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  1. Hello, all! I was on here a long while ago working on my fitness and am returning several years later (and several years older - welp!) from an entirely different country and with completely different goals, ready to work on myself again! 😄 Back then I was in my late teens and concentrated heavily on cardio and studying to great success, but I also had far less to contend with back then. I'm quite a changed person now, with a job I love in a city in England, an intolerance to lactose that I was free of as a youngster (boo), and an only slightly detrimental work ethic (
  2. Hey all, I joined the Rebellion years ago, and loved the camaraderie - but then I damaged my knee playing competitive sport and threw the towel in. Then about a year later I focused on my diet and lost 2 and a half stone and looked and felt the best I had in years. Started pole dancing class and adored it. The fact that I could no longer afford pole as I'm getting divorced, the lockdown and my weakness for snacks have put all that good work to waste. I've put the weight back on and have lost pretty much all of my strength. Instead of moping - I'm goi
  3. Here I am at the dawn of time. Again. This time of wellness to not make time for illness. It's been a rollercoaster to say the least and somewhere on my journey I lost my path and am stumbling through the woods, a bit disoriented but since I'm writing it down here, I feel confident in my abilities again. Now there's a win already! I have several goals but this time, I'm toning them down a notch. There is already so much pressure from work and family - and let's be honest, mostly myself - that if I cannot control other people's behavior, at least I should be kind to myself. Now
  4. Alright, let's take it from the top: 1. My name is Stephanie (you can call me Stevie). I'm 34 years old and a librarian. I can't remember how long ago I found NerdFitness but it's been the best thing I've found for me. To make a long story short, I've had weight issues all my life but I finally unlocked the key to start my ultimate quest: accepting myself no matter how much I weigh. That's been a long time coming! I'm a nerd and a tomboy. I love reading (duh), traveling, and creating art. I'm a Trekkie, Whovian, Star Wars fan, and a Sailor Moon fan, among others. Workout-wise
  5. Hello everyone! My name is Matthew, and I'm excited to begin my journey with Nerd Fitness! Like Steve, I've tried several work outs before on my own without much success. I came to Nerd Fitness because I realized delving into the world of fitness is much like delving into a new world in a video game - it's wide, full of traps, and without proper tutorialization or a map to guide you it's easy to get lost and frustrated. I'm coming into this unequipped and inexperienced, but it looks like I may have finally found my hometown here. I'll be explor
  6. Hiya, guys! ^-^ I was here years ago (I wish I remembered my username but sadly, I don't!) and then had some health issues that put a halt on a lot. Just on the absolute off-chance that anybody I did know comes across this, I was put out of commission (and well, into hospital) due to unmanageable seizures and the chronic pain that resulted. Its been a while and not only am I back in tip-top shape again (between treatment, surgeries and more!) but I've since moved to England and have a steady career (in the nerdy field! Ay!) I swear, how time flies. I remembered this place a few we
  7. *waves I enjoy the NF newsletters and have been lurking the forums the past week. So much stuff here, so I am wading through little by little. I am an older Nerd (53) who needs to reach for health, fitness and life goals. No more just dreaming - time to plan it, work it. I'm interested in improvement in every area of my life so I have lots of goals to work with. I am also an introvert, one of the rarest ones - an INFJ. I do love my alone time (content homebody) and tend to avoid social events. I don't think that is a bad thing, but it wouldn't hurt to get out sometimes. I am Nerd-y
  8. Hi! I'm Dehlia. I'm 31 and I'm from Denver, CO (Though I also spend a lot of time in Brooklyn, NY) In my searches for exercises and advice I kept coming across this website, and liked what it was about, so I'm finally joining, as the title indicates. I've had issues with my weight since puberty, mostly due to depression. About a year or so ago I was able to lose around 20 pounds, but I've had some set-backs since then. Stress, annoying life incidences, job changes, moving, and traveling have made it difficult to keep on a consistent plan, especially being an emotional e
