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  1. Greetings, Nerds! There is a hint of fall in the air in Pennsylvania today, and I'm thinking about what sort of fitness goals I'm going to set for myself this winter to stay active once my summer adventures come to an end. And so I proudly reveal to you, my quest to master Middle Earth: On September 1st I will be starting my Walk to Mordor. Here is Steve's article on walking, including walking to Mordor with a document to track if you want to follow along: https://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/walking/. Once the Chin Up Challenge is done, I'll tackle the Lord of the Rings workout, which is awesome, and can be found here: https://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/the-lord-of-the-rings-workout-one-plan-to-rule-them-all/. The workout is designed to be done in three super sets, which looks insane to me. I'll be doing them as three separate workouts. Lastly, once I'm in a routine with the above two goals, I'll think about adding in some ring work to start working towards a L-Sit and truly become THE LORD OF THE RINGS! Thanks for following along, looking forward to saving Middle Earth with you all!
  2. Right now, I'm enjoying the summer, spending time in my garden, and catching those summer vibes. This challenge is going to be pretty straight forward. Maintenance Last challenge I just focused on my eating skills , and trying to maintain weight. I don't mind if I gain a bit ( muscles ) but I was gaining a bit more than I like, and the trend was going up. I'm going to keep focus on my eating skills, with one small tweak. I've gotten back into the habit of an evening snack. I think if I ditched this, I would be better off. I don't work really well with strict rules, so I am just going to put it as a guideline, with one stipulation: I can choose to eat something in the evening after dinner if I want, but if I do, I need to write it down, and record the calories, and also the why I am eating it eating skills I'm also practicing eating afternoon snack without a screen pausing before seconds, extra meal stopping half way through a meal and thinking about satiety stopping when full Life: The habit of spending some time on Monday writing out my weekly goals, and each morning writing out the goals, is super helpful. I will continue that. Garden is going great. I will work in the garden. Make foods with the stuff I grow. Fitness: Continue with my zone 2 rowing 4 days a week (ish) and my sprinting once a week Just started with the GMB and I will work on that walking- I will enjoy that. I will also recognize that I am working in the garden, and rowing, so even if I don't hit my 10,,000 steps a day, I don't need to feel guilty. Walking 10,000 steps a day is great, but so is other movement, and I don't need to feel guilty about not hitting it. Today: DId 20 minutes at 28 spm on the rower in the morning. Then I did my first session in GMB. It was just an intro to all the movement. Sort of similar to NF, but enough different to mix it up. On rings, we are working on the inverted hang. It's been forever since I did that, and I was a little nervous, but it came back fairly easy. Also working on L-sit. I enjoy GMB because it has some skill work mixed in. They also do stretching and mobility as part of it, which is good, because otherwise I skip it. GMB does shrimp squats instead of pistol work. I'm not worried about losing ground on the pistol though. GMB has you do a flow of front leg lift, to back to shrimp.It's pretty intense balance work, so it will help with the pistol. I don't think it does any dips though. I may add them in once a week, just to maintain the work I've done. We are in a heat wave, so not a lot of walking. I get some just by wandering around watering all the things. Took a short walk last night , and will do so again tonight. Right now I'm typing this challenge in our bedroom, which is where we have our portable AC
  3. It's been two years since my last challenge, so I was pleased to log back in and learn about the 10th anniversary! Looking forward to checking out everyone's challenges Two years ago I started getting coached remotely in olympic weightlifting. At the same time, work got kinda crazy, so I didn't have the energy to do NF challenges as well as my lifting program. But now I am back with a new challenge! And I have officially made myself a Warrior instead of a Ranger! I am still prioritising weightlifting - my 3rd comp is on the final day of this challenge YAY - but next year I'm hoping to shift focus more to strongwoman, as that was why I started learning the olympic lifts in the first place. So my main goals on top of weightlifting 4xweekly are to drop my bodyweight a little and work on grip strength. (I have extra tiny hands...) A post with my quests to follow shortly
  4. Grandkai Goes Wick John is a man of focus, commitment, sheer will... something you know very little about. Last challenged i did a respawn here in the forums and with fitness, habits, nutrition. Despite having a decent 2 weeks challenge i need more focus on my goals, commitment to not be distracted with videogames & sheer will to succeed in my challenge. FOCUS: Don't be distracted by videogames until my task for the day are complete. These task are the following: - Working out; - Pomodoro Cleaning; - Shopping (if needed); - Making meals for the week This one is important to me because the last weeks i went straight to my console to play games instead of making sure my apartment is clean which resulted in a dirty apartment. And then only cleaned when i had no clean dishes. NEVER again! Games are fun but they don't decide my life. COMMITMENT: Workout every other day. I bought the Rings & Handstand Super Pack here on Nerd Fitness. I'm going to alternate between Rings & the Handstand workout. For example: Monday Rings with Bodyweight, Tuesday Off, Wednesday Handstand, Thursday OFF, Friday Rings and so on...depending if i get my rings on Monday or it will the other way around. And once i get more used to all the exercises i will probably do both Rings & Handstand in the same workout but thats for later. Now i want to get back into the routine of working out. Besides the Rings/Handstand stuff i'm going to do basic Bodyweight stuff (push-ups, pull-/chin-ups, squats, planks) to become stronger. SHEER WILL: Update every day Doesnt matter when i update, no matter what shift im doing i will update here everyday as much or as little there is to tell. 100% Gaming Goal: Deus Ex Mankind Divided I used to do 100% gaming goals ever since i got inspired by a old friend ( @Lilmissbri, she does on PS4 and i do on Xbox ). This challenge i'm going to do my best to 100% Deus Ex Mankind Divided. Who knows, maybe ill even stream it (the time between my last REAL challenge here and now i started streaming a bit on Twitch, but i had to drop it because i had a period where i just had no energy for it. Now i have some more energy and i want to try and start streaming again). Also: i get the same vibe with these 2. Looking like a Gentleman & being deadly when pissed off. And to get in the whole John Wick theme even more, one of the best, maybe even THE best scene's of the movie.
