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  1. Hello friend! Reading this makes me want to download Duolingo again, I want to learn Spanish before I retire...mostly because the way this country is going I may need to move south
  2. You are welcome to come use it any time If I can get them to come to GA I'm sure you're right...I've offered to go get them with no luck "Pinky swear" from a picture taken on our wedding day, realism style on my left arm (D's will be on her back) I'll post pics when we finally get it done
  3. I swear, nothing this week went as planned. It started with D being out of town Monday and Tuesday. Thursday I was going into the office because there was an event afterwards, Wednesday night my boss calls me and one of the people that traveled in tested positive and had been around everyone for 2 days...so hardly anyone was there. I knew I was going to be going in for about two weeks, so I had planned to get Panera for lunch since there isn't one in my area, when I got to work someone asked if we wanted breakfast from there so I was thinking "yay, I get it twice!" they were out of what I wanted for breakfast, while the wrap I got was good, it just wasn't the same. Then for lunch I wanted a green goddess salad, they were out of the dressing for it so I substituted, and they made it all wrong! It was like a southwestern salad with chicken and eggs on top it had corn, black beans, and tomatoes (which I always modify to leave off because nightshades) was very disappointing...then after the event I had made plans to pick up Memphis BBQ for D and I since we never get up to that area, I ended up leaving late and got caught in horrible traffic so didn't make it before they closed...that at least worked out because Saturday we took a trip to get it because she knew how disappointed I was. Friday I was so thankful it was Friday I didn't pay attention to anything. Oh, except the solar panels were installed...that went good except they need to move the ground wire. Saturday we had an appointment to get tats, the guy messed up his back and wasn't able to do it, so we had to reschedule for two weeks because we're out of town next weekend. The Plan...Week 2 Cardio - Treadmill 3x a week, and one kettlebell/strength workout a week - Update - Post in thread three times a week. - Track - Sleep (7 hours a night) - Food (Just track) - in the spreadsheet Extra - Work event Expecting rain all week here...yay
  4. Samsung, single oven, 5 burner. The 5th burner in the middle is actually for a griddle that it comes with. Worth it! I forgot how much I missed gas cooking when I was in MS and FL, so glad to have it back now!
  5. Curious if yours is a gas stove? Because it sounds exactly like mine, which was a determining factor when we bought this house
  6. I use Today Weather https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mobi.lockdown.weather&hl=en Very accurate and does have weather alerts, I believe they're off by default or it's been so long since I've turned them off I don't remember.
  7. Ugh, this hits close to home, hope you feel better soon!
  8. LMFAO Our minds work too much alike which is why I posted the photo
  9. OMG Y'all!!! I'm gonna be a grandma again!!!
  10. You're not late, you're right on time!
  11. She did SO GOOD getting the pool ready for this summer!
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