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Found 19 results

  1. My mother died in October (at age 85). My daughter got married in October, and she and her new husband are starting to talk about having kids. This has prompted some new soul searching on my part - and some thinking about what I want to accomplish in my life. And some thinking about what I want to BE as a grandma. (Disclaimer - my daughter is not yet pregnant and doesn't plan to have kids for 2 years, which gives me time to lose 40 pounds .....) I was a "cool mom." My daughter looks back on her childhood with fondness - at horseback riding and rock climbing and hockey and socc
  2. This is my story; I am known to most as Helen Parr, but my real identity is Elasitgirl Incredible. I live in Metroplis,For a long time, the city of Metropolis depended on Super heroes to keep them safe from villains.People loved the Supers, and were thankful for their help. However, fighting villains can be a messy job, and battles usually end up destroying houses,. and cars. and roadways, and office buildings, and a few skyscrapers, and you get the picture. And people started blaming the Supers for the damage instead of the villains. The Superheroes were forced to live quiet suburban li
  3. Call for peeps! Love crows? Searching for new shinies? Join us! This is a video-based community challenge exploring crow and its variations. Wait, which one is crow again? This is crow: How does this challenge work? There is a crow leader position and a queue of crow peeps a MURDER of crows! The crow leader will contribute a single crow variation to the group (video-based). All the crow peeps will imitate the new shiny (it is not stealing, it is called making it your own!). The next peep in the queue will take the leader position, post
  4. Jump starting some motivation with some beastly goals. 1. MONKEY bars 2. CROW pose 3. skin the CAT So, the longer story is that I've stalled in my strength workouts. I have been hitting them about twice a week instead of three times. And by "hitting them" I mean dragging myself, kicking and screaming to get my exercises done. Not very sustainable or enjoyable. So, I'm changing the format of my workouts from a-bunch-of-reps towards progression to a goal. I've picked three movements that are WAY out of reach for me right now. But, step-by-step, I'm
  5. Because [Fitness] is what? Fundamental! So, I couldn't come up with a good theme, and I realized was going back to fundamentals. (I haven't done a mobility quest since my first challenge), and the word "fundamental" always makes me think of RuPaul Drag Race! I know Raptron did one a while ago, which was so much fun, so I decided to blatantly copy and bring it back. Quest 1: Splits: I can feel it, this challenge is the time, it's happening! I will do stretching work 4 times a week, for 6 minutes minimum. I can work on whatever feels tight, but I have to sit
  6. [She's] alive, Damnit! Females are strong as hell! Yep, it's Kimmy Schmidt time! With the new series coming out this month, I had no option, and I'm loving it So last I had a good challenge, but having so many guests definitely hurt my progress. I also had several times when I just didn't want to do my quests, I think because they were too long. So this month I'm going for short tasks, done often. Simplify and hit it hard! I do once again have people visiting in the 2nd week, so I'm modifying the goals for that week.
  7. Many heroes have a history or family legacy that they must overcome. The Skywalker family seems destined to flirt with the Dark Side. Spiderman had to live with the guilt he felt after his uncle died. Natasha Romanov was taken from her family and raised to be an assassin. Few heroes seem born from easy circumstances. They all - we all - have things we need to overcome before we can be the heroes we dream of being. Me??? At my daughter's wedding, I was reminded of my family's destiny. As my last living aunt looked at the unfortunately overweight bride, she commented that ever
  8. This is going to be a good year. I can tell, because 2015 was a very good year for me; because I started taking control instead of just letting life happen around me. 2016 will be more of that, so it can only get more better This month I will be focusing my quests on motivation. A reminder of why I am doing these things, without the pressure to reach a goal right away, or the disappointment if that doesn't happen. Some are shorter term (goals that are possible to achieve in the 4 weeks), others are a little more ambiguous, long-term, or I have no idea how long they'll take. I guess... It's
  9. I almost didn’t do this challenge. I think it may have been the jetlag talking, but shortly after I arrived in France, I was pondering over how my last challenge was going and how to make my next challenge new and exciting and, well, challenging. I mean, the last few challenges have pretty much been (1) strength training, (2) running, and one other exercise-related goal, and a life quest. I felt like I pretty much had the pattern down. But it didn’t take too long to realize that I still needed the challenge to make sure I stayed on track. Yeah, maybe I would still go to all of my Cap
