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Found 16 results

  1. I sat down today to brainstorm my next challenge and couldnt do it. I was unable to tell what my priorities are. I want to get into Cross Fit again, I want to write book #2 and I want to spend time with my dog in nature. I want to recover from back surgery, I want to get to 99,0kg, I want to prep keto meals, I want to stay away from addictive behavior, I want to be financially stable ( teach more).... I don't see how I can get all of those things done at once since I have mental health issues that make me feel overwhelmed easily,
  2. Endor

    Fight in the shade

    Long Term Ranger...first time Monk. Long post but it's mostly for me so skip to the goals if you like I won't be offended I've been away from NF for a few months. I haven't told anyone IRL...and I haven't said it out loud...but privately I'm fighting through a sea of work stress and other issues and I've been dealing with it by internalizing and self sabotaging and I've been mostly aware of it the whole way. Ridiculous I know but also irresistible, a cycle I have seen over and over in my past, very damaging but hard to resist. I've been working 60 to 70hr we
  3. I bombed most of the items last challenge, and I still think I could have done better on the one thing I passed. I sunk into a nasty sorrow during the challenge, and I still feel mostly just overwhelmed and unorganised. Like I can't pull anything together. I'm starting to see more brain fog, mental chatter, and depression - destroying these was one of my main goals so I know I'm not winning there. Science says this is probably from sugar consumption, and last challenge in spite of good meal choices I still ate a lot of sugar. I need to rely on everyone here to keep me accountable an
  4. Like many, I laughed at the idea of being "addicted to food" for a long time. But the more I've considered it, the more I've realized: being addicted to certain combinations and kinds of processed foods is quite real. One need only review several Google searches on the topic, as well as statements from physicians and neuroscientists that various combinations of food spike dopamine and serotonin levels pretty high, which, just like cocaine or meth, can lead to tolerance and require more and more of the same to get the same "high". Anyway, I'm here to ask the question: how do you act
  5. Hey there! I need your help with Media. I catch my self way too often checking apps I just looked at, downloading games to spend time, watching the suggested videos on youtube or just turning on the tv or even my xbox. While this behavior is not bad, on some days I do it too much instead of doing something productive, even productive activities that I do enjoy. So how do I attack this habit ? I thought about two ways. 1. Slow. Reduce the time spent on these devices more and more over the time until the point where I do it sometimes but not to kill time or procas
  6. I got the 42 positive, honest self appraisals in Milythaels' HOoRAY, (as the moment, Bekah, the Druid ambassador, as the boss). And still counting! A part of what helped me succeed was that it was always in the back of my mind reminding about positive things, and all that "about surrounding yourself with positive people", yanno? So, I was very, very broken until the last week, somewhere inside me I still am, but I am doing a f*cking insane progress. I can't really believe how awesome this is! I am not sure, if this is borderline delusional, but what the hell! Given where I am coming, this
  7. Hello Assassins! I'm Matthew, this will be my first challenge. I'm excited to join up with the Assassins guild for the first one. I want to feel stronger, look better, become more flexible, lose 25-30lbs, and I've chosen goals that I hope will help me get there. Main Quest I want to lose 30lbs(25 at a minimum) Back in high school(21 now) I was in peak physical shape. I had very low body fat percentage and was very athletic. The last two years or so I've really let myself go and became a hermit. I am at 205 with a 25-28% body fat now and I would like to be back down to 175-180 with a 12-15
  8. SO today i read a story on the big think website about food addiction. It basicly states that there is a possibility to get addicted to food. personally it was an article that really struck a chord. perhaps it will do the same with some of you guys. The Article
  9. Update: I loved the idea of making a spreadsheet to track goals: here's mine. Main Quest: Beat agoraphobia & depression. Q1: 20 good form push-ups. (+1 STR) I used to be able to do 46. Now I can barely do 1. Despite having been in the military, I was never an athlete or a tough chick, but repetition helped get me from the arm strength of a flea... I couldn't do a single push-up on my knees, to almost 50 real push-ups on a graded exercise test with a 2-minute time limit. Since my injury and my depression, and now that I'm doing a regular desk job where being in shape isn't a requireme
  10. "Pick up the pieces and keep going, one painfully slow step at a time." -Hiraedd, The Conqueress (Bare bones, to be elaborated later. It's certainly quite blunt as it is now. But it's written, and I'll work from there.) 1) A task a day A distance net-course due 30th of June, and another 30th of July. Marketing law and Strategic marketing. Soft deadline aimed at 21st of each month to give some space to maneuver. 2) Honorable Order of Rebellious Appraising Yeomen and Gratitude statements Positive, honest self-appraisal. Once a day. --> HOoRAY Things outside yourself that I am gratef
  11. O.K., here goes... Today I have become a person who no longer reads romance novels. That's it, in black and white for everyone to see. Please don't laugh... I suppose I should give some background info. There are a few different tangents that will help clarify where I'm coming from. First of all, I love reading, always have, always will. I started voraciously reading when I was about 10 years old. It started with classic young adult series: the Borrowers, the Black Stalion Series, all the Nancy Drews.... It morphed into sci-fi/fantasy in middle school. Piers Anthony, Anne McCaffrey, Michae
  12. My main goal is to stay "sane" for the next two weeks between challenges. To acheive this goal, I'm going to: Take my medication daily. Not take on any extra projects. Feed my spirit daily. Attend my addiction recovery program on Thursdays. Attend church on Sundays. 15 minutes of grounding meditation every day.
  13. Hi! 0gravity here to start a battle log. This log will be filled with lots of bouldering and bodyweight training. It will also be filled with detailed food logs. Also with an account of poisons imbibed, as one of my main goals is to free myself of habitual substance use. So I'll start with yesterday because I haven't posted it here yet. Daily weigh in 195 lbs Starting measurements: height 74" neck 15.5" chest 42.5" waist 32.5" hips 38.5" thighs 22.25" calves 15.75" arms 15.5" forearms 13" body fat 12% according to US navy calculator Here is a before picture, taken with no flex or pump
  14. Hi. I'm 0gravity. I am learning to Fly. The Demon of Gravity follows me wherever I go. He casts spells to create Illusions to trick me, to get me to bend to his will. My quest is to learn to break free from this Demon and his Illusions, so that I can Fly. His illusions come in three flavors, which I have learned to recognize. The Illusion of Slothfulness Often this Illusion manifests as the feeling that I cannot possibly motivate to exercise, I am too tired. Usually this occurs when I arrive home at work, and I find myself lying on the couch staring at the ceiling when I had ev
  15. This turned out maybe too honest. A fair warning: I personally think you should read this as an adult, and then decide if it is okay for your kid to think of such. Concerns dark and sad emotions and suicidal feelings. -Thank you Lately, that mental bullsh*t started giving me trouble again. After one extremely bad "not-any-kind-of-beautiful-thoughts" day, I am seeing professional help. On a rational level I mostly know what is causing it (depression, addiction, loneliness, low self-esteem like glass and a general "why the **** bother?" with life), but it is a royal mess to start making
  16. So I, genuinely, have an addiction to chocolate. But, for the last two days (since starting Primal Blueprint/Paleo), I have turned down hot chocolate, sweets, and today I turned down a box of seriously awesome chocolate. I also have hot chocolate in the cupboard - but I'm not going to have it until the very end of the week (as a reward and "treat day" of sorts). I'm feeling tired, and I have a headache, which is linked in with this but also with hay fever. So not feeling great - but I am using today's success as a motivator. This is a life change, not a diet, afterall. *Giddy face*, I'm su
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