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  1. RES

    Whisper’s Reboot!

    My biggest issue with it was it was the second time in two years, why would I want to buy something that it may happen with again? I thought they should stand behind their product and make it right, not offer me a discount if I spent more money with them. Maybe they were not obligated, but it sounds better to offer it than just say "sorry our product is defective (again) but we're not going to do anything to fix it, sucks to be you!"
  2. This does sound like the best reason I can think of!
  3. RES

    Teros Level ... 50

    My thoughts are with you...I hope in time you can look back and find some peace within yourself
  4. RES

    Runnin' & Gunnin'

    I like the purple one!
  5. RES

    TGP makes a daring escape!

    Absolutely this!
  6. RES

    Arkania is back in black

    I can relate to this
  7. RES

    Whisper’s Reboot!

    I liked the HR I had, but when the second on in as many years had the band start to separate from the screen (known issue that I'd gotten a prior replacement for) and they told me it was out of warranty but they would be happy to give me a discount to purchase another tracker, I was done....I have a flex 2 now, only because it was free with a program through my insurance. My favorite was my Samsung Gear Pro, the band came lose and the screen cracked when it fell off my arm
  8. RES

    TGP makes a daring escape!

    Hope you thaw out and update us soon!
  9. RES

    First Challenge

    That sounds yummy! Have fun Thursday!
  10. While I got some miles in this week there was nothing fast about them...I'll work on speed this week, as well as incorporating strength training, which I need to do anyway but I haven't... not sure what my courage feat is going to be, requires more thought than my undercaffeinated brain can handle right now
  11. RES

    Challenge Accepted

    Great job on the weight loss! Take care of yourself, your body has a way of letting you know when enough is enough
  12. RES

    Cry Havoc '19: The Scoundrel Who Spat In Fate's Good Eye

    Cautiously optimistic for you, I hope the budding relationship develops into what you want/need it to be. I feel this in my soul!