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Found 15 results

  1. Sometimes we fail to see the forest for the trees....I was taking to much time looking at trees to see the obvious...huge thanks to @DarK_RaideR to pointing out that a battle log may work better for me in keeping up on here...I had one previously but it was dated and no longer fits...so this one is shiny and new! For those new to my saga, I've been here for over 3 years now (January 2, 2014) I've been a Ranger (and everything that entails) since the big restructure of 2016. I am <95% Paleo in my style of eating, because I have RA and it makes me feel better...I'm slightly addicted to 5k's, and am discovering that weight lifting can be a lot of fun if I take it slowly and don't aggravate my neck injury. I'm an accountant and work for a minor league baseball team in Florida, which is every bit as much fun as it sounds So I have a spreadsheet for tracking purposes (may look very familiar to some, )...if this works for you as well feel free to borrow my sheet (file/save copy into Google Drive I think...) and tweak it to fit your needs My overall, far reaching, want to accomplish this year, goal is to lose 40 lbs...at the very minimum I want to look good nekkid In my opinion, not anyone else! To work towards this goal I'm going to go to the gym 3x a week, or if I'm not able to do that I will do an alternate workout (such as hitting my step goal, bike ride, bodyweight workout...etc) I was aiming for 5x but that was stressing me out because I was not always able to accomplish it due to life/work commitments! I re-worked the routine I worked out with the trainer to come up with to fit into the new goal...I may also add tracking at some point to see where I'm hitting with calories if results are not forthcoming. Sleep is a struggle for me, I rarely get 7 hours a night and this makes a huge difference in my energy, not to mention my pain levels if I don't...I'm going to try and do better with this... The last one is NF related, I am tired of going weeks without checking in on here, so I'm going to make it a point to not only be on here, but post somewhere on here at least 3 times a week to keep myself accountable...I did better with my goals when I was doing that, and I enjoy supporting and encouraging others
  2. The new school year has started! Even though I don't really go to school myself, it's also a time for me to say good-bye to holidays, roll up my sleeves and get back to work! The last chance to get smarter and stronger before leaving my homeland and starting a new adventure! The Schedule: Defence Against The Dark Arts Wim Hof Method Meditation Journaling Core exercise Charms - the last chance to brush up on my German, I am gonna focus on listening and speaking because I feel that's most crucial to survive abroad. Flying - cardio, walking, stretching Ancient Studies - I am gonna read a book (in German) that tries to prove that the civilisation on Earth was built by aliens. Why such a weird choice? Well, this book is kind of special for me. It's very difficult, there is a lot of information about astronomy and history. My uncle presented it to me (he is obsessed about those aliens) when I barely could speak or read any German. Now, many years later I can finally do it. It's really satisfying. History of Magic - recently I bought a history book. It really disappointed me because it was written by a real fanatic (a traditional conservative, so you can imagine the content), but I feel like it's a pity to just throw it away and the pictures there are really nice, so I am gonna focus on the facts I can learn/review from this book and omit the bullshit (there was even a statement like: in vitro is bad because who could love children from a test tube? ). This book really should be in a forbidden section lol. And it was a textbook at school! Maybe I will burn it after I read it. And the last, but not the least, stop eating sweets! After coming back I eat them every day. Time to get off of that sugar high and quit this disastrous habit. From now on, one sweet snack 1-2 a week. That's it folks! Welcome on board and good luck with your challenges!
