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  1. Hello lovely people! It's been a while (like... a year xD), I hope there are still people here who remember me. The world is changing. I feel it in the water, I see it in the earth, I smell it in the air! A lot has happened since my last attempted challenge. tldr: Finished all my internships and my degree, took a few months off (well I still worked my office job and did my dance teaching but it was chill), looked for a job, found a job, looked for a new apartment, found a new apartment, had some health stuff*, made some changes and now here we are. xD New job starts just two days after this challenge will end, new apartment will be ours from the 1st of December. Will say goodbye to the office job (one more day to meet everyone one last time and bring my WFH-PC back next week), will continue the dance teaching (currently 2-3 days a week). So now the challenge is: prepare a move (=declutter something every day, pack everything) while preparing for the new job (= brush up my knowledge on that subject and read a book or two about it too - they have a lot of trust in me and I want to not disappoint them xD) while incorporating some new food stuff (want to do three meals a day, get some protein with every one meal and I ordered some supplements that should arrive any time in the next few days that I wanna get in the habit of taking). I went to a friend who is a nutritionist, we did a BIA (wanna do one of these every three-ish months now to see how things change*, super interesting), she analyzed my food diary, I learned a lot. I have a new morning routine that I wanna keep doing (been on it for almost a week now ). I got the sports thing down atm (a lot of dance teaching and dancing, gym some days, it's nice having so much spare time ), so I won't track that. Tracker: 🌻Morning routine 3️⃣Three meals a day with protein 💊Supplements 📚Read a chapter 📦Declutter/Pack one something Bonus: 👾Secret research for a secret project * health stuff spoiler since it might be a bit TMI, not sure? PS: I do have a 452 day streak in Duolingo now, that owl has me tightly in its grip. xD xD
  2. Running with/from dinosaurs Adam and I have been playing Jurassic World Evolution, so we have dinosaurs on the brain... and it fits in with the previous themes I had before taking a break Hi! I'm back from a three or four week break. I lost count *shrug*. It was good! It was needed! I'm hoping to get my motivation up a notch or two, grab this new year by the scruff and run with it. For those who don't know me, I chat a lot about how my challenge goes, but also about what happens in my life. I'll write the life stuff in my Dear Diary again, so those who want to can skip past, and just focus on The Challenge. The Challenge: 🦖MOVING: Weekdays: Clean some part of the house according to schedule. Tuesdays: Sit-relief-sequence (short exercise routine to relief muscles from too much sitting). [10x each leg] Tuesdays: (Only after extra-murals start again +- 14 Jan.) Walk, preferably with Zuzu. Wednesdays: Pushup with star leg jump. [10x] Wednesdays: (Only after extra-murals start again +-14 Jan.) Walk. Thursdays: Squat row with stretch band. [8x 20sec on, 10sec off] Fridays: Off, except for cleaning. Saturdays: Sit-relief-sequence. [10x each leg] With regards to walking: It is now definitely NOT SAFE to walk in the neighbourhood (any neighbourhood, especially with dogs or children along). I'll start walking when the boys' extra-murals start again (+-14 Jan.) because then I'm in busy spaces. I'll try to walk on a Tuesday while Rocco has fencing lessons. I could then possibly take Zuzu (our sausage dog X) with, as I'll be walking a set triangle path, next to busy school grounds, sports fields, and offices. No other dogs, and highly visible area all the time. Wednesdays will be on the farm road again, and things should still be the same around there - the farmer and his sons patrol the road sections frequently. 🦖WEIGHT LOSS: I lost 4kg during November. Reached 96.3kg. Weighed myself now to start, and I'm 96.6kg. So yah! didn't really pick up anything over this last month. Eat right, eat what I really feel like, but don't overdo it. We're still going for gluten free as much as possible; we've cut out cream in our coffee, but still have milk. We never had sugar in coffee or rooibos anyway, so keeping it that way. I've put Brandt (dear hubby) and the boys on rations with regards to snacks (biltong, dry wors, etc.) as things got a bit out of hand, and that is now also stable. I'm hardly ever eating snacks in between, so not a problem for me. Challenge wise: Weigh, measure, and report every Monday. 🦖OTHER: Sleep: Got a bit out of my sleep routine. Go to bed between 21h00 and 21h30. Finances: Although I'm fully up to date with ALL THE FINANCES (yes, even the dreaded monthlies!) I want to try and keep it up to date. Do dailies/budget update on... a daily basis, and others every Friday afternoon. This includes slips updated to our spreadsheets for the accountant (for tax purposes 3x/year). This really is a struggle for me. Although I love managing stuff and finances in games I hate doing it in real life. I am actually looking forward to this challenge. I'll do what I can when I can, but not going to force myself. I mostly need to focus on staying positive and just getting up and doing something!
