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I live in a gym and I love it

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I realized when I moved into my new apartment that the standard "ok, new place, I have to get a couch/chairs/ottoman/TV stand/coat rack/display case for the souls of my vanquished foes/etc." style of decorating wasn't something I wanted. It started with buying a pull up bar/dip station that took up a good chunk of the front room instead of a couch. Then it became a bench press/squat rack...and I realized the idea that I HAVE to get traditional furniture for my place just because was silly. I'm adding a heavy bag hanging station and full weight heavy bag next. My living room looks like a fitness center. I live in a gym, and I love it.

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This is awesome. We hardly use our the furniture in our "living room". I think most of it is too big and takes up way too much space and would love if my GF let me turn it into a full on gym/ workout area. How did you go about purchasing all of that equipment? I've wanted to get some for a while but most gym equipment is pretty costly. 


Also if you've got them I'd love to see some pictures :D

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On the issue of the GF, get her into fitness/lifting/etc. first, then get her to see the appeal of having the stuff at home.


As for affording it all, the power tower was bought with Amazon gift card money I had from someone, and the Bench Press/Squat Rack was a communal effort between myself, Christmas money, and another interested party. 


I was able to get the full bench/rack and olympic bar at Dick's Sporting Goods for roughly $300 total, and the power tower was about $100-$120 with shipping factored in. I can take some pictures soon.

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