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  1. folx, we're getting dirty for this one i probably should be doing this challenge with the assassins but i'm a warrior at heart and like it here so deal with it. this challenge i'll be training for my first tough mudder - i have done short spartan races but these obstacles look crazyyyyy sooooooo goals! 5 workouts per week go outside once per week – a deliberate outdoor walk or activity don’t buy a drink at a bar unless out for a meal; keep restaurant food to less than 3x per week roll over goals: track fiber track yoga Other things. 5/25: dinner and bowling 5/27: light hike? 6/5: mom’s birthday 6/9: dress fitting, boston pride 6/10: meet with photog., book club 6/15: friends bday party 6/17: Spartan workout class 6/23: tough mudder buy wedding shoes, moar décor, and gift for brothers practice handfasting let's do this
  2. I am wondering if anyone is out in the area near Groton CT? I am presently trying to train for the tough mudder i signed up for and needless to say the only shape i am in is round... so i am looking for other like minded people intrested in getting into shape to contact me and we can work something out to keep us all on track and postive and not to lose motivation.
  3. less of a secret, more just simple. i figured out some shit last challenge (pun intended) and i'm coming into this next challenge like but with life things stacking up, i'd like to keep fitness things pretty simple for now. do a solid 4 week challenge of goals instead of changing them every week like i did last challenge. Exercise. I have a 5K and spartan sprint in this challenge so i'll be following the Tough Mudder prep plan. I'll be adjusting some of them to get in heavy lifting. i've also upped my pull up bar play by a minute. 5 Tough Mudder workouts per week pull up bar play 6 min per week yoga 60 mins per week Food. let's get some consistency here. cooking new foods and getting back in the habit of breakfast casseroles (or oatmeal bakes). also with the onslaught of plans and holidays, i'll be trying out something new with my alcohol consumption. consume 30g fiber per day take Mg at least 6 days per week only drink alcohol one night per week life things. 10/20: friend’s board game night (plan to drink) 10/22: book club and family bday dinner (plan not to drink) 10/27: friends’s going away party (plan not to drink) 10/28: costume 5K and friend’s Halloween party (plan to drink) 11/4: Stadium Spartan (plan to drink) 11/11 – 11/12: visit bro in-law in Albany (might try not to drink all weekend...) 11/18: wedding outfit shopping; movies with Dad; friends bday (saa)
  4. Continuing from Chapter 1, my quests going forward are the following: Nutrition: Batch cook some time during the weekend. Use the Zone Diet guidelines for quantity and ingredients. Prepare my own breakfast and lunch for the five days of the working week. Dinner and weekend food is not tracked, so I get to enjoy something with the SRLF and maintain my social life. Coffee: It's summer so I can't go with hot tea only. Coffee is allowed, but breaking the habit of a morning coffee at work earns me money in savings, as described below. Workouts: Nothing new here, 3 Crossfit workouts during the week. Things will however get highly competitive due to my new reward system, outlined below. Life Goals Continue Bullet Journalling. It works Spend at least one hour every day working on my thesis and nothing else. I know there's no room for variance, life events etc because I'm leaving none. If I can't do it, I'll mark it a fail. Zero flexibility means I can't relax and take this easy. Purge. I need to clean up my living space. First step is CDs and clothes. Besides purging, I'm looking to sell these in hopes of aiding my financial situation. Thanks to @Teros for the inspiration here. Plumber. Find a damn one that will show up, manage to have enough money and get the damn toilet fixed Tires. Inspired by @Rurik Harrgath, change the ancient tires of my dreadful car before I die in a fiery car crash explosion. The wrestling narrative will continue as well. For those who haven't been following this, I’m playing Total Extreme Wrestling 2016 and doing the Road to Glory challenge, essentially creating a newbie 18 year old alter ego in some backyard wrestling promotion as I try to headline the Main Event of a big promotion’s Pay Per View event. Technical details and rules can be found here. I am using the game’s database of characters, but set in 1997. Considering the first TEW was set in 2005, it's pretty early in that universe and if played well, I should have the chance to rise together with the game's most famous characters. This challenge will run from April 3rd until my return from Ireland on July 10th. My aim is to maintain good habits and train for the Ireland Tough Mudder on July 5th, which I'll be running with fellow nerds @Jarric and @Miw_Sher. Other than that, I'll be looking to compete in any events or crossfit competitions that come up, namely Compete Live Athens if it happens during that time. Just like the last few challenges, to add extra motivation and work towards a major life goal, I will be setting money aside according to my progress in order to buy a motorcycle. - Batch cooking for the coming week earns me 1 Euro - Not having a coffee at work earns me 1 Euro in savings instead of said coffee - Every day of Bullet Journalling earns me 1 Euro in savings - For every day where I spend at least an hour working on my thesis, I get to save 1 Euro - Managing to sell my CDs or clothes earns me the equivalent amount in savings - Workout earnings are calculated as the difference between male athletes below me from male athletes above me on the day's Whiteboard. For example, ranking 12th out of 30 earns me (30-12)-11=7 Euros. Even a single workout can mean massive savings, so I better not skip those. Also, I gotta be super competitive and not merely make it through the WOD. Time to kick performance up a notch. Tracking spreadsheet
  5. The Muddy Belle the Adventure Continues The Backstory with James having recently undergone her transformation from jtggodqos to the cracked belle, it was time to really push herself to the next step. with her best friend and partner Brian, James made her way towards the land of Mud Monsters. great turmoil was engulfing the land as creatures of all types were caking the innocent residents in gunk, setting up barricades and cages all over, preventing even those who broke free of the muck from successfully leaving to get help. James knew this was going to be her most daunting and most difficult task ever. with a set of thirteen or so fights during the war, James could not let individual defeats prevent her from winning overall. moreover, James was still dealing with injuries incurred in previous battles. she had to ensure that no matter her mood or mindset on a given day, she was going to push hard and train harder. will James's striving for perfectionism get in the way of success? will she be able to overcome her injuries, working to strengthen them while still knowing when to let them heal? will she be able to save the people in the land overtaken by the Mud Monsters? stay tuned to find out!! The Frontstory I used to be very active in NerdFitness and with my fitness improvement process. (if you don't recognise me, it's because I used to hang out with the Rebels or Adventurers.) but so many changes occurred in my life (including moving literally to the other side of the country) that I got off track, and I've yet to get back on. well, it's time. Brian and I signed up for a Tough Mudder in July, and I HAVE to be ready for it. I have three months to train. I can't back out now; no excuses will be sufficient; and I will have to really give it my all. so for the next two months, I will be focused on HIIT, lifting, and jogging practices. (this is a continuation of my previous Challenge.) so let's see how it goes.... The Goals QUEST: Fight (Tough Mudder) 1] INPUT: keep caloric intake paleo-influenced and under 1600kcal, on average - kcal may be edited after additional research