  5. I've decided to do an unchallenged this month. It's summer, it's often warm to here , and I'd rather just go with the flow of summer, take it easy a bit, and not have any written goals. I'll still workout , I like working out, and this month is my final phase of GMB rings 1. I'll mostly eat smart, with a bit of non dairy ice cream and treats thrown in. I have set my computer alarm to go off daily at 9:15 am, which will remind me that I most likely want to get moving on my day. I'm not setting that as a goal though. I'm just going to set the alarm, and then let myself decide what I want to do. We shall see how that works out. I'm also doing a pull up PVP https://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/110229-get-to-da-choppa-pull-up-pvp-aug-13-sept-9/
  6. This is my story; I am known to most as Helen Parr, but my real identity is Elasitgirl Incredible. I live in Metroplis,For a long time, the city of Metropolis depended on Super heroes to keep them safe from villains.People loved the Supers, and were thankful for their help. However, fighting villains can be a messy job, and battles usually end up destroying houses,. and cars. and roadways, and office buildings, and a few skyscrapers, and you get the picture. And people started blaming the Supers for the damage instead of the villains. The Superheroes were forced to live quiet suburban lives, hiding their identity. Mr Incredible, a true superhero, wanted to help people and hated hiding his identity. For a while Metropolis was safe, even without the superheroes help. But then Syndrome , an evil villain with a giant robot Omnidroid came to destroy the Incredilbes and Metropolis. The Incredible family knew it was time to reveal their superpowers and save the city. The Incredible's saved the city, but they knew there would be more villains. We needed a new start with our city though. A way to show the city that we were there to help. I was chosen for this mission. I will show the world that we need superheroes. And I will have a motorcycle too, because superheroes need cool vehicles. For my mission I will need to 1) Morning Routine This is habit, but I want the accountability Read Bible Dishes water plants (summer habit) 2)Strong Start I want to not waste time on the computer in the morning. I've tried this goal before with middling success. But I am going to keep trying. I don't want to do a time because I may go for a walk in the mornings and then I'd start later which is fine, just not fine if I'm on the computer. My plan is this: When I sit down for breakfast I set the timer for 30 minutes, when the timer goes off I go do my workout. edit: 30 minutes, or to go off at 9:15 I am going to do this as how many days in I row, and see how long a chain I can make. (weekends are free) I will give myself 15 minutes of extra time to use as needed. So if I go over one day by 5 minutes, I can still count it as one time, but if the next day I go over by 12 minutes, then I would not make it. 3)Mindful Eating: Last challenge I practiced eating slowly, putting down my fork between bites at dinner .This challenge I will do it at dinner and lunch. I will also pray and thank God for my food before lunch.I always do this at dinner, but don't at lunch.It is good for me to slow down and pause and thank God for the food that I have. Long term: Finish scrapbook by challenge end Write down dates for bathroom remodel; choose paint and sink Other stuff: This challenge is the Incredible's 2 premiere!! I'm super excited. Also, it premiers on my birthday (how awesome is that?!) and we have tickets to go see it at the really cool downtown theater, and excite!!!!!! I'm starting on the second phase of Rings 2, which is the cool trick stuff like skin the cat, which I love. It also sort of makes my stomach queasy, so breakfast will be small. Hopefully we will get lots of geocaching in, and walking, and other fun spring type stuff. Oh, and I'm also doing the crow PVP, which is super fun. It's in my sig. come check it out.
