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Found 11 results

  1. Hi. I'm SheriffWolfpool. I've been a member of NF since 2012. No, for real, I've been here a long time. Been Rangering since 2015. Goes under the alias Wolfie most of the time? *Siggghhhhhhhhhhhh* I'm well known for portraying Deadpool and writing kick ass stories???? NOOOOOOOOOO! You know what...never mind. Let's just just start back from the beginning... With a little nudge to "just go for it", I've decided to end the year with a NF challenge that I stick with. I mean...it's only 3 weeks. I ca
  2. Come one, come all! Hello everyone! These last few months have been tough, but I feel like now it is tougher and I am in need of some additional support, so here I am :D! We all know Christmas can be magical and wonderful and the best moment of the year. As long as it does not generate anxiety, fights with our loved ones and general fear of overeating AND desire to eat just one more slice of that pie that only comes once a year. So I feel I will need to setup goals, accountability and more generally to infuse my life with some FUN, because I want Christmas to be awesome but
  3. It's been a full year since I uprooted my cozy little life in Iowa and moved to Oklahoma. While it's been full of new and exciting things as well as some unexpected difficulties the one thing I really regret about the move is how much I've struggled to stay fit--especially in the last few months of battling pain I've lost a great deal of strength and gained a good bit of scale weight. Today I'm getting back in the game (again) and turning the momentum around. The last challenge started strong but fizzled early, so I'm determined to start "next year" a month early. To that end, I'm going to
  4. I think I need to do a challenge. So I am! I fell out of a lot of healthy habits I had been building earlier this year (see: daily mobility; movement 7 days/week; etc.). I still eat pretty paleo during the work week but I also let a lot of junk through for Halloween and Thanksgiving. I has excuses but those are silly and what I really need to do is try to slowly build back up again and focus on the future. I’ve got a lot going on this month as I’m sure many people do… December activities: Wed. 12/7/16 – Xmas supper club with friends Sat. 12/10/16 – Ugly Sweate
  5. So last year I let work stress and changes bum out my end of the year cheer. This year I won't let that happen so I've been listening to Christmas music since before Thanksgiving. It’s the end of the year and things can get pretty hectic and busy so I'm scaling back my challenge. I want to avoid regaining bad habits but I don’t want to stress myself out. It’s the most wonderful time of the year for a reason and my Christmas is going to be awesome! Exercise Quest : Weekly plan : 4 exercise days (Christmas Rush 5k on 12/10) Points : 1 point per day
  6. 'Tis the season for a new challenge! Yay.... I think. I'm saving my Swords of Power challenge for January/February when I will have maybe come up with a way to assign attributes that aren't all purely mental and habit control (ex: "avoid the influence of Mindsword/Skulltwister by not even looking at memes or Netflix or Crunchyroll or <insert long list of distractors>", "do not sit at home doing nothing for all of break like you're possessed by Soulcutter", etc etc). Anyway, what better way to theme at this time of the year than through Christmas celebration!
  7. Merry Christmas, all you gay people! (Gay as in happy and/or modern definition) Too early? Too bad! Part of my challenge will be to try and capture that Christmas magic feeling I had as a child as Christmas slow-poked (that is the way it felt then) its way closer. Some information: I run my challenges Mon through Sun. So it official starts on the Dec 5 for me and ends on Jan 1 2017. I basically have three objectives plus an event "interruption": Fitness, fitness, fitness! (I'll explain what I plan to do for all of these below.) Becomi
  8. So, I figured at first that I'd do the Spartan and die valiantly and not have to worry about the rest of the challenge, until I started reading about places doing up their Christmas decorations and their Praline Spice Pumpkin Mocha Frappucinos (that's what Starbucks does, right? I'm bad at coffee) and radio stations starting to hit the Christmas music already, all in the name of that all important Q4. And I thought about how fortunate I was to work for a sane, decent company that doesn't indulge in those shenanigans, that takes its mission seriously and lets the product speak for itself- U
  9. Hi fellow rebels! I've been going up and down with these diet/fitness challenges for a year or 2 now and I've decided to FI-NAL-LY get it over with and do it properly! I'm quite new to Nerdfitness, so I hope this'll help me get through, just as I would love to motivate others!! Here is my list of quest for my first 6-week challenge. MAIN QUEST: Lose 3 kgs (I've had serious difficulties with weight loss due to hypotension (need food for more energy) and a ridiulously slow metabolism, so that's about all I can do I think) SIDE QUESTS: - Leave that PB&J sandwich I crave every day
  10. Oi Scouts ! I really need to lose weight. When I stopped smoking, I gained around 12 Kilos / 26 lbs and I haven't been able to lose them again, yet. I really enjoy exercise, especially running, but the weight is slowing me down. Plus, I get asthma from gluten and yeast (and I get nasty irrational tantrums) so I should stop eating it anyway. It was my New Year's resolution to lose weight, but it didn't really happen (sad evil laugh). So I'm a bit pressed for time. I managed to lose lots of inches by exercising a lot and eating clean, which is nice, but I never got around actually redu
  11. Hiya rebels, I figured I should start one of these to help me with my weight loss. I am starting at a whopping 75kg (164lbs) and ideally would want to get down to my old 62kgs/135lbs in the long run. However my main goal is to lose fat, not muscle so If you're asking, I would be most content with a few kilos less and 2-3 dress sizes lost. Moderate paleo works well for me although I have to stay under 50-60 grams of carbs a day to actually lose numbers on the scale. "Moderate" for me means strict no-grains, no legumes, but allow for a little bit of dairy (my daily latte!!!). Also I'm
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