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  1. Mistr follows the light

    Listen to this part...
  2. Basement Cat's battle log

    Well of course it did! And I think that's wise considering where you live
  3. Wow...ugh... Good job on the progress and spending time with dad, hugs from afar for the rest
  4. No Frills: The Tanktimus Spring Challenge

    If I get an will only be so I can try some of these recipes... It's always awesome to be here
  5. Sometimes we have no control over our circumstances...can't change the weather, but good that you got done what you were there to do!
  6. Ye Olde Ranger Guild Hall: General Chatter

    RES is in her usual corner, sipping an Irish coffee and wondering if it's the recent arrival of spring that has the hall so quiet....
  7. No Frills: The Tanktimus Spring Challenge

    I am so loving this no frills look of yours challenge Can't promise I can keep up, but I'm here! And you know I will be as often as I'm able
  8. RES wants time

    I would dare say you and the author think a lot alike I tend to stick to the same things for breakfast and lunch with the only variable being dinner...mostly for ease of preparation...I make up lunch on Sunday for the week and breakfast is a smoothie (this is a new addition since I'm not depriving myself of them any longer and I found an awesome vanilla chi maca powder that I'm seriously enjoying) it also makes me aware of just what it is that's messing with me
  9. Mistr follows the light

    I have this problem in my house as well and only one other person lives here
  10. No judgement here, we're all human and have lives outside of the forums...goodness knows I haven't been able to be as supportive as I would like to others but we do what we can and that's all we can do! love to you and the family!!
  11. Harleytrypp's Respawning

    Nice job on the respawn!
  12. RES wants time

    That's the take-away I've gotten from Intuitive Eating
  13. RES wants time

    Sometimes we fail to see the forest for the trees....I was taking to much time looking at trees to see the obvious...huge thanks to @DarK_RaideR to pointing out that a battle log may work better for me in keeping up on here...I had one previously but it was dated and no longer this one is shiny and new! For those new to my saga, I've been here for over 3 years now (January 2, 2014) I've been a Ranger (and everything that entails) since the big restructure of 2016. I am <95% Paleo in my style of eating, because I have RA and it makes me feel better...I'm slightly addicted to 5k's, and am discovering that weight lifting can be a lot of fun if I take it slowly and don't aggravate my neck injury. I'm an accountant and work for a minor league baseball team in Florida, which is every bit as much fun as it sounds So I have a spreadsheet for tracking purposes (may look very familiar to some, )...if this works for you as well feel free to borrow my sheet (file/save copy into Google Drive I think...) and tweak it to fit your needs My overall, far reaching, want to accomplish this year, goal is to lose 40 the very minimum I want to look good nekkid In my opinion, not anyone else! To work towards this goal I'm going to go to the gym 3x a week, or if I'm not able to do that I will do an alternate workout (such as hitting my step goal, bike ride, bodyweight workout...etc) I was aiming for 5x but that was stressing me out because I was not always able to accomplish it due to life/work commitments! I re-worked the routine I worked out with the trainer to come up with to fit into the new goal...I may also add tracking at some point to see where I'm hitting with calories if results are not forthcoming. Sleep is a struggle for me, I rarely get 7 hours a night and this makes a huge difference in my energy, not to mention my pain levels if I don't...I'm going to try and do better with this... The last one is NF related, I am tired of going weeks without checking in on here, so I'm going to make it a point to not only be on here, but post somewhere on here at least 3 times a week to keep myself accountable...I did better with my goals when I was doing that, and I enjoy supporting and encouraging others