  7. Me, personally? No. But that doesn't mean I can't become ready. Time to brush up on those assassin skills and see what I can do. Goals: Hang Out: I bought rings last year and I really need to start using them. I live within spitting distance of a park and could easily get up in the mornings and play a bit. Ring Play 2x per week Week 1: Fight: Boxing Workout 1x per week Week 1: Stretch: I am the most tight. And starting my new job soon will mean even more desk work. Can't do fun stuff if my muscles constantly feel like they are ready to tear off. Stretch 5 days a week Week 1: 2/5 Keep it fresh: 2 other workouts per week (I'm no where near good enough on anything with the rings for it to be considered a workout). Week 1: 1/2
  8. I stumbled through the last challenge in the newbie forum, but circumstances have changed a bit this month - my husband is having potentially serious neurological issues, which means 1) we've been really strict about nutrient-dense paleo food, in case it helps, but 2) I also got distracted and did little working out over the last couple of weeks. My main goal for last challenge was to hit a weight under 160, and I hit...160, which was an anti-climactic two-pound loss (though, I do think some recomposition is happening...I lost at least an inch and a half off my waist over the same period). I'm sick of being disappointed and I guess I'm still hoping to enter the 150s, so I'm keeping that goal for this challenge. I guess I'm also hoping that my rough bodyfat estimates will hit 24% (currently at 25%, so that seems doable). Specific challenge goals: 1. Stick to strict paleo diet, which currently looks something like: big smoothie with frozen berries, spinach and something yogurty, optional chicken sausage, optional coffee big bowl of (previously) frozen veggies, chicken or beef burger with salsa toasted nori, baby carrots and the occasional handful of nuts or raisins for a snack (previously) frozen tuna steak or salmon, salad, kimchi, air-fried potato, fruit juice gelatin thing a dark-chocolate covered honey mint from Trader Joe's (these are amazing if you haven't tried them, and are made of only honey, peppermint oil and unsweetened dark chocolate) Try to enjoy this food, streamline prep time and maybe add a little variety. Buy some organ meats (heart and liver are on my list) and try to integrate them. Continue working on homemade kombucha, sprouts and fermented veggies. Reintroduce eggs in a couple of weeks, and see how that goes. Occasionally try new products and recipes, including desserts with approved ingredients (worked on this a bit last challenge and it was going pretty well, though I guess now we won't be eating chickpea brownies because of the legumes). 2. Get back to working out Resume my previous routine of bodyweight strength training 2-3 times per week, yoga and skill work 2-3 times per week, and sprinting once a week. This schedule bugs me because I'd really like to get in three strength sessions, three yoga sessions, a sprinting session and a rest day without doubling up, but I guess I don't need to pick a fight with calendars right now...maybe I'll make one of my yoga sessions restorative only and call that a rest day. 3. Meditation and related exercises Minimum of fifteen minutes six days a week, though I have some 30-45 minuted guided visualizations (yoga nidra) I'd like to try, so hopefully I'll fit some of those in, too. I would secretly like to get through one or two seven-part yoga nidra series, but I don't think I'm going to make that a formal goal. 4. Rings! I bought some rings. I need to hang them up and figure out what to do with them, probably starting with just supporting myself on them – and I also want to see if I can still do flips, which I may not have tried in twenty years, so I have no idea how close to possible it is. Extra credit: get weed whacker fixed and turn the jungle outside my house into a usable lawn. That would be nice.
  9. I loved Shuri, Black Panther's Sister. She was smart, creative, hard working, loyal, and funny. My next challenge will be based on her. More information to follow at some future point in time. Shuri manages her time well She works hard in her lab to create technology for Black Panther I will manage my time well, focusing on my mornings Things to get done in the morning Read Bible Kitchen Breakfast Workout- start by 9:15 Workout finish by 11:00 I am going to set up a point system for this one and a reward. Shuri is creative She uses her intelligence and creativity in her lab I will use my creativity and intelligence to continue on my home remodel and scrapbooking. I will track my points and progress on my accountabilibuddy thread. Shuri smiles and enjoys life: This is a soft goal. It is a reminder to seek out the things that bring me joy and make time for them in my life; Bible reading, dancing, friends,prayer, geocaching,church. I will share those on here as I believe they are part of what makes me a healthy person. Other stuff: The first week of the challenge is the last week of my 8 week bodyweight program- Integral Strength. The next week I will probably not do a program, just whatever interests me, and a bit more laid back. The week after that I have jury duty. Which means I call in and only go in if they want me. So it could be something that just takes a day, or all week. If it seems like I will actually be on a jury, I’ll continue just doing whatever. If I don’t serve, I think I will start a mini rings program from GMB. I lost the weight I wanted to, so my plan is to go on maintenance. I’ll probably somewhat track with MFP, but that will be as I feel it is needed. When I do track, I want to be mindful of how I feel as far as fullness. I will pay attention to the signals my body sends me. I want to also keep eating slowly . I will continue to cultivate the habit of putting the fork down between bites, and chewing my food thoroughly. I will aim for eating healthy, with veggies and protein, but not so strict that I end up rebelling against myself.
