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  1. OK, this is going to be a hard one because my project will be coming to an end in February so I'll be busy AF, but here's the plan: Oh hang on, let's do a Fallout 4 Theme because it's our game of choice at the moment at home. My Challenge... My Challenge Never Changes Since I'm over 200 years old*, I need to take care of myself. What will make me even more S.P.E.C.I.A.L** than I already am? Well, sticking to what works, of course. Oh and adding some new things to make it interesting too. 1. Strength/Endurance - move every day, including one long run per week,
  2. It’s been a good month or two since I posted here. Suffice it to say the holidays weren’t terribly less stressful than the rest of last year. But I’m here now and I’m going to try to be fairly consistent about that. So, goals: 1. Improve nutrition - I’m planning on using the nutrition levels in the nerd fitness app to guide what I’m eating, although I’ll really take anything that results in less takeout. 2. Exercise 3 times a week - I’m not sure what I’ll do specifically. We’re getting to the point (>2 weeks after new year’s) that I’m not completely uncomfortable
  3. Got a new fancy bio-metric scale and boy was the number higher than I optimistically hoped, back into obesity by 15 pounds. So weight loss is my main priority again. Last year the icing on top of a four year slide from healthy back down into obesity. I have come out before and I will do it again. Also keep my running streak through the winter (at 212 days as of Jan 5). For the last 3 months though I have done a number of single mile runs to keep the streak alive (after a long bike ride I scaled back due to weird muscle ache and my son had open heart surgery so was a crazy last
  4. After a frustrating almost five years of decreasing weekly running mileage, increasing weight and cholesterol levels, and worsening nutrition, I am trying for some habit transformation in 2021. This involves some big things (changing my professional trajectory), and lots of smaller things (adjusting eating and exercise habits in relatively small but significant ways). I used to be a long-distance runner, and it has been hard to let go of the part of my brain that says that if I just up my mileage enough, my weight will take care of itself. As a full-time working (and now middle
  5. Wow, new challenge already...sorry haven't had any time to breathe. I will have a challenge, and it will have some goals. I know what two of them are so far: 1. Pull-up challenge! [Jan 1 - Feb 14]. This is on the heels of a push-up challenge I did with family and friends from Thanksgiving to Christmas. The idea is you do as much as you can at the start, train hard and then test again at the end. I'm nowhere near to being able to do pull-ups, am not strong enough for negatives, and haven't even figured out a good band set-up for doing assisted pull-ups yet. So I'm using the ben
  6. I started some challenges in early 2020 and that just got derailed when the pandemic happened. And life just passed by literally. Hoping to be more mindful and actually get something done, I am doing this challenge following Zipf's Law - Principle of Least Effort. According to Wikipedia: "The principle of least effort postulates that animals, people, and even well-designed machines will naturally choose the path of least resistance or effort". Keep things easy so you set yourself up for success. 1. Run/Walk - 3x a week. Last year, my total mileage was 557.4 mi
  7. Hi all! I'm respawning after a few years off the bandwagon. I used to run and compete in triathlons often, culminating in an Ironman in 2016, shortly before my son was born. Now, I'm much less active, only running/strength training a few times a week. I'm here to get a handle on my diet, which includes too many sweets, and too much food overall for my current, less-active lifestyle. Goal 1: Fast between dinner and breakfast at least 5 days a week (Want to still enjoy popcorn during movie nights!), about 10 hours. Goal 2: Cut out sweets between 2:00 p.
