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Found 15 results

  1. Running with/from dinosaurs Adam and I have been playing Jurassic World Evolution, so we have dinosaurs on the brain... and it fits in with the previous themes I had before taking a break Hi! I'm back from a three or four week break. I lost count *shrug*. It was good! It was needed! I'm hoping to get my motivation up a notch or two, grab this new year by the scruff and run with it. For those who don't know me, I chat a lot about how my challenge goes, but also about what happens in my life. I'll write the life stuff in my Dear Diary again, so those who w
  2. AERI AIMS FOR THE WORMHOLE DAILY Workout 20m: rope 3m, w-up 5m, w-out 5m, stretch 7m Meditate 5m Affirmations 5m *determine which NOW - WHO DO I WANT TO BE? Take notes: question thoughts & reframe, by ENTIRELY EXPERIMENTING NOW. (not time bound, achieved by having notes from the day in question) 1-2 WEEKLY Groceries Cook CHECKLIST FOR JOB HUNT (repeat until hired) determine desired work activities and related job titles find companies that I'd love working for and require such job title(s) narrow down t
  3. Regular Gnoll, Regular Gnoll! Hello all! Welcome to my NEIN Challenge! Which, of course means no challenge. And is a great reference to the new campaign for Critical Role, which I love. Totes <3s. Anyway. It's zero week now, making next week Week 1, but I will be in sunny California starting on the 21st and for a whole week. Those of you who know me, or are somehow my twin (Hi @karinajean!) will understand that starting a brand new challenge without the chance to focus on the new lovely goals you set up, makes for a MEEEEEHXPERIENCE! So I am not challenging th
  4. Seriously, how do normal people do it? Ever since I've started my second job in august and have been working full time for the first time in my life, I'm in awe of people who manage to work a regular job and still find time to work out, pursue their interests, socialize, learn new stuff... when I get back from work, I'm just exhausted. I've been sleeping more than ever these past few weeks (and I've always needed more sleep than other people) and feel like working 150% more than before requires 150% more energy than I have. There were days when I got home and lay down on the couch for a while
  5. Hello, Nerdfitness! It's been a long time since I've been on, but I've been making some positive changes that I'd like to continue. Now that I've graduated, I am looking for a job and considering my future in academia. I've also spent some time traveling to visit family and have suffered under a steady diet of rich, fatty foods with minimal vegetables and very little exercise. (I've eaten more sausage in the last two weeks than I've had in the last three years. I'm starting to feel like a sausage.) The Goals: Find success in feeling healthy and making opportunities for my future.
  6. Met a fellow former Infantryman during my SFG 2, and I thought about the things I spent 5 good years of my life doing. I should be able to do them at least relatively well, except I don't know anymore because I haven't tried. I think I'll Infantry the f-- up for a bit. Shoot > Modern martial arts--handgun fundamentals. Achieve a Marksman rating for the pistol on the Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program. Move > Road March. Cover 20 total miles with 20+% BW load. Communicate > Talk to each of my parents at least once.
