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  1. Vet school? Omg that's one of my goals in life. *high five* Also, visiting all 7 continents would be amazing.
  2. Aww that would of been so cool
  3. Definally recomend stop doing a pose if it starts to really hurt. It's not worth ripping something. Also, be mindful where you place your hands. I ended spraining my thumb landing on it. Not a pretty sound. So good luck everyone.
  4. I haven't played WOW in so long. I miss it now. Anyway I'm Kay. I been following the site for few months now. Yet today I finally used the forums. Don't know why I didn't before but I'm pretty sure aliens.
  5. Greating from Dutchess County.
  6. Omg reading these posts make me excited. I wonder why didn't go on the forums before.
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