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  1. Still in process of moving but getting to experience fall this year, so my usual drink is appropriate
  2. Following before I get even more behind...can't wait to see all the weapons training!
  3. I understand what you mean, but you, my friend, are a writer.
  4. You two are the least 'hiding in the shadows' people I know, what gives?
  5. Thank you!! I will see what I can do about that
  6. No, you can technically call yourself an author...you don't have to wait for some arbitrary date
  7. My thoughts exactly! The geek in me is very happy
  8. The more things change... By the end of the first week of the new challenge D and I should have closed on the new house and my son will be visiting to help us unload the U-Pack Pods. We're purchasing some of the furniture in the house, this includes a treadmill, I can walk/run/intervals again! This should also mean the beginning of my new schedule and mostly working from home I know I haven't talked a lot about my new job but I love the fact that I get to be an accountant, utilizing programs and processes that are valuable should I need to find another position in the future, and my
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