and experimentation. - I can't do strict paleo (tried and repeatedly failed), but I can make it the direction in which I aim. 2] OUTPUT: exercise everyday (even just 10-minutes of walking or jump roping) - unless otherwise planned, daily workouts are to occur first thing every morning. - I'm following the fitness routine the Tough Mudder website suggested to prepare for the Half (I'm not fit enough to do the whole 10-miles and 21 obstacles yet). - on the plan's rest days, I will at least do a walk or something. just to keep my body active and to stay in the routine of working out daily. QUEST: Create 3] BLOG: write one article on each Tue, Thu, and over the weekend (Sat or Sun) - I can write about anything - I also need to write up a topic/prompt list QUEST: Learn 4] SPANISH: earn 30pts in Duolingo's Spanish course every day at 1100h - it's really just as simple as that. takes 20-30 minutes a day. The Reminders QUEST: Fight (Tough Mudder) 1] INPUT: keep caloric intake paleo-influenced and under 1600kcal, on average - Reward: - Punishment: any day I go over my goal, I cannot have any snack the following day 2] OUTPUT: exercise everyday (even just 10-minutes of walking or jump roping) - Reward: - Punishment: any day I don't workout, QUEST: Create 3] BLOG: write one article on each Tue, Thu, and over the weekend (Sat or Sun) - Reward: each week I successfully write three times, - Punishment: QUEST: Learn 4] SPANISH: earn 30pts in Duolingo's Spanish course every day at 1100h - Reward: - Punishment: any day I don't earn 30pts,
  6. Just seeing if anyone is interested in join me for the June 10th Tough Mudder in Virginia. Course is 10-12 miles with 20+ Obstacles. Website Link: https://toughmudder.com/events/2017-virginia If you're interested I've created a group called the "Riders of Brohan" that anyone is welcome to join
  7. Jon Firestar's Epic Boss Battles! The tiny fire burned dull in the oppressive room eating away at the oxygen in the room. The smoke rose in small whips disappearing upwards into the pitch black above their heads. The group huddled around the flame. Sweat beading on their heads. It was hot and dank this deep. Whoever had built these halls had taken no thought on how air would flow this far down in the earth. Four of them, two men and two women clad in rough leather garments. Pieces of armour, leather metal and mail strapped to their hard bodies. Weapons lay close at hand, swords axes and bows. They had made it. For weeks, they had dived this dungeon. Travelling ever deeper fighting their way through ever more fearsome and dangerous foes. The small stew pot hung over the flames bubbling away quietly. There was some risk to cooking here. Quite a big risk but they had talked it over and each of them had decided it was worth it. A shrill scream echoed in the distance and Tila grabbed her bow and moved to her knee. Her hood fell from around her head revealing her dark hair in stark contrast to her bright green eyes. Every muscle in her neck was tense. Alyce, hadn’t moved but her hand clasped over the hilt of her greatsword. “It’s too big to get in here.” She said. Her voice cutting the darkness like a knife. Tila relaxed a tiny bit and put her bow down. “It isn’t the only thing down here,” she said quietly. “We’ve not seen anything in days,” Erran said. The large man shifting quietly. His soft-spoken voice didn’t match his huge frame. “We keep hearing them though,” The final companion said. Dori a smaller man. Short and balding. Two curved swords and a crossbow all hung on his back. Alyce climbed to her feet her long flame red hair hung against her hard, muscular frame. “Erran’s right,” she said. “The trash is dead. We’ve slaughtered our way down here.” .”us“We’ve cornered them,” Dori continued. “They are hiding from “No,” Errin said. “They are waiting for us to come to them. They don’t fear us but, if we can take the small one down fast, they will know they’ve got something to fear.” Tila sighed. “Let’s eat and sleep while we can. We’ve still got to get down there and we are going to need to be as ready as we can be when we do.” As if on que the scream echoed out again. Full of rage and sorrow. ---- No rest for me. I could use some week 0 hype but I've a lot of stuff going on the next few weeks and need to start right now to achieve all my goals! What follows is sort of long and detailed because its not so much one thing I need to keep doing for 4 weeks but a strategy to get through the next 5 weeks. So I've hidden batches to keep it looking less intimidating! This challenge is marked by three epic boss battles, or two mini bosses and the main boss. The main boss is Tough Mudder May 7. #nervousexcited The two mini bosses, one which is 100% certain and the other I’m about 90% sure I’m gonna do are two separate 10k Races, the first one, which is already paid for is the Saturday of week 0 (22nd of April) and the second one is on Sunday 21st May (which is technically next challenge but the new boards won’t be up before I run it so I’m counting it in this one). So two weeks either side of Touch Mudder. Thoughts on my first 10K race : Tough Mudder is a different beast. It’s a long slog that will see me waiting in queues with intense pushes of energy to move through obstacles and a twelve-mile-long run (and I’m informed that it will involve some nasty hills). It is Tough Mudder and I don’t care how long it takes. I care that I make it so my plan is to take it slow and steady like I would with an easy training run. I’ve taken a couple of days off work after the event because I’m sure I’m going to want to spend at least one day sleeping it off! Again, I’ve not got a clue at how it is going to affect my body. This is where the big dramatic changed to my lifting and running schedule will come in both in the week prior and after to this Run. Finally, there is the Royal Berkshire 10k. Which is a fast-flat course at the end of May. If I miss my time in my first race, I am certain I can make it here. Outside of injury (or if I really am struggling to recover from Tough Mudder but it’s long enough after I’m sure it’ll be fine) I plan on running this race too and because of the kind of course it is I really want to PR my 10K while I’m at it By the time I get here I’ll already have a better idea of what I need to do leading into the race and what I need to do the week after the race so I’ve less thoughts on this than the other two… The Convoluted scoring system: The whole scope of this challenge is action vs recovery. For everything that costs fatigue I need to do something to recover. Using my HP system here is how I’ve worked it out for the next month. I have 10HP only and I need to keep the bar above 0 or I fail. Each of my recovery items will restore 1HP up to a maximum of 4 per day. The point of all of it is to encourage me strongly to actively work on recovery! If I miss any of the events in this challenge, even the one I’ve not confirmed yet, I lose 20HP and cannot recover so die right away. If I get injured the challenge is over anyway so it isn’t excused by injury. The two 10K races each cost 5HP. Tough Mudder instantly costs all my remaining HP. Reducing me to zero. That is to say, I’ve got to do something on Tough Mudder Day to encourage my recovery and two somethings if I want to be able to miss gym on Monday and survive. Being above or below my calorie goal by 100calories on any day will cost 2 HP, hitting it dead on will cost 0. Each workout I hit will cost 3HP, but if I miss one it’ll cost 5HP. On a good day I will be in surplus but the races will leave me with a deficit to make up. Run towards Danger! Short version: Run 3 days per week with an easy run, some hill repeats and some variation of the long run. Long long version for those interested (if anyone with more experience has anything to add/change/critique I'd appreciate it ): Strong Enough to Fight! Similarly, my lifting program is going to have some dramatic changes for the next few weeks: Week 0: Realization phase of the 3s wave of Juggernaut Week 1: Kind of a weird week where I don’t want to start a hypertrophy phase but