  3. For this challenge, I decided to return to a challenge I posted almost two year ago. Much has changed since then, but as to the purpose, I feel this would be an excellent way to work through getting rid of some bad habits and restore some habits that have been lost. As before, I will be using some inspiration and heart from some of Tolkien's heroes. As this challenge progresses, I will be channeling some of the traits of some of my favorites, specifically the race of Men because I find myself identifying most closely with Tolkien's human characters. Because some bad habits have returned (spawned mostly as a result of too much downtime and being in a strange place emotionally as a result of some career changes), it is once again fitting to work through a challenge that themes these temptations as the pull of The One Ring. And so it begins. Goal 1: Resist The One Ring "Not if I found it on the highway would I take it I said. Even if I were such a man as to desire this thing, and even though I knew not clearly what this thing was when I spoke, still I should take those words as a vow, and be held by them. ‘But I am not such a man. Or I am wise enough to know that there are some perils from which a man must flee." -- Faramir For this goal, I will be channeling Faramir, who is without a doubt my favorite of the characters who successfully resists The One Ring, even though he had reasons outside of the Dark Lord's power to take it from Frodo. I also identify with Faramir's struggles to make his father proud, to know that he isn't the favored son, and his choice to be peaceful and merciful by nature: “I do not love the bright sword for its sharpness, nor the arrow for its swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only that which they defend.” Without getting into specifics, this goal focuses on recognizing when and why these temptations occur: what triggers them and what is the best way to resist them. Faramir's quote above also brings to mind scripture: "But as for you, O man of God, flee these things. Pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, steadfastness, gentleness. Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called and about which you made the good confession in the presence of many witnesses." -- 1 Timothy 6:11-12 learn about these temptations and what hidden damages lurk within them set boundaries and barricades against temptations; arm and fortify yourself against the "attacks of the enemy" be brave and stand strong when you can, but have an escape plan if you get lost, call out to your fellowship of brothers to help you find the way again fast and pray to build discipline celebrate victories and milestones, but remain resolute and do not lose your temperance Goal 2: Build Strength, Wisdom, Courage, and Heart to Become Who You Were Meant to Be "But I am the real Strider, fortunately. I am Aragorn son of Arathorn; and if by my life or death I can protect you, I will." -- Aragorn For this goal, I will be channeling Aragorn because of his strong heart, his wisdom, and his courage, which grows as he breaks free of the shame of his father and steps into his destined role as heir to the throne of Gondor. Aragorn is aware of his flaws and weaknesses as a man, but he strives to do good by serving others. He faces peril, inspires others into battle, and fights courageously for his fellowship. None of this would be possible if he had allowed himself to get weak or distracted or lose his self-control. He is also faithful to the cause of defeating evil and to the love of his life. He is watchful and alert, wise and intelligent, humble and modest by nature but also mighty and proud when necessary. Some aspects of this goal will look familiar if you have followed me for some time. awaken before dawn pray/meditate/study scripture & other books of wisdom fast daily (intermittently) eat whole foods (mostly plants) drink at least 64 ounces of water daily daily breathing exercises (I really need to get back to this; it clears my head and may help stave some of the temptation triggers) read at least 20 minutes every day spend at least 30 minutes outside every day strengthen the body (Darebee workouts, bodyweight, cinderblocks, log, sandbag, resistance bands, etc.) spend time with my queen; this includes going to bed with her and not staying up late Goal 3: Rebuild Your Heart and Your Kingdom "For he was a gentle heart and a great king and kept his oaths; and he rose out of the shadows to a last fair morning." -- Aragorn, speaking of King Theoden Theoden is a good example of someone who, as he grew older and more tired, allowed himself to become misled and lost sight of his true purpose as king. It corrupted him and led to the usurping of his kingdom by evil forces. Once he is set free of this spell, however, he steps into his role as king and, in spite of the bleak outlook, fights for his people and for the good of all Middle Earth. For this goal, I am both literally and figuratively referring to my "kingdom" (as in my home, my domain) meditate on/reclaim my purpose as husband and father (as "king") spend time with children; hug them, play with them, go on adventures with them keep my house in order: clean daily, keep the yard clean and mowed, make necessary repairs And that is it for now. If I think of some other goals, I will add them and try to think of characters that embody those goals, as well.