  3. AERI AIMS FOR THE WORMHOLE DAILY Workout 20m: rope 3m, w-up 5m, w-out 5m, stretch 7m Meditate 5m Affirmations 5m *determine which NOW - WHO DO I WANT TO BE? Take notes: question thoughts & reframe, by ENTIRELY EXPERIMENTING NOW. (not time bound, achieved by having notes from the day in question) 1-2 WEEKLY Groceries Cook CHECKLIST FOR JOB HUNT (repeat until hired) determine desired work activities and related job titles find companies that I'd love working for and require such job title(s) narrow down to a few tailor CV + cover letter for each research, study apply -------------------------------------------------------- Notes about last challenge: Okay, so last challenge was not that much but it was not met. Learned if I stop tracking on the same day it doesn't get done. I have to admit I'm depressed and have been for a few months, so I won't be dealing with less than 4 items since these items are vital. However, I have removed all the non essential for right now; the full Miracle Morning will have to wait. Steps for framing this challenge: . .
  4. Regular Gnoll, Regular Gnoll! Hello all! Welcome to my NEIN Challenge! Which, of course means no challenge. And is a great reference to the new campaign for Critical Role, which I love. Totes <3s. Anyway. It's zero week now, making next week Week 1, but I will be in sunny California starting on the 21st and for a whole week. Those of you who know me, or are somehow my twin (Hi @karinajean!) will understand that starting a brand new challenge without the chance to focus on the new lovely goals you set up, makes for a MEEEEEHXPERIENCE! So I am not challenging this time. Just a sort of battle log-esque thing, in the forums for challenges, to remind me to not lose track completely. This week, I will focus on getting some lifts and exercise in before I begin traveling. 3 Lifts ☑ ☐ ☐ 2 Moves ☐ ☐ I will eat healthfully, with the food I have here, so I do not spend money before the trip. I will not eat snacks (salty or sweet) unless I am feeling a little hungry. Food is for filling and tasting, not just for tasting because yum. Breakfast at work will be the last couple eggs and the oatmeal I already bought weeks ago. Lunches at work will be Tuna Melts because I had English Muffins left over from last week's shopping. Snacks of apples and yogurts as per usual. Dinners at home Mon Wed and Fri. Tuesday dinner is either those rice shrimp bowls or Chipotle (bowl, no rice) if our friend wants to go out before our trip. Thursday is local taco place because it is SO much better than crappy Chipotle. Snacks at gamer house will be a single healthful sweet + skim or almond milk. A single serving of popcorn if I get real noshy. I will aim to get 3 days of art on the tablet in before I go on my trip. ☐ ☐ ☐ I will aim for 1-2 sketch days IF able to do so without incurring other stress for trip needs. ☐ ☐ Vacation Readiness Checklist Print directions out. ☑ Print receipts and confirmations. ☑ Write contact list out for my sister. ☐ Write emergency contact list for me. ☐ Write up To Pack List. ☐ Check camera and pack components. ☐ Find Atlas! ☐ Flight Info for our Drivers. ☐ Where am I going you say? Death Valley National Park for 3 days, then shifting south to Joshua Tree for 3 days, back up to Vegas to hit Red Rock Canyon or maybe kayak Lake Mead and then home! If nice weather will not come to me, then by the Travelers Knickers, I will go to it! Getting really excited too! And as of right now, not anxious/nervous at all!