  9. Hi Nerds! I am "BOT" aka BackOnTrack, a Rebel with a cause. I am a 44, Mama of 2 nerdboys, married 23 years to the biggest Nerd I could catch. We live in a small country town in Colorado, a rural gem. I have never been more content and grateful for my bliss and looking to level up life a bit. My big why am I here at NF? To make some of my flubby blubber vanish, and vanish for good. I am taking the low carb route 'again'. I do like to work out in so many different ways. My consistent downfall; lack of consistency, and life's little distractio
  10. Hi, I'm a - 46y/o father of four - working 9-to-5 in IT - part-time Entrepreneur trying to push forward my online-business - Need to focus more on health to have more energy and feel better - My hobbies are: playing the (e-)guitar, watch The Walking Dead, lifehacking. I love computer-games but don't play a lot these days. I have a PS4, I started GTA and kinda like it but in my heart, I still really love the games a played when I was younger - so I'm a retro-gaming-nerd Current Main Quest: Loose 15kg (33 Pounds) SMART Goals I'll start with 3 goal
  11. Hi everyone! I'm Jka, mum of 2, full time nurse, board game geek and chocoholic. I've steadily been getting bigger and bigger, less and less healthy and I've finally reached a point where I want to do something about it. I'm very easily distracted; I love a new challenge but will jump from project to project without really completing many. Hopefully having a monthly challenge will be just what I need to keep my attention and foster some good habits. Without further ado, my very lofty 6-12 month goals are: Lose 20kg Eat bett
  12. Like so many others, I've always been a bit gun shy of sharing too much online, but if there's ever a place to do so, this is certainly it. So - here we go! I'm Denise and I teach anthropology at a University in Kentucky. Don't know what anthropology is? No biggie, most people don't. It's the study of everything human from where we come from as a species to ancient civilizations to modern societies and our primate cousins. My concentration is in archaeology, but I teach a fair amount about living societies too. My students think I'm a bit crazy b/c I'm a forty-something prof
  13. Hello everyone I just joined today. I came across nerd fitness while hunting for bodyweight workouts. Then I saw the Level up you life book and had to pick it up I love the concept. I'm at a point in my life where I'm looking to get back in shape. I took some Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu years ago but now I just feel tired all the time. My goals are to expand myself physically and mentally .
  14. Hello there! My name's Emily/Ed/Grimmi - and I've gotten quite tired of living how i currently am. I want to have an amazing story to tell where the life i'm living now is the life i get to tell people I overcame. I'm 31 years old, just graduated college with a Bachelor's in Fine Arts - so i'm also unemployed, naturally. I'm looking for jobs and keep getting turned down. Living with parents because i'm absolutely poor and hopeless. On top of that I battle depression, anxiety and a few other fun things. I'm really overweight and inactive, scared to leave my room, and t
  15. Hey ya'll. I'm Caranda, 17 years old, and at the time I am writing this I have just binged hours of this website's forums and have fallen in love with this community. While I'm not overweight, I am much chubbier than I would like and, most importantly, wildly out of shape. I've been trying to get back into exercising for a while now, but I'm now sworn in and about to join the ranks as a part of the National Guard. I have a year before I leave for basic and I would like to be able to the bare minimum for passing basic (e.g. more sit-ups, more push-ups, and actually being able to run without poo
  16. Hi, everyone. The name is Kerri. I am a 22-year-old woman, passionate about psychology, writing, and crime dramas. I collect Carebears and X-men anything. I've been a "nerd" in some aspects for as long as I can remember. I'm the kind of girl who tied jump ropes across our trampoline so I could be a 'spy.' I love all things Marvel but have a particular affinity to the X-men. If you cannot tell by my username, my favorite character is X-23, aka Laura Kinney aka Wolverine's clone. I also enjoy video games, the Sims, some anime, and recently have started dabbling with Magic and D&D. Outside of
  17. After an on-again off-again (mostly off again) love affair with fitness over the last several years, I feel I have finally found a fitness fellowship with the Rebellion! I have my Lvl 1/First Challenge posted in the newbies section, but wanted to take it a step further with a daily commitment to logging my progress and sticking with this by posting here in the Battle Logs. I feel like this is going to be crictical to help me make it through. Between my company undergoing a lot change, a crazy toddler, and a very pregnant wife, I have a feeling it is going to be the sma
