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  1. I talk about my illustration (I do have other creative things like upcycling and origami, but I wanted to focus one really this challenge). As a kid up until later high school, I would draw everyday since I was so bored in my classes and life in general. Even in some of my classes in college, I'll be be drawing. Sadly art is looked down in my household for being a career move. Most of time, I just need to start drawing, even if I have no clue what it will be. Eventually after awhile it starts to come together or fall at the waste side to finish when I can think of what to add to it. I can't have distracts when I'm doing my work. Otherwise I will stop what I'm doing and do it another time (if I do).
  2. Stomach is killing me from my workout yesterday, but I can feel bit of muscle in that area now

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    2. TMedina


      No pain, no gain. You're suffering for your goals. ;)

    3. shaar


      Woohoo, strong!!!

    4. ShadowSilk
  3. It's alright, I will fix people necklaces if I see the clasp in the front. It bothers me a lot.
  4. I have that problem with parting with things that have memories involved http://www.becomingminimalist.com/how-to-simplify-your-stuff-and-honor-your-memories/
  5. May of cringed at a few songs, but I did laugh
  6. *high five* I only could find this for you dear
  7. Is butter really that good (tasting) in coffee? It still seems bit odd to me.
  8. Basically everyone is a nerd/geek of something. Even those "jocks", get them on the subject of that one sport they really like and they'll end up telling you about blahblahblah won blahblahblah back in some year. Nerds are still seen as just those guys, who like D&D and comic books, but the types of geeks list is growing by the day. I beat you could tell me all about something I have not much knowledge. Possible even few days straight worth about that thing.
  9. So cool you doing broadsword...sounds like a lot of fun
  10. Not those jewelry (lot of them are vintage pieces). I been want to open etsy store for awhile now, but not having decent thing to take a picture with pushed it off (good thing my Blackberry said it was done with me...my new android takes really decent photos ). Which was why I have so much jewelry (they were sitting in those boxes for good year now).
  11. *shiver a bit* Didn't realize that about hockey
  12. Did my meditation. Came close to falling asleep
  13. Start an etsy store. Right now taking photos of the vast amount of jewelry I have. Why do I have to buy lot of rockabilly jewelry? Maybe I should do flowers for your hair too, since I make them lot. Hmmm. If it goes well, I might start another for etsy store or expand.
  14. Wait was there a possible of commando?
  15. That's why ebay is the best. Or just google it (there's shopping button for a reason), which I found one for $9.
  16. I wonder if I'm the only one you remembers the After Dark games...I want to play them again now

    1. Steppinon D'Arrows

      Steppinon D'Arrows

      Never heard of them, so I haven't forgotten, really.

  17. Wow not use to hearing something for the Flash being good. Might check it out then. Maybe I'll start to like the Flash.
  18. I think we could easily be good friends. And how's Arrow? Been meaning to check it out
  19. It's always a good idea to look back at the article.
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