  8. 2020 was such a lazy year only achieved 1000 ruck kilometers which is 600 ruck kilometers less than the year before. This year I have the goal to achieve 2021 ruck kilometers, which equates to about 40 ruck kilometers per week. Thus the goals for this challenge with be combined with a recent post I came across on Instagram, that deals with saving dogs from the meat market in China and flying them to the UK. The post talks about the number 505, thus all goals will deal with that number as well. Goal 1: move 505 kg of dead weight in a kilometer per week Dead Weight is anythi
  9. I have been working on training for a century. Will it happen? Who knows. Covid cases are higher than when they postponed it. I'll continue as if it will happen. Cycling twice a week PT at least twice a week preferably 3-4 Eat more protein I have started working on hill work some. Last Saturday I found a great place to ride not too far from my house and it is quite pretty. The only issue is for short workouts I need to figure out a way to warm up. I might just do an out an back on the road adjacent, but it feels silly. But the incline is more than anything o
  10. Last we left Red1263, he resumed his training under Orthos. During his time under the pollen of the Mendacium flower, he discovered that he was missing a part of himself. He once strove to complete the crystal shard that he still possesses, but that journey had been left unfulfilled due to the random direction Life had taken him... "OI! Get back to work!" Orthos bellowed. "Time is starting to run out! And you're nowhere near ready for the test!" Red1263 looked puzzled. "Test? What test? You mean this isn't the test?!" "Of course not, boy!" Orthos gaffaws. "
  11. Uhhh.... No, not those guys. I meant: Keep it simple, Scout. Sure thing. [insert compulsory "2020, what a year, eh?" preambular paragraph] [resolve to make 2021 better] Goal 1: Do something every day It's January in New England, gyms are closed, there's no way I'm running "regularly." But I will do some sort of exercise every day. Thinking of either yoga or bodyweight exercises. I'll let you know what I decide. And I'll try to get out and run once or twice a week, but no promises. Goal 2:
  12. At some point I'll hopefully flesh this challenge out a bit more, but for now I just want to get something down. Hi, for those who don't know me I'm Jarric. I'm a 30something ranger from England, and I've been knocking around the forums since February 2016 apparently. I live with my fiancée, Wonder Woman (usually referred to as WW), and out cat Bagheera. My main fitness goals revolve around obstacle course racing (OCR) and bouldering (rock climbing without ropes). I've spent a lot of the last couple of years going to a Crossfit gym as well, although that's on hold for a couple of m
  13. I'm working towards a back handspring (BHS). I secretly made a training schedule in the last challenge to help me keep track of stuff. I've started calling it "za menu", so I can ask myself "What's on za menu?". I'm doing a PPL routine, along with core, physio, parkour, and running. I'm going to start tracking sets and reps for vertical pushing. And I'll start tracking sets and reps for horizontal pulling and shoulder physio. And I'll start adding a mental component to each parkour session. And I'll start adding barbell glute bridges and goblet side squats to my leg ro
  14. I feel like 2020 was rather disorienting for everyone - like it just went and ... Yeah black eyes ... that's how 2020 felt. Wait ... not black eyes!!! uh ... oh ... Yes this will be a Supernatural themed challenge ... cause I'm rewatching the whole series ! Quest 1 - It's not the years, it's the mileage As always the main focus for me is running (comes with being a scout) Currently we are cruising at 5 and 6 miles during the church of the long run I'm looking to hit double digit
  15. 2019 into 2020 I really started struggling. 2020 was the full blown meltdown. In 2021, there will still be many things out of my control. That being said, it's time to get back to setting myself up for success. I've never been that big of a New Years resolution type person. In 2018 though, that actually worked for me. I setup up the goals. I had some motivation knowing that most people fail to keep up with the resolutions over the years. It was like I was in competition with the world to know that I was going to be one of the few to stick to my goals. Yeah, I still had struggles, but overall
  16. Hi, all! This is my first challenge, so I'm going to start out small. Goal 1: Walk one mile (minimum) every day. Goal 2: Drink 4 cups of water (minimum) every day. Goal 3: Track my calories every day.