  10. Real life back story: When I joined NF I was borderline high blood pressure. I had tried many things to lower it, but nothing worked. When I went low-carb Paleo it went down. Whew, I thought problem solved. Now: Over the last 6 months my BP has been rising, and at a wellness visit it registered as high. I was freaked out, worried, and discouraged. But after thinking about it, I found a plan of action and decided to attack my High BP just like any other dragon. But, I was still struggling with feeling like it wasn't fair. I really eat healthy and exercise, what about all those people who eat
  11. Elastigirl: Daily Life of a Superhero: updated to reflect reality Goal # 1 60 second crow and 60 second handstand Really spend time on these, and get them to a point where most of time I can reach 60 seconds with good form Sorry Edna-I'm not going to follow your advice. I 'm going back to some goals I had before. I leveled up with them before, but returning to them will give me a chance to build strength and prettify them a bit. Points 3 STA Goal # 2 Stretching My Limits Continue the hanging challenge (at least 2 x during day) and work on the mobilty squat challenge (30 minutes
  12. I was walking along a forest path, because what else is there to do in Flagstaff? I was doing my sprints -- walk for a bit, then run as fast as I can, then walk some more. I heard laughter in the trees above me. I looked around, but couldn't see the source of the laughter, so I just ignored it and kept sprinting. The laughter got louder, and I was getting irritated. "Don't hide in the trees and laugh at me!" I said to the strange laughing voice. "Come down here and show yourself." There was a great flutter of noise from the tree above me, and a single crow glided down and landed on a boul
  13. <Incoming Transmission. . . .> To: Hazard Fr: Rebel Intelligence Regional HQ Re: Division Attachement Agent Hazard, review of your performance on your field test has been completed. Congratulations on your commission with Rebel Intelligence Special Operations. As you were informed, all active SpecOps agents are attached as support personnel with Alliance divisions operating in their theater. Your request to be attached to the division colloquially called the Assassins has been approved. All of your personal effects were forwarded to the Assassin division's training center in antic
  14. While my overall main quest is to become a better climber and start bouldering higher grades, I'm a little burned out from focusing too much on climbing related skills. So, I'm doing a very small, 6 week main quest before I reanalyze my climbing goals. I'll still climb 2-3x per week, and I'll still do plenty of climbing and pull-up related stuff at the playground as well as on my home climbing wall, but I'm ready to chase a few shiny objects this challenge. 6 week Main Quest: Improve my movement fluidity to the point where I'm comfortable with making my own animal flow/prasara yoga sequenc
  15. #1 Balancing I will be following Gold Medal Bodies Floor 1 exercise program this challenge. I will be able to hold a wall handstand for 20 seconds: currently I can get almost vertical , but not quite, CHA: 4 points #2 Bending: Even though I am Elastigirl, the truth is I get bored with flexibility stuff and don't stick with it. If I want to be able to do the GMB flows I need more flexibility. Goal is to do the flexibility moves on required days , and to do the stretches that are part of the cool downs each workout. DEX: 3 Points #3 Groovy Graphs: In an earlier challenge, I took progress p
  16. I have two main goals for this challenge: Goal 1: Begin parkour training. In order for me to accomplish this I need to focus on 3 key result areas (KRAs): strength and conditioning, balance and movement skills, and mental and physical health. Each KRA has a set of performance indicators to enable me to keep track of progress. KRA 1: Strength and conditioning Performance indicators: Advanced Bodyweight Workout twice a week (I have a spreadsheet to keep track of how I'm doing on each exercise and what to aim for each session) Yoga and mobility workout once a week STR +2, STA +2, DEX +1
  17. Bought the F1 program from GMB yesterday! First question: their video of the crow hold says to keep your butt down. You can see from my avatar I do not. I tried several times to adjust, but it seems like a always angle it right than straight like the guy in the video. Any tips? Double posting this in the Assassins General Chat to get the most chances for tips.
  18. I ran with the Rangers for a while, but I've always felt I was more of an Assassin at heart. I oscillate between dumbbell and bodyweight-only training, but I've come to realize that I have more fun with and am more proud of the bodyweight feats I achieve than any other test of strength. I'd started working through GMB's Floor 1 in November, but had to take a break after dealing with a particularly nasty stomach bug. While I was recovering, I had plenty of time to think about what it is I really want, and what it will take to get there. I want to be able to do things like , and make them look
  19. Hi All. Sea Level here. I've lightened the load by jettisoning the "At." I'm not always at sea level. Sometimes above, sometimes below. This challenge will be all about going with the flow. Starting Stats: Level 5 | STR 12.5 | DEX 11 | STA 12.25 | CON 9.75 | WIS 8.75 | CHA 4 Goal 1 (Fitness): Hang Around. I really love playing around on my pull-up bar, and I will likely be investing in rings in the near future.This goal is essentially a three-workouts-a-week goal, but some focus this challenge will be with hanging fun, and stringing moves together. Pull-ups, chin-ups, German hangs (?!), tu
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