  4. I am on a journey to relieve my stress. Whether it is from life or from work. Here is my quests. Eating more healthier: working on incorporating more healthier snacks and healthier foods in my diet. Food tracking: tracking my food to see what I have to work on more More workouts: getting off the couch and working out more. In the gym or at home. Study nutrition and fitness: to gain more knowledge to make my journey more easier and one day getting certified. Digital detox more Doing more relaxing things: after a stressful work day. Coming home to do a stress relieving thing to forget. Doing these things will one day help me rediscover my love for the wellness field and help me manage my stress. Equipment. Wellness planner Bullet journal Pocket notebooks The hero's journal Healthier snacks Workout equipment Tablet
  5. Hello friends! As I start typing here, Tango Argentine is blasting through my speakers, making me move my feet and putting a smile on my face... Astor Piazolla is just the beginning of my quest for a joyful life amidst a killer virus trying to get me before I can be vaccinated. Apocalypse life is hard, so I dedicate this challenge to joy, ease and fun. My history of challenges here is pretty mixed. after kicking some serious ass after my spinal surgery (getting my broken behind back to CrossFit) last fall I kinda struggled. Every time I felt good another body part broke... and after starting from zero for the umpteenth time I finally surrendered to depression. This is no way to live! guys, Im aiming for bright spots in the day and the healing power of expanding my mind: There are a couple of things that make me happy by being inspired. a trip through music, books, podcasts, nature, recipes, being with the few people I can see right now... everyday I will find one thing that makes me feel inspired and happy. if you have visited my threads before you know that I like to make new goals every week. I will also stick to this system this challenge. Once my body and psyche agree with me that its now time to level up Ill add stuff. For the first week its just about being inspired at least once a day. ..... just like last Friday , when the most beautiful woman on my street came to do my hair and makeup amidst multiple bottles of bubbly. This middle-aged lesbian was truly in heaven!
  6. This is the Way - Building Habits for Wellness My Kaizen technique of making gradual changes over time seemed to work well for my first challenge of 2021, so I'm trying it in Part II. There are three areas I want to focus on. 5 points per week that I'm successful in each goal, plus opportunities to earn additional points each week with 'bonus' wellness tasks. Sleep I need to get back to an earlier bedtime, so I get a decent amount of sleep each night. Adequate rest is essential for health, wellness, and weight loss. Over the next 5 weeks I will gradually increase the number of days per week that I need to hit my goal of being in bed, lights out, and no devices, by 11:00 pm. Week 1 - 2 nights Week 2 - 3 nights Week 3 - 4 nights Week 4 - 5 nights Week 5 - 6 nights Strength I've been trying to find a program to gradually increase intensity, or create my own program - too complicated. To keep it simple I found a series of DVDs I had received as part of an old weight loss program I had joined through work. The DVDs are good though. They have 5 DVDs covering 5 levels of strength. I don't intend to do one each week, but I hope to make progress at least through the first two, and then we'll see how I've progressed by Week 5. Week 1 - #1 x 2 days Week 2 - #2 x 3 days Week 3 - #2 x 2 days Week 4- #2 x 3 days Week 5 - #2 or #3 x 3 days Sustenance I'm still figuring out exactly WHAT my diet should look like, but I do know that tracking will be important if I want to get moving in the right direction with my weight. So this one is all about tracking everything I eat. Week 1 - Track 2 days Week 2 - Track 3 days Week 3 - Track 4 days Week 4 - Track 5 days Week 5 - Track 6 days BONUS This time it's all about self-care - Sleep and eating better and exercise are already in the plan.. Along with these, I can earn bonus points for journaling, reading, decluttering, taking a bath. I may even attempt meditation.
  7. Hi everyone! I'm a total lurker but I really get a lot out of reading about other people's experiences and questions, so I thought I'd share something I've been thinking about. I've been working on a project at work related to wellness, the different aspects that you need to look at to be in good health, and it got me thinking about something that I'm calling a "wellness toolkit" in my head. Not sure if there's already a term for this. I have built over the years a combination of apps, classes and practices that help me maintain and improve my health. I'm curious about what others do. Here's mine: Physical Activity - Darebee for strength training - Pilates class twice a week - Zombies Run for cardio - Lately, RingFit Adventure on Nintendo Switch - Tracking with Fitbit Sleep Quality - Tracking with Fitbit Nutrition - Monthly nutritionist appointment - Meal-prep for breakfast and lunch Stress Management - Calm app for meditation - Bullet Journaling Financial Health - Spreadsheet on google docs to track my monthly budget What do you do? Would you add any other dimensions?
