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Found 12 results

  1. So by the end of the last challenge I was feeling a little like: NaNoWriMo is wrapping up. I already ordered my winner's T-shirt. Overconfident? Why yes, that's how I roll. And now it is time to focus my attention back on the business of gettingstrongerness. What I want out of this challenge: A bodyweight chin-up (strict) Consistent squat form near my max (correct my tendency to collapse forward and come up hips-first/"good-morning") Increased fluency in French (for funsies) Stronger immune system (everyone I k
  2. I'll once again be training like a Jedi. Blast Shields and Wookiees are optional. Quest 1. Hand Balancing. +2 DEX Continuing from the last challenge, I'll be working on hand balancing skills with the eventual goal of doing a handstand. Last time I did a pretty good job with Crow Pose, so this challenge I'll be carrying that momentum through. For Quest 1 I will practice hand balancing (Crow Pose, Scale Pose, and Wall Planks) every day. Quest 2. Force Push(up). +3 STA, +1 STR That's right, more Pushups! As with my previous challenges, I'll
  3. The fact that I've been a member of this forum for 6 months and haven't done a Star Wars themed challenge is ridiculous.. Main Quest. My main quest is to develop my confidence and physical health/fitness to the point where my low self esteem no longer holds me back from living life the way I'd like to. This challenge I'll be taking inspiration from one of the greatest franchises ever and training like a Jedi. The ever-present pushup goal is still here, and I'll be working on overcoming a fear of inversions, getting better at chinups/pullups, and being more organised with
  4. This is kind of a turning point for me. I’ve decided to really commit to trying for something that I might not be able to do. I’m following a training plan for a sub-4 hour marathon (will try in early May). This challenge will be weeks 3-6. I haven’t run below 4 hours since 2010. The best I did last year was 4:09. The first goal is the meat of my challenge. (edited because I was starting to hate the picture I originally posted. This one is much cuter) Run the Plan. There are 4 key things each week: (a) an interval workout, usually Tuesdays, but I can substitute my Wed. track workout f
  5. In the spirit of balance I'm back for another challenge but will be *trying* to watch my time and keep it simple. The last two challenges I've worked hard focusing on rediscovering myself and my strength, flexibility, endurance, etc now I'm ready to bring my focus out towards our home and family life. Having regained my health I want to fully savor and enjoy my renewed energy and joy. I want to work hard but play harder, we will enjoy our slow summer schedule with little obligations and say to the outside world and yes to my family, friends and kids. On vacation I realized that despite my atte
  6. challenge 02 : Achaedia masters the elements book one: air The sun feels warm against the dark leathers Achaedia now wears. It has been a week since she became a full member of the Assassin's Guild, since she left the rebel camp and started out on her own to continue her journey; still, the new clothes feel stiff and strange. She has reached the edge of the forest, and the trees are rapidly thinning overhead. At times, she longs to dart back into the cool comfort of the forest, but she knows she must continue on if she is to have any hope of someday defeating an elder dragon. She has
  7. One of my goals for this upcoming 6-week challenge will have something to do with the "pulling-body-weight-up-while-hanging-from-a-bar" style of exercise. I could do these as PULL-UPS (with my hands facing away from me), CHIN-UPS (with my palms facing me), or NEUTRAL GRIP (with my palms facing each other, gripping sideways bars). Is there one that should be preferred over the others? Am I making things too easy or too hard by choosing a particular style? Or is it all just personal preference? I'll test myself when I get to the gym this evening, but I think as of today I could probably do 5 o
  8. My first challenge with the Rangers, here we go! So my inspiration for this challenge is this: My main quest remains the same, get fit and strong enough to complete Tough Mudder. Quest 1 A mischievous Loki pushes you off a cliff and you're hanging onto the ledge. You're gonna have to pull yourself back up. -Do at least 1 unassisted chin up I'm so very very close to doing this. If I manage to do this earlier than expected, I might change this to at least 2 chin-ups. Quest 2 A building has collapsed and civilians are trapped under the debris. You need to lift up the heavy iron girde
  9. Elastigirl ‘s training with the Dark Knight had gone well, so well that The Dark Knight had asked for her assistance on a mission. After helping him save Metropolis, Elastigirl was now taking a well deserved rest. Sitting in her deck chair, sipping some ice tea and enjoying the summer’s sunshine. Suddenly, she felt something whiz by her head. Looking up she noticed a green arrow had been thrown into the nearby deck post. Curious, she walked closer to examine it. Attached to the arrow was a note; It read: The sun is bright, Shall we take a flight? To have you on my journey would be a de
  10. I am continuing on my way to a healthier and stronger me, and the basic building blocks for this will remain the same (that's the "old" part): bodyweight trainingyogaworking towards my first real chin-uptracking my food intakeSince I have become a bit bored with the former routine and have also had little to no progress for the past couple of weeks, I have decided to change things a little. So here's what's "new" (or at least different than before): a slightly different BW routine (including leg raises and dips), 3x / weeksquats will remain kneehab squats for the time being - I'm still in phys
  11. Let's just jump in, shall we? Main Life Quest: Take the G1 Test. study the book at least 15 minutes per daytake a practice test every night (until 100% correct in all categories consistently)find nearest location to take the test, make appointment if necessary and take the real test! Side Quest: purchase a pull-up bar, practice chin-ups I know this is sort of backwards; but right now my fitness goals aren't hampered nearly as much as my ability to make life happen. Step one is getting my driver's license... but between cooking all my meals, exercising, trying to get enough sleep, bussing to
  12. Hello guys, I read steve's article on the guide to pull-ups, it just seems that I can't beat the first level. Anyway, my question here is about the exercises I can do to improve my ability to pull-ups (I set this as an objective for my next challenge... yeah, crazy I know). I used a machine at the gym providing me assistance and I can do this. But I'm far from being able to do a real one. Do you think I have to spend some time at every strength training I do, training on it? Or everyday at home? Do you think it's actually possible in 6 weeks? (I weigh around 181 lbs) I need a pull-u
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