  5. Seriously, how do normal people do it? Ever since I've started my second job in august and have been working full time for the first time in my life, I'm in awe of people who manage to work a regular job and still find time to work out, pursue their interests, socialize, learn new stuff... when I get back from work, I'm just exhausted. I've been sleeping more than ever these past few weeks (and I've always needed more sleep than other people) and feel like working 150% more than before requires 150% more energy than I have. There were days when I got home and lay down on the couch for a while just to wake up 1,5 hours later, eat something and go to bed. Ugh. But, I will not let this new situation control my life. Partly because I don't want to believe that I'll only live on the weekends from now on, but also because I've come so far this last year with NF that I don't want to let all these gains and skills and experiences slip out of my hands, just because I work regular hours now. I want to get those free standing handstands. I want to learn crazy new yoga poses. I want to see my body change and get stronger and healthier every day. I want to get back at drawing and singing and also learn new stuff (calligraphy and brush lettering being very high on that list). I want to do things that I enjoy doing. Not that my new (or old) job isn't enjoyable, but I don't want it to be all I do with my life. Lately, I've let things slide. I stopped bullet journaling, stopped working out, gave up on my morning yoga practice, didn't eat as healthy (but managed to stay away from the fast food for the most part) and let my flat become a mess. This has got to stop. I'll take baby steps this time, little steps that I'll be able to stick to. I won't go over board and plan to do all the things (and some of you know how hard this is for me). Easy does it. For starters, I'll get back to my 3x15 plan that worked pretty well before the evil forces of working full time pulled me back into the Empire's grasp: Move. Learn. Tidy. 15 minutes of moving a day. I'll do yoga, go for a walk, run, bike, skate, swim or even do a workout if I feel up to it. Any kind of movement for the sake of movement counts. I'll do this because I know I feel better when I do. My lower back has been bothering me a bit lately and my knees are still not quite right, and I know that light movement helps. Yoga definitely helps. And I feel accomplished when I've finished my daily dosis of moving my body. I want to feel proud of my body and what it can do. So I'll move. 15 minutes of learning a day. I'm studying french on duolingo just because I feel like it (and I've been able to stick to that one thanks to morning commutes and mobile access), but I might also read stuff for work, practice existing skills or try out new ones. I want to always continue learning and growing. There are so many things to know and learn. And if I exercise my body I should not forget to exercise my brain. So I'll learn. 15 minutes of tidying a day. I have a list of housekeeping chores that need to be done to keep our flat clean and somewhat presentable. There have been a lot of arguments about this with my boyfriend but I know from experience that 15 minutes a day is enough to get my share of chores done and make both of us feel more relaxed and comfortable in our home. 15 minutes is a small price to pay for nice surroundings and peace of mind. So I'll tidy. I'll track these in my bullet journal. For further motivation (and because I'll never get anything done otherwise), my computer is OFF LIMITS until all three of these are done. If I decide I don't have 15 minutes for moving on any given day, that's fine, but then I' don't have time for facebook, either. If I manage to get these done 80% of the time, I'll reward myself with a new fancy water bottle that's lightweight enough to take with me. If I manage to get these done 95% of the time, I'll reward myself with a flex nib pen for calligraphy practice. Oh, and guys... I'm back!!
  6. Hello, Nerdfitness! It's been a long time since I've been on, but I've been making some positive changes that I'd like to continue. Now that I've graduated, I am looking for a job and considering my future in academia. I've also spent some time traveling to visit family and have suffered under a steady diet of rich, fatty foods with minimal vegetables and very little exercise. (I've eaten more sausage in the last two weeks than I've had in the last three years. I'm starting to feel like a sausage.) The Goals: Find success in feeling healthy and making opportunities for my future. The Job Hunt: Bag a Job! 1. Track: Spend an hour tracking new jobs every day. (1 star) 2. Prepare Weapons: Write and edit cover letters and resumés for the jobs you find on the day you find them. (2 stars) 3. Shoot: Apply! (3 stars!) Reward: More applications means more opportunities! Food: Eat All the Veggies! Increase veggie intake to 5 portions a day (3 stars!) 1. Lunch: 2 portions (1 star) 2. Snack: 2 portions (1 star) 3. Dinner: 1 portion (1 star; extra credit of .5 star per extra portion) Reward: VEGETABLES. Exercise: Move every day: biking, kick boxing, dancing, yoga, weigh lifting. (1 star for each fifteen minutes of exercise each day!) Reward: More energy, strength, and stamina! Reward system: Three points for reaching "boss level"! Fewer points for partial success; no points for doing nothing. Total possible weekly points: 84 (not counting extra credit). Sunday Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Find Jobs Write Cover Letters Apply to 1 Job 5 Veggies Per Day 45 Minutes of Exercise Let's get to it!