  10. Safe on the other side of the ravine, Vixen decided to make camp. Building the fire was no problem, and soon a pot of water was boiling merrily away for tea, but putting up the tent was a bit more of a struggle. "If only I had someone else to help me," Vixen grumbled, before clapping her hands together in delight. That was it! She'd struggled on the vines because she didn't know what she was doing, so why not invest in some help? Before you could say 'product placement' Vixen had signed up to the NF rings and handstands courses and was flicking through the pages on her phone. The terrain ahead of her though... hills and mountains. She wanted to learn how to swing on a vine, but for the road ahead, what she really needed was a Ranger. She looked back down at the phone in her hand. Time for a team up. So I'm still going to be working on my goals from last month, but I'm also going on a walking holiday in North Wales over Easter, so I wanted to incorporate that into my story, heh. My Ranger is one of my BFFs, she's working on her mountain leadership qualification, and she's agreed to do some truly gnarly ridge walking with me. It's still too cold to climb outside. In my soft southern opinion. Hang Glide When I was little I said this was my life ambition. I've decided to actually just do it this year. Because there's no time like the present. Hang glide this year was my 2018 New Year's Resolution. E-mail to ask when the deadline is for booking in June Book onto a tandem hang glide session in June Become a Gymnastic Ring Aficionado I'm on the last level of the bodyweight path in the NF Academy, and I'm ready to take it to the next level. I've just bought the NF rings and handstands course, so time to work that out. Read through both courses Create a workout plan Strength train x3 a week (except for holiday week) 1 2 3 Become Proficient at Aerial Hoop Hoop is my new favourite thing in the world. I love it. I want to do it MORE. Schedule classes for the month except for holiday week Practise once a week 1 2 3 Write First Draft of a Story Another one of the things I always said I would do. I went on an OU creative writing course last year, now to start putting it into practice! Vixen is a character in one of my WIPs, btw. Schedule in one writing session a week (except for holiday week) Write once a week 1 2 3 Find a New Job My other half is a doctor, and we will be moving for his work in August. I'm trying to put in the groundwork now, so I can find a new job that I like! Job interview prep - read their websites - familiarise yourself with their research - answer the sample questions S gave you Apply for at least one other job Complete Care Certificate SIDE QUEST: The Misty Mountains Going to Snowdonia with a crowd of my bestest buddies, and I want to go walking with my favourite Ranger/Hobbit Make a kit list Finalise travel plans Find two really challenging walks that I want to do Liaise with the Ranger about how feasible they are WALK
  11. It may not actually be my 1,000 challenge. I just liked the simplicity of counting the challenges (idea shamelessly stolen borrowed from @Salinger) And I like Minions. My challenge: 1) Experiment with Morning Routine: Now that I a nice habitual morning routine, it's time to mess it up. Partly to help dizziness from my ring workout, and also just to experiment a bit, I want to try working out before breakfast. Which will mess up my morning routine a bit. I don't want to make it a goal to workout after breakfast, I want to just experiment, and only do it if I feel like it. My routine has been :Read Bible, drink water, empty dishwasher, tidy kitchen, breakfast, start workout at 9:30. I struggle a bit with the start time, so maybe working out first will help that. The things that won't change ;Read the Bible , then drink water; Things that might change, the kitchen may be after breakfast, if I workout first; Important side rule: The ONLY time I'm allowed to do the kitchen and computer time is if I've either worked out or done the kitchen. 2)10 Pushups a day I read on a blog somewhere that this was a good habit to do, and I thought it would be fun to make a 30 day challenge, so this is what I did. I completed day 2 today 3) Finish by summer's end @LadyShello posted on her challenge how she wanted to accomplish thing during her summer, so I borrowed this idea from her. I may update this more but here are some things I'd like to look at and see I've accomplished over the summer: Finished my scrapbook Paint Front porch Finish GMB 1 Veggie Garden Spent time on Algebra 2 (yes, I know this is vague, I don't want to do a specific goal to track for it) Planned Disneyland trip Kept up with Bible reading
  12. I'm back for my fourth challenge. I disappeared for a while there in between challenges, not for any particular reason except life got busy! I have been working out and running, reading, and occasionally dropping by to read about how everyone else has been getting on. As the next challenge starts tomorrow, I thought I'd better get my goals sorted out. Many are similar to my previous goals, though I'm ditching the food diary this time, and shifting sketching to the bonus section, otherwise it feels forced and stifles my desire to do it! I'm also swapping out appreciation for meditation this time, as I want to get back in the habit of meditating on a regular basis. The appreciation (of my colleagues and team) has been going well, and I think I can manage to do this without it being part of my challenge goals - but time will tell! Quest: Get strong & be healthy 1. Mindful eating - eat only when hungry, keep portion size under control, eat pulses/legumes/lentils on a daily basis 2. Strength Workout - 3x per week, including strength exercises from NF Rings & Handstands pack (straight arm support, walk walks, crow pose, etc.) 3. Running - 3x per week 4. Ninja moves - minimum 5 mins per day - core, hip flexor, and wrist/hand strengthening exercises from NF Rings & Handstands packs. And kick-ups. I’ve decided that if I’m going to be able to do a handstand anytime soon, I need to change the NF Handstands plan to match me… I’ll keep working on the strength aspects, but I need to feel like I’m making more progress as the strength stuff is taking time. Quest: Be a better me 5. At least 5 minutes Hindi practice on Memrise on weekdays 6. Read (a book) at least once a week 7. Meditation - minimum 5 mins per day Bonuses: Sketch - bonus point awarded for any sketching done in a day 10000+ steps - bonus point awarded for any day I walk more than 10000 steps (might hit this more than twice this month, as I'm taking part in the How Far Can You Go? PVP, where I've taken my June baseline of 2.4 miles a day as my baseline, so any daily distance over this will count for the challenge) Miserable yoga poses - As the Miserable Yoga PVP is continuing, I'll give myself 1 point extra for each Miserable yoga pose I complete in the month Weekly scores: Mindful eating (0/28) Strength Workout (0/12) Running (0/12) Ninja moves (0/28) Hindi (0/20) Read (0/4) Meditation (0/28) Possible total = 132 Bonuses: Sketch (0 days) 10000+ steps (0 days) Miserable Yoga (0 poses)
