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    • Thanks. I try and do what I can   --- Today I tried to source the ingredients for Ponchos homecooked meal recipe I got from the nutritionist. One of the ingredients is dandelion greens. It seems silly to buy them since people think of them as a weed. Anyways, I was only able to get 2 items out of the 6 I set it to get today.    Yesterday, Winnie and I went to one of the conservation areas. They had a tiny dog friendly beach then a bigger "public" beach. The sand was very sticky on Winnie's fur. Which is odd because we've gone to a beach that's technically connected to this one just way further down and its been fine. We don't love sticky sand lol. Either way it was a very nice adventure with lots of sun.         
    • 2024 - Year of Progression Word of the Year: Consistency  Sleep: 13 Hrs Water: 3/4 Liters Weight: 239.4 lbs   Meals:  10:00am - Sausage, biscuit, gravy, orange 2:30pm - Protein shake, 1/2 Muffin, superfood drink, chips and salsa 4:00pm - Sausage roll 5:30pm - Chicken/veggies 7:30pm - Peanut butter   Fitness: Kickboxing Sparring    Language: 1 Portuguese Lesson 1 Spanish Lesson 1 Japanese Lesson   Reading: 15 min   Meditation: 5 Min   Notes: Busy day, lots done and weight is steady, going to take a rest day tomorrow and get back at it on Monday.   Training Notes: 2 Positives -  - Jabs are getting better  - putting more emphasis on kick combos 1 Negative -  - Kept gassing out before the 2 min round ended.
    • Healthy things I did today: Journal  Brush and floss Took meds Went to painting  Practiced Spanish 
    • Oh my gosh, SAME! And my right hip pops painlessly when I bring my knee up and put it down. 😲 But the knees are disconcerting for me because my mom actually had spurs in hers when I was a kid, so I'm not sure how to know if that might happen to me. 🥺   Relatable 😅
    • Can confirm, Luna had a real issue when we first got her with using the litter box, orange essential oil mixed in with the vinegar helped a lot with the smell and deterring her from using that area again.
    • I hope all goes well with the car, hope you had safe travels and got to visit the museum.  
    • Nice job in changing up your fitness routine.
    • Day 18 report   Warrior's barracks:  Rest day     Veggie plan: went to lunch at a friends after church & had a yummy Mandarin salad along with pecan bbq meatballs & zucchini bread.😍   Athenaeum: Nada   Monk's Temple: Bible: Church day!
    • Ok, so Friday update: Talked about crafty things but didn't do any, lol. Did my Bible reading & praying.   Tea was awesome! It was a really lovely tearoom & the food was stellar! I should've picked a different kind of tea though. Oh well, lesson learned for next time.
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