleanliness without stress. No dishes left on counters or tables, things put away neatly but easily accessible. Have people around for dinner often. have an apocalypse survival bag / planbe able to climb a tree Mastery over Company:Having people you can rely on in the worst situations makes surviving that little bit less difficult, and a little bit less lonely. But if one was to ever find themselves alone, being able to keep oneself company without succumbing to damaging thoughts is a must. The act of helping people in need also contributes to a life well lived, and something I've so far left way out of my life. Making time to spend with family, friends, and even the dog, meditating, and committing acts of goodness all help with this. Company Mastery Skills (Started)friends family meditationcharity Quests:catch up with friends occasionally / once a week. catch up with extended family once / twice / three times a yearmeditate every day for \ 5 / 10 / 30 / 60+ minutes.do something nice for someone I don't knowgive someone something without expecting recompenseTrain the dog to do cool things:\ play dead / heel / backflip Mastery over Survival & Knowledge: Having all of the above us a good start, but if something ever goes wrong you need to know that you will be helpful and contribute to solving a crisis if needed. It doesn't pay to be the weak link in any survival team, especially if you are the only team member. Physically you need to have control over your body and have it able to perform certain tasks, and mentally you need to know various skills that could come in handy. Learning to move yourself, move things around you, know what things around you do, the best way to use things, and various skills that allow you to use the world around you to your advantage all help this. Survival Mastery Skills (Started) Moving Distance running Sprinting & intervals Parkour Yoga Lifting Derby Quests \ sprint 100m / 200m / 500m+ (comfortably) \ run 1km / 2km / 3km / 5km+ (comfortably) master simple parkour moves: \ Dive roll / jump obstacles / climb walls / master the handstand: \ 10secs \ 20secs \ 30secs / 1min / 2mins / 3mins + touch my forehead to my shins. (comfortably) master yoga poses such as crow/crane pose / headstand / splits / scorpion / others deadlift my own body weight / twice my bodyweight squat my own body weight / twice my bodyweight bench my own body weight / twice my bodyweight do pull ups. \ 1 / 5 / 10 / 20+ do chin ups. \ 1 / 5 / 10 / 20+ do push ups.\ 1 / 5 / 10 / 20+ handstand push ups. \ 1 / 5 / 10 / 20+ do pistol squats. \ 1 / 5 / 10 / 20+ plank for everrr. \ 1min / 2mins / 3mins / 4mins / 5mins+ Roller Derby: \ Pass Fresh Meat / Pass Min. Skills / the27in5 / 30in5 / play a bout / win a bout / Knowledge Mastery Skills (Start!) learn a new language / 2 languages / 3+ languages: \ Esperanto / French / Russian / Japanese Learn to sew your own clothes: \ socks / underwear / bras / hats / beanies / shirts / pants / tights / jumpers / jackets / corset / probably some other thingsCrochet an ugly christmas sweaterLearn to spin yarnMake something with homespun yarnLearn more about Albany Learn more about the world Write a book Write and record a Horror Radio Play Create, design, code & complete a computer game Sell something I've made Mastery over Travel: There is nothing bad about knowing about the world's many customs, food, people, beliefs. Knowing these things will help survival in unknown places, as well as make the places you know and live in all the more colourful. There are places I would like to go, so I'm starting a list! Travel To a beach with bioluminescent waves To the North / South Pole Deep under the sea To a buddhist temple To a rainforest To the snow To outer space! (one can dream, right?) Overseas Places Visited: Brunei / Cambodia / Thailand / Vietnam / Singapore Mastery of Life's Purpose I hope that by branching out my life into so many different aspects, that I can find the reason I'm keeping this body warm and moving. I also hope to find a program or something that I can work through to get myself in the right mindset and on the way. I have no idea