  7. Sooooo I decided to try to improve myself again. I'm a physicist mostly doing research on the computer which means that on many days I just sit for the whole day. I'm not overweight, actually I quite like my current weight, I eat more or less "right" though I do sometimes eat to much sugary stuff but that is not all that often so I'm not too concerned about it. Basically I just have to focus on getting moving again to feel better and to feel a bit less tired + I want to build some habbits. This happens generally about 3-4 times a year - I realize that I stopped moving and should do it agai
  8. Lifestyle goal 1: A game of chances: Be accepted into the university as a Physiotherapist: Okay so a few challenges ago I applied, and I'm awaiting response this thursday (30th) this is as the title describes a game of chances. around 1/10 will be accepted (as for last year) but I'm hoping the best.! Grades: PASS // FAIL +1 WIS will be granted Fitness goal 1: Same side Elbow to Toe both sides. To improve my hamstring flexibility I'm working towards the Toe to Forehead stretch. Follow the protocol 4x a week for the 6 weeks of the challenge. Grades: 6 Weeks = A (1) 4 Weeks = B (0,75
  9. Back with the Assassins! So last challenge did not work out so well because life happens and I'm honestly just super lazy. So what can I do to not be so lazy? Practically anything! I'm going to be focusing on more life style challenges just to get me motivated to get out of bed and move. Main Quest: To live life to the fullest and be healthy. My practical goal is to get to a size 8-10 pants size or lose 30 lbs. P.S. My triathlon training was a bust. I'll get there someday but right now I need to try something else. Quest 1 Just do something active for 30 min 5 times a week o
  10. My time with the Druids refocused me. The biggest threat to my health last year was not weight or inactivity. I was wounded by the combination of depression, anxiety, and stress. During 2014, I learned resilience despite these wounds. Sleep, clean eating, movement, and simple habits formed new foundations. My journey, however, will be about more than my own health as I strive to love others well. Currently, I am an assassin apprentice. I cannot succeed if I rely solely on instinct, experience, and emotion. Far too often, my pride and stubbornness make me deaf to the wisdom around me, but I wi
  11. :smiley_simmons: I have fallen off my wagon a few times in the last two months and it's time to rebuild the wagon and hop on and stay on! With that in mind, I realized that other Scouts are also facing these challenging aspects of life. So, in honor of all the Scouts, I am facing these goals with you. For I am not alone and neither are you! Like QengpuBenal I have lost weight so I know I can continue to do so. My Quest: Get down to 185#. From Noxious Gnome I have how to 1.) Move to get a sweat, every single day That’s right; I plan on moving my body in some fashion for at least 20 minu
  12. Terinatum Breaks Inertia Yea, that's right, I'm moving... somehow?! Move, Eat, and Sleep. I spiraled pretty bad this time, life has been very chaotic, and I am having a tough time restarting. But still I am here! HA! Goal 1: Move checking mail, laundry, cleaning a room, doing a few dishes, getting out on the porch, take a walk One thing per day for first week, two for second week, etc… Grading - 35/42 days - A 28/42 days - B 21/42 days - C 14/42 days - D ** At least six of the days will be in weeks 5 and 6. Those are my tough mudder weeks (where I wash out). Goal 2: Sleep get to bed
  13. 'sup Assassins? Sea Level here for round ... what? Wow, I look at the date, and by the time this challenge is over, I will have been a member of the rebellion for nearly one year. Shazam! The rebellion has done wonders, and I need to bounce back after my poor showing last challenge. To wit, I offer for your viewing pleasure Challenge, Round VI The goals: 1. Hanging around the bars! No, not those bars. I want to continue my work on the hanging bar and the floor bar (i.e., pull-up bar and parallettes). I've got the equipment; I just gotta use it. Three workouts weekly to get back in the h
  14. Man am I getting old. Where was I? Oh yeah Ahhh Zombies! The apocalypse is upon us. I need a team to battle and survive this coming horror. They need to be a rag tag group. Hmm I'm guessing Adventurers would be good for this. I need someone who is going to rock it. Boom! Samlam looks good for this. And to compliment her, I need someone full of win. I've heard a young cook by the name of Angeftw has what we need. I like those odds. Next up has to be someone sweet but tough. This lass around the way called Sugarwaffle can definitely handle her own. All of these whippersnappers need to be corra
  15. As I took the first step off of the mountain, I thought I could make it. Unfortunately I was wrong. This second mountain was bigger than the first, but I knew I needed to climb it. Let's do this. I was waylayed during the last challenge, but I completed it (barely). This challenge will be different. Since I don't have a gym to go to anymore, I'll do bodyweight exercises and use the limited barbells that I have. With no gym, I'll have to run more in order to prepare for the apocalypse. Now without further ado, here are my goals. Work out at least 30 minutes ever day: I'm doing P90X now and pl
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