also don’t want to spend several weeks deloading so I think I’m going to go ahead and test my 1 rep maxes because I’ve not done that properly yet. Week 2: Full deload protocol leading to Tough Mudder. Week 3: I uhh dunno. I’m either going to dive right in with the 10s Phase of Juggernaut or I’m going to spend a second week deloading. I think it is important that I get back into the gym asap after Tough Mudder. Whether that is the next day or a couple of days in I can’t say right now. Week 4: Week 1 or 2 of the 10s Phase of the Juggernaut Program. Provisions: For the duration of the challenge I aim to hit maintenance calories. I am going to need the fuel to drive my body to do the stuff I intend but I don’t want to start putting on weight. Even if some of that will be muscle. So I will keep track of my food and drink still. Health Potions! Rest and recovery are things I don’t do well enough. I want to be diligent this challenge because I’m going to need all the recovery I can get! Roll and Stretch: I’m actually really good at doing this stuff on days when I’m at the gym and I suck when I’m not at the gym (i.e. after a run). The goal is simple. Go through my foam rolling and stretching routine after every workout. Sleep: As many already know, I don’t sleep well but I don’t do myself any favours either. For the duration of the challenge bedtime is 9:45 and my shutdown is at 9:15. Misc Stiff: Anything else I can do to help recovery. Can restore a maximum of 2 HP per Day: includes ice baths, meditation, cold compress and icing, Epsom salt baths, naps, compression and anything else that seems right if I come across it (I'm open to suggestions!)
  8. Leaves rustled in the wind and birds called in the canopy. The group of rangers crouched silently in the undergrowth watching the caravan creep forward along the road. The four wagons moved slowly, their wheels creaking under the combined burden. The empire guards marched in formation on either side. Ridged and upright their armour gleaming in the sunlight like so many diamonds. Not a sound passed between them except the occasional shouted command from the captain at the head of the group. The guards were a distraction as were three of the four wagons. They were laden with sweet treats and treasures. They would be missed the most in the empire markets but the thing that had the attention of the rangers was the fourth wagon. Unlike the others, it wasn’t destined for the markets. It was also the reason for the heavily armed escort. The wagon wasn’t brightly painted like it’s peers but instead a drab brown of scuffed wood. Any colour had long ago peeled away. There was the odd discoloured splotch that stained the old wood. Blood, vomit or some other bodily fluid, Jon reasoned. The wagon was a box of steel and wood. Completely encased but with no windows and a single door of thick wood and bound iron. It was locked tight. Inside were citizens of the empire selected for re-education. Some of those had been members of the rebellion. Some just dared voice their dissent. All got the same treatment. Jon cast his eyes around his companions. Women and men of the ranger’s guild. They were a varied bunch. Big, small, large and narrow. Some built for speed, some for strength some for endurance. Some, all of the above. A flash of red caught Jon’s attention. It was the man they had followed on this raid. The red was the signal. Around him came creeks as the group pulled the strings of their bows and then twangs as the arrows were loosed. The attack had begun. --- I really struggled on my last challenge. After about week 1, I completely lost all motivation to keep going. I’m still not sure what exactly caused the switch but I was able to keep going and maintain my momentum and got through with a success on my sheet. I gradually came out of the funk by week 4 and I’m overall happy with my progress during that time. So, the theme of this challenge is to strike out. To keep things moving along a little. To swap things up each week with my workouts and to keep myself accountable. I’m still trying to make sure I don’t overwhelm myself like I did at the beginning of the year (and that is probably a leading cause of my issues last challenge) but I do find that I do better with more specific and active goals. Food and Water If I am honest this is where I’ve really been struggling to maintain control. I think that in part because I’ve been in a calorie deficit for the best part of a year now and part because my workouts are so much more intense it is making it hard for me to maintain. I need a little more focus and a little more discipline to make it through. I use MFP but unlike most I tend to use it plan my meals rather than log what I’m eating. I plan a week in advance everything I intend on eating. I need to be much more disciplined in logging any extra calories so that I have an idea. Goals: Meal plan and stick to the plan 34 Don’t add extra calories without logging 34 Log my water intake and get at least 2 liters per day 34 Exercise As of writing I have just under 8 weeks until Tough Mudder!! And I want to incorporate a few more sport specific items into my workouts. Essentially, I want to add more conditioning into my strength days and some body weight stuff into my short runs. The additional stuff is going to be a little random to add a little bit of interest to my workouts. I’ve gotten into a routine of doing the same stuff over and over and I kind of don’t like doing that for long – Rangerbrain so mix it up. I’ve stalked the OCR badasses out there and read a whole bunch of stuff. I need to think on how to actually implement it. So I am going to experiment this week a little if I am able. Goals: Strength workout 3 days per week – conditioning circuit 1-2 times per week Running 3 days per week – added bodyweight training mid run 1-2 times per week. On both accounts I’m only going to score against 1 added activity each week. I may adjust Workout Plans: I’ve been using the Juggernaut program for my lifting. I really like the program for the main lifts because it offers steady progress without demanding too much. Monday: Squat and OHP Wednesday: Deadlift Friday: Benchpress Running: I’m currently aiming to hit 18 miles per week across three runs. I’ve come to the realisation that my long run on the weekend may sometimes need to take backseat to life and I’m not to beat myself up for not running 10 miles on Saturday if I have stuff to get done over the weekend because that run really takes it out of me. On those occasions I am going to aim for 10K instead because that is a run I can do without the rest demand that comes from 10 miles: Tuesday: Easy 4 miles Thursday: Speed/Hill work – I’m going to focus on actual speed work on these days with sprints and hill repeats rather than temp runs. A couple of easy miles as a warm up/cool down included. Saturday: Long steady run. Steady 10 miles or 10k depending on the circumstances. It should be noted that every 4th week in my program I go into deload and I drop back volume and intensity on both my running and my lifting for that week. Domestic Rangering I’m adding this here because I find that when I have it in my challenge I hit my list more often In short I have a short todo list in my journal for my domestic rangering and if I hit it I keep on top of all the things rather than playing catch up. Sunday: Laundry, Kitchen Monday: Landing Tuesday: Kitchen Wednesday: Laundry, trash and hall Thursday: Bathroom Friday: Kitchen and stairs Saturday: Bedroom and Laundry Scoring: I’m going to keep up with my health bar idea: I have a total of 195 points to hit. I want to be good at least 80% of the time. This means I can drop a total of 39 points. This represents my HP, the goal is simply to keep the bar above 0 for the challenge. Disclaimer: I am going to start this challenge right now but I need to point out that I have come down with a case of the plague It is a bit of a head cold right now and, if I don’t feel any worse, it shouldn’t stop me doing anything on my list. If it does get worse then I may need to make allowances for this week.
