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  1. Only 2 goals this challenge! Run Never drink (alcoholic beverages) alone Well that's cheating! So i need rules: - Only drink when there is someone over that is also having an alcoholic beverage (excluding the wife cause she would kill me) - Run: 3 times a week minimum, 35K per week minimum
  2. Greetings In this challenge I will be keeping it pretty simple Running/exercising: follow the training program I worked out in April up to the date of my 10k race, then come up with a new one. Eating: sensible eating at the start of May. Its my birthday soonish and I'll just eat whatever then and afterwards I'll go full paleo, no exception, no excuses, just lose some weight, fatso. Meditation: not really. I have a couple of weeks left on my subscription to the app. I'll be listening to the remaining courses but not planning to make meditation a big part of my
  3. I've got a foot injury, so running will be minimal at best this challenge. I'll run what I can when I think I can do it without making things worse. In the meantime, I need to give myself some routines, in part to replace the structure running used to provide. I want to get started on something now, but don't really want to commit to 5 weeks of anything at the moment, so I'm going to try this for 2 weeks: 1. Strength training of some sort 3x/ week. I'm feeling motivated to do some dumbbell stuff, and I've pulled out a couple workouts to try. (2 pts each: 12 pts) 2.
  4. EDIT: By popular demand I am changing my challenge to be about the 3 things most important to me (and my readers) right now: 1. Tats - I am getting my first tattoo and it is impacting my life in a big way as it heals and I continue to get it worked on. 2. Gaming - I am loving the heck out of Assassin's Creed Odyssey right now and it is my new obsession. 3. Ice Cream - I have a couple hundred dollars worth of ice cream that is prepaid and I need to eat it soon or I will lose it. I can't not eat it because apparently I don't even know what 'sunk cost' means
  5. My Goals... My Goals Never um... Changes I'm a Mighty Mighty Man, I'm Young (ahem) and I'm in my Prime (cough, cough) Keeping it simple this time, sticking to what I need to do and what I've been doing, but doing it better. Not expecting miracles but aiming to get back to the level of fitness I had about 5 years ago, which seems achievable with some effort and consistency. Basically, be able to run fast for a sustained length of time, have some upper body strength, be able to do a bridge, and not feel like my belly is always getting in the fucking way. I Don't W
  6. Back to basics. Nothing fancy. Totally lo-fi. (Challenge title comes from a line in this song, one of my perennial running mix favorites:) So yeah, a tongue-in-cheek dig at the self-important, well-to-do, esoteric hipsters of the ever-gentrifying Greenwich Village... I guess that's what passes for inspiration 12 months into this mess, but I'm going old school for my goals and my tracking system this week, trying all I can to get off my phone and onto paper. Running Keep making progress to 270 miles by Jul
  7. Hi! Just gonna hang out here today. No real challenge goals. Just some reporting in from time to time!
  8. Cheers, fellow nerds! This is my third challenge - this year, and over here on the NF boards. I’m slowly getting more comfortable with the format, though logging in regularly is still a challenge for me. 
 My first two challenges ranged pretty widely across categories - some nutrition goals, some exercise goals, some mindset and sleep goals. 
 Not this time! Nope, this time, I’m like Luke Skywalker piloting into a narrow canyon hoping to hit a tiny target to blow up the Death Star. This time, I’m going to turn my attention 100% to a 2-hour window every day when my healthy habi
  9. For years, I have wanted to join the Lift Heavy Run Long elite with a 400 lb deadlift and 50 mile run (https://www.liftheavyrunlong.com/50-400-club/). And for me ideally I want to do it on the same day, or lift before and after if traveling for a race. My combined PRs from years ago 282 deadlift and 99ish miles Within the last month 252 deadlift and 13.2 mile (half marathon) run Personal Milestones 267 deadlift and 16 mile run 283 deadlift and 20 mile run 300 deadlift and 26.2 mile run 334 deadlift and 50k run 367 deadlift
  10. Backstory: While having a polyphasic sleep schedule in the past, although only for a week or two and participating unexpectedly in the 4x4x48 challenge in the last challenge, I came to favor the way the challenge was executed. Though only having 1-2 hours of sleep per segment is a bit little and quite stressful in the long run. Thus it makes more sense to have longer segments like 8h or 12h. Challenges: The main challenge is to follow triphasic exercise regime in such a matter that one exercises every 8 hours. On top of that, implementing at least a biphasic sleep
  11. I'm still here, still putting in the work. Just time to redouble the efforts and keep moving forward. Not going to lie I'm not thrilled with my own lack of interactions of late so I'll be focusing on that with the new challenge. Running remains my main activity cause I've love it. quest 1 - going the distance Didn't get to double digits in the last two challenges but will keep pushing. Running is a high point of my day 90% of the time, so getting to run more is a good thing. quest 2 - limit the booze Still keeping this going - I've been doing a bit t
  12. Hey all! So I was doing this challenge thing before COVID ruined stuff, but now's the time to get back in because the gym where I lift is open and I can work on some things now. To make a long story very short, I bought a new road bike at the end of 2020 and hurt myself because it didn't fit quite right. Fits now, so I'm training back up in the hopes of keeping up with my group rides, improving my fitness and knocking off some of the quarantine weight by fixing the diet. 4 goals: - 3 Lifting Days a week. - 80 miles (or more) a week on the road bik