  7. Met a fellow former Infantryman during my SFG 2, and I thought about the things I spent 5 good years of my life doing. I should be able to do them at least relatively well, except I don't know anymore because I haven't tried. I think I'll Infantry the f-- up for a bit. Shoot > Modern martial arts--handgun fundamentals. Achieve a Marksman rating for the pistol on the Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program. Move > Road March. Cover 20 total miles with 20+% BW load. Communicate > Talk to each of my parents at least once.
  8. Sooooo I decided to try to improve myself again. I'm a physicist mostly doing research on the computer which means that on many days I just sit for the whole day. I'm not overweight, actually I quite like my current weight, I eat more or less "right" though I do sometimes eat to much sugary stuff but that is not all that often so I'm not too concerned about it. Basically I just have to focus on getting moving again to feel better and to feel a bit less tired + I want to build some habbits. This happens generally about 3-4 times a year - I realize that I stopped moving and should do it again and then do it for a while and stop only to start again... And the circle starts again. I want to break out of this circle this time so I will try to include a social component into the mix (social exercise in my case being swing dancing + walks/runs with my GF). This time around my goals are: "Fitness" goals -I should move my ass at least 4 times a week (dance, walk/run, bodyweight exercise...) -learn to "shim sham" (famous swing dance routine) -I might start with some fitness routine again but lack the motivation a bit at the moment. Building habits and discipline -no more than an hour of Netflix in the evening- focus on the side projects instead (various small raspberry pi projects, programming, improve my blind typing) -read more Explore life -try something new at least once a week (new food, go someplace new/special...) -go out more and meet people (I can be a bit awkward with people which means that it's difficult for me to make new friends but that shouldn't stop me – world is full of awesome people). My motivation: "You'll seldom experience regret for anything that you've done. It is what you haven't done that will torment you." (Wayne Dyer) I will try to evaluate my success each week to see if I am going in the right direction and than write about it here.
  9. Lifestyle goal 1: A game of chances: Be accepted into the university as a Physiotherapist: Okay so a few challenges ago I applied, and I'm awaiting response this thursday (30th) this is as the title describes a game of chances. around 1/10 will be accepted (as for last year) but I'm hoping the best.! Grades: PASS // FAIL +1 WIS will be granted Fitness goal 1: Same side Elbow to Toe both sides. To improve my hamstring flexibility I'm working towards the Toe to Forehead stretch. Follow the protocol 4x a week for the 6 weeks of the challenge. Grades: 6 Weeks = A (1) 4 Weeks = B (0,75) 3 Weeks = C (0,5) 2 weeks = D (0,25) 1 week or less = F +1 DEX will be granted Fitness goal 2: With practice Yuval succeed After this challenge I will go to the Nike Inspire Convention in Copenhagen, where I will have 2 workshops with Yuval on hands. I need to make my handstand as solid as possible before that time (video will follow within the first week, and then over time) I have my handstand program I will follow 5 days a week for the 6 weeks The program will be alternating between the following: Handstand + Mobility Handstand + Bridgework. Both will be including a lot of line work, and some L sits Grades: 6 Weeks = A (1) 4 Weeks = B (0,75) 3 Weeks = C (0,5) 2 weeks = D (0,25) 1 week or less = F +1 STR will be granted Fitness Goal 3: Now you see me - Now you don't! Okay so I have gained a lot of weight lately due to laziness and holiday. This have to stop The goal will be to improve the amount of clean days in my weeks. Week 1-3: At least 4 Clean days pr week Week 4-5 At least 5 clean days pr week Week 6, At least 6 clean days pr week The extra body fat are keeping me slow, and giving me an unnecessary resistance that I have to move and work with! it have to go! Grades A = All weeks completed (1) B = 2/3 groups completed (0,5) C = 1 group completed (0,25) F = FOCUS!! +1 STA will be granted For making everything simple this time after the reroll, I can also get 1 point pr challenge, and then the points from the mini challenges) I will update this soon! My main focus would be to get as close as possible to a good freestanding handstand In september I'm going to two workshops with Yuval, at an inspire convention in Copenhagen if you don't know him here is a little view https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsDXwr1jdbs