  9. So here's the thing... I'm a bit paranoid about getting murdered. Young lady in today's society? Not the safest. So I started listening to a podcast called My Favorite Murder - which hasn't helped. But it also made me realize that my entire fitness regime is essentially about "Staying Sexy and not Getting Murdered". Goals: 1) Stay Sexy - 3 Workouts that are not Krav Maga per week (conditioning, running, climbing, weight lifting, pilates, dance, etc). 2) Don't Get Murdered - At least 2 Krav Maga Sessions per week 3) Here's the Thing... Eff Everyone - Can't move on or up without studying. At least 3 hours of studying per week (French, LSAT, or other intellectual pursuit outside of work) 4) Get Bendy. - Flexibility work at least once a day. No time limit but have to do something. 5) Get a Job. Buy your own stuff. Stay out of the forest. Collect some flags. - To Do Items (FYI - there's a lot of references throughout this challenge that may seem weird but come directly from Georgia and Karen - the hosts of MFM. I highly recommend listening if you are at all interested in true crime stuff.)
  10. Jon Firestar Superhero: It Begins! The best hero's aren't born heros, they train hard to become legends! I have 12 weeks until Tough Mudder so the real training begins now!! Let's do this!! It's time to put your head down and forge myself into the form I want it to be! Honestly, very little is changing. I'm kind of simplifying things this time round. Rather than have a lot of different goals I've found that I do better and feel less overwhelmed when I keep it simple. Eat Well: Don't eat like an asshole. Simply stick to my calorie goal. I've settled on about 2600-2700 calories at the moment. This is subject to change but the goal is simple. Stick to the calories, track and plan my food. Drink at least 2 liters of water per day. Cardio! Can't expect to be a badass if you can't chase down the supervillains!! The running program is simple: 3 days per week. Tuesday: easy run (approx 45-60 minutes), Thursday: Hill Repeats or tempo run (approx 30-45 minutes). This will alternate between the two. Saturday: Long Run (approx 60-120 minutes). I'll alternate my route each week to account for different terrain. I live in a very hilly part of the country and have gentle hills that roll upwards for miles. I feel like I can take advantage of these. I also have some very gorgeous terrain along the two rivers that join each other nearby. If I can range far enough (and that is the plan). I also have woodland to run through. So it should be interesting. The overall goal for the challenge is so slowly extend my milage but I understand that there is a practical limit to that while I am running 3 days per week. Be Strong! Lifting plan is three days per week. Monday: Squats and OHP, Wednesday: Deadlift and Friday: Bench. Stick to the days and stick to the program. Little is changing over the next four weeks although I will be adding dedicated grip work and some more functional body weight movements. Just to get used to hurling my body around. Get some sleep! The obligatory sleep goal. I'm still aiming for 9:45 bed, up at 5:45, 7 hours sleep. If I get even close to that I might try extending it. I've tried a bunch of different scoring methods but the one I liked was the health bar, because it is quick and easy to deal with. There are 98 possible points over the next 4 weeks, I want to be good 80% of the time. Which give a number near enough to 20 so I have a health bar of 20 points which will deplete as I miss my goals. If it hits zero I fail, so long as it remains above zero it is a success. I like this method because it really illustrates how a couple of bad days doesn't ruin everything. ------------------------------------ HP:=========20========= | ------------------------------------
  11. How tough are you? Are you one tough mudder? My sister and I have signed up for the Tough Mudder run in Central Texas. It is to take place in Smithville, about 2 hours outside of Houston. My sister and I are going to volunteer on the 21st and run it (on a volunteer discount) on the 22nd. We are looking for two things: 1) Nerds who want to run this mug with us. (neither my sister nor I are going to run the whole distance, we are not scouts ;)) 2) A place to stay near the location. I am kind of poor and can't afford to spend too much money on lodging, but if you let us crash at your place, I will clean your house/apartment/whatever Friday night in appreciation for a place to stay. We will likely arrive Friday afternoon, be gone most of Saturday and Sunday, and leave Sunday evening. You are more than welcome to be on our team, but you don't have to come to the run if you don't want to! Love you guys, hope to hear back!
  12. I'm late to the game this time around. Seasonal mood swings had me down for a few weeks. I went down to one workout per week from mid September through now. Tough Mudder is in 4 days. I'm not as ready as I should be, but I'm going to finish it, one way or another. I've got a very special bottle of single barrel scotch that I brought home from the UK a year and a half ago waiting for me at the finish line. My wedding is six weeks hence. I kinda gorged on unhealthy food for the time I was down (as I do when I'm feeling badly), so the next six weeks (and then six weeks past that, to Xmas) is cardio and volume. I'll be following THIS plan and sprinkling in some HIIT biking, heavy bag work and running. After 1 workout, I can tell that shifting from 5 to 10 reps is going to be a different animal, and I'm looking forward to the novelty. GOALS: 1: Survive/complete Tough Mudder 1a: Make sure none of my friends die during the event, especially my groomsmen 2: Lose 5lb by the end of the challenge. 2a: 8lb by the wedding 3: Work out AT LEAST 3 times per week.