  13. Welcome everybody! I'm a 26-year-old British guy who likes gymnastics, climbing, calisthenics, circus, weightlifting, ... and generally try to do too much. Last August I quit my job as a software engineer to go travelling around the world, volunteering for charities, learning new skills, and generally chasing excitement Brief summary of my journey since starting at Nerd Fitness: Jan 2014: joined the forums and planned to learn backflips outdoors by February. Hahaha that did not happen, but gymnastics and weightlifting did Jul 2014: reached 10 seconds for handstands and recorded my progress [video] Oct 2014: bought gymnastics rings and went through a phase of training lots with these Aug 2015: reached so far my peak in gymnastics and made a compilation [video] in the Summer Aug 2015: moved house and got lazy Challenged with the Warriors and I don't think I even made it to a gym haha Jan 2016: decided that I needed more excitement and that in 2016 I was going to get it Aug 2016: quit my job and backpacked around Slovenia and Eastern Europe Sep 2016: competed in the Mental Calculation World Cup in Germany Oct 2016: studied Spanish in a language school in Valencia Nov 2016: competed at Memoriad in Las Vegas. Flew to Nicaragua to volunteer as a volcano tour guide for 3 months Feb 2017: backpacked around Nicaragua and Guatemala - both really nice destinations May 2017: spent a month in Barcelona learning more Latin dancing and learning to how to create websites - currently working on HyperBirthday Jun 2017: visited Edinburgh and continued working on projects I like colour-coding things This month I'm going to Oxford (UK) to teach an Engineering course to some pre-University students, and should have plenty of time to work on other projects My last sort-of challenge in Edinburgh was overly negative - "do these things otherwise you lose lots of points!" - and I respond better to more positive challenges, so this time I'll just be accumulating points. And using overly-complicated challenge scoring systems Goal #1: be prolific: I'm always impressed and astonished at NF'ers like Raptron who seem to do crazy amounts of stuff every day. Like 2 workouts, 3 social engagements, a full-time job, baked a cake, read everything on NF and caught a plane. With her bare hands. Meanwhile sometimes all I've done is eaten 4 bowls of cereal and refreshed Facebook 30 times. I'm getting better, but I'm not in the same league as Raptron yet, so I'm going to keep working. Also hai Raptron So generally, this challenge I'm going to focus on doing lots of interesting things and not wasting my time. For the first 25 days I'll get points for the following: fitness work: max 3 (e.g. if I do a serious session of something, that would get me 2) social activities: max 3 (course-based fun activities count) sleep early: max 2 (before 0000: 2 points; before 0030: 1 point) eat well: max 2 good tutor: max 2 don't waste time: max 2 get work done: max 6 (1 per full hour) That's 20 points per day, and I think realistically 15+ would be an excellently productive day. Total: 500 points. Goal #2: fitness goals: here's that thing where I make a list of fitness goals and fail to accomplish any of them 10 points per achievement. There will be 20, but some get added later when I see what equipment is available in Oxford. Total: 200 points. Also I'm open to suggestions for goals! 8 ring dips 12 ring dips 12 ring pull-ups 3 clean ring muscle-ups pretty au batido 7-second static handstand 10-second static handstand 20-second walking handstand 25-second walking handstand clockwise circle walk in handstand consecutive opposite circle walks in handstand complete figure-of-8 handstand walk 30 push-ups 40 push-ups go climbing play a new sport ab workout video #1 ab workout video #2 ab workout video #3 sightseeing run Goal #3: productive goals: basically the important items from my to-do list. Total: 300 points. project: fix HyperBirthday on mobile (15 points) project: implement hyperbirthday.com/result/<date> framework (30 points) project: add SEO blog post to HyperBirthday (15 points) project: add another blog post to HyperBirthday [#2] (10 points) project: add another blog post to HyperBirthday [#3] (5 points) project: add another blog post to HyperBirthday [#4] (5 points) project: add full moon counter to HyperBirthday (20 points) project: TimeGhost to HyperBirthday (20 points) mind sports: create reusable presentation (20 points) mind sports: detailed strategy for names & faces event (5 points) mind sports: detailed strategy for ordered pictures event (5 points) mind sports: detailed strategy for arbitrary nouns event (5 points) mind sports: trial MSO calculation paper (15 points) piano: finish composing the intro/verse for Sahara (5 points) piano: compose the instrumental section for Sahara (20 points) piano: write manuscript for Sahara (15 points) dance: create a salsa/bachata routine and use it (20 points) fitness: create two set workouts for this challenge and do both (20 points) travel: some progress towards September plans (week 0) (5 points) travel: some progress towards September plans (week 1) (5 points) travel: some progress towards September plans (week 2) (5 points) travel: some progress towards September plans (week 3) (5 points) travel: have travel/life plans until Sept 30th (10 points) travel: have travel/life plans until Nov 15th (10 points) travel: have travel/life plans until Dec 31st (10 points) So that's 1000 points in total. I think 200 will be very easy and 800 almost impossible, so after 200, every 60 points gives me another stat point. Good luck everyone!