  13. I'm working towards a back handspring (BHS). I'm doing a PPL+core+parkour+running routine. In my last challenge, I learned how to do back walkovers over a rail. In this challenge, I'll start doing macacos, with the goal of eventually turning them into a BHS. Progressions are: - land macaco on left leg (plus on a straight line) - land macaco on right leg (plus on a straight line) - stand to macaco (squat down first, then fall back/put hand down) - jump to a double hand macaco. If I can put both hands down at once, then both feet, I'll be close to a BHS. Jum
  14. Last challenge against obesity was a success (BMI there and body fat at 25.0% and just need 0.1% lower). So keeping the same goals but upping weekly mileage from 21 to 24. Goals 1) Use the fancy scale every day 2) Log all calories 3) Eat at least 6 servings of vegetables a day 4) Run every day 5) Run 24 miles a week
  15. I'm in a little bit of a slump training-wise. I need to either commit to marathon training or not. And I have a small nagging injury (my toe joint...literally a small area) that I'm starting to become more concerned about. My "old lady back" is being a little cranky, and I'm sick of it. I'm taking zero week to figure out a plan. Zero week goals/strategies 1. Try more-or-less following my running plan, but scale back if feeling pain...cut any workout short, and/or take a day off. 2. Ice daily...this helps a lot 3. Try to figure out which shoes might be better/worse. T
  16. I’m finishing law school this semester—hooray! This has been a heckuva journey, made even crazier by the pandemic and going on three semesters of fully virtual learning. But I’m mostly dead done! And finishing law school can only mean one thing: the bar exam. Not looking forward to that. But, I am going to take advantage of the timing to embark on a six-month mini-epic quest, which I’m calling... The Bar and the Bellwether Not because I’ll use any actual barbells at any point. I’ve made it 33 years without picking on
  17. Back for more of the same Fast Travel Get faster, get stronger, do something every day, no exceptions Craft Squirrel Stew Eat Paleoish, no booze Protect the Commmmmmonwealth Continue with the daily meditations following on from last time (summary here) and see where it takes me You Feel Well Rested Morning Routine starting at 5 (get to bed early) good posture, language work (Duolingo +one other thing) and cross one item off the to do list per day.
  18. Or will I? Stay tuned to find out.... I have been playing a LOT of the Elder Scrolls recently. I started out with Skyrim and then when I started running out of new character ideas, I decided to go back in the franchise to Morrowind, the 3rd installment. In that game [SPOILER ALERT] you play the famed hero of prophecy, the Nerevarine. I am going to base my challenge around that, as I expect much of my time this challenge will involve this game Endurance: In the game I have found that my biggest limiting factor is endurance. I can only run
  19. Hail, fellow members of the Rebellion! This is my second challenge. The first was eye-opening. Small changes, consistently applied, supported by this community -- I actually shifted the needle on some habits that just hadn’t moved for years. That felt . . . amazing. I actually started traveling down a road to better health that I haven't been able to start for YEARS. So, now I aim to maintain the habits I’ve built, and tweak a few more, walking further down the path I've started. So - goals for this stage of the journey: 
 Maintaining momentum - One big set of goals is
  20. During the last challenge I noticed that I crammed all the reps towards the weekend. I was doing multiple 10km+ rucks back to back which I noticed took a toll on my feet health once Monday came around. Just as well on the weekends I was pushing out 150+ pushups per day. Thus this challenge is all about doing the absolute minimum every single day! Everyday the goal is to achieve: 1 pull-up ( I don't have a pull-up bar, so get to look for one of those out in public) 10 push-ups 10 ab exercises, ideally dead hang knee raise, but sit-ups/leg raises also work 1
  21. The last challenge has helped me to be consistent and accountable. I want to continue to build on these gains and improve other things that are not going well. The goals for this challenge: 1. Neck Stretches/Shoulder Mobility - In the last challenge, I have the exercises in my daily plan but I fail to do it. I tried doing it after I wake up or before going to bed but could never consistently do it. I need to improve on this. So, the plan is to do these exercises during the Daily Stand-up call at 10am. 2. Minimalism - Simplify. Try something every week along the c
  22. My health journey starts with the basics: Duolingo Reading Exercises Healthy snacks Shaw academy Bullet Journaling
  23. nothing fancy - lets do the work quest 1 - double digits distance didn't make it last time around - going to keep pushing. quest 2 - body weight work eh - no luck on this last time, so let's keep it simple - 5 pushups, 5 sit ups, and 5 squats per trip to the bathroom - excluding morning shower quest 3 - limit booze nightly drinking has gotten out of hand - need to scale it back a max of 1 drink per week night. quest 4 - weekly (virtual) social interaction 1 chat a week - this could be my D&D or ICRPG game
  24. I have been working on training for a century. Will it happen? Who knows. Covid cases are higher than when they postponed it. I'll continue as if it will happen. Cycling twice a week PT at least twice a week preferably 3-4 Eat more protein I have started working on hill work some. Last Saturday I found a great place to ride not too far from my house and it is quite pretty. The only issue is for short workouts I need to figure out a way to warm up. I might just do an out an back on the road adjacent, but it feels silly. But the incline is more than anything o
  25. Fellow voyagers - I come to vanquish a likely common foe, the "post dinner snack monster". I'm generally able to stick to the training program that will will allow me to progress towards my goals, until the post dinner downtime rolls in and I pillage the snack pantry far too regularly. This is likely (a) due to undereating throughout the day and (b) emotional eating (boredom & frustrating being the two key ones) - my quest will have two main objectives: Eat sufficiently throughout the day to be satiated after dinner (given my size & activity levels that's ~160g protein a
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