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  1. RES

    Ye Olde Ranger Guilde Halle: General Chatter

    Late, but here! I'll have a White Claw, still in the 90's here...
  2. RES

    RES: Fall Into Me

    I'm baaaaaaaaaaack!!! Now that the season is over I have maybe two more minutes to my day than I did previously I have two new fur babies for those of you who do not follow the battle log or me on Facebook...I'll bore you with pictures later So far this off season the schedule is looking a tad bit heavy... Sunday 9/16 - Pagan Pride (which is why I'm late posting this!) Tuesday 9/18 - Pride planning meeting (I'm on the board this year, because I have nothing else to do?) Saturday 9/22 - Movie night at the ball field! (work, but still fun!) Sunday 9/23 - I will be tailgating in one of the Jags new cabanas...also work related outing but still fun! Tuesday 9/25 - Pride planning meeting Wednesday 9/26 - Sponsorship dinner (work) Friday 9/28 - Pride Volunteer dinner/meeting (because I'm in charge of the volunteers) Saturday 9/29 - Painting with a Twist fundraiser *Sunday 9/30 - Pride Ride (bike ride) Tuesday 10/2 - Pride planning meeting Saturday 10/6 - Pride parade Sunday 10/7 - Pride festival That's just this challenge! I'll post the rest later...since I am at work right now So this challenge will be getting through all of that without going off the rails entirely...the rest of my challenges will be: - Continue eating as I have been, down 18 lbs so far! My goal is to get under 200 this challenge, even if its only 1 lb - Start working out again, this got sidelined during season since I wasn't going to build new habits (even if I'd had them prior, it was still starting over again) my wife has the second bedroom looking like a construction project but no reason I can't use my PiYo videos in the living room....since I have one now . I want this to be habit and second nature again. - Get to the gym! My job is giving (yes, as in free) us year memberships to Bailey's Gym starting October 1st. They offer classes and a wide variety of items and are right around the corner from me (I could ride my bike!! ) At least twice a week after this starts. - Pay off 'one more' thing...I've started 'snowballing' our debt to try to get it eliminated. I had this done for the most part then we bought the house, and everything we needed for it, etc...happened and it got a bit out of control for this accountant I've got everything compiled and have started the process, just need to continue working it till it's all gone. Then I'll tackle the student loans, one elephant at a time. No worries, in true RES fashion I have 5k's scheduled, they're just later on so I'll add them to the list at some point... I realized that I have a little over a year before I hit a huge milestone in life...a lot of goals I want to hit before then, one of them is weight/health related, the other being life/debt related. Time to really get busy on this.
  3. Great job! Especially on the cooking, that can be a hard one to overcome!
  4. RES

    Teros 46: Addiction

    No words of wisdom...relate to the feeling 'not good enough' for someone...most days all I would like is someone to treat me as good as I treat them...yea, not gonna happen... Sending hugs
  5. Welcome back!! He's beautiful!! Looking forward to the Go Pro pictures!
  6. RES

    Habits in Creative Chaos

    This is also my birthday...I would like to request a link to this series I'll send you a PM, all you have to do is reply!