how to even approach this. Not even kidding. Despite a mostly bubbly demeanor I can fall prey to some dark moods - I have a cycle of a few months of happiness and a few months of darkness - so I hope that by creating something to cling on to the happiness is increased and the darkness forced back and I can give myself a sense of, well, purpose. Life's Purpose Mastery (Ongoing) Quests:Find a job I like to fund my life\ media developer / waitress / short order cook / Fill life with meaningful pastimes and passions\ crochet / drawing / sewing / cooking & baking / yoga / meditation / writing / Roller Derby / To formulate all these things into the semblance of a useable routine, this is what I would like to be doing with each day that passes. I am very much of the "go where life takes you" mindset, but that doesn't mean I can't steer this wild ride. Having an idea of where I would like this to go will also help me in future challenges when I want to work on different things; I will know what time of day should work best for me. This will probably change 100 times as I work out what's best for my life at different times but that's fine. It's a working draft of a plan. That's more then I've ever had in my life ever. My Ideal Day:up with the sunrise.exercise or yoga. something physical. meditation.breakfast. something filling and satisfying. working on life passion / actual job if it's rostered.lunch time. something refreshing to get me through the rest of the day.working on whatever I didn't do in the morning.nap timemore working if I'm feeling inspired.dinner. games and relaxing. indulging myself. meditation. bed time;sleep a solid 7.5-8 hours. Epic Quest:HAVE SOMETHING WORTH LIVING FOR. Die Happy
  16. Hello there! I decided to stick for only one quest per week/weeks to accomplish. So here is the first one! CURRENT QUEST: Create my own food log Duration: 7 days Specific: Honestly and accurately track every food or drink you consume for 7 consecutive days. Please see My Fitness Pal for details. UPDATE Started: February 8, 2016 Finished: February 15, 2016
  17. CHALLENGE ONE Main Quest: From a waist size of 34 to 25. (Dream big! ) Quest 1: No sugar drinks in a week A - none B - 1-2 C - 3-4 D - 5 or more Quest 2: Have enough sleep everyday A - 8 hours or more B - 7 hours or more but less than 8 hours C - 6 hours or more but less than 7 hours D - 5 hours or more but less than 6 hours Quest 3-A: After using the loo, squat 5 times. (everyday) A - 40 or more B - 39-35 C - 34-25 D - 24 below Quest 3-B: After entering the bedroom, do 5 push-ups. (everyday) A - 25 or more B - 24-20 C - 19-10 D - 9 below Life Quest: Be thankful for something wonderful that happens each day. A - did it! B - I'll do it tomorrow. P.S. I don't have any rewards XP yet as I am still exploring about the point system and stuff.
  18. OPTIONAL QUEST: Drink Water STATUS: doing Quest 7: Drink water A - 13 cups or more B - 12-10 cups C - 9-7 cups D - 6 cups below
  19. January 11, 2016 1 banana 9:17 AM: 2 ham 1 cup rice 15g ketchup 14:00 1 cup rice 2 slices of fried fish 4 pcs chocolate 19:00 1 shawarma wrap: mayo, cabbage, beef, cheese 1/2 rice 25g chicken 2 bowls of ramen
  20. OPTIONAL QUEST: Sunday Mass Log STATUS: doing Quest 5: Go to mass every Sunday. A - Yes, I did! B - I went to mass on a weekday.
  21. Hello! A newbie here! Pick 3 diet and/or fitness quests quest, and one level up your life quest. 3 DIET AND FITNESS QUESTS Drink one milk tea per week. Drink one soda per week. After I use the toilet, I'm gonna squat five times. LEVEL UP YOUR LIFE QUEST Be thankful for something wonderful that happens each day. How to grade myself As my 2 diet quests are quantitative, I'm gonna count how many drinks I consume for a week. For my squats, I'm gonna count how many squats I've done. For my level up quest, I'm gonna post all the things I am thankful for in my blog. Please feel free to comment anything about my quests. I am unsure of my two diet quests. What do you think of them? WELCOME TO MY THREAD! HOPING TO HAVE MANY ACCOUNTABILIBUDDIES OUT HERE!!! GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF US!!!
