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  1. Greetings, Nerds! There is a hint of fall in the air in Pennsylvania today, and I'm thinking about what sort of fitness goals I'm going to set for myself this winter to stay active once my summer adventures come to an end. And so I proudly reveal to you, my quest to master Middle Earth: On September 1st I will be starting my Walk to Mordor. Here is Steve's article on walking, including walking to Mordor with a document to track if you want to follow along: https://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/walking/. Once the Chin Up Challenge is done, I'll tackle the Lord of the Rings
  2. It's been two years since my last challenge, so I was pleased to log back in and learn about the 10th anniversary! Looking forward to checking out everyone's challenges Two years ago I started getting coached remotely in olympic weightlifting. At the same time, work got kinda crazy, so I didn't have the energy to do NF challenges as well as my lifting program. But now I am back with a new challenge! And I have officially made myself a Warrior instead of a Ranger! I am still prioritising weightlifting - my 3rd comp is on the final day of this challenge YAY - but next year I'm
  3. Grandkai Goes Wick John is a man of focus, commitment, sheer will... something you know very little about. Last challenged i did a respawn here in the forums and with fitness, habits, nutrition. Despite having a decent 2 weeks challenge i need more focus on my goals, commitment to not be distracted with videogames & sheer will to succeed in my challenge. FOCUS: Don't be distracted by videogames until my task for the day are complete. These task are the following: - Working out; - Pomodoro Cleaning; - Shopping (if needed); -
  4. I've decided to do an unchallenged this month. It's summer, it's often warm to here , and I'd rather just go with the flow of summer, take it easy a bit, and not have any written goals. I'll still workout , I like working out, and this month is my final phase of GMB rings 1. I'll mostly eat smart, with a bit of non dairy ice cream and treats thrown in. I have set my computer alarm to go off daily at 9:15 am, which will remind me that I most likely want to get moving on my day. I'm not setting that as a goal though. I'm just going to set the alarm, and then let myself decide what I want to
  5. This is my story; I am known to most as Helen Parr, but my real identity is Elasitgirl Incredible. I live in Metroplis,For a long time, the city of Metropolis depended on Super heroes to keep them safe from villains.People loved the Supers, and were thankful for their help. However, fighting villains can be a messy job, and battles usually end up destroying houses,. and cars. and roadways, and office buildings, and a few skyscrapers, and you get the picture. And people started blaming the Supers for the damage instead of the villains. The Superheroes were forced to live quiet suburban li
  6. Me, personally? No. But that doesn't mean I can't become ready. Time to brush up on those assassin skills and see what I can do. Goals: Hang Out: I bought rings last year and I really need to start using them. I live within spitting distance of a park and could easily get up in the mornings and play a bit. Ring Play 2x per week Week 1: Fight: Boxing Workout 1x per week Week 1: Stretch: I am the most tight. And starting my new job soon will mean even more desk work. Can't do fun stuff if my muscles const
  7. I stumbled through the last challenge in the newbie forum, but circumstances have changed a bit this month - my husband is having potentially serious neurological issues, which means 1) we've been really strict about nutrient-dense paleo food, in case it helps, but 2) I also got distracted and did little working out over the last couple of weeks. My main goal for last challenge was to hit a weight under 160, and I hit...160, which was an anti-climactic two-pound loss (though, I do think some recomposition is happening...I lost at least an inch and a half off my waist over the same
  8. I loved Shuri, Black Panther's Sister. She was smart, creative, hard working, loyal, and funny. My next challenge will be based on her. More information to follow at some future point in time. Shuri manages her time well She works hard in her lab to create technology for Black Panther I will manage my time well, focusing on my mornings Things to get done in the morning Read Bible Kitchen Breakfast Workout- start by 9:15 Workout finish by 11:00 I am going to set up a point system for this one and a reward.
  9. Safe on the other side of the ravine, Vixen decided to make camp. Building the fire was no problem, and soon a pot of water was boiling merrily away for tea, but putting up the tent was a bit more of a struggle. "If only I had someone else to help me," Vixen grumbled, before clapping her hands together in delight. That was it! She'd struggled on the vines because she didn't know what she was doing, so why not invest in some help? Before you could say 'product placement' Vixen had signed up to the NF rings and handstands courses and was flicking through the pages on her phone. The terrain ahead
  10. It may not actually be my 1,000 challenge. I just liked the simplicity of counting the challenges (idea shamelessly stolen borrowed from @Salinger) And I like Minions. My challenge: 1) Experiment with Morning Routine: Now that I a nice habitual morning routine, it's time to mess it up. Partly to help dizziness from my ring workout, and also just to experiment a bit, I want to try working out before breakfast. Which will mess up my morning routine a bit. I don't want to make it a goal to workout after breakfast, I want to just experiment, and only do it if I feel
  11. I'm back for my fourth challenge. I disappeared for a while there in between challenges, not for any particular reason except life got busy! I have been working out and running, reading, and occasionally dropping by to read about how everyone else has been getting on. As the next challenge starts tomorrow, I thought I'd better get my goals sorted out. Many are similar to my previous goals, though I'm ditching the food diary this time, and shifting sketching to the bonus section, otherwise it feels forced and stifles my desire to do it! I'm also swapping out appreciation f
  12. Welcome everybody! I'm a 26-year-old British guy who likes gymnastics, climbing, calisthenics, circus, weightlifting, ... and generally try to do too much. Last August I quit my job as a software engineer to go travelling around the world, volunteering for charities, learning new skills, and generally chasing excitement Brief summary of my journey since starting at Nerd Fitness: Jan 2014: joined the forums and planned to learn backflips outdoors by February. Hahaha that did not happen, but gymnastics and weightlifting did Jul 2014: reached 10 seconds for handstands and