  13. If there's something strange in your neighborhood Focus on eating food as fuel (protein, veggies, fruit, grain) If there's something weird And it don't look good Follow through on Scheduled chores: Monday-Kitchen. Tuesday- vacuum. Wednesday-Bathroom. Thursday-cat litter and garbage. Friday-Saturday- chore free. Sunday- cat litter and laundry. I ain't afraid of no ghost Follow through on Scheduled chores: Monday-Kitchen. Tuesday- vacuum. Wednesday-Bathroom. Thursday-cat litter and garbage. Friday-Saturday- chore free. Sunday- cat litter and laundry. If you're seeing things running through your head Work on cardio and crawl until Tough Mudder basically. Who ya gonna call? Take care of myself. Honestly take care of head as well as body. When the demons come out to play I am allowed to call for back up. I do not have to fight alone.
  14. It's about 8 weeks to Tough Mudder, and that means doubling down on training. Last month, I got my chest up to the bar for my first pullup in years. This month, I'm aiming to add 40-50 total lb to my main lifts (10-15 each for squats and deadlifts, 5-10 each for bench and overhead presses). I'm also aiming to do some conditioning work; loaded carries, and bodyweight exercises to get my endurance up. Get Stronger: Try out the Texas method for August and September Test 1RMs for all 4 lifts at the end of the 4th week of new training regimen Get Fitter: Do loaded carries as finishers at least 2/week Give the 100 pushups program another try (currently in week 2) Get up to 3 pullups in a single set Get Leaner Increase chest to waist drop by another 1", whether that's by adding to the chest or losing from the waist (currently 7")
  15. Life got a little too real this week. My dad had a heart attack on Monday. A small one, and he is fine. Now has two shunts in his arteries and can't eat anything that walks on 4 legs again for the rest of his life. But he's fine. I dislike getting sudden reminders of my parents' inevitable mortality. Thus I will distract my self with shiny objects, mud, and physical exhaustion. On July 24th I turn 30. So my theme from now until then is going to be on getting ready for the Foam Fest 5 K I am running on the 23rd with: Hubby, Best friend, Eldest Brother, Middle Brother (maybe, he hasn't confirmed yet), and Brother-in-Law. And there won't be actual running either Well maybe the pack of Brothers will run but Best Friend and Hubby have both done 0 in the way of training for this, and they aren't running it so I will shamelessly meander with them. That and I SUSPECT that I will have obligatory birthday shots...just not sure if that'll be pre or post Foam Fest because that's up to Hubby.
  16. Allright so way back in April I decided I was on track to run a Tough mudder and bought myself a ticket and found a few friends. For those of you unfamiliar Tough Mudder is a 16-20km obstacle race that requires a fair bit of all over strength in order to complete the obstacles and a decent amount of cardio for the run itself (mine is in Drumheller, Alberta, fairly hilly terrain) I thought Id be able to keep myself on track but i got sick about three weeks ago and fell into couch potato potato chips and nachos mode. My old program i had put together had my hardest training landing in these past three weeks where I have done Nothing. I now have, 16 days till race day, which is a ridiculously tiny amount of time to prep - I don't need to be able to do well, I just need to be in good enough shape to not hurt myself day of, and maybe not come in dead last. Currently; I can jog about 5k before I need to stop :< I was up to 7 before the sickness/laziness I can do 2 Chin ups in a row, and then another 1 after resting Was doing 135 lbs for squats in a 12, 8, 6 set (adding 10 each drop in sets) Was doing 105 for bench press (5 sets of 5) probably less now I no longer have access to the gym/freeweights (my favourite) because the gym in this little town has closed for renovations So I need a plan that will get me in as good a place as I can be in 16 days, and I have very little knowledge of setting up short time span plans I was thinking: 20th: Run 5k (done and threw in a few pullup progressions on the playground equipment) 21st: Upper bodyweight workout? All i have available is playground equipment 22nd: Run/walk 7k. 23rd: Lower body/core workout 24th: Yoga/rest 25th: Run as far as possible (I'd like to hit 10-12k, I suspect a good deal of this will be interspersed with walking) 26: Upper somehow 27th: run 5-7k 28th: lower body/core 29th run 7-8k 30th: yoga/rest 31st: Upper 1st: run 5k 2nd: Lower 3rd: Light/ all over 4th: rest/ go for a walk 5th: rest 6th: Race day I need critiques of this and any advice on bodyweight routines that I can accomplish with just myself/varoius playground equipment around town. I really don't want to let my friends down and I don't want to do the easy route I always take which is to give up and try to refund my ticket :/ Any advice nutritionally would be awesome too; thats maybe my less knowledgeable field as it goes - though I will be posting a topic on the nutrition side with my plea of help as well.
  17. The day of reckoning approaches. I signed up for this Tough Mudder way back in January, at @Oramac's suggestion. At the time, I was training for a 5k, and feeling pretty good about life in general. I thought 'sure, no problem, I can do anything with the way I'm feeling right now'. Well, the day's almost here, and I've spent the last three weeks almost totally out of the game, thanks to a nasty series of illnesses. My strength and stamina are down, instead of at their peak like they were supposed to be. BUT! It's not going to stop me, oh hell no. Full tilt toward the craziest thing I've ever done, because who needs fear anyway? Other than this craziness coming at me on June 18, the rest of the month is going to be what May was supposed to have been. I'm at the end of these illnesses... at least, I really hope so. Which means that at the end of this week, once the antibiotics run out, and assuming I don't immediately head downhill again, it's time to bring out the kettlebell and start working my way back up to where I want to be. Goals are simple: 1. Kettlebell every other day after the antibiotics run their course. Starting back at 10x10 2-hand swings, 15 seconds on, 30 seconds off 2. Survive the Tough Mudder 3. Attend every Kung Fu & lightsaber class that I can (the 17th is out, as I'll be heading to Boston in prep for the Mudder) 4. Meditate. I lost the thread and the habit on this again. I've been getting up early (thank you, early-morning sunrise!), there is NO reason I can't take 10 minutes to meditate. *Bonus: don't totally botch up my broadsword form at this weekend's WMAF tournament in Boston That's it, gang. Simple as can be. I don't feel at all prepared for this major event--in fact, sitting here at T-minus 11 days, I feel weak, sickly, and totally incapable of anything like it. Except that I know I'm not weak, because I built, lifted and carried ~120-150lb wooden gates just last Saturday. I think it's just the anxiety of the unknown making me feel this way. No room to look back. Charge straight ahead and give it everything I've got. Kein Blick zurück. Here goes nothing.