  8. This battle log is for March, April, May. I'll review its effectiveness at the end of May. I'm tracking my exercise and calories on my own, but I realized I need a spot to say "I worked out today!" and "I ate all my veggies today!" as well as a place to record my weight loss and other health-related progress. So this going to be a pretty dry thread. Right now, my exercises of choice are walking, aerobics and dancing, stationary biking, and yoga. I track these using the S Health App. My favorite healthy foods right now are creamed vegetable soup, oatmeal with apples, and honey mustard chicken. The soup is a little bit of a pain to make, but then I have soup for days I still like the idea of challenges. Right now, stress reduction is a huge focus in my life. I think I'll use the 4 week challenges for personal growth, where this will be more for keeping accountable for daily habits. This battle log is forEVER, as long as I need it to be for the purposes of reaching my goals and maintaining them. Also, I love that the Strikethrough doesn't work on smiley faces. It would be sad to strike out smiles
  9. Last challenge was tough on me and taught me a lot. It wasn't my first rodeo, but I definitely got more from it than from my other challenges. Mainly, I need to take care of myself. My main goal is to make sure I take time for myself DAILY. I'm a serious app junky, so I'm adding a little fun by making sure there's an app to track everything. Obviously, I could just get an app to make a spreadsheet (loooove spreadsheets) but that would be too easy lol. I also want to do a points/rewards system this time around. Meditate - take at least 10 minutes a day to enjoy some quiet and get centered. Headspace app. Stretch - every morning and before bed, minimum 5 minutes. Sworkit & Fitocracy apps. Read - pleasure read for at least 20 min/day. Kindle app. Sleep - get at least 7 hours/night. Language - practice Spanish by passing at least one level/day. Duolingo app Hydrate - drink at least 90oz of water/herbal decaf tea/day. Apple Health app I will be editing this prior to week 1 to add reward system and point system. *******EDITS BELOW***** 10/25 - Afternoon I take Sunday's off for family time. I tried to do a thing for my sig but it had too many lines. Ah, well. I will be grading each task based on completion. At the end of the challenge, I will average each week for a final percentage in each category, then average the categories together. 75% completion in a minimum of FOUR categories = Suspension Training Straps 75% completion for total challenge = The Academy Meditate - 50% Stretch - 100% Read - 100% Sleep - 91.5% Language - 87.5% Hydrate - 54% 10/25 - Morning I have been having a really hard time figuring out rewards. Mostly, because anything I want would be out of my budget at this point *cough*AppleWatch*cough*. However, I have been wanting TRX Suspension Straps for the house. (I am looking at these). Winter is coming and I am going to be needing things I can do indoors. I also really want to joint the Academy. I am thinking those are pretty good. Hopefully, I will be able to come up with a point/tracking system by this afternoon.