  13. Hi everyone Early start to my challenge thread as I would love some help and advice! There is going to be an obstacle course race in my town I only found out about it a week ago when they started selling the tickets for it... And it's on in ONE MONTH. I know, so little time to prepare! I have wanted to do one at some point, but since it usually would require a whole weekend an 800km round trip, I just stuck it in my epic quest and didn't think I'd have the opportunity anytime soon. So to anyone who has done obstacle races, any resources you can
  14. Exciting Details on My challenge to be posted here one day. I guess Thursday is the day. I really enjoyed the laid back feel of last challenge. I gave myself one goal, and that was it. I still managed to eat healthy and track food a good portion of the time, did some mobility and stretching, took walks, finish Phase 1 of GMB Rings and even decided to study Algebra 2, even though I didn't have specific goals. I love @NeverThatBored challenge and idea of basking in joy. That's what this month will be about mainly. I will do the things I enjoy and share them with you all. Because I am a Ranger,
  15. Last month I failed miserably, but this month... More to come soon
  16. Hey y'all! First time challenging with the assassins, though I've been doing challenges with the warriors since the start of the year. I'm starting to do more work with gymnastics rings so it felt apt to do a challenge with the assassins (I'm going to follow the Rings One program from GMB after 06/25, currently finishing out a lifting program - Juggernaut - while adding the rings exercises to my training days). And because I'm 1) a huge Tolkien fan and 2) a fan of being on the nose, this challenge will be Lord of the Rings themed!!! (when I get around to adding gifs) Quick intro ab
  17. After a very stressful (AND SUCCESSFUL - HELL YEAH THIS ASSASSIN IS GOING TO LAW SCHOOL) last challenge, I'm going to try to keep this one simple and relatively easy to follow. Here it goes: 8 sessions of Krav Maga (2/8) 10 Cardio Sessions (11/10) 8 Body Weight/Weight Lifting Sessions (7/8) 25 Handstand Sessions (4/25) 25 Meals made at home (22/25) 30 Meditation Sessions (15/30) 25 Flexibility Sessions (6/25) Go through closet and donate clothes (0/1) Start packing to move (0/1)
  18. Four themes, 100 points. Carrying on from last challenge, I'll be sticking to the points format. I've tweaked things a little bit to make some areas more challenging and to bring up performance in weaker areas. The main difference is that I'm going to be aiming to log everything I eat/drink in a notebook rather than posting main meals on here. This will be more beneficial for tracking, and forces me to focus on other tasks to earn points. I'm also doing weekly themes! Completing the criteria for each week will earn extra points. The goal is to inject a little bit of extra skil
  19. This time I'll be mixing up my challenge format and doing a points challenge! I feel this will be more beneficial to me these days than my usual "do these 4-5 things" challenges. I eventually want my challenges to be a little more freeform and game like now that fitness is pretty much a major part of my life. Some things will earn me points, others will lose them (duh). The goal this month is 100 points. I have no idea if this is a good total, so it may change after week 1 when I have a better understanding. + Points Do a strength training workout. +1 point. Do a
  20. Agent Pond has become desperately bored in her current position and has recently decided to move up her self-determined deadline of requesting a mission transfer. With this comes a very intense deadline with multiple parts and the need to maintain a realistic physical routine. Notable Future Dates: Mission Transfer Request Due: April 30th Agent's Birthday: May 8th Side Missions: Agent Kat's pending move (find a new house, pack up and sell old house, move) Agent Dec's pending move (Weekend trip to help move things) Agent Pond's Pending move? (o
  21. So last challenge I got sick and missed more than half of it. This time we turn things around, or try to As usually I start today monday, and end sunday in 4 weeks (the sunday start mess things up for me Again I changed the goals up a bit to reflect more what works best for me. Lifestyle: G1: Focused exams study time: So around the end of this challenge I have 3 exams lined up, and I need to focus on them. 3/5 weekdays I need to allocate 1 hour of priories study time (no phones // tv anything to interrupt. and 1 weekend day I double up
  22. I want to start using gymnast rings for my workouts, but since I live in an apartment I am not able to mount them in the ceiling. Can they be hung off a free standing "power tower" pullup bar?
  23. Grayspeed's February Challenge. Over the last few weeks I've had a few revelations that have changed the way I approach fitness. Much of this comes from acknowledging my previous failings; the biggest of which was setting myself arbitrary goals without any clear progression or plan, and hoping I'd figure out how to get there on the way. Which has probably resulted in more wasted time and setbacks than I care to think about. The most important mindset shifts are thusly: 1) I should set clear goals that act as milestones on the path to unlocking skills that are meaningful to me. 2
  24. So this challenge will be more or less identical from last time, but with some small changes and improvements. Again is the goal to eventually eat pancakes with my feet, and then celebrate it in a pancake stretch. More info will maybe come not sure yet Lifestyle: G:1 Practice contact juggling 3 times pr week. for at least 10 minutes pr time. Fitness: G1: Daily handstand (at least 5 attempts pr day G2: Head2toe 5 times pr week G3: Pancake or hip opening (I found out that on the last challenge if I didn’t go to the gym I
  25. Hey ya'll! First time on the challenges, long time lurker of these amazing forums. Just gotta say you all are super motivating and the way people encourage others to do cool stuff around here is really uplifting. Ok, enough of that, Its time for a challenge! In 4 weeks, I'd like to get some things DONE: I want to do 5 towel pullups. Done, and now I guess I can crush things with my super hands. I thought I was decent at pullups, but I like, can't hold onto a towel. I want to get strong and do that. I will fast til noon every weekday. When I ea
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