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Found 13 results

  1. So Challenge one for me done today. I logged in. Normally I would go into the "this is the plan, this is the theory, this is the backstory, please cheer and be nice" thing. But the last few weeks, I have just been out of spoons for everything. Plus I have a ton of forks that are just dragging me down. If you have never heard of the Spoon or Fork theory, please see here since I am not explaining well. I have too many things that are my responsibility to get done and most . Work is crazy, and we had to redo everything we have done since August til now. I am a caregiver to my mom.
  2. Yes - I'm back. And yes, I do mean Hard Reset. Starting 2/15 I have a new position at work. And for the first time in over a decade (barring house sales - yes plural - not going through) I will not feel like things are in limbo. I'll put more behind a spoiler guard. But in essence, hubby and I are starting the *expletive* over in a new city (with a nice nest egg). So I will have the time, bandwidth and ability to actually focus on my health. I will be taking kind of a gap week this week as we're still moving out..... But next week - it's ON. 1) Walk EVERY DAY. Unless it's raining\sle
  3. I got a little buried under work last time (or two... or three) I tried to do a challenge, so time to give it another try. It would be a lot to try to explain here, but long story short I went from functionally being the only person doing my job (it's a 2 person job and the other person wasn't interested in actually working) to literally being the only person in my job for a few months, which also meant I was pulling some crazy long weeks. This is thankfully no longer the case, and the person working with me now is doing a fantastic job so far and eager to help out, me
  4. I suppose my signature says it all, doesn't it? For a TL;DR, I was losing weight and feeling great, then I wasn't, then I was hiding from the world, then I spent a lot of time with doctors, finding out that I have diabetes, MS, and at least one heart condition. FUN So I am rebooting and keeping it simple, going from a newbie's standpoint. I just want to re-establish healthy habits and get my brain back into the swing of things. Level One Challenge Eat a vegetable with one meal every day Complete the NF bodyweight workout at least 1x a
  5. I'm back. So, the last five months or so weren't pretty. Long story short, got a year-long internship that I thought would be great and turned out to be hellish, had a bout with several months of serious depression/anxiety (a new and not-at-all fun experience for me), turned into a hermit, watched my health and fitness crash and burn. Great times. But, slowly, I've been recovering, thanks in part to the support of some good friends (h/t to @Treva and co.), and this month I've been on the upswing. Still, I really need to repair the damage that was done by th
  6. Belgian and Belgium based Rebels, Assemble! It's time to join forces and work together my fellow rebels, i know we are but few but we are here. Let's join up, help each other and show what Belgian Rebels are capable of. As an assassin in his 10th challenge and with some experience under his belt I'm always present to help. So, where are you my Brotherhood?
  7. Starting the four week challenge: 10 lbs. weight loss. Start bike riding 1 mile per day No alcohol (the horror)
  8. January… uh… somethingth. So, the zombie apocalypse was happening. Actually, legitimately happening. National news kept going on like the world wasn’t ending but the locals were getting nothing but radio silence. Power was out, resources were scarce, and I just put on my big damned hero pants to save a teenager stuck in a tree. Oh, and did I forget to mention I got bit within the first week or this and my days are numbered and it’s only… uh… six days? Until I turn into some undead monster? Yeah. That sounds about right. “You caved his head in!
  9. Rogue Squadron has returned yet again! As always members and their threads will be in this post. Open for all, and we pay no mind to those pithy member limits! Come one Come All! Continuing from last time we'll be trying to find ways to increase the in (this) thread engagement! As always make sure to follow this thread, your own thread, and the thread of the other Rogue's. So Let's Rock Rogues! MEMBER LIST! RogueWelkin: RogueWelkin vs the Kiltiverse Annie1120: Annie1120 - Me Versus Myself. Gingered: Gingered SirHammerlock: SirHammerlock #8: Budgeting is like loosing weight... Tateman: Tate
  10. Hello there guys! Class: Elf Race: Level 1 MAIN QUEST To create a base foundation in health and in fitness, which I can then work upon within my respective class. I want to begin leading a lifestyle in the way of an elf - who I really am, I suppose. POINTS I will award myself 10 points once I get three weeks in and move on to level one. When I finish six weeks, I will award myself an additional three points - one for each of my quests - and then move to level 2. Now, if this isn't how it works for first challenges please send me a pm and let me know, and I'll update this properly! Q
  11. Rogue Squadron's back for another round of diverse support! This is the group's Sixth Challenge and we've got several regular members that are always willing to help support anyone. Feel free to come here for support even if you're not a member of the group, especially First Timers. Memberlist: (Updated as new members are added) RogueWelkin - Kiltercise - RogueWelkin Challenge VI SirHammerlock - SirHammerlock #6: Back to kick some tail JohnnyShoes - Can JohnnyShoes become a hero? Tateman - Tateman's 6th Challenge: One more step to a better me Wovercast - Wovercast is a Ranger after all Sco
  12. Origin Story Pushing his way through wave after wave of ninja zombies the hero Kung Fu Johnny slowly worked through the nine levels of the Mijikkujutsu fortress. The weeks of fighting would have been to much for all but the strongest, but Kung Fu Johnny had the ability to temper his strikes with his chi and enhanced combat skills. As he reached the top of the nine towers Kung Fu Johnny was meet with one last challenge. Could he strike down the demonic martial artist Mijikku, defeat evil andlearn the strongest attack known in the multiverse? The sound of the ancient evil overlords head bo
  13. ?I'm from Chicago and I havent seen anyone with nerdfitness apparel. So anyone from Chicago ?
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