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  • Most Recent Posts

    • I innocently walked into this guest house because I was told one of the people staying there wanted to talk to me, and then there was this embarrassingly high-pitched fangirl moment. 😂    
    • I think I have mentioned once or twice that I enjoy playing an MMO called Lord of the Rings Online. Husband frequently teases me that LOTRO is the nerdiest of all nerdy games ever made for nerds, by nerds. Looking at this screenshot, capturing a dwarf boasting of how he won a drinking competition against a group of hobbits, I can't really argue with that assessment...    
    • How does blowing balloons help with your back? It's been a while since I tried to blow up a balloon. I used to be horrible at it. Now, I'm wondering if it would be easier since my fitness has improved.
    • Friday - 6/6 goals met. Calories from sweets 80!   I slept horribly and woke up coughing in the middle of the night. I didn't see how I was ever going to get back to sleep and I felt like I might rupture something with my coughs so I took some Nyquil. I know it's a bad idea to take it in the middle of the night but I was desperate. I took half a dose. I was able to get to sleep but then I was a zombie when the alarm went off. I texted my boss asking to use PTO for a late start. Luckily she didn't seem to mind. I felt much better after a couple extra hours of sleep and felt decent the rest of the day.    Skipping breakfast was easy enough. I slept through it. 2 pieces of chocolate after lunch were all the sweets I had.  We didn't have anything at home that was a small taste so I didn't bother.    I did do my tidying task and a workout when I got home. I put together a leg day BW workout and went to the basement to use the space there. Before I started I found a few things to purge and a few things to put away.  Then did the workout.     It was pizza day. We had Totinos. They are the perfect size and there's no going over your portion.     The workout     
    • Also: my knee is hurting, darn. I have a chronic but mild knee injury that has the main function of hurting more and making me concerned when I do various kinds of exercise, and the only thing that usually helps (besides not doing exercise, which probably only helps in the short term) is taking my supplements*, especially borage oil. Usually, whenever I do habit stuff, taking my supplements is at the top of that list, but I deliberately didn't include it in this list because it's definitely not fun. I mean...it's fine, I just have major resistance for some reason.  So, I'm adding goal 5: take my supplements twice a day – but only borage oil and vitamin D (because I know I'm deficient and it's hard for me to get enough sun, especially when the weather isn't great). Unfortunately, making it less annoying is as close to fun as I think I can make that one.   *Actually, these two things aren't entirely the only things that help, I've also switched to barefoot shoes and spent a lot of time thinking about foot and knee alignment...but supplements are probably the only thing I know of that I'm not already doing and that seems like it should be a simple matter of deciding to do it.
    • Yep, that's how I felt, I knew it wasn't reasonable.The things that helped the most were prayer and walking
    • The weird thing is that I can feel the shift in my brain.  I know I’m being unreasonable and strange, but can’t do a damned thing to stop it.  I wind up pacing, and hoping I don’t get too snappish, or burst into tears.  Or both.  It’s a giant pain.     Right! It just. Won’t. Die.  Isn’t 42 years of this garbage enough?
    • Right?!?   Glad you were safe from the tornados.  It's always something smh
    • There are several days that I don't go to work, but Saturday is my real day off. It's still rainy, and we still don't have a car (nor any idea when it might come back, really). So, I did qigong and a full yoga video (it was forward bends, so not as hard as the standing poses I was trying yesterday, but it's something). Still did a guided meditation even though my eventual goal is to get back to mostly just a simple sitting meditation, but these are easier for me and I did do a long one that tends to leave me feeling super relaxed today, which was nice.  My next week of work is going to be pretty busy and then we're going out of town for spring break the week after that, so I might really try to step up that routine after we get back.  Last night I tried out a white noise app because my partner was still up when I went to bed, and in this case I didn't have any trouble. My tracker said I didn't sleep that well, but since it was the weekend I did wake up naturally once it was already light, which is all I really want out of sleeping. It was also still pretty early so hopefully I'll sleep ok tonight. I get up pretty early during the week and really like to stay up when I can get away with it, so adjusting after the weekend is always hard and I'm really trying to prioritize my sleep schedule more.  Still nutrivoring, too, and did ok for a lazy day. Among other things I had green tea, a grapefruit, raw peppers and dip, yogurt with fruit and nuts, salad and some Trader Joe's GF battered shrimp that works really well in the air fryer. I might also air fry some tofu before bed because I'm feeling snackish and my legume count is looking low, which feels a lot more fun than a lot of the ways I've been thinking about food in the recent past.   Thanks! Yeah, there's a website I usually go to call myself, but recently I've lost it a couple of times and run out of power before I thought to try that. Redoubling my efforts to keep it charged, mostly for that reason!  
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