  18. Oh yes, this challenge's theme is Willow It's a damned good movie and I enjoyed it very much (and I even like the book series) Find the Daikini Step One- alcohol limited to SAW event and WEDDING ANNIVERSARY. None at any other time. Step Two- Track what I am eating. Set reminders to track food consistently. Success= I will put $100 aside for frivolous spending on myself later. FRIVOLOUS Trewest; as in, for fun. Get Cherlindria’s wand Follow through on Scheduled chores: Monday-Kitchen. Tuesday- vacuum. Wednesday-Bathroom. Thursday-cat litter and garbage. Friday-Saturday- chore free. Sunday- cat litter and laundry. Success= I will have a presentable home come July when my best friend comes to visit. Rescue Fin Razel Do the MovNat progress work daily, help my body get ready for Foam 5K in July and Mudder in September. Success= this is necessary as training for the OCRs. Face off against Nokmarr Army Workouts- Week 0- Do Erin Stern’s Elite workout at work: During Challenge: Continue to do Erin Stern workout and MovNat progress work daily. If possible do Hammer and Chisel workouts early in morning before work. (I’m trying to work on endurance/muscular endurance so I am on hard watch for over training) Success= improvements in distance/endurance. Check pull up/ hand over hand progress weekly Willow vs. Bavmorda Take care of myself. Honestly take care of head as well as body. When the demons come out to play I am allowed to call for back up. I do not have to fight alone. Success= recognizing ‘bad head’ days and asking for support, and recognizing ‘good head’ days and working to incorporate the things that spark more ‘good head’ days.
  19. I love Alice in Wonderland, the show I'm in is based on Alice in Wonderland, Alice in Wonderland is super gifable...perfect challenge theme! Admittedly I prefer the book to the film, and the animated is vastly better than the 2010 version, but book gifs don't work quite so well. I liked my points method in the last challenge so will probably repeat that. A google sheet means that I can update categories on the go so don't have to try to remember what I've done at the end of each day, and points are just fun. Down the rabbit hole we go... One side will make you grow taller, and the other side will make you grow shorter As we all know, you can't outrun your diet (boo!). And my diet is...dubious. I seem to swing between eating really well and eating everything I can get my hands on. Add to this new meds which have appetite increase as a side effect (double boo!) and I really need to take a long hard look at my eating habits. I've started getting HelloFresh boxes, and whilst they're not the most cost efficient (it works out as ~£6.50 a meal, ouch!) but it's getting me cooking healthy food on a regular basis, and since the portions are actually massive I tend to end up with three meals instead of two from a lot of them. Plus they're really yummy (and I genuinely am a terrible cook). I also massively reduced my coke consumption in the last challenge so let's keep that up! This challenge I'm being harsher on myself for coke drinking and fast food, but also more rewarding for cooking and keeping on top of my calories. So points for this: Portion of fruit or veg +1 Bottle/glass of coke -2 Bottle of other fizzy drink -1 Take out/fast food -10 Home cooked meal +5 Daily calorie tracking +2 Under calorie target +1 We're all mad here Or at least I am. Last challenge I got a new diagnosis, a shiny new drug, and a shiny new therapist. This challenge ends two days before I'm due to go back to my PhD so excellent timing for finishing sorting my life out for that fun and exciting development (ohgodpleasekillmenow). This section is going to include specific mental health things as well as more general adult life things. Because realistically a lot of the issues with adult stuff are a result of being slightly mad. Psychiatrist appointment +5 Therapy session +5 Taking all meds +1 Daily thought record +1 Shower +1 Bath +2 Cleaning teeth +1 Hour of tidying +10 Completely sorted room +25 Completely sorted flat +100 Unnecessary spending -25 I say, you'll never get dry that way Get dry? Have to run with the others. First rule of a caucus race, you know. I'm doing a half mudder at the end of the month, so much training is needed. Run run run! Going for a run +5 Each km run +1 5km in one session +10 8km in one session +20 Twinkle twinkle little bat/ how I wonder what you're at/ up above the world you fly/ like a tea tray in the sky Can you stand on your head? Circus! Ciiirrrrccuuuuuuussssss Ahem. I like circus Much circus etc etc I've got moves to work on, rehearsals to get to, and I really need to get my flex work on again Aerial class +2 Rehearsal +1 Double skinner +10 Single toe hang +20 Heel hang +50 Forward belly spins/millwheels +10 New move/transition +1 Handstand work +5 Juggling practice +5 Hula hooping +1 Splits work +5 Backbend work +5 Doing less than 4 stretch sessions in a week -50
  20. There is a hysterical show on tv that I am currently loving: Lucifer. This month's theme fits quite nicely with what I need in my life; a little righteous fire. Sympathy for the Devil Step One- alcohol limited to one day only SAW wine event. None at any other time. Step Two- Track what I am eating. Set reminders to track food consistently. Deal with the Devil- If I successfully do this for the entire month then I will put $100 aside for frivolous spending on myself later. FRIVOLOUS Trewest; as in, for fun. Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked Follow through on Scheduled chores: Monday-Kitchen. Tuesday- vacuum. Wednesday-Bathroom. Thursday-cat litter and garbage. Friday-Saturday- chore free. Sunday- cat litter and laundry. Deal with the Devil- If I can do this, at the end of the month I plan on getting in to attack the spare room and getting so much shit cleaned out. If that is successful… I am going to book myself a right and proper massage. Devil’s Stomp Do the steps challenge for myself to get my cardio level elevated. Occasional days missed to rest/ life allowed, but MUST do at least 5 days a week. Deal with the Devil- this is necessary as training for the Mudder in Sept. Raise a little Hell Workouts- Teaching Mondays and Fridays, do hammer and chisel workout anyways. Tuesdays and Thursdays are spin classes, if cannot make it, do treadmill cross country work. Wednesdays are groupfit class. If cancelled or cannot make it, do Les Mills Combat 60 min workout, do hammer and chisel workout anyways. Saturday is flexibility work and outside time if possible, do hammer and chisel workout anyways. Sundays are hammer and chisel workout. Deal with the Devil- I get my body back into my control this way and hopefully combined with a very hardcore control on my nutrition side I might actually start being able to stand being inside my own body. Devil’s Got a Hold Take care of myself. Honestly take care of head as well as body. When the demons come out to play I am allowed to call for back up. I do not have to fight alone.
