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  1. How wonderful! Congrats to Elf! Good job, D an I requested mail in ballots, after filling them out I dropped them off at the supervisor of elections drop nice to not have to stress how we're going to get it done now.
  2. You just had to go there... Loving the looks of that lasagna
  3. Nice job on the potential job!
  4. Yep, catty women are everywhere So you'll be in Jacksonville? And can you play guitar?
  5. RES

    RES: Always CUTE (II)

    I'm almost afraid to ask... I want to know where there are no tacos, because I do NOT want to be there! Every Tuesday Welcome!! (no lie, totally had a fangirl moment there ) Just realized I'm going to have to figure out how to get tacos next week when we're out of town 😮
  6. Ohhhh, road trip!! Have fun!
  7. RES

    RES: Always CUTE (II)

    Oh that is terrible, what place doesn't have tacos???? Our tacos tonight were homemade, is that an option for you?
  8. Two year old picture that remains the only one we could get all of them...
  9. Don't mind me...just quoting some truth here....and getting in on the petting
  10. RES

    RES: Always CUTE (II)

    it was! got my nails done and the middle son came over for coffee and interesting conversations today... plus tacos tonight, so that can never be bad!
  11. I'm okay with this...I love food now there's a couple songs that take me back...and are now stuck in my head!
  12. I have one that's about a month younger and I have one that just turned 10 in August (in addition to Tarp) it's not that high, we got them to keep the dog out of the litter box mostly, but they are great for reducing tracking and helping the odor situation
  13. Same here, neither was required for either though. Several of her classes are required now (she's in TX) I haven't paid attention to requirements since my kids graduated TBH. and yes I did just follow you on Insta for food pictures
  14. truest statement I've heard My sister is technically a "home ec" looks nothing like what I did in school, (granted that's been over 30 years). They still cook, no focus on sewing, but a lot of focus on household management.