  14. Hi everyone Early start to my challenge thread as I would love some help and advice! There is going to be an obstacle course race in my town I only found out about it a week ago when they started selling the tickets for it... And it's on in ONE MONTH. I know, so little time to prepare! I have wanted to do one at some point, but since it usually would require a whole weekend an 800km round trip, I just stuck it in my epic quest and didn't think I'd have the opportunity anytime soon. So to anyone who has done obstacle races, any resources you can point me to or advice on what to expect would be great. I did my first sprint triathlon a few months ago, but my aerobic capacity has no doubt dropped dramatically since then. I'm not sure how little running I can get away with over the next couple of weeks. I have been running only a couple of times a month, 5min/1km to muay thai class as a warm up... I think I should focus on grip strength, core strength and yoga. I have been hesitent to reduce lifting...I have been doing it twice a week, alternating so each lift gets done once a week. I might drop the super heavy weights and go lighter until after the race...? (I recently bought rings and made some parallettes so I can focus on them + yoga more this challenge) My questions are: How did you prepare for your 1st ocr? What helped the most (to make it easier/more fun)? Should I try to run more regularly in the lead up? Footwear: i have barefoot style trail runners i use for hiking, i guess i will wear these. So I'll probably have to get used to running in them too little time for that? It was useful even just writing that out, but hopefully some of you have a good perspective on this. TIA
  15. Exciting Details on My challenge to be posted here one day. I guess Thursday is the day. I really enjoyed the laid back feel of last challenge. I gave myself one goal, and that was it. I still managed to eat healthy and track food a good portion of the time, did some mobility and stretching, took walks, finish Phase 1 of GMB Rings and even decided to study Algebra 2, even though I didn't have specific goals. I love @NeverThatBored challenge and idea of basking in joy. That's what this month will be about mainly. I will do the things I enjoy and share them with you all. Because I am a Ranger, and want to do all the things, really my most important goal is to get a good start on my day. Goal: Have all other morning routine items completed and start my workout no later than 9:30. 1 point per complete 18 points and I win myself a pair of capri leggings. Adding mini challenge so I can remember later: Cooking: Try a new recipe Strength: Farmer's carry across the yard and back , done 2 x this week Climbing: Complete one hilly ruck Combat: sledgehammer workout
  16. Last month I failed miserably, but this month... More to come soon
  17. Hey y'all! First time challenging with the assassins, though I've been doing challenges with the warriors since the start of the year. I'm starting to do more work with gymnastics rings so it felt apt to do a challenge with the assassins (I'm going to follow the Rings One program from GMB after 06/25, currently finishing out a lifting program - Juggernaut - while adding the rings exercises to my training days). And because I'm 1) a huge Tolkien fan and 2) a fan of being on the nose, this challenge will be Lord of the Rings themed!!! (when I get around to adding gifs) Quick intro about me: Competitive ballroom dancer, but by day I work at a bank Based out of Dallas, TX For fitness I generally enjoy lifting weights and recently have enjoyed adding some bodyweight stuff I *hate* running, and I figure that my dance practices are enough cardio so I don't bother with any in my workouts I *love* just about anything sweet (especially homemade cakes or cookies - grew up with my mom being an awesome baker) How I feel anytime I run. I'm not patient enough for creative writing, so instead of a preamble, time to dive into the goals for this challenge: Prepare for battle (dance competitions): I've got two competitions coming up (06/02 and 06/24) and I'll want to do the following to prep for them: Hit calorie targets every day - I want to cut a bit of fat in general, and especially before competing in a pretty vain sport-art; I'm going to start at 2,300 for a target and see if I need to adjust up from feeling underfed Train every workday - I'm pretty consistent at this, the goal is to just have a box I can check pretty much every time Have a focused dance practice 3 work evenings a week - I'll also be training every weekend with my partner, but since she lives in Houston and I'm in Dallas, it's on me to practice during the week too. Every one of these should start with a 5-10 minute mental toughness / visualization exercise (from the book "10-minute Toughness"). Thoughts like this are why I need to cut. Kick *** at work: I enjoy work more when I'm pushing myself to produce better results, so that's what this will focus on. Stay focused - only check in with messaging threads / forums on my phone from 9-9:30 or 12-12:30 Do self-development work every day - I'm lucky that my office is big on making room for people to grow in their skills and careers, but to make the jump I need to actually do the work for myself (even if it means staying late, getting in early, or taking some stuff home with me) Have a pleasant interaction with 1 coworker / day - Possibly as a result of introversion, possibly a result of being too formal at work, I've gotten a reputation for being "unapproachable" and "intimidating" (not words my friends use to describe me outside of work). Goal here is to slowly correct the perception. I'm slightly friendlier than this guy at work. Most of the time. Recover: I need to make sure I take care of myself physically and mentally: Sleep 7+ hours every night - self-explanatory Stretch or do ankle rehab every night before bed - also self-explanatory Go to 1+ social thing every week - it's easy to not make time for friendships with such a packed schedule, gotta make sure I don't fall into that trap I have an ugly but effective tracking page made in my "Bullet Journal" - I feel weird calling it that since I just use it for dance notes plus to-do lists, but I do carry it with me everywhere. Will share pictures later - along with adding gifs, hopefully.