  10. Well I'm a few days late to the party thanks to a giant city-closing snow storm and a whole slew of medical non-sense, but I'm here. This challenge is not going to be a normal challenge for me. I absolutely just need to focus on stress management and deal with whatever is thrown at me over the next few weeks. Even if things turn out best case scenario, I will have a lot going on, and self care is going to be very important. STAY SANE: Get my diet in order. I lost 5 lbs last challenge and I'd like to keep that momentum going. But let's be honest here - i don't eat when I'm stressed. Not "I don't eat well," just, I don't eat. So I'm going to focus on trying to keep my diet as healthy and normal as possible, while actually making a conscious effort to keep eating. - Eat! - Make good food choices - Don't eat crap I didn't bring to work (occasional popcorn allowed if I'm not eating enough) Strength Train Regularly. I feel better when I work out. I am going to be making up time at work from medical appointments and this massive snow storm. But I need to make an effort to stay active. - Exercise! Aiming for any kind, 2x a week. Preferably weight lifting Work on Decluttering My House. I made some good progress on decluttering last challenge. My kitchen is looking a million times better. I still have some areas that need work in there, as well as most of the rest of the house (eep!). Decluttering is something that takes my mind off stress and brings me peace. I need to keep it up in some form, even while dealing with life. - Get rid of something significant and measureable every week! MOTIVATION "You're going to go through touch times - that's life. But I say, 'Nothing happens to you, it happens for you.' See the positive in negative events." "Be strong when you are weak, brave when you are scared, and humble when you are victorious" PROGRESS
  11. Hey Gang! No sooner did I get myself situation and ready to embark upon my fitness journey, I got saddled with a cold virus. (Boooooo!) While I am following doctor's orders for medication. What holistic and old tried-and-true methods do you gravitate to when you're sick? When I have the strength, I'm hitting up the market for a crate of mandarin oranges, some ginger, and apple cider vinegar, but I'm interested in adding to my shopping list. Any input you could provide would be great. I don't need OTC medications, as I have that on lock down. Thanks!
  12. I was extremely happy with my last challenge. Success in all areas. But, the days since then had been crappy. I know I shouldn’t blame others, but G** D*** how much I hate sugar right now…. All my newly formed habits have gone down the drain at a remarkable pace. I have binged and eaten sugar, and I haven’t meditated, rehabbed or read practically anything. WTF. This has to end. Now. This challenge will have another form than my previous one. I have recently read “The happiness trap†(great book btw) and in it there is an exercise where you find your values. What is a value? “Values are your heart’s deepest desires for how you want to behave as a human being. Values are not about what you want to get or achieve; they are about how you want to behave or act on an ongoing basis. “ I think I have found mine. Or at least some values . I have identified 5 values and after these six weeks, hopefully I will be closer to find out if these are “the ones†. Adventure Simplicity Mindfulness Wellness Growth/Wisdom I will focus on 1 of these every week, but have the others in mind as well. I will not track as much as I did last challenge, and I haven’t decided exactly what to do, but I think things will be clearer….. Will post a update on Sunday.
  13. Hey lovelies! I'm going to come out and say it: I have a mood disorder. My mood disorder is like what happens when bipolar disorder and generalized anxiety disorder get together and have a baby. A baby that is prone to adorable swings between mania and depression and it also gets so obsessed over perceived faults that it won't leave the house. Bipolar disorder and generalized anxiety couldn't be prouder parents! It makes functioning pretty difficult sometimes, and it sometimes takes all the joy out of... well... everything. I'm on a nice little cocktail of medications and actively seeking a therapist (because mood disorders tend to respond well to a combination of medication and cognitive behavioral therapy.) Right now, I am stable. I am, however, always going to be treating and learning to manage my disorder more effectively. I was looking around the posts and noticing some of my fellow forum-goers admit to having anxiety, depression, and other similar mental health problems. I know that, when I'm having my down swings, the depression makes it incredibly difficult to do things like eat, shower, or keep a semblance of a normal work life. Also, certain medications do cause weight gain. So, I was curious- how does everyone else manage training when you have an illness? It doesn't have to be a mental disorder. You could have a physical problem, or you could have a disorder that makes it difficult to function socially. Nobody likes to experience episodes of decompensation- that moment when the things you were doing to manage your disease stop working. It's really scary, and I was curious what other people on Nerd Fitness did to manage their their symptoms and build a contingency plan in the event that that your health takes a turn for the worse.
  14. Hi there! I'm Patricia, a registered nurse and a wellness blogger. I just discovered Nerd Fitness yesterday while perusing a Lifehack article about the most useful sites in the web. I would love to learn more about how to incorporate realistic and healthy changes in one's life and I'm sure that I'm going to learn a lot from this site. Looking forward to learn more about fitness and health here.
  15. So I am going to add this team to the spread sheet right now. If you are entering this challenge with the specific goal of taking your life back; if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, please join me in the quest for physical and mental wellness. You don't have to be diagnosed with anything Wideeyed (aka Marge)
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