  18. Hey! I'm Jean but you can call me PurplePotato! I was recommended this website by a friend of mine and I was wondering if you guys could help me out. So, I wanted to get into muscle acquisition since I've got various health issues that often hinder my energy and overall strength. I'm looking to exercise my arms, legs, and core, since I have to work a lot of retail jobs and heavy lifting looks good on a job application, lol. I'm a creator, and a lot of my work is sedentary (I'm both a writer and digital artist), so anything I can do indoors is wonderful, though I'm
  19. Hello all, So I've recently decided that I need to make a change. A real one this time. In real life. In real time. Not just in my head, not just as I'm drifting off to sleep making promises about what I'll do better tomorrow, but in the waking minutes and days when those better decisions have to be put into action. So here I am. I used a forum like this to make a major life change a few years ago, and I miss the camaraderie and accountability that was available there, so here's hoping that exists here too A bit about me: I'm looking at 40 in the next 18 months o
  20. My husband will be home with it in about an hour. I figure setting it up will be the first workout But what comes next? It has an overhead pulley, place for a barbell and the leg curl attachment, I this also a preacher curl attachment. I'm hoping those terms make sense, if not, Google let me down In the past (over 5 years ago) I used to go to the gym, on and off on my own and with various trainers I've always liked the way I felt after a good strength workout, but always hated doing weights alone at a gym. Either way, gym is out for several reasons now, but as I'm determined t
  21. Sharing my "Big Why" for 40 xp My mental and physical health are the foundations that I intend to build the rest of my life around. My physical health has a bearing on my mental health, because it affects how I feel about myself, how outgoing I am, how comfortable I am in my own clothes, etc. Eliminating my related insecurities gives me back the day to day mental energy that will be vital to me achieving my aspirations.
  22. Hey Rebels, I just joined the rebellion on Monday. So, I am still in the phase of thinking "this is going to be awesome." I sure hope it is. Here is my intro post. History – 48 yrs old. Happily Married. Two kids, 5 & 11. Life Groups Pastor at Compassion Christian Church. Retired Navy Chief. I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember, even in the Navy. When I was initiated, oops I mean "trained", as a Chief, I had gotten in pretty good shape. I began to love running, I even ran two half marathons but then injured myself training for a
  23. Hey everyone! This isn't my first time trying to jump in to the world of fitness, but this is the first time I've had a good reason to, and the first time I'm getting social about it. So I'm really excited to be here and excited to get to know everyone! I go by Evan in this little corner of the 'net. I'm a trans guy who recently started hormone replacement, and I want to start getting fit so I can achieve that androgynous body of my dreams (that's only the most shallow level of my Big Why, though!). Hormone therapy has really taught me, for the first time in my life, t
  24. Hello everyone! I've never been much of a fitness guy, but I recently graduated college and landed a job where I'm at a desk the majority of my time. I want to develop some healthy habits before getting used to only sitting all day. I've been looking around some other forums for fitness to try and get motivated, but this forum seems to spark the inner nerd necessary to motivate me. I'm a huge fan of video games and part of my problem is that I want to just go home and game after a long day of work. Maybe I'll be motivated to work by incorporating my nerd self into my
  25. Hello! I'm Camila from Argentina. Exactly 4 weeks ago I started to change my life Today I've accomplished 28 days doing exercise every day. And I've picked up other good habits along the way. I've also lost 3.8kg during this time without really thinking about it, that motivates me so much. I guess the last hundred times failed because I was only focusing on losing weight. A couple days ago I decided I was ready to put more effort into that, the same day I started listening to Thomas Frank's podcast, and in the very first episode he mentioned Steve and Nerd Fitness. So I googled, found th
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