  10. Back with the Assassins! So last challenge did not work out so well because life happens and I'm honestly just super lazy. So what can I do to not be so lazy? Practically anything! I'm going to be focusing on more life style challenges just to get me motivated to get out of bed and move. Main Quest: To live life to the fullest and be healthy. My practical goal is to get to a size 8-10 pants size or lose 30 lbs. P.S. My triathlon training was a bust. I'll get there someday but right now I need to try something else. Quest 1 Just do something active for 30 min 5 times a week or a total of 30 sessions. From walking, to running, to swimming, to riding my bike, to dancing. I just need to get up and move! For my crazy life I might as well try a crazy strategy. A= +3 Str, +2 Dex; B= +2 Str, +1 Dex; C= +1 Str, +.5 Dex Quest 2 Actively study or do something with my brain 4-5 times a week or at minimum 24 mental workouts. I'm still working on GRE and studying, but I'm also working on a science integration curriculum. I think I teach a class or work with students every day now so this teacher needs to stay sharp. A= +3 Wis; B= +2 Wis; C= +1 Wis (I would also put intelligence (INT) here too but I don't think that's a category) Quest 3 Actively keep my room tidy and wash my dishes in a timely manner. It's kind of sad that this is in here but it's the truth. I am combating laziness here and my environment is very important to changing this bad habit. A= +3 SDex, +2 Con; B= +2 Dex, +1 Con; C= +1 Dex, +.5 Con Life: Budget again. Because life. A= +3 Wis, B= +2 Wis, C= +1 Wis This challenge is to help me combat laziness, to stop being depressed, and become motivated again. I'm really glad that challenges refresh every 6 weeks because then I can try again. It’s time to get out of the pity parade and move!
  11. My time with the Druids refocused me. The biggest threat to my health last year was not weight or inactivity. I was wounded by the combination of depression, anxiety, and stress. During 2014, I learned resilience despite these wounds. Sleep, clean eating, movement, and simple habits formed new foundations. My journey, however, will be about more than my own health as I strive to love others well. Currently, I am an assassin apprentice. I cannot succeed if I rely solely on instinct, experience, and emotion. Far too often, my pride and stubbornness make me deaf to the wisdom around me, but I will learn to listen carefully. So, I don the black anew and vow to pursue my new quest to listen faithfully. Join me, rebels! Main Quest - Listen January will shift into a crazy work schedule (working 30 hours every fourth day, only 4 days off all month, etc). This is hopefully the last time that I will ever have to work like this. Given the extreme limits on my time and energy, this is a crucial time to strengthen the foundation I built last year. I am making self-care and rest a priority, so that I can begin to listen better to my body and those around me with more wisdom. I will meet these goals consistently and build my new lifestyle around them. This January, I will not succumb to drastic resolutions. After all, "let's not be hasty." 1) Sleep - I turn off screens and prepare for bed at 9pm - bed routine, read, dark room, >7 hours, good naps 2) Eat - I eat two meals per day mindfully and log everything I consume on NF - no screens, no work, no reading, sit down, give thanks, enjoy 3) Move - I move for at least five minutes daily - sun salutation, PT exercises, walk, dance, yoga, BWW Life quest - Listen - I am a woman who actively listens - prayer, silence, mindful conversation, self-reflection, instruction, Bible study Bonus quest - Self-care - I am somebody that cares for myself daily - Mindfulness, Affirmation, Creation, Studying, Decluttering NF keeps me focused in the midst of possible chaos, so I will reward myself for sticking to these goals and logging consistently! - $5 per core/life goal that I achieve and document at least 6 days per week - roll once per day that I complete and log at least 3 self care activities Roll Rewards 1) yoga block 2) zombies run 3) natural calm 4) iPad game 5) read 30 minutes 6) $5 in reward fund 7) new playlist 8) bubble bath 9) new tea 10) browse books Here we go!