  21. So when you last saw me I was bailing out of a challenge because my mental health was going a bit squiffy. Since then I spent a month in Brazil doing circus training, lost a few of my older rats, obtained four new baby rats, got my second tattoo, aaannnd my mental health went SERIOUSLY squiffy. Like I'm currently on a three month interruption from my PhD because I stopped getting out of bed and going in for like three weeks squiffy. I am, however, starting to go a wee bit stir crazy on my own in the flat all day. So here I am. I don't have to worry about my PhD for the next little while so I can concentrate on getting my health together - both physically and mentally. In honour of the four new babies, and the fact that I am finally getting round to watching Ratatouille for the first time, I'm going to split this challenge into four segments, each based on one of the girls (who all have names from sci-fi/fantasy so it's totally still a nerd thing ). Plus cute rat photos. And Ratatouille gifs. Main Goals There are two main things I'm working towards. Half Mudder (June 26th). 8km run with mud and obstacles and general mayhem. The half doesn't include the most horrific things (ice bath, no thanks. Electrocution? Hahahahaha NOPE) but still has challenges. I'm actually not that worried about the obstacles, more about the whole running outside for that long thing... MCF Dreams (End of July/Early August). The company where I take my aerial classes is putting a show together for Glasgow's Merchant City Festival based loosely on Alice in Wonderland and I'm in it! Like all of it. The cast was meant to be 12 and has ended up as....six. Currently I am riding a bike in the intro, being a fairy briefly to rescue Alice from "bad dreams", in a group act with hula hoops and aerial hoops, some form of movement thing, an aerial hoop nymph in a group forest scene, doing some form of group act on a trampoline (lord help us all) and singing. Singing. FML. I have a really good ear and a really bad voice :'( I have a lot of work to do to be ready for both these things.... Fenchurch (Self Care) Named after the H2G2 chracter, Fenchurch is a special rat (that is her official vet diagnosis, seriously). She's got epilepsy, she's nervous and neurotic, and she's amazing. She reminds me daily of the importance of baby steps (I almost cried the first time I saw her tussle with the other babies like a normal rat), that two steps forward and one step back is still progress, and she's the inspiration for my self-care quest. To gain points in this quest (subject to change as I, hopefully, go through the mental health services) Take all my meds +1 Leave the flat (this is super vague and includes everything from going to the cinema to sitting on the balcony with a book to going for a run) +1 Socialising +2 Showering +1 Washing my hair +2 Cleaning my teeth +1 Proper face washing +1 Moisturising +1 Shaving legs +2 Face mask/hair mask/foot mask/some form of spoiling +2 Getting a massage +5 Having a bath +2 20 minutes of reading +1 One load of washing (washed and hung) +2 Emptying the washing basket +10 Changing bedding +5 15 minutes of tidying +2 One hour of tidying +10 One completely organised room +25 One completely organised flat +100 Sabetha (Circus) Sabetha is my crazy circus rat (and a total mummy's girl which I love but isn't really relevant here...). Named after Sabetha Belacoros of the Gentlemen Bastards (the only female member) who is a complete badass. Book!Sabetha would totally be an assassin. Rat!Sabetha...well she'll lick you to death When she's not pretending to be a tiny dog she's being generally mental - jumping, climbing, tightrope walking - nothing is beyond her (or so she thinks ) and she would be amazing in the circus, so is the inspiration for my circus-specific training. As well as progressing with my first love (trapeze), I want to improve my hoop, learn to juggle, improve my hula hooping and work on my handstands. We're doing quite a lot of handstand stamina work but my tendency is to take it into my lower back when I get tired which is not helpful to anyone so in my private practice I plan to work on quality rather than quantity by kicking up to a wall then getting myself into the proper position and holding there. This way I can work on technique and position without worrying about the initial balancing issue. I've also let my flex work slide since getting back to cooolllld Scotland so need to get back to that. To gain points in this quest Aerial class +2 10 minutes juggling practice +1 30 minutes juggling practice +5 Consistent two ball juggling +5 Five passes three ball juggling +5 Ten passes three ball juggling +10 Consistent three ball juggling +50 10 minutes hula hoop practice +1 30 minutes hula hoop practice +5 25 show condition throw/catches in a row +3 25 spin outs in a row +5 50 spin outs in a row +10 Aerial hoop session (can include rehearsals) +5 Getting my double skinner back +5 Single toe hang +10 Heel hang +20 Single heel hang +100 Multiple back belly spins +5 Forward belly spins +15 New move/transition (trapeze) +1 New move/transition (hoop) +2 Five handstand tries +1 Ten second freestanding handstand +10 Closed eye one leg balance training +1 Splits flex work +5 Back flex work +5 Eskarina (General fitness) Esk is a sturdy soul. By no means fat, she's strong and energetic. Named for Eskarina Smith in Equal Rites, she's got her character's feisty spirit and is usually not far behind Sabetha in causing mayhem so is an excellent example for my general fitness quest. To earn points in this quest Going for a run +5 Each km run +1 5km run in one session +10 5km run without stopping +15 8km run in one session +15 8km run without stopping +20 10 v sits +1 5 push ups +2 2 pull ups +1 10 leg raises +1 10 burpees +1 Inara (Diet) Inara is of course named after the beautiful Inara Serra of Firefly. Tbh I'm reaching here because there isn't really a specific reason to link her to diet but I've started this theme so I'll finish it... Inara looks extremely similar to Esk (like I struggle to tell them apart sometimes) but is a slightly leaner version so...diet? Eh whatever, I need a diet quest, she's cute as a button, pretend this bit makes some sort of sense Diet wise, well, you know how people in a depressive episode are super healthy with what they eat? No? Damn. So, that needs work. Main aims here are to reduce how much coke I'm drinking, reduce the take away/fast food consumption (I'm allowing myself one per week) and increase my fruit and veg intake. Baby steps all the way... Points for this quest Portion of fruit/veg +1 Fast food over the limit of once per week -5 No fast food in a week +5 Replacing bottle of coke with water based drink +1 Tracking calories (per day) +1 Scoring/Rewards My vague plan is to use week 0 to get an idea of what's realistic in terms of overall scoring then work out some form of reward scheme for myself. We shall see!