  18. After a very stressful (AND SUCCESSFUL - HELL YEAH THIS ASSASSIN IS GOING TO LAW SCHOOL) last challenge, I'm going to try to keep this one simple and relatively easy to follow. Here it goes: 8 sessions of Krav Maga (2/8) 10 Cardio Sessions (11/10) 8 Body Weight/Weight Lifting Sessions (7/8) 25 Handstand Sessions (4/25) 25 Meals made at home (22/25) 30 Meditation Sessions (15/30) 25 Flexibility Sessions (6/25) Go through closet and donate clothes (0/1) Start packing to move (0/1)
  19. Four themes, 100 points. Carrying on from last challenge, I'll be sticking to the points format. I've tweaked things a little bit to make some areas more challenging and to bring up performance in weaker areas. The main difference is that I'm going to be aiming to log everything I eat/drink in a notebook rather than posting main meals on here. This will be more beneficial for tracking, and forces me to focus on other tasks to earn points. I'm also doing weekly themes! Completing the criteria for each week will earn extra points. The goal is to inject a little bit of extra skill work during the week. Week 1 - Ninja Week: Practice rolls/cartwheels for at least 5 minutes, four times this week. +3 points. Week 2 - Jedi Week: Practice handstands for at least 5 minutes, four times this week. +3 points. Week 3 - Spider-man Week: Practice grip training (for climbing buildings, of course) for 5 minutes, four times this week. +3 points. Week 4 - Assassin Week: Run a mile for time, three times this week. +3 points. + Points Do a workout. +1 point. Brush the dog's teeth. +1 point. Complete an adulting task. +1 point. Bonus Adulting Tasks. - These will be worth 1 point for adulting in addition to their individual point values. Transfer money into my (currently unused) high interest savings account. +1 point. Set up a direct debit or payment line to that account from my main account. +2 points. Find (and move to) a new mobile data plan. +2 points. Fill in the small hole in bedroom wall. +2 points. Fix broken guitar hanger. +2 points. Complete food log for the day. +1 point. Be out of bed before 7:30 AM. +2 points. Job search, at least 20 minutes. +2 points. Finish reading a book. +2 points. Complete one of my major fitness goals. +5 points. - Points Going a day without doing any mobility. -1 point. Staying in bed past 9AM. -1 point. Go a whole week without brushing the dog's teeth. -3 points. Do not fill in food log. -1 point. Major Fitness Goals. Be able to do 3 consecutive ring dips. 2x3 ring dips 4x5 chinups. Unassisted shrimp squat. Sub 8 minute mile. Be able to do a clean parkour roll.
  20. This time I'll be mixing up my challenge format and doing a points challenge! I feel this will be more beneficial to me these days than my usual "do these 4-5 things" challenges. I eventually want my challenges to be a little more freeform and game like now that fitness is pretty much a major part of my life. Some things will earn me points, others will lose them (duh). The goal this month is 100 points. I have no idea if this is a good total, so it may change after week 1 when I have a better understanding. + Points Do a strength training workout. +1 point. Do a cardio/conditioning workout. +1 point. Brush the dog's teeth. +1 point. Complete an adulting task. +1 point. Bonus Adulting Tasks. - These will be worth 1 point for adulting in addition to their individual point values. Transfer money into my (currently unused) high interest savings account. +1 point. Set up a direct debit or payment line to that account from my main account. +2 points. Find (and move to) a new mobile data plan. +2 points. Fill in the small hole in bedroom wall. +2 points. Adjust my Nest Pension payment plan. +1 point. +2 points if doing so involves making a phone call. Fit new rear windscreen wiper blade on my car, +1 point. Eat a healthy meal. +1 point. Be out of bed before 7:30 AM. +2 points. This will be tough, if it happens once I'll be happy. Job search, at least 20 minutes. +2 points. Finish reading a book. +2 points. Complete one of my major fitness goals. +5 points. - Points Going a day without doing any mobility. -1 point. Staying in bed past 9AM. -1 point. Go a whole week without brushing the dog's teeth. -3 points. Major Fitness Goals. Be able to do 2 consecutive ring dips. Be able to do 3 consecutive ring dips. 4x5 chinups. Unassisted shrimp squat. Sub 10 minute mile. Be able to do a cartwheel. Pointless Star Wars gif just for fun. Motivation or something..