  12. :smiley_simmons: I have fallen off my wagon a few times in the last two months and it's time to rebuild the wagon and hop on and stay on! With that in mind, I realized that other Scouts are also facing these challenging aspects of life. So, in honor of all the Scouts, I am facing these goals with you. For I am not alone and neither are you! Like QengpuBenal I have lost weight so I know I can continue to do so. My Quest: Get down to 185#. From Noxious Gnome I have how to 1.) Move to get a sweat, every single day That’s right; I plan on moving my body in some fashion for at least 20 minutes, stretching is required, but won't count as the movement. I want a good sweat. And as Missrackl said in her thread, " Don't get injured." a. will be determined by temp, gig, and weather b. Work covers this only if I get my sweat on. Grading: 42 = A; 34 = B; 29 = C; 25 = D; =/<21 = Fail. From Syren 's wisdom I will 2.) Eat the whole foods Whole Foods is my ultimate goal so any movement in that direction is a win. I need to be mindful because… · Cooking can be a chore and eating out is so easy · Read labels - avoid HFCS, Hydro-, artificial flavors, etc… · I have a bad habit of filling up on all of the grains rather than eat my vegetables · I love sweets, and sweets do not do a body good. I am going to use Anathema's point system for this goal and see how it fits me. a. per choice I will either earn a point or lose a point. b. bonus points if food shopping is hard, but I do well. Grading: 42 = A; 34 = B; 29 = C; 25 = D; =/<21 = Fail. DeborahJade has the right idea so I too will 3.) Get good sleep To be able to do any of this, I need to get proper sleep just like Unikarm. So I've set myself the goal of 'LYING in bed by [12:30 on week 1, midnight on week 2, 11:30 on week 3, 11:00 on week 4, 10:30 on week 5 and 6] at least five nights per week. a.) get ready for bed so I'm 'lying' in bed by that time. b.) Do not bring electronics to bed, period! Grading: 30 days = A; 25 = B; 20 = C; 15 = D; =/< = Fail 18ck has the notion that I want to follow so I will 4.) Life Goal: Clear debt from last year I have to manage my business income so that I can pay off several things and still have money for my periodical bills like car insurance. a. pay off car insurance :: approx 225 b. pay down some on my braces :: approx 200 c. save up to pay for Camp NF :: approx 500 d. oh and business taxes:: approx 500 e. pay renter's insurance:: approx 80 Grading: all 4 = A; 3 with some on 4th = B; 3 only = C; 2 and some of the others = D; no complete ones = Fail. 5.) Side Challenge: track with fitbit and MFP Just do it. "All this has to be a priority all the time, not just when it's easy or convenient, " according to suelk thank you Sue. Thank You All.
  13. Terinatum Breaks Inertia Yea, that's right, I'm moving... somehow?! Move, Eat, and Sleep. I spiraled pretty bad this time, life has been very chaotic, and I am having a tough time restarting. But still I am here! HA! Goal 1: Move checking mail, laundry, cleaning a room, doing a few dishes, getting out on the porch, take a walk One thing per day for first week, two for second week, etc… Grading - 35/42 days - A 28/42 days - B 21/42 days - C 14/42 days - D ** At least six of the days will be in weeks 5 and 6. Those are my tough mudder weeks (where I wash out). Goal 2: Sleep get to bed at the same time each night and get up at the same time each morning. In bed and everything off by 11pm and wake up at 7am. I may need to keep taking my sleeping meds for a few weeks, but I still can stick to the time schedule. Grading - 35/42 days - A 28/42 days - B 21/42 days - C 14/42 days - D Goal 3: Eat no more eating in bed. I will utilize the kitchen (even though it doesn't feel like mine). Bonuses will be removing packaged cookies from my diet again and a cooked meal for myself will be a gold star! Grading - 35/42 days - A 28/42 days - B 21/42 days - C 14/42 days - D Life Goal: Pack I've been so focused on finding a place so I can get out that I haven't bothered to actually go through my things and pack. We split up the holiday decorations the other day, but that's it so far. Plus I need to thin out my personal belongings some. I will do one thing per day that gets me ready for my new place. From getting boxes, tape, labels to giving away things and packing up items I will not use between now and my move. Grading - 35/42 days - A 28/42 days - B 21/42 days - C 14/42 days - D Good luck to me and all of you! Cheers!
  14. So I've been thinking about getting a Wii. There was a PS3-move game that caught my eye, but mostly I'm looking for something that will allow me escapism without being lazy. What games take a high amount of energy and are fun? I'm not tied to a system until I lose patience for not getting the cheapest one. (That includes the games I would expect to buy.)