  17. I am currently challenged with working out on a daily basis. I have a long drive to work, so waking up to early can limit my sleep and effect my health. I want to work out when I get home, but I always end up just sitting on the couch. Even worse, some days I can get so tired from work, I pick up food instead of making a healthy meal for my family. My challenge is to work out 6 out of the 7 days of the week and limit eating out to once a week. From looking at other posts, I have decided that logging my journey is the best way to be accountable. Today's goal 1/
  18. I am not much of a storyteller (and lack imagination). So straight to the point. I am 34 years old. Did the NF academy couple of years ago and reached peak fitness. Have slightly stepped to the dark side during this year. I have been extremely busy with work as covid really ramped up things for me and I have no access to gym as it is closed (or very restricted). I built my own pain cave during December to the basement and now it is time to take that into good use. I am cyclist so most of my workouts are cycling, during the winter indoors mainly. I am cycling in Zw
  19. “…ake… n…” “Uhhnnnn… whaa? No, Sunflower, it’s too early for food…” “Wake u… nd ge…” “Who’s there?... Whaaa?” “I SAID WAKE UP, YOU IDJIT AND GET OUT OF THAT PLANT!!!” As Red1263 opened his eyes, he find himself in trouble! “Whaaa?!” “Get out of there, you Idjit, before you get digested!” “AHHH!!! Where am I?! What’s going on!? What is that?!” “Hurry! Get out of that Pod!” With a free hand, Red1263 was able to grab ahold of his sword and cut open the pod to free himself from the grasp of the Plant.
  20. Hello, and a very warm welcome to this seasoned holiday tradition! As an ambassador of the Ranger Corps™ i welcome you to: SQUATMAS™ "Plague-Edition" It seems that last year we didn't have a Squatmas, and i honestly don't know why. I guess it was a time when i had a break from the boards. But in 2018 Thanx to @Tobbe i found last years Squatmas post!!! THANK YOU! We had a very merry crowd of people that during X-Mas and Boxing day did squats and deadlifts. Goal was to do 50/50. 50 reps with 50% bodyweight. Squats on X-Mas day and Deadlifts on Box
  21. For the next four months I have some movement restrictions. Basically, everything that I would normally be doing for training. At times like these I tend to create elaborate, impractical, unsustainable training plans working around the injury, and stress every moment about losing ground. Not this time. This time I can see that I am choosing to avoid movements because my long term health (and ability to see) is more important to me. So for this challenge I will lighten up, relax, and not try to cram in extra tasks to make up for the things I can't do. The bright holiday lights can chase m
  22. On the last day of November, my path to health granted me -- some yoga because it is FL cold outside. I definitely benefit from meal prep.
  23. Not doing well on challenge lately. Even if I do well the first few weeks I haven't finished one in a while, so I can do a short one instead, right? One of my goals was to start a running streak and as of Dec 3 I have 179 days to my streak. And looking back I am very successful with streak type goals. So I am making my goals measurable and streakable Goals * Run every day * Practice pistol squats for a minute every day * Lift 2 sets every day * Eat 6 servings of vegetables every day
  24. So... ...the thread to log this Padawan's workouts and progress toward the long-term fitness goals (along with weekly program changes). Long-term fitness goals 1. Be lighter (get down from 205 lbs to 180lbs | 93 kg to 82 kg) | STATUS: 87 kg 2. Be leaner (cut that gross belly) | STATUS: still there, but smaller 3. Be stronger (especially in the arms and chest) | STATUS: improvement, but going for more 4. Gain more sleep (at least 7 and half hours on average) | STATUS: still under 6.5 hrs per night on avg 5. Gain deeper endurance (come to a p
  25. I have lots of good reasons to go into the Navy: I want to see the world, I want to be able to call myself a veteran, I want to get an edge applying for federal jobs, and I want help paying for a masters of social work and to take spanish classes. I've been a retail pharmacy tech for 5 years and have grown to really, really, REALLY hate the field, mostly because of the poor pay and instability. Things will be running smoothly, then all of the sudden, I'll get cut to 10 hours a week and I have to job hop. I often work clopenings, so I get anywhere from only 2 to 12 hours a sleep in a night and
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