  22. I'll fill on more details here over the next few days but I just wanted to get something down now so I'm 'pot committed' to the next challenge. I've been away from the boards for a long long time but I feel now is right for me to make my return: on September 17th I will be taking part in a Tough Mudder so in preparation for this Epic Quest goal, I'm going to throw down with my old pals in the Assassins guild and partake in a four week challenge to get myself straightened out. My goals will be: 1. Eat clean- no more sugar loaded crap, no more unhealthy snacks, no more liquid calories. (before the challenge starts I'll work out how I'm going to quantify this). 2. Start running- I'm not a cardio kind of guy preferring to stick with my bodyweight strength training for ny calorie burning however a Tough Mudder is going to require at least some sort of running about so I'm going to have to get used to it. I'm going to aim low and just try one run per week at this point however in future I think I'll have to make this more frequent. For the purpose of this challenge though, I want to just make a start on it. 3. Plyometrics- I do a lot of pushups and pullups and squats but nothing requiring sudden bursts of movements. My goal therfore is to do at least one work out each week that involves plyometric explosive movements. 4. For my life goal I'm going to do something entirely unrelated and start playing the guitar again. It's been at least 5 years since I rocked the axe and I really miss it at times so I'm going to commit to doing 3 hours of guitar practice every week. I'm going to keep a log of how long I play each day and hopefully it'll add up to 3 hours by the end of week. I'll fill in more details later and possible added some pictures and stuff to make this more exciting but this is me committing to the next challenge- I can't walk out of it now!
  23. Why is the Rum Gone? Step One- alcohol limited to wine events ONLY. Step Two- Track what I am eating. Set reminders to track food consistently. Booty- If I succeed at this during weekdays, every week for a challenge, my reward is going to update my phone (time for a new one mine is cracked and glitch-tastic) Swab the Deck Matey Schedule chores and do them before gaming. Monday-Kitchen. Tuesday- vacuum. Wednesday-Bathroom. Thursday-cat litter and garbage. Friday-Saturday- chore free. Sunday- cat litter and laundry. Booty- If I succeed at following this plan for the entire challenge, my reward is taking a weekend off and going to see my best friend (to be scheduled) Short Drop and a Sudden Stop Do the steps challenge for myself daily to get my cardio level elevated. Occasional days missed to rest/ life allowed, but MUST do at least 5 days a week. Booty- If I succeed, my reward will be beating some of my demons back into their playpen. Hoist the Sails Workouts- Teaching Mondays and Fridays, if class is cancelled, do hammer and chisel total body workout anyways. Tuesdays and Thursdays are spin classes, if cannot make it, do treadmill cross country work. Wednesdays are groupfit class. If cancelled or cannot make it, do Les Mills Combat 60 min workout. Saturday is flexibility work and outside time if possible. If not possible, do Les Mills Combat 45 min. Sundays are rest with light flexibility work. Booty- Getting sexy back. A Pirate’s Life for Me Take care of myself. Honestly take care of head as well as body. When the demons come out to play I am allowed to call for back up. I do not have to fight alone.
  24. First of all, I passed my Nerdiversary! Go me! BUT I failed miserably at the practice PARE. In a sad, pathetic way. I gave myself a day to be emotional about, and that was yesterday. So today, I have a plan. Like in the Dragon Age game series, you have different options for your character and I think I need to go to the drawing board and make myself into the character I'd like to play as. I need to work on getting my weight down. I need to increase my strength for push/pull and carry. I need to improve my VO2 Max. I need to work on stairs. I want to improve flexibility. So here I am, almost always a Rogue (in the assassin guild, this should surprise NO ONE). With that in mind I need to improve on the following skills: Potion Making (Poison and Herb lore) Also known as food in my world. So... starting today no alcohol, no bread/rice/potatoes, as little dairy as possible. Basically as close to Paleo as I ever can get. And I really need to track this shit. Dual Weild This is where I need to start working on being a better Rogue. So I need to increase cardio because damn, the PARE was a slap in the face. Also, going to start doing stair running daily. With my regular workouts and some flexibility work in there as well. Recruit Companions So I don't go insane, I still need my party banter. Here is where I will continue to work on writing anything daily, and try to make a point to do something relaxing every week. Gearing Up Not sure how to explain this one yet.... I have a schedule of workouts. I have locations where I can workout.. I have a food tracker, and portion control cups. I feel like I need to get hardcore disciplined on recording what I am doing though. So contemplating a fitness tracker/monitor thingy. Any suggestions? I want one that tracks my daily calorie burn, not just one I turn on for workouts. Maybe even one that can track sleep patterns because that'd just be cool.
  25. Oh yeah baby, A Dragon Age theme. It seemed appropriate given what I plan to do to myself this month...... Durable like a Warrior Train to run the PARE On Feb 28 I run my practice PARE test. This will tell me how close I am to actually passing it (if I don’t actually pass it during the practice run). Then I either go ahead and run it for real soon after, or develop a 3 month plan to GET me there. Cardio 4 times a week Weight Training 4 times a week Grounded and Centered like a Mage Act like a responsible Adult Feeling in control of my environment helps me feel like I’m in control of my headspace too, and vice versa. Get a chore list set up for both myself AND the husband to check off tasks (use colourful markers) Kitchen (fridge, dishes, floor, COOKING) Bathroom (toilet, tub, sink, floors) Vacu-dust (living room) Garbage run (kitchen, bathroom, cat litter) Don't be Oghren....just don't. Eat to live Follow portion set up and food lists, I get 4 units of veggies, 3 units of fruit, 5 units of protein, 3 units of carbs, 1 unit of healthy fats, 1 unit of nuts/seeds, and 4 units of healthy condiments. Use wisely (note: I will purposefully underutilize carbs and over utilize veggies, that’s allowed because otherwise I will over utilize carbs) Record food habits Prep food in advance to make life easier Control alcohol intake Limit mindless eating Mastery of the Rogue Practice and Consistency Not being good at something is allowed, but not working on getting better at it isn’t. All of these things will help me and I need to work on doing them. Work on shoulder/body flexibility DAILY Work on chin up, handstand, pistol squat weekly Work on writing everyday, even if it’s garbage Progress pics and measurements at beginning and end ONLY
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