  22. Completed Epic Quests Drive Across the USA (NY to CA 7/1-7/7) Graduate College (AS Dutchess Comm. College 2010, BA Plattsburgh 2012) Bet on 0 on roulette and win (2015) Bet it all and win (2015) Make my own beer (Uncle Jesse's IPA 2014) Visit London (Oct 2003) Visit Stonehenge (Oct 2003) Go Cliff jumping (Catskills 2007) Random Quests Experience weightlessness Change someone’s life for the better Win a lottery Perform at a comedy club Cameo in a film I have written and produced Go camping with only the necessities Fly in first class Meet my heroes: Gordon Ramsey, Kevin Smith, Ride in a Helicopter Attend a movie premiere attend an awards show Visit all 7 continents Buy a scooter or vespa Fly in a private jet Ride a camel in the desert Watch IMDB’s top 100 films Build my own bat mobile Own a boat Pay off all of my loans Make a snowman in Antartica Go to a multi-day music festival Test drive a super nice, out-of-my-league, car Take a Bartending class Take a comedy or improv class Americas’ Quests Visit Old Faithful in Yellowstone park Skydive Sunset over the pacific/ sunrise over the atlantic Visit all 50 states Build a DIY costume and wear it to CCSD Sit as an audience member at the price is right Tour of the Googleplex Visit the Grand Canyon Take the Kentucky Burbon Trail Eat BBQ, Rib-eye, Pecan Pie and Sweet Tea in Texas Hike half dome in Yosemite Pull an all nighter in Los Angeles Attend E3 Convention Landers’ Millstone nova Scotia Northern lights “trip†European Quests Macaroons in France King’s Day in Amsterdam, wear orange Drink with locals in Dublin Ireland Eat gelato and drink espresso in Italy Attend La Tomatina in Spain Visit Pompeii Italy Travel through Europe Throw a coin in the Trevi fountain in Rome, Italy Live abroad for at least one year Tulip fields in the Netherlands Smoke in Amsterdam Beer at Oktoberfest Munich, Germany Skydive abroad Spontaneous vacation out of the country with no plans or itinerary Asian Quests Bamboo forests in Japan Sushi and sake in Tokyo Run a mile on the great wall of china World’s biggest Buddha Lantauis, Hong Kong China African Quests Visit the Great Pyramids in Giza, Egypt Animal & Nature Quests Swim with sharks face to face with a wild Lion, Tiger, Bear, Kangaroo, Elephant Plant a tree, watch it grow This is a living list, meaning I'll be updating it as I go along.
  23. I'm Fayrn. I'm human. Right now my body condition is average leaning towards overweight. I mostly stay at home, waiting for my life to begin. I need to change that. I want to have a better body image by getting to a healthy weight and tone my body. I'm on a quest to lose my humanity and become something, someone better. Main Quest: In six weeks I will lose six inches off my waist line. Mermaids are graceful, lithe, and fast. That's because they're streamlined and that's what I'm going for. Quest 1: Swim for at least 10 min, twice a week. I love to swim, and if I do more of it I can improve my stamina and overall body condition. Quest 2: Drink more water for the next 6 weeks. I drink water everyday, but not enough. I plan on drinking at least 2L a day. Quest 3: No carbs before 11am. I wake up at around 6 or 7 in the morning most days, and after talking to a nutritionist, I learned it's best to avoid carbs in the morning when you wake up. Life Quest: Furnish the house. I just moved and I would like to make my house into a nice comfy fortress and in order to do that, I need to put things in it. In six weeks I would like to have a kitchen table, a couch, and a bed frame. Motivation: Mermaids. Seriously, I want to look and feel good being half naked and imagining a mermaid seems to get the ball rolling
  24. I was browsing our boards and found this one geared for Epic quests and thought it would be fun to keep a post on here about that. I don't know if anyone is familiar with the idea of having a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days. I currently keep a list which will be done in October of 2017. So as to spare you all some boring things on my list I will pick out ones that are more epic in nature. When you create a do to list of 101 things you start throwing in some rather small things that can be oh, not so exciting. Here goes.... Charity - Continue with doing 30 charitable things each year. Last year I started doing this and the charitable things can range from small to large. I just like continually giving back no matter how small. I did taxes for someone for free...pay parking meters...volunteer at the kid's school. Currently I'm up to 15 things so I'm on track for the year. Donate Blood Fitness/Adventure - Lose 20 lbs Hike Old Rag Cut sugar out of my diet Try something way new for me (pole classes/aerial yoga/belly dance) Hold a Falcon/Hawk Home Improvement - Re-Do at least 3 rooms in the house. Bathroom, and both kid's rooms. (usually we do painting and things of that nature as a couple and I would like to try and do something myself for once...that and the husband refuses to paint anymore LOL) Financial - Pay off 4 credit cards/debts Education based goals - Learn to drive stick (better than I can now) Learn to hitch and drive with the travel trailer attached. Lean Guitar (or Ukelele) Learn to Knit Pottery Classes Master Gardener Classes
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