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  1. RES

    Teros 64: Do or Die

    If you use Imgur you can download the app and upload your photos to it from your phone instead of your computer. Then open the website on your laptop to link the pictures here
  2. RES

    Xena is Restless

    I aspire to be you when if I grow up
  3. RES

    RES: Still Cute

    Agreed! I was disappointed, but we still got a beautiful ride in, and I'd rather ride with D and Ween than 100's of strangers, so was good Thank you!! Definitely trying to manifest this one into existence
  4. I was trying to figure out where I had found this, had saved it to 'watch later' on YouTube...just watched it today! Definitely fits this situation!
  5. I love your perspective on this ❤️ Very glad it's not Covid, hope whatever it is clears up soon.
  6. RES

    RES: Still Cute

    Thank you.... Just realized if I do get another job that the U will need to change, since that was put in because of no time to breathe much less live...Hmmmm...
  7. RES

    RES: Still Cute

    Well thanks to a tropical storm heading towards FL (we'll likely only get rain from it, no real worries there) they rescheduled today's event, so I did get a day off this weekend! Which is good because I'm sore and tired as hell after yesterday. Got up yesterday and fueled up, rode out to the beach to meet up with the rest of the group (only us and our group leader showed up) rode over to where the ride was supposed to start, mass confusion on what time KSU were supposed to be, 3 different times had been posted on the event. So we're listening to the direction from the cops that were going to be escorting the event and afterwards the event leader (not our groups) took the mic and said that since numbers were low due to Covid she was going to allow men to ride. I have nothing against men ridding but that is NOT the purpose of an all female ride. Ween (our groups leader) said she wasn't going to do it if that was the case, D and I agreed with her so we decided since we were fueled up and ready to ride anyway we headed south to St. Augustine and back along A1A...beautiful ride right along the beach...made it back in time for me to go pick up my grocery order and get to work for the movie/fireworks night. D and I before the 'announcement' The Plan.... Conscientious: Make 24 hour plan, eat on plan when hungry, stop when full. 7/7 Unconventional: With time being at a premium any extra stuff I get to do will be here Rode yesterday Time: Get 7 hours of sleep a night, post at least 3 times a week in my thread. 7/7 on sleep, 3/3 posting Exercise: Weights 3x week, 6,000 steps a day, 3 days treadmill workout (when no work event) 3/3 weights, 1/7 steps, 2/3 treadmill I'm off work and have an interview Wednesday for a position that sounds like it could be exactly what I'm looking for let's hope it turns out to be!
  8. RES

    RES: Still Cute

    Thank you! I had a phone one yesterday that went very well, and is one of the ones I was contacted about before that I was really looking at being a good fit...I have a in person interview with them on Wednesday... Thank you Bouncer, I'm certain it does
  9. RES

    Teros 64: Do or Die

    Time is also a finite just needed it to find your way back to what works for you 😘 Following of course
  10. RES

    Xena is Restless

    is it bad I've never seen this show? I will eventually but too many other things currently in rotation to do so...your description makes me think of myself in regards to my current and prior employment situations...sometimes external forces, sometimes it's me not just being able to accept a good thing
  11. Something tells me I would get in trouble watching that at work, so I'll just mark it to watch later....I may regret this I'll have my usual
  12. RES

    Mistr regroups

    Currently I get one day off my salaried job if I'm lucky...this will continue till I find another or October, whichever comes first D built me some raised boxes to plant my herbs in...your post is inspiring me to actually get this done herbs are about the only thing that I can grow, most other things start off great and then something happens (rain, rodents, bugs, my lack of time, etc...)
  13. omg, that much cute should be illegal!
  14. OMG, SAME!! Makes me very sad that butcher box has been out of them for months 😞 I've had several of these lately myself, we've been going to bed at 8pm to try and correct the issue Excited to be here and see you crush this challenge