  21. Agent Pond has become desperately bored in her current position and has recently decided to move up her self-determined deadline of requesting a mission transfer. With this comes a very intense deadline with multiple parts and the need to maintain a realistic physical routine. Notable Future Dates: Mission Transfer Request Due: April 30th Agent's Birthday: May 8th Side Missions: Agent Kat's pending move (find a new house, pack up and sell old house, move) Agent Dec's pending move (Weekend trip to help move things) Agent Pond's Pending move? (only applies if mission transfer is approved) Mission Parameters: Mission Transfer Request is number 1 priority and will be put ahead of all other tasks until complete (End date: April 30th) Parts: 1) Personal Essay 2) CV 3) Request References (First Email) Send Reference Link (2/2) Confirm Letter Receipt 4) Addenda 5) Request Transcripts 6) Pray for transfer approval and full funding of mission Bunk Overhaul (Have complete Bunk overhaul achieved by end of challenge) Krav Maga (2/12) Flexibility (4/20) Handstand Play (2/15) Running or Cycling (7/10) Body Weight Workout (8/10) (THIS IS MY COVERALL APOLOGY FOR MORE KINGSMAN STUFF. #NONEWCONTENT)
  22. So last challenge I got sick and missed more than half of it. This time we turn things around, or try to As usually I start today monday, and end sunday in 4 weeks (the sunday start mess things up for me Again I changed the goals up a bit to reflect more what works best for me. Lifestyle: G1: Focused exams study time: So around the end of this challenge I have 3 exams lined up, and I need to focus on them. 3/5 weekdays I need to allocate 1 hour of priories study time (no phones // tv anything to interrupt. and 1 weekend day I double up to 2 hours. Fitness: G1: Daily handstand (at least 5 attempts pr day G2: pike/head2toe//SSGM 5 times pr week G3: 10 minute of hip openers 5 times pr week ( Weighted butterfly/frog pose/pancake/cossaq squat) G4: Nail a set of 3 tuck to tucked shoulder stand to tuck on the rings. (I have struggled a lot with those, going fine reverse but its hard from the tuck to the t.shoulderstand. However I seemed to crack the code on the last 2 trainings, and hope it keeps going like that. If I get this in good time then im working to improving the hight of the rings. W1: 0/3 Weekday study 0/1 Weekend study 3/5 Piking 3/5 Hip opening 3/7 Handstand W2: 0/3 Weekday study 0/1 Weekend study 0/5 Piking 0/5 Hip opening 0/7 Handstand W3 0/3 Weekday study 0/1 Weekend study 0/5 Piking 0/5 Hip opening 0/7 Handstand W4 0/3 Weekday study 0/1 Weekend study 0/5 Piking 0/5 Hip opening 0/7 Handstand Total: 0/12 Weekday study 0/4 Weekend study 0/20 Piking 0/20 Hip opening 0/28 Handstand 0/1 Tuck to shoulder stand for 3 reps
  23. I want to start using gymnast rings for my workouts, but since I live in an apartment I am not able to mount them in the ceiling. Can they be hung off a free standing "power tower" pullup bar?
  24. Grayspeed's February Challenge. Over the last few weeks I've had a few revelations that have changed the way I approach fitness. Much of this comes from acknowledging my previous failings; the biggest of which was setting myself arbitrary goals without any clear progression or plan, and hoping I'd figure out how to get there on the way. Which has probably resulted in more wasted time and setbacks than I care to think about. The most important mindset shifts are thusly: 1) I should set clear goals that act as milestones on the path to unlocking skills that are meaningful to me. 2) I need to set up a process designed with progression in mind. So, first things first. What are my immediate goals? 1) Be able to do an unassisted ring dip. 2) Be able to do a set of 5 reps of good form chinups. That means a hollow body position - no kipping, no half reps, no using knees for momentum. 3) Run one mile in less than 10 minutes. 4) Learn to cartwheel. This will be a precursor movement before getting into rolls, handstands, and other fun stuff. I've decided to focus on four key areas to help build my body and mind: Strength, Mobility, Speed, and Recovery. I've also decided to cancel my gym membership and do my strength training at the local park. I realised that having a gym membership was kind of a waste of money considering 80% of my workouts are bodyweight only and I was becoming increasingly frustrated by only being able to go during quiet times, meaning I'd often skip a workout just because the gym will be busy. So by the end of this month I'll be a playground warrior! Enough backstory. Let's get questing! Quest 1: Strength. Build strength by doing a NF Rings workout at least 3 times a week. Quest 2: Mobility. Build up mobility and bodily awareness by doing a 5 minute flow every day. Link to explanation of 5 minute flow. Quest 3: Speed. Improve my speed capabilities by doing speed/agility based cardio & conditioning workouts 3 times a week. Quest 4: Recovery. Increase recovery time and be more alert by making sure to be in bed by 10:30pm 5 nights a week. Some rules for this one - I must actually be in bed and have finished nightly tasks (brushing teeth, letting dog out, getting glass of water..). No laptop. No phone. Reading and listening to music is allowed, as is chatting with my girlfriend. The other thing that grown-ups use their bed for is also allowed, let's be mature here . Now. Let's get down to business.
  25. So this challenge will be more or less identical from last time, but with some small changes and improvements. Again is the goal to eventually eat pancakes with my feet, and then celebrate it in a pancake stretch. More info will maybe come not sure yet Lifestyle: G:1 Practice contact juggling 3 times pr week. for at least 10 minutes pr time. Fitness: G1: Daily handstand (at least 5 attempts pr day G2: Head2toe 5 times pr week G3: Pancake or hip opening (I found out that on the last challenge if I didn’t go to the gym I couldn’t do my pancake progression, so this time I will allow for hip opening poses as well at least 5 out of 7 days. G4: Rings 3 times pr week. W1: 3/3 Contact jugling: 7/7 Handstand 5/5 Pancake // Hip opening 3/3 Ring training W2: 3/3 Contact jugling: 6/7 Handstand 5/5 Pancake // Hip opening 3/3 Ring training W3 0/3 Contact jugling: 0/7 Handstand 0/5 Pancake // Hip opening 0/3 Ring training W4 0/3 Contact jugling: 0/7 Handstand 0/5 Pancake // Hip opening 0/3 Ring training Total: 3/12 Contact jugling: 7/28 Handstand 5/20 Pancake // Hip opening 3/12 Ring training
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