  15. 'sup Assassins? Sea Level here for round ... what? Wow, I look at the date, and by the time this challenge is over, I will have been a member of the rebellion for nearly one year. Shazam! The rebellion has done wonders, and I need to bounce back after my poor showing last challenge. To wit, I offer for your viewing pleasure Challenge, Round VI The goals: 1. Hanging around the bars! No, not those bars. I want to continue my work on the hanging bar and the floor bar (i.e., pull-up bar and parallettes). I've got the equipment; I just gotta use it. Three workouts weekly to get back in the hang of things. (+3STR, +2STA, +1CHA) 2. Get a Move On! I am a music nut. I've been acquiring quite a bit lately. And I'm a dancer: swing is my specialty, but I've found myself moving to lots of music, whether it's swing or not. So the challenge will be as follows: at least three times weekly, I will set the iTunes to shuffle for 10 minutes and will move how ever I see fit. (I have 15 days of music according to iTunes, so I will see what I come up with.) I'll provide a daily report of the songs I get in that 10 minute time. I think this'll be an interesting one. (+2STA, +2CHA, +1WIS) 3. Stretch it Out! My flexibility is pretty craptacular. Partially because of my arthritis. It's a war against inertia, age, and my own body attacking itself! Ack. Thrice weekly I will spend 20 minutes stretching or doing yoga. I'd like to be able to do a pike stretch and consistent toe touching. (+1CON, +1STR) 4. Life Goal: Hold the internet. I've been blocking my at-home internet for most of the day except the hours between 6 pm and 8:30 pm on my work days. I'd like to continue that and (gasp) do it on the weekends, too. I have loads of books lying around, and I have a national park outside my door. If I can keep off the at-home internets but for that 2.5-hour window, I will earn +2WIS Whaddya think? Oh, and to start us out on the right foot, so to speak: Our traditional swing video. It's an oldie, but a goodie. "For Dancers Only" is the song, and it's a fantastic one, performed live. My favorites are the first and last couples.
  16. Man am I getting old. Where was I? Oh yeah Ahhh Zombies! The apocalypse is upon us. I need a team to battle and survive this coming horror. They need to be a rag tag group. Hmm I'm guessing Adventurers would be good for this. I need someone who is going to rock it. Boom! Samlam looks good for this. And to compliment her, I need someone full of win. I've heard a young cook by the name of Angeftw has what we need. I like those odds. Next up has to be someone sweet but tough. This lass around the way called Sugarwaffle can definitely handle her own. All of these whippersnappers need to be corralled. There is a veteran stomping zombies off his lawn down the street. I hear he goes by Adamallen. A mother's touch would help us all. Just don't get Dubhe angry or she'll throw a car. And last but not least, we need a guide. I'm pretty sure there is a half-elf who can help with that. I wonder if Taraniztika is down from the mountain. Our team is complete. Now to just send them on their way. What's that? I have to go with them? I thought they already had a mule. Why do I have to carry everything? Ok OK! Fine then... I guess we need someone to carry the bags. Why we can't get a donkey to do this is anyone's guess. And so the dwarf Jeloc with help with the quest. Run, Play, Move
  17. As I took the first step off of the mountain, I thought I could make it. Unfortunately I was wrong. This second mountain was bigger than the first, but I knew I needed to climb it. Let's do this. I was waylayed during the last challenge, but I completed it (barely). This challenge will be different. Since I don't have a gym to go to anymore, I'll do bodyweight exercises and use the limited barbells that I have. With no gym, I'll have to run more in order to prepare for the apocalypse. Now without further ado, here are my goals. Work out at least 30 minutes ever day: I'm doing P90X now and plan on doing the full 90 days. I know I can get results as long as I keep at it. +3 STR, +1 STA Run at least twice a week: I can't emphasize enough that I hate running. I know that I have to keep at it until I fall in love with it again. +3 DEX, +1 STA Eat more variety: I'm already eating at about 70% Paleo but I'm just eating the same simple meals over and over again. I definitely need new recipes. + 2 CON Meditate every day: My life is so hectic and I hardly have time for myself. I'm always helping other people. I need to take 10 minutes out of every day to just sit and meditate. No electronics. No distractions. +2 WIS Be positive: Although I am an extrovert, I'm starting to become more and more anti-social. I need to be more of a people person and be more positive about daily situations. +3 CHAI made a plan and I know that plans can change but hopefully I can make it through, Onward and Forward!
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