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Found 13 results

  1. NEW CHALLLENGE! Oh My God So Excited ... This is just a placeholder, though. I'll be back later today. Just wanted to let you all know what you're in for.
  2. My fitness adventure has been an on again off again relationship, with spurts of consistent effort mixed with spans of total inactivity. So, here I am again, but over the last year, my spurts of activity have been a lot more frequent than my hiatuses, and the set up of NF inspires me, because I want to click that button and get my XP!! My goals are for functional fitness so that I can do cool stuff, not get hurt at work, and have energy for life at the end of the work day. I spent the last 1.5 years just outside of Seattle, where I cycled occasionally, and then I spent 3 months in
  3. If you’re expecting a challenge centered around pause squats and deadlifts, my apologies ;). I’m pausing life, not my lifts. I’ve been MIA recently (but still lifting!), so for those of you who don’t know me: I’m a first year PhD student and started powerlifting when I joined NF about two years ago. After having some chronic health issues flare up this past year, I’ve decided to take about a year off to focus on getting my health in order. This will be my first challenge while on leave, so my goals are designed to help me make that transition + do what I need to for my
  4. One of the things I love doing is just listening to other people's adventures. It gives me a sense of wonder, as well as gives me ideas for what I want to do. So what is the best adventure you have ever had? It can be anything! so long as you look back at it and think, "That was awesome!" it counts. Let's hear all the cool things the NF nerds have done!
  5. Hi there! How do? Feel free to peruse my previous challenges (in my signature) for an overview of my life over the past year My life goal is to improve my health and get over my issue with food (= if I don’t calorie count, I binge). My goal for 2015 is to get clear below 11 stone (currently anywhere between 11 stone 2 and 11 stone 6) and to be able to do one chin up. Every challenge so far has involved calorie counting, so I’m going to mix it up this time and totes steal ideas from my amazing twin from another city, Deftona The rest will be exercise based. Goal 1: Intermittent fa
  6. Week zero, here we are. And where, in fact, are we? That's right friends, it's a Daredevil challenge! This comic means a lot to me - it's one of the comics that I discovered on my own, in middle school, and it really got under my skin. Daredevil taught me that hypersensitivity can be an advantage, it doesn't make you weak and fragile, it just requires you to work hard, stay balanced, and have a clear head. When the world floods in on you from all sides, you need structure and purpose, and then you can become someone extraordinary. He was also a hero who used words and smarts as ofte
  7. ...can you walk the walk?! This is a walking PvP that will be running during the current 6 week challenge from 8th June - 12th July 5 levels this time: Titanium - 200km's (124 miles) Gold - 150 km's (93 miles) Silver - 100km's (62 miles) Bronze - 50km's (31 miles) Copper - 25km's (16 miles) PVP Rules 1. Pick a level above that will stretch you but you think you can make. During the challenge walk that many km's in 6 weeks. 2. Sign up in this sheet and track your km/miles during the 6 week challenge. 3. Specify after your name either (walking) or (pedometer) depending on if you wil
  8. Crouching in a small cupboard, where Ocelot had flung herself to evade detection, it was hard not to groan aloud: her entire body ached with the tension. Her thumbs rubbed against the newly formed calluses on her palms in futile distraction. She could hear the guards’ conversation - snatched words, at least. They were wondering aloud about the identity of the assassin who had been haunting the fortress for over two months now. Imagine if they knew it was the new maidservant to blame, the small red-haired girl who looked as if butter wouldn’t melt, who concealed her powerful weapon-skilled
  9. Hey Rebels! Let's do this My main Nerd Fitness quest, while still being developed, was inspired by the Tomb Raider video game reboot last year. I loved "new Lara's" relatability as she struggled to become a tough, strong survivor, and I'd like to do the same! Young me read books about adventures instead of going on them, and I hated sports. It's only been in the last 2 years or so that I've really found my way to fitness, beginning with this site and garage crossfit workouts. I'm still having a hard time seeing myself as fit/athletic, but I'm working on it! In January this year I quit my
  10. So, I am looking for an adventure sometime Memorial weekend(or the Wednesday before). Only problem being, I am tight on cash and I don't know what to do. Okay, that is a lie, I've looked up horse back riding and kayaking/canoeing but I don't know if I have anyone to go with, and I don't know if I want to adventure alone. So, if there is anyone looking for some fun times this weekend that isn't too expensive and around the Tampa Bay Area let me know.
  11. Hello everyone! I know I just joined, but this has been what I've been looking for for ages now, a way to track my goals, my leveling up in life and to keep myself accountable. I've always wanted to blog and write, and I have always had a problem being consistent, so this is going to be my effort to change all of that! My name is Akkina and I am a 23 year old from Alaska, I have been struggling with my weight since highschool, and I've been out of school for four years now so it's been a while. I ballooned up to a whopping 265lbs during school, and I took a bit of an initiative to loose some w
  12. After much deliberation I decided to join this challenge after all. This is my first challenge with you assassins, after I hung around looking at all your inspiring threads during the previous challenge. During my previous (and first) challenge I lifted heavy weights while trying to get a handstand and my first pull up. At the end I realised that I like heavy weights, but that at present I don’t have the time to train as much as I want to. It impacted on the performance in my aerial sessions, and I realised that I prefer functionality to pure strength for its own sake. This experience made
  13. Know that feeling when you realise that you've strayed so very far from the 'real you' that you almost give up and just accept where you're at? When you just stop looking in the mirror, buy clothes without trying them on, wear black and generally just stop trying. With a whole bunch of seemingly plausible excuses for how you got to this point? Well i've felt it, it absolutely sucks and it's got to stop. Despite a very active past and a background in elite sport, I have founded two companies in the past year and taken on a whole lot of projects which keep me computer-bound and as well as the
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